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Jack stared in awestruck silence for several minutes. "You... remember?" he parroted lamely, uncomprehending. In response, a light smile crept across Bella's face.

"Yes. I do."

"Remember, what?"

"Her. I remember her," she answered simply.

"Um, so do we," Jack said uncertainly, gesturing to the himself and the delirious Rose, whose eyes were looking slightly unfocused.

"No, I remember her, Jack!" Bella corrected, appearing to have been filled with energy. Her skin's color had been restored, her eyes were bright, and was already pushing herself up. Hopping off the metallic table with ease, she rushed over to Jack, her grin wide. "Who she was, I remember it all! All of her memories, they're in my head now!" Her eyes widened in shock and her brow furrowed. "Wait a minute, that's not just her... gosh, my dad's there, too! I'm telepathic!"

"But, why would you have her memories?" Jack still did not understand the connection between the two young women. "You knew her?"

"Yes! I did! And now I am her! Or, she's me! I don't even know, but I have SO much energy! I feel amazing! I could run forever, Jack, forever!" Her expression suddenly turned grim. "But you can't know who she is. You can't see her face, it's very important." She placed her index finger over Jack's lips seriously. "If you ever see me from the past, you can't tell me about her. Rose either, you can't tell her. Do you understand?" The piercing stare that bore into Jack's own clear blue eyes was unnerving, and for an instant Jack was sure it was the Doctor staring him down and not this mystery girl he had only just met.

"Yes, of course. Are you okay? You just had major surgery."

Bella laughed and twirled around in a pierouette. "Okay? My body absorbed the regeneration from the extra heart, I'm all healed PLUS I have all of this extra energy flowing around! Jack, let's run together! She grabbed his hand and pulled him out the door with surprising strength. He gasped when he saw that the body was no longer there. "Where'd she go?" he asked disbelievingly.

Bella glanced back, unsure of what he was talking about. "Oh! Her? Well, her consciousness is inside me now, though I'm not quite sure where her body is if that's what you mean. Does it matter right now? Come on, you're so slow!" She shot forward with a burst of increased speed, her overjoyed laughter echoing off the dark walls and doubling back on top of each other to form some strange yet beautiful sort of harmony.

He rolled his eyes and realized that is she was as close to the Doctor as he had been told, then Bella was the sort of person he should follow first and question later. It may not make sense, but it was a heck of a lot more fun that way. He pumped his legs and matched her pace, staying by her side all the way out of the Hub, up onto the streets.

"Look how beautiful it all is!" she cried, throwing her arms out to the sky and gesticulating wildly, "Everything! The sky, the way that the sun is setting and the whole darn place looks magical! That golden light, do you see it? It's like, it's like..." She suddenly stopped in her tracks and grabbed Jack by the collar of his worn coat. "Jack, what does it look like?" She whispered urgently. She pursed her lips and manically swirled the air with her left hand while she searched for a fitting description. "I know!" she declared triumphantly, "It looks like the Earth is regenerating, don't you think so?"

He looked at her, with the setting sunlight illuminating her features and giving them a whole new light. Her mahogany hair seemed to glow, and her smile matched it. She rested her hands on his sturdy shoulders and examined his face for a while, perfectly content with the activity. "You know what, Jack?" she breathed in wonder, "You're beautiful, too." She kissed him forcefully, and all he could do was stand there in surprise. He gently pushed her away, shaking his head.

"Bella, you're not in your right mind, you're riding an emotional high from the regeneration energy. This isn't you. We don't even know each other."

She looked at him, eyes making a full appraisal before she nodded in agreement. "Maybe so. But you are beautiful. Don't forget that." She swayed a little bit before falling asleep in his arms. He supposed she had exhausted the pent-up energy during her sprinting session, if his own side splits were anything to go by. Looking down at the sleeping Time Lady, he wondered what sort of adventures they would have together, and who she would be.


The Doctor sat alone in his TARDIS, pondering. The soft glow of the TARDIS and its gentle pulsing hum comforted him while he dealt with his thoughts. He had felt everything happen through Bella. As her father, they were automatically linked psychically since she regained her memories, and thus also received his. At first, this transaction had thrilled him. He got to experience her life as if he had been there with her the whole time, which he now wished he had. Sighing, he gave the captain's chair a small spin in an attempt to cheer up.

She wasn't dead, not really. Her consciousness lived on in an exact replica of her physical body. Their DNA, personality, memories, those were all still the same. Still, it pained him to experience her passing at such a young age. With his hectic lifestyle, he had long ago accepted that any daughter of his probably would regenerate at least once in his lifetime. He didn't like it, and would do everything in his power to prevent it, but he had to accept it as a likely possibility. She hadn't regenerated, and he would see her again, still essentially the same girl she was when she left. He guessed he should be thankful for that.

He could see through Bella's eyes that Rose was completely distraught. She had always handled grief differently than him. She sobbed and mourned publicly, accepting attention and comfort from anyone who offered it. But he held it inside, showing it only though his impossibly old eyes and wistful smile. He wasn't sure which was better for mental health, but it was the only way he knew. Raised in the austere and straightlaced Gallifreyan society, he had never known emotion could be expressed in such ways and still be considered acceptable. On Earth, he had found, it was even normal. Now, Rose had closed herself off from the idea of her daughter's death, and was in some denial-induced haze.

He picked himself up from the chair and flipped several switches, leaving the rest to the TARDIS. Whether or not he liked to admit it, she was capable of auto-piloting herself near perfectly, and always took him where he needed to go. This was one of the few occasions where he was confident that where he wanted to go and needed to be where one and the same. Thus, he left it up to her, his old girl.

After the familiar groaning and shaking, he opened the door and thanked her for delivering her in Cardiff, right near the Rift. Stepping outside, he spotted the deep blue World War coat from behind, and saw that Jack was cradling Bella as she slept off the trauma. He knew that now they needed to go live their lives independent of his influence. He managed to get into the Hub and find Rose without the couple noticing him, and wordlessly led Rose to the TARDIS. Once safely in the Vortex, he held her close to him and murmured in ear that everything would be alright, that it already was.

Did he believe that was true? There was a semblance of doubt in his hearts, of course. But he couldn't go on living like he did each day if he didn't possess an intrinsic optimism for a bright tomorrow. Jack and Bella would be okay on their own. They both needed that time to grow and heal together, as only they would be able to. As for the Doctor and Rose, they both needed some time to heal each other as well.
He had faith in his daughter. She would make some bad choices, just like him. But she would also make an overwhelming larger number of good ones, and would help Jack to be a kinder, more merciful person. In return, she would learn to care for another person, something she still needed to discover for herself. With a grimace, he recalled Edward and Jacob, but didn't consider either of them a true love, but merely a strange obsession which was based largely on their devotion to her, not honest emotion.

It hurt to say goodbye, or rather, not to say goodbye. He would return for her, when the time was right. Meanwhile, he planned to take Rose to reconcile with her mother. Jackie had left a voice message about "Grandad Prentiss". He figured Rose would be happy to see her Grandfather.

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