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I stared into the usual scenery I've seen for the past year and in all respect it was beautiful but it lost its luster seeing it everyday.

I look over at the horizon into the sparkling sea. The constantly roaring of the waves hitting the shore and black rocks that randomly poked in and out of the water as the tide rose and fell.

As I looked around I notice that the bananas that have been hanging off the palm tree around its fronds for the last few weeks have finally became ripe.

The palm trees only bear ripe fruit around twelve to thirteen times since I've been here, so I'm lucky to find some when I can. Even though the island is a decent size its hard to find decent fruit hanging around.

Last time I tried some before it was ready it tasted awful! And I got to watch out for the spiders that hang around up there. I bet they're poisonous but I would rather not find out any time soon.

Funny really I've learned more on this island then I have at school since I became stranded here. Maybe because it was more like a little adventure when I first started out. Instead of those boring lectures Mrs. Ann gave.

Though survival skills probably wouldn't really count in normal every day life like in the city. But I'm not your every day kid either.

I got up from my little bed made mostly of big green leaves and moss. Even though it was harshly made it was still comfortable. I arched my back until a satisfying crack was heard. I then walk to my camp fire to check it. It's most likely out though.

I was right if the white ash and burnt timber was any clue to go by. This fire was my only hope to attract a boat to came save me. Without it I'll have no hope, but after being here so long my hope was starting to dwindle away.

"Dam it there's no more dry timber left, I am gonna have to find more." I sighed.

I turned around and made my way back past my bedding and into the forest. I listened to the morning sounds of the exotic birds that I didn't even know the names of. They seem like they have OCD since they do it every day and still haven't stoped.

As I strode my way over the moss covered logs and through the over gown ferns I glanced at the Omnitrix out of habit of having a watch on my wrist.

I groan to my self in aggravation "It can turn me into all kinds of aliens and gain super cool powers but it cant read time."

I made another sigh. I've been talking to my self lot lately since being stranded on this island. Its probably makes me look insane to do it every day. But then who the hell am gonna talk to, a coconut! Be a long time in hell before I start acting like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

" I better stay close to the beach to find drier wood. The humidity will only increase my chances of finding moist wood instead of dry." And to avoid any wild animal that I could run into. Last time I went deeper main land I got three big gashes from some Panther.

"Next time I see that stupid cat I'm going Four arms on its but." I chuckled in amusement imagining it cower like a small kitten under Four arm's bulk. I wasn't able to do it last time because even though the Omnitrix is water proof it still powers down in huminity.

I don't know why, probably some stupid scientific reason I wouldn't and don't want to try and understand. "I bet Gwen would know…." I shook my head to rid myself of those thoughts. "No, don't think about it Ben, just don't think about it."

I walked between the border of were the white sand met the moist mud and grass picking up random sticks to use for tinder. Felt good to walk without shoes. Switching between hot sand and cold mud as I continued on my way.

The sun was already starting to make its way to the middle of the sky signifying the arrival of noon. Time moved faster and faster since my arrival. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Soon enough it became a year.

And so starts another day on this island. Another day without the awesome digital videogame Sumo Slammers, without the enjoyment and laughs of friends, no TV shows or news broadcasts showing new alien buts he can kick, and no juicy succulent burgers. Another day of being alone meaning no family. no family meaning no Mom, Dad, Grandpa, or Gwen. Another year of being alone.

"This sucks."

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