Title: The Path to Liberty
Author: 1farmer_girl
Artist: csichick_2
Type: Slash, drama, historical!au
Rating: R
Word Count: 15, 207
Beta: tastykaromel
Characters/Pairings: Puck/Kurt, Burt, Sam, Carol, Finn
Warnings: sexual content, mention of death and bloodshed, period homophobia and denial
Summary: Kurt Hummel is a loyal British citizen. Or at least he was. But when his schoolyard-bully-turned-best-friend, Puck, begins voicing his discontent in regards to King George and the actions of Parliament, Kurt begins to question his own beliefs.

And when Kurt isn't worried about the threat of violence between the colonists and the British, he gets to worry about his suddenly changing relationship with Puck. What were once innocent touches now cause Kurt to flush and shiver for reasons he doesn't understand, he only knows that he doesn't want them to stop. As Britain tries to tighten its hold on the colonies, the two young men must struggle to survive in their rapidly changing world and find liberty, not only for their country, but also for themselves.

Part 3

Kurt fell back against the wall with a groan, his skin still shivering with aftershocks. He could feel his legs start to give out and it was only Puck's hold that kept him from collapsing completely. As it was, Puck seemed to be struggling to stay upright as well and he ended up easing their bodies down to the floor where they collapsed in on each other.

Kurt struggled to catch his breath and sort out his jumbled thoughts. It wasn't until Puck's voice, "Kurt, Kurt, are you alright?" broke through his haze that he realized that he had tears in his eyes.

Try as he might, Kurt couldn't seem to get himself under control and the tears began to spill down his cheeks. "Oh Puck, what have we done?" Kurt finally chocked out, his voice filled with the horror that he felt.

Instantly, the warm embrace Kurt had been in was gone and Puck was scooting away, looking…ashamed? "Kurt, I – I thought you wanted to. Why didn't you say anything if you didn't?"

"It's not about whether I wanted to or not," Kurt cried. "What we just did, Puck, we would be in so much trouble if someone found out."

"Darling," Puck reached to touch Kurt's arm, but when Kurt flinched he pulled his hand back, keeping his distance. "Who's going to find out? It's not like we're screaming it from the rooftops. As far as everybody out there knows, we're just two good friends who can't be bothered with all the insanity that comes with courting. What we do indoors is just between the two of us. No one else is going to know."

Kurt sniffled and scrubbed at the tears on his face. "You make it all sound so simple."

"It can be. I'm not saying it won't be easy, we will have to be careful, but I think any amount of danger would be worth it if I could see you in ecstasy just one more time." Kurt flushed at Puck's words and ducked his head to avoid eye contact, so he felt rather than saw Puck moving slightly closer to him. "However, if that isn't something you want, I can leave now and we'll never speak of this again."

"No!" Kurt lunged forward to grasp Puck's arm, startling them both with the force of his actions. "No," Kurt repeated, much softer this time. "Please, don't go. Please don't ever go."

Ever so slowly, giving Kurt plenty of time to pull away, Puck wrapped his arms slowly around the smaller man again. "Shh, do not worry, I'm not going anywhere. I'll stay with you, always, my love."

Kurt melted into the embrace, feeling warm and safe, even with his doubts still lingering in the back of his mind. So, content was he that it took him several minutes before he realized the extent of what Puck had just said. He looked up, suddenly unsure if he'd heard right.

"Puck, you…love me?"

Puck responded by nuzzling Kurt's cheek. "Silly boy, I've always loved you."

"I, I think I love you, too." The moment Kurt said the words; he realized just how true they were. Puck means the world to him and, yeah, this most definitely not a smart decision, but Kurt doesn't think he cares anymore. Not when Puck is running his hand through Kurt's hair and whispering, 'I love you, love you, love you" like a mantra in Kurt's ear.

Kurt would have liked to stay in that position for the rest of time, but the evidence of his earlier pleasure is starting to stick to his skin and he's sure he looks a mess. Reluctantly, Kurt pulls away, boldly pressing a quick kiss to Puck's cheek to soften the distance.

"I don't know what you could see in me when I look like this," Kurt gestured at his soiled clothes and rumpled hair self-depreciably.

Puck grinned, "Normally, I'd make a dirty joke now, but I was just thinking a change of clothes would be nice."

"Well, let's see what we can do about that." Kurt got to his feet and held out a hand to Puck, entwining their fingers as he led Puck to the clothes chest. He selected a soft shirt and pair of trousers that would probably fit Puck, handing over the carefully folded clothes. In hindsight, it was foolish to believe that Puck would change behind the changing screen. It went against everything that made Puck who he was to do something like a normal, modest person.

Of course Puck would strip right out in the open for anyone, mainly Kurt, to see. Kurt quickly averted his eyes when Puck's golden skin was exposed to the air. A minute later Puck, fully dressed in the clean clothes, flicked Kurt's ear. "It's safe to look now, Princess."

Kurt looked up to see Puck grinning down devilishly at him. He pouted, scooping his own change of clothes up in his arms. "I don't know what you're grinning about. I couldn't care less that you have the etiquette of a caveman. Now, you wait here, I'm going to go change in the washroom like a normal person."

Kurt was followed into the restroom by the sound of Puck's laughter, but he wasn't bothered by it. Now that he was by himself he could really think this situation through. He understood what Puck had said about no one finding out about what they might do behind closed doors, but it was still a big, scary step to go from being in denial of his feelings to fully embracing them.

Kurt removed his clothes, making a mental note to make sure they were washed before his father came home, and dunked a washcloth in the basin of water on the counter. The water was icy cold, but after his heated actions, it was quite a relief to have the chilly liquid run over his skin. Once he was clean, he pulled on the new clothes, reveling in how refreshed these simple actions made him feel.

He then turned to the small mirror and tried to do some damage control on his hair. As he stared at his reflection he wondered how Puck saw him. Did Puck's blood race and his heart pound like Kurt's did whenever he looked at other man? Had Puck as drenched in pleasure by their earlier actions as Kurt? Was Puck satisfied by what they'd done or would there be more he wanted to do?

Kurt wasn't even sure if there were other things they could do, but he was sure there were things that Puck had picked up during his lifetime of drawn to all things deviant and perverse. What was Kurt going to do now? Should he invite Puck up to his bed, or was that too forward? Was he ready to go that far?

Kurt took a deep breath as he brushed a final stray strand of hair into place. For now he would just follow Puck's lead He'd make some dinner for the two of them and if Puck headed back to his place afterwards, that was that. And if Puck lingered then – well, then Kurt just might let Puck show him what else homosexuals could do if they were so inclined.

With a finally pat to his hair, Kurt strode out of the washroom, trying to look like he was more confident then he was really feeling. Puck was flipping randomly through one of the books on the fireplace mantle, but he looked up when he heard Kurt enter the room, a smile spreading across his face.

"There you are, I was starting to think you'd gotten cold feet and tried to sneak out the back."

Puck was still smiling as he said this, but Kurt could see a bit of a strain to it as though he really thought Kurt would leave him like that. Kurt crossed the room quickly to pull Puck into a hug. Puck responded instantly and Kurt could tell by how tight he was being held that he'd made the right decision.

He gave Puck a final squeeze before pulling back with a smile, "Sorry, Puck, but you aren't getting rid of me that easily. You're stuck with me now."

Puck gave a put upon sigh, even as he beamed at Kurt like he was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. "Well, I suppose I'll survive somehow." He emphasized this by pulling Kurt in for a kiss. Unlike their early kisses that were fast and hard, this one was soft and languid as if they had all the time in the world, and maybe they would have, except they were interrupted by the growling of Puck's stomach.

Kurt pulled away with a laugh, pleased to see a hint of pink on Puck cheeks. It was good to know that he wasn't the only one who blushed.

"I think we need to get some food in you before we do anything else."

Puck grinned sheepishly, but eagerly followed Kurt into the kitchen. Kurt opened the ice box and pulled out some cold meats, placing them on the table with a carving knife. He then took down the loaf of bread he'd brought earlier from Sam. It seemed fitting that the baked good he'd bought when he'd realized he was a homosexual should be a part of when Kurt came to accept that fact.

Puck cut up the meat and bread, humming tunelessly and completely unaware of what a profound decision Kurt had made. He placed the food on the two plates Kurt had provided and sat down in one of the chairs around the table. Kurt made a move to go to a chair of his own, but before he made it more than two steps he was grabbed around the waist by Puck and pulled into the other man's lap.

Kurt squeaked in surprise, flailing a little with his arms as his center of gravity was so suddenly changed. When he finally settled to find himself settled on Puck's knee, he turned around to fix his best glare on Puck. "What did you do that for?"

"Kurt, you should know me well enough by now to know that I never need a reason to mess with you."

Kurt huffed, but knew it was true, so he got up from Puck's lap without further comment.

Or rather, he tried to get up. He wasn't able to because Puck's arm was still firmly secured around his waist. Kurt tapped the arm pointedly, "Alright, you've had your fun, now let me up."

Instead of doing as he was told, Puck acted as though he hadn't heard and picked up a small piece of meat with his fingers and bringing it to Kurt's mouth. "Let's just eat like this," he said, still holding the meat as thought in offering to Kurt.

Very slowly, Kurt took the meat from Puck's fingers chewing thoughtfully as he wondered at his boldness. After he'd swallowed he asked hesitantly, "Is this really alright?"

Puck smiled reassuringly, "Do you see any windows that someone can see us through? Do not worry so; everything's fine." So, Kurt relaxed into the situation, letting Puck feed him and occasionally offering up a piece of food himself.

Kurt was quite enjoying playing out this peaceful scene when he was suddenly jolted out of it by a sudden bang like a gun shot. "What was that?" Kurt asked startled.

"It sounded like it came from the harbor," Puck answered, his face thoughtful. "Sounds like the tea party must have been crashed."

They stayed quiet, but there was no more noise to be heard. Eventually, Kurt turned back to the table only to see Puck was still distracted. "Do you still wish you were there?" Kurt asked softly.

Puck ran his hand comfortingly up and down Kurt's back a few times before answering. "I won't lie to you, I still believe what happened was important, but I would I trade being there with being here with you right now? Never."

Kurt ducked his head shyly at the words, but snuggled further into Puck's arms nonetheless. Puck didn't let him hide for long though, hooking a finger under Kurt's chin and tilting his face up. "Listen to me Kurt. I don't think you fully understand how much you mean to me. I've loved you forever, even before I realized what I felt for you was love. I've dreamt and hoped that I would someday be able to hold you like I have tonight. I still can't believe it really happened and am scared it's just a dream I'm about to wake up from."

Kurt felt a warm glow spread through him spread through his chest at Puck's words and he didn't even stop to think before he pressed his mouth to Puck's. In seconds the food and everything else had been forgotten in favor of exchanging sweet, soft kisses.

It wasn't long before the kisses became wet and dirty and soon they were grasping and pulling at each other. Kurt could feel Puck hardening under his thigh even as his own pants pulled tight across his erection. Kurt threw his head back with a gasp when Puck suddenly brought on hand down to palm Kurt through the fabric.

Puck latched onto Kurt's suddenly exposed throat, sucking hard on the pulse point. Kurt whimpered and was sure he was going to climax for the second time that day right there at the kitchen table, but at the last second Puck pulled away.

Kurt whined and tried to drag him back in but Puck held him back. "No, Kurt wait, I want to feel you completely this time." Those few words cooled Kurt's ardor considerably as he absorbed the full weight and meaning of them.

He didn't do anything for nearly a minute, just stared silently into Puck's eyes. Then he carefully stood up, taking Puck's hand in his. Kurt brought their joined hands up to his mouth, pressing a kiss to each of Puck's knuckles.

"Noah Puckerman," Kurt said solemnly. "Would you like to come upstairs with me?" Kurt looked up through his eyelashes to see the tenderest smile on Puck's face as he responded. "I would be honored.

Kurt couldn't define and sort out all the feelings he had as he lead Puck up the stairs to his little bedroom. He definitely felt nervous and intimidated, but he was also curious and excited. In the room, Kurt walked through the dark by memory and lit the oil lamp he kept by his bedside so it emitted a soft glow of light across the room.

Then he turned to Puck and with fingers that were only trembling slightly began to unbutton his shirt. He could hear Puck's breathing becoming harsher and harsher as he exposed more skin to the night air and when he finally removed the shirt completely Puck let out a choked out groan as if he'd tried to hold it back but couldn't.

That involuntary noise was what gave Kurt the courage to finally look at Puck full on and he was surprised to see that the other man's pupils had been nearly completely dilated. Blushing slightly, Kurt turned his attention to his pants and carefully removed them, trying desperately to hide his sex when they were gone.

That seemed to set off a trigger for Puck and he tore off his own clothes like a mad man and swept Kurt up in his arms, pressing kisses all over his face and saying things like, "so beautiful," and "I've waited so long" as he gently laid Kurt out on the bed.

On the bed he propped himself up on his arms above Kurt and gazed down at him like he was more stunning than the sun itself. Kurt squirmed under the scrutiny and suddenly wished he hadn't turned the light on.

He felt better when Puck started kissing him again and he had a reason to close his eyes. Soon he forgot all about his embarrassment as he found himself surround completely by Puck. After Puck's earlier display, and just his personality in general, Kurt had expected Puck to be more forceful in the bedroom, but it was in fact quite the opposite. Puck couldn't have been gentler as he moved down Puck's body, pausing here and there to give extra attention to an earlobe or nipple. Kurt didn't know how long they spent exploring each other bodies. But he did know that when they finished, sweaty and sated, he'd never felt more whole than he did in that moment.

Kurt woke as the dawn was just breaking to a heavy arm and leg thrown over his body and Puck snoring softly in his ear. It was so warm and comfortable and right that Kurt would have liked nothing more than to simply roll over and go back to sleep, but Kurt had never been good at that laying about for the sake of being lazy. After a few minutes of trying to convince his body to go back to sleep, he gave up with a sigh and wriggled out from under Puck's arm, wincing slightly at the newly discovered soreness in – certain areas.

As quite as a mouse, so as not to wake his…what was Puck now? His friend? His beau? His lover? Kurt blushed at that last one, but as he was in the middle of cleaning the remnants of last night from his body, he couldn't really find fault with that term.

He winced again as he reached back behind himself to clean his bottom, wondering if it was possible to burst into flames from embarrassment as he remembered all the things Puck had done back there the previous night.

Kurt thought about getting dressed, but in the end decided to simply throw on a nightshirt and some slippers before heading to the kitchen to make some breakfast. In short order he fried up some bacon and toasted what remained of the bread. He was tempted to make tea like usual just to see how Puck would react to it, but in the end decided to take the easy road and just make some coffee.

He frowned once everything was made and Puck still hadn't come downstairs. How could he still be asleep? Kurt contemplated the situation for moment before his eye caught on the tray he used to carry meals to his father when he was sick in bed. He piled the food onto the tray and carefully carried it back up the stairs.

He set the tray on the bedside table and crawled back under the covers with Puck. Throughout all this, the man still hadn't woken up. Rolling his eyes, Kurt flicked Puck's ear. That got his attention and he came to with a snort.

Kurt dropped a quick kiss on his temple while he was still disoriented. "Morning," he said offering Puck a mug of coffee.

"I love you," Puck mumbled, thought Kurt couldn't tell if Puck was talking to him or the coffee. Whichever it was, Kurt fixed Puck a plate and waited until he was a bit more coherent. Finally, Puck seemed to come fully awake and he pulled Kurt to him for a morning hug.

"Isn't it a beautiful morning?" Puck grinned, chomping down on the bacon.

"Gorgeous," Kurt smiled back, sipping his own coffee. For a minute there was only the sound of Puck's chewing until Kurt suddenly burst out, "There are more soldiers on the road this morning."

Puck looked over, confused, "What?"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to just blurt that out, but it's true. I think they're looking for the people involved in the tea party. I- Puck I'm worried. I know you wanted to go there and I'm so glad you didn't, but I don't want to hold you back from what you're so passionate about. I'm just scared I'm going to lose you when I've only just found you."

"Hey, now," Puck murmured, running a hand though Kurt's hair. There's no need to worry, I'm not going anywhere. You're right that I need to be more careful and I promise to try."

Puck touched his forehead to Kurt's. "I will always be with you, Kurt; for as long as you want me."

He sealed the promise with a kiss as the church bells rang in the new day.