I know this idea has been done, but I just had to do try it. Here, Rose is married to the Doctor, and somehow immortal like Jack. Sorry to anyone who feels I stole their idea! I thought of this long before I read fanfics about it!

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The Doctor sat on the edge of Rose's bed, his smile stretching from ear to ear as he watched Rose rocking their newborn daughter, Isabella.

"She's so beautiful," Rose breathed, running a gentle finger over the sleeping baby's feather-soft brown hair.

"Just like her mother," he added, reaching over to tuck a stray piece of her blond hair behind her ear.

Rose carefully removed one arm from beneath the baby. She pressed the Doctor's fingers to the baby's bare chest, smiling as he felt what she had wanted him to. "Just like her father, too," she told him, "You've lost your title."

He raised his eyebrows. "My title?"

She laughed softly., "You've lost your title."

He raised his eyebrows. "My title?"

She laughed softly. "You, sir, are no longer the last of the Time Lords. The oldest, maybe, but not the last."

He grinned at her joke. "She may be half-human. We can't be sure yet. I could use the sonic to run a scan, but the waves may be dangerous to her, she's so delicate. Besides, what's life without a few surprises?"

Rose stroked the baby's arm. "This surprise was a good one."

The Doctor wrapped his arms around both of them. "Yes, she certainly was."

Suddenly, the room shook as the TARDIS was disturbed in flight. Rose trembled, holding the baby closer to her in fear. The Doctor sped out of the room, going to investigate.

Rose waited in silence for what felt like days, quieting the baby as she cried out in panic. Finally, the Doctor returned, his clothes torn and slightly singed, his hair even messier than usual, and his face muddy.

"What happened?" Rose gasped. The Doctor made a poor attempt at a smile.

"Oh, you know, the usual attempt on my life. It's fine now, though, we won't be hearing from the Daleks in a while."

Tears rolled down Rose's cheeks. "Doctor, what if they had killed you? What if they had gotten in here, and hurt the baby? She's not safe here!"

The Doctor frowned and sighed. "I know. We can pretend that we're in a cozy little house all we like: the fact is that we are hurdling through space and time, could end up virtually anywhere, be attacked by some alien race at any time… I'm willing to risk my own life, but not the baby's."

Rose wiped her tears, looking up at the Doctor with pleading eyes as the baby gurgled happily in her arms. "Neither am I. Face it, though, you'd never be happy waiting settling down somewhere while she grew up. What can we do?"

The Doctor took a deep breath. "Well, your mum and Pete are in a separate universe, so we can't ask them to raise her. I have some friends, Charlie and Renee, in Washington, America. They were old companions of mine, got married right after I dropped them off. They wanted a daughter, but Renee wasn't able to have children. We could leave Isabella with them, then travel to the future when she's old enough to travel. It would only be a few minutes for us. Unless you want to visit her as she grows up."

Rose looked down at her newborn sadly. "We'd be abandoning her for nearly twenty years of her life, Doctor."

"She's a Time Lord—or Lady, Rose. Twenty years really isn't a long time for us."

Rose swallowed back a sob. "She'd be safe? And happy?"

"Safe as any human on Earth. And Charlie and Renee would love her like their own daughter."

Rose slowly stood up, holding Isabella out in front of her so their eyes were level. "Isabella, you're a Time Lady, or at least half. You are the daughter of the Doctor, the most amazing man in all of time of space. Most of all, we love you, and this is all we could do to really protect you. Never forget that." She followed the Doctor to the TARDIS control room. He set the coordinates for the little rainy town of Forks, Washington, and they were both teary-eyed as the TARDIS landed.

"Wait, Doctor," Rose stopped him before they went outside. "She's going to have to go to doctors, maybe even a hospital. She has two hearts, that's going to cause suspicion. If anything, the doctors might think that it's a birth defect and try to remove it. And she can't have the same kind of medicine as humans, can she?"

The Doctor winced. "There is one thing we could do. There's the chameleon arch. It could rewrite her cells and temporarily make her human. But it is extremely painful, I've gone through it myself once."

Rose looked pleadingly at the Doctor. "It's for her own protection."

He sighed and strapped the chameleon arch to Isabella's tiny head, attaching a silver fob watch to the arch to absorb her Time Lady configuration. He and Rose supported her between them, crying as their baby screamed in pain, and then relieved when it was over. The Doctor freed Isabella from the arch, and handed Rose the watch.

"Everything she is, any memories of us, will be in that watch. When it is time for her to come with us, she can open it, and be a Time Lady again. For now, you can have it."

Rose examined the writing on it, a series of circles and lines. "It's Gallifreyan writing, isn't it?" she asked.

"Yeah," he nodded, "It says her name on it: Isabella Jacqueline Tyler."

Rose put the watch in her pocket, and they went outside, arriving on a quiet street in the middle of the night. The Doctor led to the Swans' house, and knocked gently on their door. Charlie came to the door, wearing an old tattered bathrobe over sweatpants and a t-shirt.

"Doctor!" he exclaimed, his surprise evident in his expression. His eyes moved to Rose and the baby. "Who's this?" he asked.

The Doctor struggled to smile. "Charlie, meet my wife, Rose, and our daughter, Isabella. We need to ask you a favor, Charlie."

"Anything for you, Doctor!" Charlie assured.

"Charlie, we know it's a lot to ask, but we need you to raise our daughter and keep her safe until she's eighteen."

Charlie's eyes widened. "Renee and I wanted a daughter, but… is she going to be, well, an alien?"

The Doctor shook his head slowly. "Yes and no. She technically is a Time Lord—I mean Lady. Half, full, we're not entirely sure yet. But she had two hearts, so to avoid suspicion we used the chameleon arch to disguise her as a human. She'll pass any medical test as 100% human. But when we come for her, we'll open this watch," Rose held up the watch, "and all of that will come back to her. Yes or no?"

Charlie sighed, and reached out his arms. "We'll take her."

Rose tearfully handed him Isabella, who was sleeping soundly. "Thank you, Charlie," Rose whispered.

Charlie retreated into the house, carrying Isabella. The Doctor and Rose stood together on the doorstep. Rose wrapped her arms around his neck, sobbing quietly into his chest. Hiding his own grief for her sake, the Doctor lifted Rose in his arms and returned to the TARDIS.