In Motion || Chapter 3

Tallahassee and Columbus walked back to the car and continued on their journey. The group ended up finding a run-down abandoned motel. Wichita and Little Rock took one room, while Columbus and Tallahassee occupied the room right next to theirs. The motel didn't have more than two beds per room, but Tallahassee had a feeling that Wichita still would have made Little Rock and she stay in a separate room in fear of Little Rock catching Columbus's sickness. Older-sister protectiveness and what not.

"Honestly kid, I don't know how the fuck you can get sick in Zombieland. I mean, how the fuck is it that monsters are runnin' around the streets infecting everyone and you got the goddamn flu?" ranted Tallahassee as he threw his guns and bags onto the sleazy looking motel twin bed.

"Mmmmhh" Colombus croaked out from the twin bed right next to Tallahassee's.

Tallahassee couldn't help but worry about the kid. He looked like shit. He couldn't keep his eyes open for more than a few moments without them drooping closed again. And now he was curled up on his side ready to pass out, and he hasn't even taken off his shoes yet.

"Hey, kid."


"C'mon get changed into more comfortable clothing and take off your damn shoes."

This was kind of Tallahassee's way of showing he cared.

Columbus stumbled off the bed pulled off his shoes took off his jacket and pants and ended up in a t-shirt and boxers. He himself was surprised he was able to be able to move himself enough to get into decent sleeping attire.

Columbus flopped back onto his bed and muttered, "G'night Tal."

Tallahassee silently watched him as he passed out within a few minutes. Once he was sure Columbus was knocked-out he walked up to the side of him and placed his hand against his forhead and then his cheek.

"Damn..." he said to no one in particular.

Columbus was burning up.

Sadly, Tallahassee realized he couldn't do much for Columbus right now. All he could do was wait and see how Columbus progressed. But tomorrow, Tallahassee was going to try to see if he could find some tylenol at a pharmacy or something to try and sweat out his fever.

Then Tallahassee basically shoved all of his shit that was on his bead onto the floor, and he flopped onto the bed. He situated himself and sighed while looking over at Columbus one last time before he turned off the light.

"Stupid kid..."

"Turn here! No ya' idiot! Make a left here!" Tallahassee exclaimed from the backseat. Columbus was sitting next to him. He was a little better considering he could keep his eyes open to watch Wichita as Tallahassee yells directions at her.

"Well maybe you should told me sooner!" Wichita exclaimed as she jerked the wheel a hard left. Tallahassee went flying onto Columbus and Little Rock was in the passenger seat holding on for dear life.

"Ge-Get off of me!" Columbus said while attempting to push Tallahassee off of him.

"Not my fault your girly-friend here doesn't know how to follow directions."

"Hey, enough-" Wichita started.

"Where are we going anyway?" Little Rock asked to interupt and hopefully prevent futher fighting.

"To the pharmacy to get little spitfuck over here some medicine."

Columbus chimed in, "I told you I don't need any medicine."

"Kid you're sick and we need you getting better a soon as possible before you get the rest of us sick. We live in Zombieland, no time to be gettin' sick... There it is! Turn! Turn!"

After a screeching turn and a quick stop Wichita put the car in park.

"Alright me and Little Rock will wait in the car. Please. Don't take too long."

"Yeah, Yeah." And with that, Tallahassee slammed the door shut.

"Did you find any yet?" Tallahassee yelled to Columbus who was scanning the shelves.

"Not one bottle. It looks like someone raided the place and took everything the could find. I don't see any antboitics, tylenol, advil, nothing."

"For fuck's sake. Its it too much to ask for one damn bottle of fever reducer!"

"Will you stop yelling?" Columbus said while he was gripping one of the shelves tightly for support. The bags under his eyes returned even worse than they were before and he was now a deathly pale, "you're giving me a headache for christ's sake."

Tallahassee noticed his friend's condition, but shook it off, "If there were some damn medicine then you wouldn't be have'n no headache."

Columbus kept his eyes closed and felt it was too much engergy to respond. Tallahassee continued scanning the shelves down the aisle looking in the back or anywhere possible, when he came to the end he thought he spotted something in the back so he reached his arm in.

"C'mon please be somethin' useful, please." Tallahassee pleaded, "Almost... almost..."


"Oh stop moanin' kid," Tallahassee exclaimed.

"That wasn't me." Columbus mumbled from halfway down the aisle.

"Wha-" Tallahassee turned his head to a zombie. It lunged in and Tallahassee quickly removed his arm and started to run back up the aisle unarmed.

"Columbus, run! Jesus fucking christ these things are always poppin' up fuckin' everywhere!"

Columbus finally took the time to lift up his head and see what the hell Tallahassee was screaming about, "Aw, c'mon!"

"Just shut up and run!"

"Where did you put your gun?" Columbus was now in a full on sprint. Cardio.

"I put it down when I was lookin' for that goddamn medicine."

"Well use something else then!"

"Quit your bitchin'!"

With that, Tallahassee picked up a metal cane he found, "This'll do." They were after all in a pharmacy and there wasn't much they could choose from.

When the zombie reached them Tallahassee hit the zombie on the head as hard as he could, and once it fell over he bashed it's head over and over again until it stopped twitching. Then he went back to the aisle were he left his gun and came back and shot it in the head once more just to be safe.

"You alright kid?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." It had been five minutes since they had stopped running and Columbus was still breathing heavily.

"Kid, I'm not gonna lie, ya' look like shit and ya' need to sit your ass down somewhere."

"Wait. Just... hold on." Columbus was gripping holding onto another shelf with his eyes closed tightly while he tried to compose himself.

"C'mon, look I found some Tylenol we can leave now," Tallahassee pulled out the bottle to show him, and he got closer to Columbus, "I don't wanna have to carry you anywhere spitfuck."

"Alright... I think I'm good." Tallahassee took the lead as they left the store when he heard a thump behind him. He quickly turned around to Columbus passed out with his face flat on the floor.

"Shit, shit, shit," Tallahassee ran up to Columbus and flipped him over on his back. He felt his breathing and saw his chest moving so he was alive, but when he felt his forehead it was the hottest he's ever felt.

"Hang on a minute kid," he ran to an aisle and came back in less the ten seconds, "Alright. How the hell am I gonna do this."

He pulled Columbus's arms from behind him and drapped them over his shoulder while manuevering his way to grabbing his legs. Columbus ended up with his head resting over Tallahassee's shoulder and also in piggy-back style around Tallahassee who looked as though he wanted to shoot the world.

"Dammnit kid! I told you I don't wanna be carrying you no where!"

Wait until Wichita and Little Rock see this.

Sorry for the long wait. There should be more to come. I really am for anyone who has been waiting for updates. I really love fan fiction, but I do think I am not the best writer for it. More of a reader actually. But sometimes I just have these ideas in my head that I wish were stories and feel the need to do them. Then I get lazy. Oh well, enjoy!