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"The loss of a child is all of the deepest despairs." The words still ring in my ears, and I know they have to in Pam's. It's the fact that night I realized I would die if I lost her. Then of course I was a fool and decided to practically almost commit suicide for Sookie, to get rid of Russell, we still haven't talked. It has me bothered. She's usually the one to pull me off to the side and talk. Then when Sookie had saved me and I saw she was crying-trying not to, to hold on and listen to me. Trying to be her cold and heartless self. I held on to myself and promised I'd talk to her. Well that was a month ago. I think she's pissed pass the Pam Point.

"Eric," I heard her voice from behind me. It was Pam. She had come to finally talk.

"Yes Pam?" Moving to get ready to chat.

"Can I leave?" She coldly asked. My heart shattered into a million pieces. My baby, my child, wanted to leave me. Again.

"Why?" I asked in a choked whisper.

She blew up faster than a bottle rocket.

"Because, Eric every time Sookie is involved, you have to be too. You constantly put yourself in danger for her. I cannot stand it! It has me angered." She stopped for a moment. Her accent had came out. She was definitely mad.

"Pam," I began. She cut me off.

"Eric can I leave?" She asked again. Breaking me again.

"Give me a week, to prove that YOU need to be here. With me."

"Fine." She stomped off in her pumps.

I ran after her. When I got beside her she looked surprised.

"Yes?" She did not look amused.

"The week starts now. Let's get out of here," I said motioning to the lights of the bar. She really was surprised now.

"Leave Fangtasia?" A smile hinted at her lips.

"Only for a few nights. I can manage it. Go pack, for the both of us. I'll meet you at my house in say, an hour." I kissed the top of her head and she smiled.

"See ya then, Viking."

"Alright see ya soon, Rebel." She grinned even though she knew I was making up on the spot, I just couldn't bring myself to say her nickname. Lover. My mind help-fully supplied me. Just perfect, I now needed to plan our four-day vacation. I knew Pam would pack enough for us.

I felt a buzz. It was my phone, instead of Pam it was Sookie- a surprise!

"Eric, What do you want?"

"I want you to come check my woods."

"Sookie, I'm busy."

She sighed, "Please."

"No. I promised Pam."

"Pam? What did you promise her?"

"I've got to go."

"Eric, please."

"Call Bill."

She huffed and hung up.

I got the Anubis Airlines on phone and got tickets and everything situated, and went to Pam.

I pulled up and I felt her presence. I heard her sobbing. I went to her and gathered her in my arms. She fit perfectly. Her little porcelain doll form shook with each cry.

"What is wrong?" I asked with concern.

"You wouldn't care." That hurt.

"Yes tell me."

"Sookie called me. Asked why you couldn't come, what was so desperate you had to come here. Then I got to thinking, What are we doing? It's frivolous."

I shook her. "Pamela Ravenscroft!" I roared. "You have your moments, but that doesn't mean time with you is silly! I love you. Nothing can change that. Please understand."

I could see she would continue the argument. I put my index finger to her lips. I shushed her.

She looked at me and in that instance I felt like it was one-hundred and sixty odd years ago and she was still a baby. Within a second my lips were crushing hers, our tongues fought, she pushed up on me and I let her push me down to were she was on top of me.


"Yes," I hummed.

"Let's go, now or else I don't think we could make it."

I laughed, grabbed her and the bags and went on our way to Anubis.

"We're we going?" She piped up.

" A secret." She frowned. Honestly we were going to Paris. The place for lovers. We hadn't been back to Europe since we left ten years after I made Pam.

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