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ElectrotherapyShipping - (VolknerYellow) "Just had my heart broken, nothing unusual."

SoulShipping - (MortySabrina) "It's like you're all blurry around the edges."

MangaQuestShipping - (GoldCrystal) "Well, we'll always mess up some. That's just nature."

SteelHeartShipping - (GreenJasmine) "It seemed as though he was the only one who could rescue her now."

CommonerShipping - (DiaPlatina) '"You just… tell her! You know! With words."'

ChosenShipping - (BlueSilver) "I still remember the look on her face during that silence, that look of stunned embarrassment."

AmberShipping - (GoldYellow) "Then, very suddenly, they stopped."

MangaAdvanceShipping - (RedSapphire) "Red was the first to actually ask beforehand."

MagmaJewelShipping - (RubyCourtney) "After all, both the soft and the sharp were the same person."

PanderShipping - (GreenMisty) "Why was he always making the girl he loved run away?"

SpecialShipping - (RedYellow) "Yellow never wanted that night to end."

ItsumoShipping - (RoarkRiley) "They'd only met once, and yet it was like he'd known this guy forever."

HaughtyShipping - (PearlPlatina) "Surely he thought she was just an annoyance, just a girl to be protected."

OldRivalShipping - (GreenBlue) "His grandfather called it 'character building'. He called it 'miser'ble wet'."

PerfumeShipping - (BrockErika) "The 'art of fighting', as so many put it, was not something she enjoyed or supported…"

FairytaleShipping - (LanceJasmine) "With a sharp pang, he realized that he felt an emotion toward her, and it was pity."

DarkStoneShipping - (GoldPlatina) "She winced when she saw that mischievous grin; she knew it meant trouble."

MizuhikiShipping - (CyrusCynthia) "And suddenly, wreathed in a halo of lamplight, she sat, golden hair glowing like an angel's."

JadeCrystallineShipping - (GreenCrystal) "Unlike… well, certain other rude boys she knew, Green held back, avoiding drawing too close."

PearlBirthstoneShipping - (BluePearl) "It was hard for him to fall asleep, since he kept picturing those big, excited eyes."

TeaShipping - (BillDaisy) "After all, he was so different from her, and yet so similar!"

IncautiousShipping - (GoldBianca) "He grinned irrepressibly, and Bianca was struck by the strange similarity. It was a similarity that she found in the mirror every morning…"

GracefulShipping - (WallaceWinona) "She cannot return to him. That would be a sign of weakness. That would be surrender."

TriforceShipping - (JasmineVolknerFlint) "He hid his true emotions in his afro and pretended that everything was perfectly fine."

GrantedShipping - (LanceYellow) "Lance knew he was bad for her, and he told her so constantly."

MangaPearlShipping - (RedPlatina) "Life went on, and so would she. Eventually."

HatefulMemoriesShipping - (WillBlue) "No need to let bad memories scare her away."

FranticShipping - (RubySapphire) "But don't get the wrong idea! This doesn't mean I like you or anything."

FatherlyShipping - (FalknerJanine) "She has many names (Anzu, Janine, Koga's girl), but so does he."

RockSmashShipping - (BrawlyRoxanne) "And despite her insistence on finishing the project, Roxanne couldn't help but notice the butterflies in her stomach."

ElectricEliteShipping - (VolknerCynthia) "Cynthia was the strongest trainer he'd ever met."

FeralSoulShipping - (RubySilver) "The only marks that Ruby will have to hide from anyone after this ordeal are the line of hickeys up and down his shoulder and neck."

Mission Statement: If it breathes, ship it.

Accepting requests. Pokemon Special universe only.

Author's Note: This is an ongoing project. It began as a writing exercise, before I realized exactly how serious shipping is to many people. Now that I know this, I prefer to disregard this attitude, as it prevents many from seeing how many possibilities are out there. Please note that I don't really take most shippings terribly seriously, so even my favorites can be abused a bit.

All pairings are technically mangaverse. However, some personalities (particularly of the Gym leaders) tend to have less elaboration than I would prefer, so many things are my own personal headcanons. They may not line up with your headcanons. You would do well to keep this in mind.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, nor do I claim to own Pokemon. If I owned Pokemon, then I would not be writing fanfiction. I would be creating new games, or slaving away at the next plot arc for PokeSpe. Or, I would have found a deserted island somewhere in the South Pacific and found a way to make them real. But, no. I own nothing. But the stories are mostly made up by me, so I'd prefer it if you didn't 'borrow' those ideas either.