Animaniacs and the Valkyrie Star

Book Three – Body and Spirit

I do not own the Animaniacs or its characters therein. Any and all of the events that have taken place in this series is strictly fictional. The Animaniacs and its characters and rights are owned by Warner Brothers Production Studios.

Chapter 1 – Rita's Disappearance

Hey all, it's Rita again. Even though I've been shoved into a bag for now and carried away to who-knows-where, I guess I can still narrate.

Ace and Runt opened up the opening to our "magic space" home and went out to get some fresh air. They both exited and turned to the right and ran quickly to the nearest sewer opening. Luckily the nearest opening was only a good 10 minutes away from the magic space opening. They looked out of the large sewer pipe and found a kind of meadow area that they could freely play in. They frolicked and played and jumped around, Ace even found some dandelion puffs that he could barrel through and scatter around. Runt just ran around smelling all of the new things with childlike interest and fascination. They did, however, make sure that they stayed within sight of their sewer opening. They played for over 2 hours before Ace thought to himself, "I wonder where mom is?" (For those of you who just got on board, read 'The Valkyrie Star: Books 1 and 2'.) After another ten minutes, he began to really worry. "Hey dad, I think we should go and check on mom. I have a bad feeling that something is wrong." He finally said to Runt. Runt stopped and looked at Ace. "I think your right, yah definitely, definitely right." Runt responded to Ace. Apparently Runt had the same feeling in his gut and knew that they needed to come back.

When they got back to the magic space they could see some of the furniture sliding back into place and even repairing itself. Runt, obviously, didn't quite understand that there was something wrong. Ace, however, began frantically looking around all three floors for me. "Mom? Mom, where are you?" he called as he looked for me everywhere he could. When he got to the sleeping quarters, he immediately noticed that all of the brown leather-bound books that used to be on the bottom shelf of the book case were missing. "Something is definitely wrong." He said to himself and hurried downstairs to tell Runt of his findings. "I can't find her anywhere, and mom's books are missing as well." He said in a near panic. Runt was beginning to worry even more as well. There didn't even seem to be a single clue as to where I could have gone, and if there was, it was probably erased by now due to the space's auto-cleaning spell.

Some time passed before they heard the muffled voices of two human men outside the opening to the magic space. "How did this thing open last time?" one of them said to the other. "Dunno, it just did." the other one responded. The voices were eerily similar in tone, but still had obvious differences in there delivery. Ace had realized that these might be the men who had taken me away and needed to find a way to get them to reveal "where". "Dad, I need your help." Ace said to Runt. After Ace's strategy meeting, Ace then pressed his paw on the wall and again, the bricks began to slide and shift until the opening was wide enough for a full-sized human to walk through. The two men that stood outside, were startled and flabbergasted that the opening simply opened by itself. They carefully looked inside and saw nothing. "How does this thing work?" they asked themselves. Then, all of a sudden, Runt comes barreling through the opening, barking and snarling. He jumped onto one of the men knocking him down onto his back and into the sewage water. Then he quickly bounded off of the man and sprinted directly back into the magic space. The opening quickly closed behind Runt sealing both men outside. Then Runt opened the doorway and this time, Ace sprang out and began scratching the other man in the face. The man struggled to get Ace off of his face and began to step back from the surprise attack. Apparently, he took one step too many and toppled, butt-first, into the sewage water. At that moment, Ace sprang off of the man's now-scratched-up face and bolted back into the magic space and the opening once again sealed itself.

The two men had gotten frustrated by now, so they rose to their feet and made their way back to the magic space opening. Just as the one of the men was about to attempt to break the brick wall with his fist, Ace pressed his paw against the wall and re-opened the passageway, and the man nearly fell into the magic space. Dumbfounded and confused, both men then noticed Ace sprinting away from the opening, and making his way down stairs to the bathing area. Both of the men then instinctively chased Ace into the magic space and, to their dismay, the opening quickly closed behind them. One of the men decided to stay and figure out how the space opens up while the man whom Ace had scratched up, decided to chase after him. The man ran down the stairs and tried to locate the blue kitten, unfortunately Ace had all but vanished from sight. Upstairs, the man who stayed behind was surfing his hands along the wall for any kind of switch or mechanism, until he heard the low growl of a dog behind him. Just as the man turned to look at his threat, Runt lunged at the man as fast as he could, slamming his head into the man's chest, the man reeled back and cracked his skull against the hard brick wall, knocking himself unconscious. As for the other man, he heard the commotion upstairs and bolted to assist his partner. Reaching under his suit coat, he pulled out a handgun and aimed it at Runt, but before he could fire it, Ace had sprung out of nowhere, and clawed at the man's hand. The man quickly pulled his hand back from the pain and loosened his grip enough for Ace to snatch the gun from him and run off. The man, in a state of fury now, was about to chase after Ace again when he noticed Runt charging in at him. Runt's head collided with the man's stomach and the man was flung backward and crashed near the living area couch, unconscious.

Runt shook off the dizziness and located Ace, who had already pulled one of the men's ear pieces from his ear and was intently listening. "Subject captured at oh ten hours has been taken to the base south of Burbank, California. Subject is a grey female cat radiating the same energy described by Doctor Ragnarok." The voice on the other end was saying. "We are looking for two more subjects apparently a large dog and a smaller blue cat with a star mark on its forehead. Orders are to capture them alive. Do you copy?" A short period of silence then the voice on the other end repeated, "Do you copy?" Ace simply located the device on the man's wrist, which he remembered from seeing in the spy movie he and Runt were watching while I read those books, and hissed into it. Then he and Runt worked to throw the unconscious men back into the sewer water. After that, they made their way south, to find this "base".