The Correction in The Episode

He responded with the one thing she never expected him to say, " Okay this is how this gonna work, me and you are partners, that's what we do, we're partners, and I love that. I think that's great, and we're good people, who catch bad people right, and we argue and we go back and forth, we're partners, and sometimes after we solve a case, we come here and we celebrate that's what we do. We celebrate. So as far as I can see that is what happens next, are you okay with that? Great, because if you are tell you what, you stay here and you have a drink with me, alright maybe we have a little small talk, chit-chat, and if you're not, well you can leave... There's the door, and tomorrow I'll find you a new FBI guy."

"Those are my only choices?" she asked, a little bit astonished with his choices.

"Yeah, those are your only choices."

"Then I'll have a drink."

Brennan stayed; she knew she couldn't leave him, after all, she felt partly responsible for the situation. If only, she had said yes to him a year ago, they would be together and he wouldn't be so unhappy. If only, she was able to express her feelings for him. If only she told him she loved him, he would be happy now, right? Therefore, Brennan stayed.

One drink turned into two, and two drinks turned into three, soon it was six, never mind how many he had before she arrived. She knew he was approaching alcohol poisoning levels, so she tried to get him to leave, but the drunker he became, the harder it was to get him to leave. Finally, after her eighth shot and who knows how many for him, she got him into a cab and brought him home. On the way home, she had the cab stop at an all night store, so she could get some things for morning, after all he drank he would need something.

They went to her place, because she thought he would rather wake up there. There were no signs of Hannah there. The emptiness of his place would be difficult for him.

She knew they weren't going to work tomorrow, Cam would understand, and she would call him in sick in the morning. She dragged him into her place; he didn't even fight it, and brought him to her guest bedroom. She took off his shoes, orange, and purple socks, then his pants. That had been difficult. She remembered the time she undressed him at the lab, and the compromising position she was in when Cam walked into the room. She took off his shirt, admiring his smooth, firm, sternum, and his broad scapula, knowing she could have had him and admired him if only…

She pulled the blankets over him and went to walk out of the room.


She quickly turned to him; she thought he was incapable of coherent speech.

"Yes" her heart skipped a beat.

"Thank-you, I knew you would come, you always come." and he passed out.

She left the room and thought if only I had come to you a year ago, if only…

She made herself a cup of the herbal tea she purchased on the way home. Maybe it would prevent the hangover, and went to bed, alone.

If only…