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AU: set three years after Yuki and Kaname left Cross Academy. After leaving Cross, Yuki refused the engagement to Kaname, because though she loved him, it was as her brother; she couldn't be his wife. Kaname agreed, and now Yuki and Aido were getting married, he was being sent to find Kiryu, who had refused to answer any of Yuki's calls and had kicked Kaien Cross out of apartment.

Kaname peered at the slip in his hand, and then back at the building he was standing in front of. Kiryu's last known place of residence was a scungy, grey-and-graffiti walled apartment block. He sneered as he thought how fitting it was for the boy who respected none.

Bracing himself against the disgust he felt at entering such a decrepit building, the pureblood stepped forward and reached for the button, but as he did the door to his right swung open. He stepped back, hoping to see Kiryu to save himself the trouble of going in, but the man exiting was plump, slightly balding, and smelt strongly of alcohol and sex.

Gritting his teeth, Kaname stepped into the building before the door shut. If he was doing this, he wasn't going to be damned well polite about it. Ignoring the looks he got from several snickering women, he double-checked the address in his hand, Floor 2, Room 17, and forgoing the elevator he began taking the stairs two by two.

"Hey sweetie, lookin' for a go?" A dirty-blonde woman dressed in what looked like a handkerchief around her waist and a tight red leather corset, which he supposed was meant to cover her breasts leered at him from a doorframe, Room 12.

"Or mebbe yer lookin' fer somethin' more intrestin'?" A second woman stepped into view, this one with dark hair and a simple but modest robe on. She held what looked like a whip in her left hand, and Kaname didn't miss the dominatrix air in her body language.

Shaking his head he continued walking, eyes scanning the doors for the one he was after. He couldn't believe Zero lived in such a disgraceful part of town, and he resented the boy even more, if it was possible, for his having to stoop to visiting such a place. He came to Room 17 and was about to knock before the first woman who'd spoken called out to him, "o' course yer eadin' fer him, they all do these days! Little prick is bad fer business!"

Not quite understanding what she was implying, Kaname set his jaw and knocked firmly on the pale blue door. He knew Zero would have bolted at sensing his presence and had masked his pureblood aura, hoping that he would only register as a normal vampire to the hunter's senses.

"It's open!" A muffled voice called out, and turning the handle, Kaname swung the door open to find a half naked Zero standing at the door to what he presumed to be the bathroom, brushing his teeth.

They stood in silence for the longest minute of both their lives, and as garnet eyes locked with violet ones, Kaname realised that the scent of the room was heavy with sex. Sex and alcohol. He opened his mouth to say something, but found nothing. It couldn't possibly be what it seemed. No, Zero would never allow anyone to do, that to him. Would he?

No matter how he thought about it, he couldn't imagine the silver-haired boy submitting to anyone. But at the same time, he could see none of the hunter's usual defiance; his eyes were blank and half-glazed, and it was almost as if he wasn't really seeing anything. The flame behind their intriguing colour was gone, his expression dull, and if it wasn't for the familiar flash of metal in his ears and tattooed flash, Kaname might have thought he had the wrong room.

"Kiryu...?" The word was uncertain, and it hung thickly in the space between them.

At the sound of his name, Zero's face twisted into a smirk, and he stepped out of the bathroom doorway to sit on the edge of the bed.

"So, what do you want, blood-sucker?" His voice held none of the hatred, none of the spite or bitter angst that Kaname expected. Instead it was flat and monotone and unnerving.

Frowning, he stepped into the dingy apartment and closed the door, ignoring the catcalls from down the hall.

"Zero, about Yuki's wedding," he started, his frown furthering as Zero took a swig out of a bottle of what looked like whiskey, "she wants..."

"I told her I wasn't going, so again, what do you want?" Again that flat, emotionless voice.

"I know. That's what you told Yuki, and then Cross. But I didn't come here to plead with you," he walked forward until he was in front of Zero, forcing the boy to lean back to see his face. He wrapped his fingers around Zero's chin, "I'm here to bring you back, by force if necessary. You can continue fucking up your pathetic life after you've seen my sister to the Altar."

When Zero met his glare with a smile, Kaname straightened and looked disdainfully around the room, "I'll give you a few moments to pack before we go-OH!"

His words were cut short as Zero grabbed his hips and pulled, his fingers quickly going to work the button on his trousers and his lips kissing along the bulge of his crotch. Kaname leapt back, eyes wide with shock as he stared at Zero disbelievingly.

"I asked what you wanted, Kuran. If clients don't give me an answer, I'm just going to do what I think they want."

His breath left him as the full meaning of Zero's words hit him, and he strode forward until he was once again in front of Zero. He crouched, looking up into a grinning face with blank eyes. His mind flashed back to the man he'd seen leaving the building, and he realised that it was entirely plausible that he'd just been with Zero.

The anger he was feeling at Zero's actions was swallowed by misery. The boy, no, he wasn't a boy anymore. The man on the bed was not even a shadow of the proud, arrogant, strong-willed hunter he'd known back at Cross Academy.

"What the hell happened to you, Zero?" He whispered, suddenly afraid for the one in front of him. This was not the Zero he had last seen. "Why are you doing this?"

Anger flashed in Zero's eyes, and for a moment Kaname was relieved to see it, but it faded just as quickly as it had appeared.

"If there's nothing I can do for you, then I'll ask that you leave now," Whatever flash of anger he had seen had faded back to be swallowed by a dull emptiness in Zero's eyes, "Kaname." He said the name with a slightly tentative strain to it, his eyes darting to stare at the floor.

"Is this why you refuse to come to the wedding?" Kaname arched back gracefully until he was once again standing. "Are you saying you'd rather play whore to a bunch of strangers than come give my sister your blessing? Some hunter you are, Kiryu, to be hiding away like this!" His voice held nothing but anger in it, and he spat the words at the hunched figure on the bed.

If he'd been paying attention he would have noticed that Zero flinched at the word 'whore', but he wasn't. Neither did he notice the tears that welled up under silver lashes. It wasn't until Zero spoke that he finally returned his eyes to the hunter, shocked to find that his shoulders were shaking, and tears falling down his face. Guilt rushed through him as he made the conscious effort to calm down, reining his anger in.

"Please, don't tell Yuki," his voice was subdued, and hitched slightly before he finished, "Please, Kaname. Don't let her know." As he said it, his eyes lifted and held Kaname's gaze, and the pureblood saw a trace of the once-noble hunter there, determined to protect Yuki from what he knew would harm her.

Running a hand through his hair, Kaname growled softly in frustration. "But why, Zero?" He sat next to him, his weight causing Zero to shift slightly, falling closer to him.

Zero shook his head, indicating that he wasn't going to tell the pureblood anything, and Kaname sighed. He'd known he'd refuse to tell him, so he did the only thing he knew would work.

Moving quickly, he knocked Zero backwards and swung his own body over so he was on all fours over the ex-human. For a moment he took in the slightly angelic image Zero made; silver hair spread out behind his head, eyes wide in shock and curiosity, his mouth parted as though in protest. He looked beautiful, Kaname realised with a shock.

Catching the hands that went to push him off, he pinned Zero to the bed beneath him, murmuring a quiet apology before lowering his lips to the un-tattooed side of his neck.

Zero gasped as warm breath ghosted over his throat before Kaname's fangs slid slowly, almost gently into his flesh, pausing to give Zero the chance to relax before he began to draw blood.

He drank in slow, steady gulps, not wanting to panic the hunter any further, and not wanting Zero to relate his bite to the horrific bite that turned him. As he drank, relishing in the hunter's exotic taste, he coaxed his memories from the boys mind. It was a power that only a few rare purebloods held, and Kaname knew of only one other besides himself who possessed it.

The pulse between his lips quickened as he pulled Zero's memories from him, hoping that they were none too traumatic as the process involved the prey to relive that which he was trying to find out.

His hopes were futile, however, as a stream of images poured into his mind. Zero at the Association, Zero on a mission, Zero attacked by other hunters. Something in the back of his head told him to take it no further, but the curiosity got the better of him, and he sank his teeth slightly deeper, shocked at what he was witnessing.

He released one of Zero's wrists and linked his fingers with the hunters, trying to comfort him as he relived the horror of the attack, his own emotions running wild as he saw a wounded, bleeding Zero raped by his peers. The memory-boy struggled to fight, but his movements were sluggish, and Kaname guessed he'd been drugged with an anti-vampire sedative. One of the hunters pulled Zero to his knees, leaning to whisper in his ear, 'I wonder how disgusted your poor parents would be, if they could see that the child they died protecting was one of the creatures they hated so much', the shame that flashed upon Zero's face only deepened when the scene was interrupted by Yagari, his body slumping forward as he passed out.

He withdrew his teeth, not needing to see the rest, caressing the wounds with his mouth, urging them to close. The body beneath him was so tense it shook, and he could smell the tears as Zero sobbed openly. Slowly he released the hunter, bringing his hands down to rest on either side of him as he bent his head to rest on the hunter's chest.

"Well," Zero's voice was hoarse, but full of bitterness, "now you know." He pushed at Kaname's shoulders, "I suggest you leave, Kuran."

Kaname stood shakily, his hands hanging loosely at his sides as he struggled to find something to say. He watched Zero for a moment, watched the shoulders slump and tremble, his bangs covering his eyes as he bowed his head; everything about it screamed defeat.

This isn't right. The words kept repeating themselves over and over in Kaname's head, and he knew he couldn't leave it here.

Grabbing Zero by the bicep he dragged him to his feet and towards the door. In his anger he tore the door from its hinges, and as the hunter started to pull away and protest he shot him a glare and snarled, "don't say a thing, Kiryu, we're leaving."

The women down the hall were still there, obviously waiting for potential business. They eyed the two men with mischievous intent but before they could speak, Kaname 'flicked' them against the wall of their apartment and slammed their door shut.

He could sense Zero's fear from behind him, and he knew that his aura was wreaking havoc upon the ex-human's senses. Kaname was far too angry to try and control it, and as if in testimony to his mood the windows in the stairwell exploded, raining glass shards down upon them.

He paused as the scent of blood hit the air, whipping around to see that the glass had sliced the skin just about Zero's right clavicle, and it was pooling in the hollow of it before falling down his still-bare chest to be soaked up by the waistband of the boys jeans.

Without saying a word he shrugged out of his jacket and wrapped it around Zero before continuing to drag him out of the building. When they reached the car he dismissed the driver with a wave of the hand, and after bundling a bewildered Zero into the passenger's seat, Kaname slid into the driver's seat.