Johnny Storm. A six year old child with short, light brown hair looked placidly in front of himself. It was a bright sunny day, full of wonder and delight for the children around the block who had just gotten out of school for summer break.

Jonathan, however, looked out the window as if nothing was happening at all. As if he was longing to do what the others were doing, but at the same time, wished it was a school day.

His skin was a sickly pale white, under his piercing blue eyes, there were dark circles, and his lips were a soft pink in which dead skin off of them was harshly chapping and coming off. He looked as though he had not slept in days, had not been fed in days, and had been tortured for an ongoing week.

This may of been due to him refusing to eat, and sleeping only five minutes at a time during the nightly hours.

"Johnny? Why don't you go outside and play with the other boys?" A twelve year old girl with light blonde hair asked, her equally piercing blue eyes had a sort of questioning quality to them that seemed both concerned and determined.

The young boy simply sat on the steel gray chair and looked outside, continually unemotional.

"They used to be your friends you know." She said once more, an edge starting to make its way through her voice as tears began to hit the back of her eyes, wanting to come through as she looked painfully at her little brother who refused to even so much as look at her.

Her father said it was because she looked so much like..

"Johnny? to me! I just want to talk, maybe we could figure this out together."

He still said nothing and watched carefully outside in great detail as the boys kicked a soccer ball around now.

"Johnny, your not the only one suffering because mom died, you know!" Susan Storm finally snapped as she clenched her jaw and balled up her fist in rage, her hair wildly whipping around her like a tornado as she shook her head with each passing word, escaping her perfectly healthy red lips.

"I'm sad too, but at least I still talk! I still face the world! I still go out there and face everyone with a big smile as if nothing was wrong!"

Johnny still sat there, his back slightly arched now as his head continually began to lower.

"You sit here, and do nothing! You do nothing to contribute to this family and you probably never will!" She screamed out the words she had been wanting to say for so long now.

Her brother snapped around, tears streaming down his face.

"Johnny?" Susan managed to chock out as she realised the words that she had just screamed at her brother.

"S-Sue? W-Why would you say that?"

Sue stood there, mouth agape in horror as she looked into her young brothers eyes. "Oh..Oh my god..Johnny, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to say that. I just got really angry, Susie just got really angry..I'm sorry.."

"I..I understand Susie." Johnny finally managed to utter as he hoped down from the seat.

"I was scared I was gonna hurt you with words like that I quit talking.."

She stood there, eyes wide. That's why?

"But I miss mommy." Johnny whispered as another tear slipped from the corner of his eyes.

Susie looked down at her six year old brother and managed to pick him and hug him.

"I wont ever let anything hurt you Johnny..I promise. I know I'm not mom, but I can sure as hell try to compensate."

Johnny looked at her funny, a bit confused on the definition of the word she had used but never the less wrapped his arms around her neck.

"Susie? Are you my new momma?"

"No..I'm your big sister."