Final Chapter – Reprise

Three weeks later, much of the repairs to Burbank, California were well underway. The Warners didn't make much easy for the workers, as they continued their usual mischief, stealing tools, moving ladders with worker still on them, etc. As usual though, no one ever got seriously hurt, unless they provoked them into swinging there mallets. Mira actually ended up with the job of keeping the Warners in line, so to speak, as well as she was able to buy a home near Burbank and took us in as her pets. Runt, Ace, and I lived happily and pretty much did as we pleased for a while. No psycho scientists, no strange delusional aliens trying to commit genocide, all was peaceful until, Mira got another mysterious e-mail from an anonymous source, just like in the magic space. This one said, "To the Sage, your journey is not yet over, but only just begun. Your future lies beyond the stars where many have none."