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Clare's POV:

Sirens. They were everywhere. Doctors surrounded me and my mom. I can't tell you what happened. Because I don't know.

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Eli's POV:

The most beautiful, fragile, blue eyed girl was just rushed into my hospital in need of open heart surgery. She looked so broken on the stretcher, beautiful, but broken.

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Clare's POV:

I woke up with a massive headache, in white walled room. Where am I? How did I get here?

I looked up to find a gorgeous emerald eyed, dark haired boy sitting by my bed. He was dressed in doctor's attire. Shit! I'm in the hospital.

The boy smiled at me, "How are you feeling Clare?"

I tried to sit up a little but it wasn't working, "How do you know my name?"

He handed me a bottle of water. I gladly took it. He began to explain, "I take it you don't remember. My name is Eli, Eli Goldsworthy. I'm the doctor's assistant. You see Clare; you got into a car accident. You and your mom. She's fine, but you, you were having heart troubles. We had to do open heart surgery, but you will recover. Until you do, the next month you will spend here, healing. And I will be watching out for you."

I blushed a little. It was no lie, he was very attractive. And a month away from home, I couldn't complain. Though I was eighteen, and I could leave whenever I wanted, I wanted to finish my year at Degrassi before leaving my mess of a family behind.

I looked into Eli's eyes, "I guess I can handle a month here. I mean the white walls and sexy blue gowns are to die for."

Eli chuckled lightly before flashing the most breath taking smirk I had ever seen, "I like your sarcasm Ms. Edwards. This shall be a fun month."