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"Where is she?"

Kid Flash was standing in the middle of the training room, pacing around impatiently. The rest of his team members looked at him with a mixture of pity and amusement. Today was Artemis's first practice session and she was supposed to spar with Kid Flash.

"I'm sure she's on her way," Megan said softly, placing a hand on his arm to try to calm him. She quickly retracted though when she saw him grin wolfishly at her, edging closer to her.

"I agree," Aqualad said, moving closer to the pair. "We have to be patient with her; she's new to the team. And I'm sure she has a perfectly good explanation as to why she's late."

Kid Flash huffed, crossing his arms on his chest angrily. "It'd better be a real good reason, considering she's already 45 minutes late!"

"She's coming," Superboy said from the back of the room, leaning against the wall. Megan looked at him confusedly for a moment before smiling and smacking her head lightly. "Hel-lo Megan! Super hearing."

A few moments later Artemis walked into the room, smiling sheepishly.

"Hey guys," Artemis greeted, walking to the center where Kid Flash was glaring at her furiously.

"Where have you been? We were supposed to start a long time ago!" he shouted, the tips of his ears red with anger.

She glowered at him, scoffing. "Don't get your panties in a twist; I overslept."

He immediately stopped pacing and stared at her incredulously. At this point Aqualad and Megan had quietly backed out to the sidelines with Superboy and Robin, not wanting to get involved in the fight that was about erupt.

"You overslept?" he repeated, still in shock. She nodded, flicking her hair to the side. "Yes, that's what I said. You know, for a guy that's supposed to be fast you're pretty slow."

Shock quickly changed into anger, and then mischief. He grinned cockily, putting on his goggles.

"You wanna see fast?"

In less than a second he became a red and yellow blur, zipping around the room. Artemis moved into a fighting stance, pulling out her bow and arrow.

"Over here!" he called, standing at the far end of the room, lounging on the wall. She spun around and shot an arrow towards him but he ran out of the way right before it hit, laughing.

He reappeared on the other end, this time sitting on a chair and holding a book. She turned around again, looking beyond annoyed. This time Artemis sent three arrows his way that once again missed, Kid Flash dodging right before it got him.

"Who's the slow one now?" he said, running circles around her. She felt herself getting dizzy from the moving colors and closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath.

He noticed she had closed her eyes and felt his chest puff up in pride, feeling victorious. The moment was gone when a strong foot collided with his chest and sent him flying backwards into a wall, rocks crumbling around him. Before he even landed on the ground a volley of arrows flew towards him and he shut his eyes, flinching.

Feeling no wound, he reopened them and saw he was hanging in the middle of the wall, hoisted upwards by more than a dozen arrows than encircled his body. Artemis stood in the middle of the room grinning and tucked her bow and arrow behind her back before exiting.

He blushed, embarrassed, as Megan walked past him giggling, following after Artemis. Superboy followed suit, heading in the same direction. Aqualad and Robin walked over to help him off the wall, each trying to hide their grins.

Robin smirked, pulling out of the arrows. "Talk about whelmed."