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Eli's POV:

"I love you…" Clare said.

Woah. She loves me?

I could not help but blurt out, "I love you too!"

Clare blushed, "Really….?"

I nodded eagerly, "Hell yeah! Of course I love you baby girl."

Clare smiled, "Then kiss me you idiot!"

And I did. I cupped her face and gently pressed my lips to hers. Clare clutched my forearms and opened her mouth to me. I gladly slipped my tongue in her mouth. She moaned in the kiss.

I slid my hands down her perfect body and held her hips tightly. Clare broke the kiss, "One more thing."

I waited as she fumbled with her finger before pulling off the silver chastity band, "I want you to have this…"

"What?" I tried to hold my smile.

Clare blushed, "I want to…."

"You want me to make love to you?" I asked with a little too much excitement.

Clare shook her head, "No."

I tried not to frown, "Oh."

Clare shook her head, "I want to do something though, not sex, but more than kissing…."

"Like foreplay?" I asked.

She nodded, "I think so, yeah."

"Are you sure? There is no pressure, you know." I tried to reassure her.

Clare seemed set in her choice, "I really want to Eli….as long as you do?"

"Yes!" I smiled and brought my tone down, "Well…yeah."

Clare giggled but then shifted awkwardly, "So…"

I took the hint and scooped her up, "Let's take this somewhere more comfortable…." And I cupped her as I took her to my…well now our, bedroom."

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Clare's POV:

Eli laid me down gently on our bed and he crawled on top of me. I was nervous, fucking nervous, but Eli being gentle was helping a bit.

Eli cupped my cheek, "You're shaking a little bit, are you alright?"

I nodded a little, "Kinda nervous, but I'm okay."

He nodded, "Have you ever done this before?"

I shook my head, "No."

Eli smiled in the slightest and kissed my forehead, "Well then Clare Edwards you have made me a lucky man. Are you still sure you want to?"

I pulled him down for a reassuring kiss, "Yes."

Eli kissed my lips once, "If you ever at any point get uncomfortable or it hurts or you just want me to stop, tell me right away."

I wrapped my arms around his neck, "Eli."

He took that as a reassurance and he began kissing down my neck…

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Eli's POV:

My hands rested at the hem of Clare's night shirt and my lips pressed against where her shirt met the hallow of her throat. Slowly, I tried to raise the hem. Clare immediately beat my hands away and I raised them in defense, "Sorry, too far?"

She shook her head, "C-could you maybe…take yours off first?" She asked shyly.

I smiled and nodded, "If it makes you more comfortable, of course….I'm just a little skinny though…"

Clare reached for the back of my neck and pulled my face down so our noses touched, "I love you, and I don't care."

I chuckled and could not help but peck her lips quickly, "Do you want to take it off for me…?" I asked shyly.

Clare blushed, "…..yeah…."

I raised my arms and sat back so Clare could pull the shirt from my body. She smiled wide, "You're perfect Eli."

Clare kissed the top of my chest, "Absolutely perfect."

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Clare's POV:

Eli went to remove my shirt again and this time I nodded, allowing it.

Eli slowly raised the hem of my shirt, leaving little kisses on my skin as it was revealed to him. He kissed the area between the cups of my bra once, "You are so fucking beautiful…"

I blushed, "Thanks…."

Eli hesitantly cupped my breasts. I felt so good I could not help but moan, "Mmm Eli…"

Eli smirked in satisfaction as he massaged my breasts. His big hands felt really good as they massaged me, but I wanted to feel him.

I gently moved his hands and sat up to unhook my bra. Eli stopped me, "W-wait! Can I?" Eli's hands rested over mine.

I smiled, "Yeah." I moved my hands and let Eli unhook my bra. He discarded it to the floor and smiled at me.

"Remember when I said you were beautiful?" He asked as his eyes gazed at my breasts, refusing to look away.

I giggled, "Yes?"

He took one of my breasts in his course hands and my toes curled, "Multiply that by one million and you aren't even close to how beautiful you are now…"

"Eli…." I moaned, overwhelmed in pleasure.

He switched to my other breast and gave it the same treatment. His hands were so warm and gently, but he defiantly had experience. He kissed my lips as he continued to massage me for a few minutes, before he pulled his hands away. I moaned at the loss, "Eli…"

He smiled and kissed the tip of my nose, "Relax, I'm not done. Would you like me to continue or may I move on?"

I blushed, "Move on…."

Eli nodded and his lips began to work at my stomach. He trailed his mouth from my sternum, to my belly button. His tongue twirled in it for a few seconds before his lips made their way to the snap of my jeans. He looked up at me with his deep green eyes as if he was asking my permission. I blushed once more, "….yours first?"

Eli stood up from the bed and undid his jeans, dropping them quickly and getting back on the bed. He looked back up at me, "Clare?"

I smiled, "Go ahead."

"Are you sure? I don't want to push you…" He hesitated.

I nodded, "Please Eli."

Eli's long fingers fumbled with my jeans until he finally got them undone. He pulled them from my legs and kissed both my ankles before going for my lips, "I love you, and you are so gorgeous to me…"

I smiled wide, "I love you too, so much, my Elijah."

"Your Elijah eh?" He smiled a crooked grin.

I giggled, "I'm yours if you're mine?"

Eli kissed my lips once more before slipping off my underwear, "Then miss Clare Edwards, I am defiantly all yours."

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~

Eli's POV:

Clare's legs instantly shut as I tugged off her underwear. I frowned, "Clare, it's okay, I won't hurt you…"

She nodded, "I'm just really nervous about this part…"

"Why is that?" I asked her.

She blushed, "Will it…hurt?"

I shrugged, "It may be a little uncomfortable at first and I am sorry about that, I can always stop if you want?"

Clare shook her head, "N-no."

I nodded once before placing a loving kiss on her lips, "I do love you my Clare."

I slipped my finger inside Clare's dripping hole. The second I did Clare wrinkled her nose, a little uncomfortably.

I frowned, "You okay?"

She whimpered a bit in pain, "Um….n-no, not really, is it supposed to feel weird?"

I nodded, "At first, do you want me to stop?"

Clare shook her head, "Um, just move your fingers okay, it will get better right?"

I nodded and kissed her lips, "I promise it will get better."

I started to slowly pump my fingers as I rubbed the pad of my thumb on her clit. She was still whimpering and it was killing me. I did not like hurting her.

After a few more minutes, I had decided to just pull my fingers out, but she let out a….moan?

"Eli… mmm…." She moaned.

I smiled wide, "Does that feel good Clare?"

Her breath hitched in her throat as she wriggled in pleasure, "Y-yeah… I f-feel like…" She trailed off.

I smirked in satisfaction as I pushed a little deeper. Clare cried out, "E-Eli!"

I curled my fingers inside her and her breathing became erratic, "F-faster, please….I feel…." She trailed off again.

I moved my fingers faster inside of her. Clare was wriggling and I felt her walls clench around my fingers. I shifted down and attached my mouth to her clit. I sucked on it for only a few seconds before Clare came, "Eli!"

I smiled at the sound of her orgasm and I licked up her sweet juices, "That was great Eli…"

I smiled and kissed her lips, "I'm so glad you enjoyed it…."

Clare blushed, "Can I…?" She gestured to my throbbing cock. I shook my head, "Not tonight okay? I want tonight to be about you."

Clare nodded, "Fine…."

I pouted, "Come on, don't be mad…"

She giggled and kissed my cheek, "But you will let me one day?"

I smiled, "Clare any other day you are more than welcome to okay? Now let's get to sleep."

Clare reached for the covers and pulled them over us. Clare settled into my side, "Eli?"

"Yes my dear?" I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly in my arms.

She giggled, "Thank you."

"For what?" I asked her.

She pressed a kiss to my bare chest, "For healing me."

My heart just swelled at her statement. I pressed my lips onto hers and gave her the best kiss I could, "Clare, if I healed you then I must have been broken before, because you my dear, you healed me."

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