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"NO! You cant do this!" Ben screamed as loud as he could. He was being held down on a cold metallic table as he struggled violently, trying to get away from his assailants.

The captain tried to talk over Ben's screams, "Its for ya own good lad!" He was holding Ben's left side, with some trouble, while another man held Ben's right.

"God dammit kid stop trying to resist," Rick yelled. Banging of limbs hitting metal was heard as Ben ignored them and continued to try and fail to break free.

How could they do this to Ben? They helped him and he trusted the captain, but his trust seemed to have been misplaced. He refused to go through with their demands, but that didn't stop them from grabbing Ben and dragging him into a bright white room. He need to break free and get back to Kat quick before something happened to her.

Ben started focusing his strength to his right arm, slowly moving it out of Rick's grip and closer to the Omnitrix dial. He didn't care if they saw him turn into some monstrous alien, Ben needed to get out of there.

Too Bad the captain, Allen, noticed, "Rick! Keep his arm still for Christ's sake!"

"I'm trying, but he's strong for just being a kid!" Rick answered back.

Errigo entered the room to find Ben still struggling, "I told you to keep him still for I could finish this."

"Were trying, but he's continuing to be difficult!" Rick snapped at the white coat clad man, getting tired of this. He was a good guy at heart, but the little survivalist was proving to be more than just an annoyance.

"This is the last one so just keep him from moving a little longer," Errigo aggravatingly said.

Ben felt a little pinch against his flesh as foreign fluids spread throughout his blood stream. "NOOOOO!"

With them finished, Allen and Rick released Ben. Ben shot straight up from the table and sat on the ledge, all the while holding his arm.

"Why the hell do I need so many shots!" Ben demanded hotly.

Errigo said, "you needed to take them in case you were infected by any dangerous viruses." Errigo had walked toward his medical counter and started putting his supplies away. "You could be carrying a long list of diseases that could be transported to paying customers that are aboard the ship."

Ben was liking the doctor less and less, "I can understand that, but did I really need fifteen shots!"

"That does seem a bit excessive Mr. Errigo," Allen said while scratching his beard.

"Unless you want him spreading disease, he needed these shots," said Errigo. "Besides, I'm the one with the medical degree sir. That's why you hired me." With that said, he left the room and started walking toward his office.

The captain could only shake his head. That was the only reason he had hired the doctor in the first place. If Errigo hadn't of had the proper education and skill in his field of work he would've been fired just for his attitude and his verbal jabs at some of the fellow cruise members.

Ben only gave a low growl in disdain. Silently cursing the doctor with every foul mouthed word in and out of the english dictionary that he knew. The doctor really knows how to push all of Ben's buttons. Ben jumped off the medical table and started walking back to Kat's room. The captain wasn't far behind him.

Allen knew what Ben was doing but decided to ask anyway, "so…. whatch'a gunna do for the remainder of the boat ride, Benjamin?"

Ben only gave him a side glance before facing forward again, "I'm staying with Kat."

Scratching the back of his neck, Allen just shook his head. Ben had been very antisocial after the incident with the doctor yesterday. Allen was starting to worry for Ben's mental wellbeing and had been trying to get him to talk more. The little bout in Errigo's office was the most Ben had said today. From Max's explanation of his grandchildren, Ben was a very active and talkative kid so this behavior was a little bizarre.

"Come on Ben, you cant just shut yourself in. Your on a cruise, maybe you should try to enjoy it a little!" Allen hollered lively with a face splitting grin. A few other passengers rose their eyebrows at the odd captain's enthusiasm. Some took notice of Ben, whispering to each other about the ships recent gossip.

"Because that happened so well last time," Ben's words oozing sarcasm while ignoring the peoples whispers.

Allen frowned again, this method of reasoning was only gong to make them go in circles, especially with Ben's stubbornness. As they continued walking, Allen scanned a large pool they were passing for any ideas to help him get Ben to open up. A few girls' laughter caught his attention and a mischievous smile wormed its way onto the cruise captain's face.

They passed by the girls and Allen's foot accidentally moved in front of Ben's legs. Causing the hero to trip and while trying to catch himself made him slip on the wet ground into the pool. The fall caused him to hit the water between two teenage girls, lounging and talking amongst themselves, splashing them in a large wave. While this happened Allen jumped behind the wall of a bar stand, hiding from the sure to be pissed off pre-teen but keeping close enough to watch the events that would unfold.

Ben reemerged from the chlorine cleaned depths coughing and sputtering out water. He didn't know why Allen did that but there would be hell to pay when Ben got out. He froze however, the sight of the two pissed off girls made him reel back in obvious fear.

The blonde girl was the first to announce her displeasure, "watch what the hell your doing!" her long hair framing her heart shaped face and flowed down to her mid back around her two-piece, black swimsuit.

Her Japanese friend cut in, "calm down Janet, just ignore him. I want to know if Peter is gunna take you on another date or not." Her face and eyes sharp and hair the same length as the blonde's but an inky black. Swirls of multiple colored flowers flowed around her own two-piece.

"I would have continued Ayaka if I wasn't so rudely interrupted," Janet sent words filled with venom and a glare towards Bens direction. Ben could only shrink back at the angry words. He had dealt with blood crazed monsters, aliens of a plethora of species, and fought the worlds own unique villains and never wavered. But when the wrath of a girl was involved, mostly his own mom and Gwen, he could only stand in fear. He didn't know why this happened, but it unfortunately just came naturally.

Janet would've turned back to proceed with their earlier conversation if her eyes didn't catch Bens appearance. "Hey, what happened to you?"

Ayaka cocked her eyebrow questionly at her friend, untill noticing the rude boys scarred visage as well. "Yeah, you look like you got into a tussle with a lion." If only she knew how close to the mark she was.

Ben was feeling cornered, the girls walked closer to him and started inspecting the darkened flesh. Without thinking, Ben dropped his head down, whined like a pup, and looked pleadingly at the girls to allow him to leave. Unfortunately, that was the worst thing he could've done.

Ayaka instantly latched onto Ben and squeezed him to her chest, not even thinking as she let her English slip up, "Kawaii!" Ben could only blush as he became aware to a certain pair of her assets.

Damn the Omnitrix to hell for mixing up his DNA, and the Captain for putting him into this situation. When Ben was able to escape he was going to mull the tricky, fun loving captain.

A few people were surprised and slightly confused as they heard giggling manifesting behind the bar stand. "Believe me Ben, this what a healthy boy your age needs." Another round of giggles surfaced from his throat.


A few hours later, Ben was now walking back towards Kat's room. He would've been there earlier if he didn't have an encounter with the girls and ended up meeting Ayaka's parents. After the gossip of his boarding onto the cruise liner reached Penny and her friends ears and gaining confirmation that it was Ben, (damn that waiter to hell) they brought him to their shared rooms where they demanded that he tell his story.

It was two rooms joint together by one door, like you would find in any hotel. Ayaka's parents residing in one room and the girls in the other. After some introductions to said parents, they listened to Ben talk about his life on the island for the last year, excluding his aliens and Kat of course. The girls complained that he didn't talk about his scars and refused to drop the subject, so Ben had to juggle around the truth for an acceptable answer.

Ayaka said that he reminded her of a certain volume in a manga she read, alchemist of metal or something like that. Her father, Hiroshi, said he was a doctor and asked if he could look at the scars for any permanent damage. Funny, he couldn't remember a certain other doctor checking if he could be rid of the imperfections littering his body.

Hiro, what Ben nicknamed him, said that they would be permanent. When Ben asked if he needed shots for possible diseases, Hiro had said that was normal, but that Ben took fifteen would lead to an overdose.

"Next time I see Errigo I'll make sure I rip that arm clean off," growled Ben in his mind. He was right that the doctor was fucking with him when he only smelt water in the syringes. Thanks to Wildmutt's transferred sense of smell, of course.

But besides learning of Errigo and his sick sense of humor, he found the families company mildly enjoyable. He did feel an itch to get back to Kat as fast as possible, and was grateful for its absence as he got closer to her door.

Ben immediately felt his heart clutch with frantic worry when he opened the door with no Kat laying in her bed. Rushing in, he swept the room with his eyes looking for any trace of her before running into the bathroom and checking there. Panic began to set in when she was no where to be seen. He ran out the bathroom, set on searching the ship for his friend, but stopped when he saw a hunched shadow sitting behind the door he entered from. A low growl filled the air as he felt her golden eyes pierced through his skull.

"Oh shit."


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