I was rereading the manga the other day and decided to do this little one-shot. Oh, and don't worry: Chapter six of Break from the ordinary will be up soon. I hope this holds you over!


Tokiko looked up from the item in the hands of her longtime boyfriend, Kazuki, finally realizing what the extravagant night and preparations were for (even though she was the warrior, she could be amazingly dense at times). He had taken her out to her favorite restaurant and gotten her favorite food and had gone through the trouble of getting into a tuxedo (something she knew he hated) and she instantly felt terrible that she had refused to get dressed up for the evening. Regardless of how she felt about herself, she couldn't believe that he had gone through all that trouble to get a diamond on the ring finger of her hand that declared to everyone that they were going to spend the rest of eternity together, even though they already knew that themselves. She looked at into Kazuki`s eyes, so full of hope and love, and in her periphrial vision she could see the other diners looking at the two curiously. But she ignorned them. To be perfectly honest, she was surprised Kazuki had to ask; he should have already known the answer.

She knew she did.


Kazuki`s eyes glowed and he quickly stood up and fumbled as he put the ring on her finger to the applause of the audience of waiters and other resturant-goers. Then, in an act of dominance, Tokiko pulled her now fiancé into a passionate kiss. Naturally, the audience got louder, but Tokiko didn`t care. They were in their own little world. And it was defiantly a world worth living in.


Since the last Buso Renkin story I wrote was centered around Kazuki, I decided that this one should be centered around Tokiko. Also, about the title: the whole first paragraph is supposed to take place in about a second, so that`s where the title comes from. Hope you enjoyed!

Blagh... so SHORT...