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Katsu's smile widened, the scar twisting further as the skin around his mouth stretched and crinkled, "actually, Kaito, I was wondering if Zero is home?"

Kaito glared, failing to keep his anger at his Senpai in-check despite knowing how dangerous the man was.

"You bastard! It's your fault!" Snarling, he stepped forward, forcing Katsu to step back to avoid colliding. "It's your fault Zero's like this, and here you are, pretending like you fucking care!"

At his outburst, Katsu raised an amused eyebrow. An enraged Kaito was such a rare thing to see, he felt almost honoured. Shaking his head softly, he couldn't keep the chuckle from his voice, "and you do, I assume? Care, that is?"

"Of course I fucking care!"

Chuckling out loud now, Katsu stepped forward, a gleam in his eye as he bent to bring himself eye to eye with Kaito, "well, Kaito-chan, if you care so much, I'd very much appreciate it if you could tell me where Zero is," leaning closer, their noses almost touching, he dropped his voice to a whisper, "or do I need to remind you of my, skills?"

Kaito shivered visibly, unveiled fear and disgust in his eyes, "you're sick, you know that?" A hand on his waist cautioned him, and he shrank from the touch. "I don't know where he is, he hasn't been home since he went," a sharp intake of breath, "there on Friday night."

Leaning back, Katsu frowned, it was Sunday morning now. Usually, Zero would have come home at 6:00am before heading off with Kaito to Kendo, a sport which both boys had taken up at Yagari's command.

"He hasn't called you?"

Kaito shrugged, warily eyeing the older man as he spoke, "what did you do to him, Senpai? Why does he go there?"

Katsu turned away slightly, lifting his hand to run the length of his scar before turning back, "do you remember when Zero gave me this scar, Kaito-chan?" Kaito nodded his affirmative, not quite sure what Katsu was getting at.

Katsu's scar once again contorted under a lecherous grin, "Well, he goes there now because he can't handle the 'special scar' that I gave him in return."

Kaito stared in horror as the meaning of his Senpai's words sunk in. Zero couldn't have been... No, no, no! There's no way Zero could be beaten by Katsu, he was stronger! He was a better fighter, a better hunter, a better charm-caster, he was better at everything! His hands hung limply at his sides, his partner had been raped, and he had known nothing. He had done nothing.

Waving and smiling jovially, Katsu retreated down the steps, "well Kaito-chan, until next time!"

Zero woke to an empty bed.

At least he thought he had, until the rustling of paper and the chinking of china reached his ears, and the undeniable presence of a pureblood made itself known. As he lay there deciding whether or not to open his eyes, a soft 'good morning' dragged his eyes open. He sat up to find Kaname sitting by the desk with a full continental breakfast on a tray before him.

The pureblood was shirtless, and seated by the window, he looked positively radiant in the midmorning sunlight. Taking in Kaname's small smile, memories of the night came rushing back, and with a groan Zero flung himself back onto the mattress, dragging a pillow over his face.

What were you thinking, Kiryu! He berated himself over and over, knowing that it had been he to initiate the first 'kiss', though he'd hardly call that innocent thing a kiss in light of recent events.

"Please tell me that was all just a horrible nightmare."

Kaname chuckled, the newspaper in his hands rustling as he folded it and placed it on the desk. Beneath the pillow Zero tightened his eyes, hoping that Kaname was going to stay over there, far away and out of his personal bubble.

"Unfortunately for you, Zero, I find myself unable to tell a lie, especially about something as enjoyable as that." Another groan from the bed, another chuckle from Kaname.

"But if it's any consolation, you acted drunkenly. We both did."

"Huh?" Zero sat up again, the pillow falling from his face to land in his lap. A small blessing, considering he was still very much naked, and the covers were bunched at his feet.

Kaname poured another mug of coffee before launching into an explanation, "mutual blood sharing rarely happens, because the endorphins released while taking and being taken from are of enormous quantities. The feeling can be likened to being intoxicated, hindering a vampire's judgements, hence the rareness of the occasion."

At Zero's blank look, Kaname suppressed a smile, instead standing and walking over to the bed with the second mug of coffee in his hand.

"Basically, blood can get you drunk. Especially pure blood, which you ingested a lot of," he handed the cup over before turning towards the door, "drink up, we're going out today."

Zero saw bewildered, not understanding anything. Drunk? Blood? We? Out? What the heck is going on?

"Wait, Kaname!"

Kaname paused by the door, glancing back to find Zero staring determinedly at him.

"What is this? What am I feeling here?" Zero's fingers flew to rub lightly at the hollow of this throat, "I feel like, I feel you there, but that's not possible, right?"

"I don't understand. How could you have let last night happen, knowing as you do how much I despise you? Why do I feel like if you walk away I should follow you? What the hell is a blood bond, anyway?"

Kaname watched Zero intently, and realised with a start that the silver-haired hunter was afraid. Of what he was unsure, but the slight tremble in those broad shoulders was enough to turn Kaname from the door and walk him towards the bed, where he sat in front of Zero.

Taking one of Zero's hands in his own, he ran his thumb over the knuckles, speaking in a near-whisper, "do you remember what I said about bonds last night?"

Zero shook his head slightly, remembering that Kaname had said something but not recalling what it was exactly. He had been to captivated by those gleaming red eyes, that haunting voice, and those mesmerising lips. He shook his head more firmly, "not really, no."

Kaname brought Zero's hand to his lips, lightly kissing a scar that ran over two of the knuckles, how many hunter inflicted wounds had the boy sustained? Willing away the thought, he spoke softly against Zero's hand, "my life to your life," he tugged Zero forward, lips connecting briefly with the bond at the base of his throat, "my heart to your heart," trailing butterfly kisses he leaned up until his mouth hovered over Zero's bite area, "my blood to your blood." Softly, but firmly, Kaname bit down enough to draw blood but not enough to pierce a vein.

Drawing back, he looked Zero in the eye, still holding firmly onto one hand, "do you understand now, Zero?" The light blush on pale cheeks delighted him, and the vulnerability in those gorgeous eyes drew him in, and he bowed his head, planting a soft but definite kiss on Zero's lips.

Abruptly, the hand in his was pulled away and the lilac eyes were once more dull and emotionless. But even though Zero had shut down in terms of body language, the accelerated beating of his heart could not be controlled, and Kaname only smiled as his bond-mate retreated emotionally.

Standing from the bed, he gestured to a set of clothes hanging off the wardrobe doors, "you can shower and dress, breakfast is on the desk." He crossed to the door once more before turning to speak again, "be sure to eat well, you'll need your energy."

Zero cocked his head, "what do I need energy for?"

Kaname grinned, "Well, last night did get kind of rough, I had no idea you had it in you for that many rounds, Kiryu" before ducking out the door in time to avoid the pillow a blushing Zero flung at him.

Standing in the bathroom, Zero took one last look at himself before snorting in derision.

What the hell were he and Kaname doing today, anyway? The clothes that had been left out for him (incidentally the only clothes in the entire room), were similarly fashioned to the clothes he had seen Kaname wear at the vampire ball all those years ago. Well-fitting black dress-pants hugged his hips, a light silver dress-shirt tucked into them with a black tie tied loosely around his neck. A dark jacket hung over the bathroom doorknob, but Zero refused to wear it. It was warm, and he'd be damned if he got stuffed into some neat outfit just because damned Kuran asked him to.

Instead he opted to roll the long sleeves up to his elbows, unbuttoning the top button and making sure that his usually unruly hair was extra unruly.

Mumbling about pureblood's and their damned fashionable clothes, Zero slid the shoes (way too shiny, he thought as he tied the laces) on and strolled out to the hall, easily making it to the front foyer where a butler was waiting for him.

"Zero-sama, if you'll please follow me, Kaname-sama is waiting for you in the car."

Raising an eyebrow, Zero did as was requested, and within moments found himself seated in the back seat of a limousine with a smug looking, and very handsomely dressed, Kaname. They were taking off down the driveway which, Zero noted, looked a lot less like a horror movie in the daylight.

Eyeing the slightly creepy grin on Kaname's face, he cleared his throat, "Zero-sama?"

Cygnet eyes looked him over, and he could swear the the pureblood purred. "Hmm? Do you have a problem with the honorific?"

Zero grimaced, not understand Kaname's motives, "where are we going, anyway?"

At this, Kaname's gaze shifted out the window, his amusement clear on his face, "we, my dear hunter, are going to see Yuki."

Staring in horror, Zero's stomach dropped, his heart raced, and as he made to leap out of the car, Kaname's hand caught his, linking their fingers together.

"Stay with me."

Swallowing dryly, Zero nodded, tightening his hold on the hand in his before whispering his assent.