The Silent Sentiment and the Avatar


While traveling to Ba Sing Se in order to look for Appa, the Avatar and his gang notice a suit of armor kneeling down with a key shaped sword.

Sokka: By looking at this map, the quickest way to get to Ba Sing Se is to go through the gorge.

Katara: But I heard about the gorge. The legends say that no one escapes from it once they enter it.

Aang: Look, we needed to get to Ba Sing Se in order to look for Appa. So the sooner we get there, the better.

While heading through the gorge, Toph notices something.

Toph: I sense something on top of that mountain.

Then suddenly a sandstorm brews on top of the mountain.

Toph: It's gone.

Everyone stopped and look at Toph.

Toph: Just now. That thing on top of the mountain it's gone.

Sokka: You must have imagined it Toph.

The sandstorm brews right in front of the gang.

Toph: It's here.

Aang: What's here?

Sokka: There!

The gang turned around and saw a person with strange armor on its knees with a sword being struck on the ground.

Katara: What is that?

Toph: I don't know but something off. Normally I can tell a person by their movement with the earth. But I can't tell if there is actually a human being in there.

Just then, they heard a mysterious voice.

Voice: ….Anger…..Rage…

Aang: What is it that you want?

Voice: …..Darkness from your heart….It's so familiar…

Sokka: What darkness are you talking about?

Katara: I'm guessing it is referring to Aang.

Aang: Look we are trying to get to Ba Sing Se to find my lost bison, so out of our way.

Voice: That darkness…Xe..han…ort…Is that you…

Aang: Looks like we have to go through it.

Aang, Katara, and Toph ready themselves as Sokka moved to a safe location.

Voice: Xeha…..nort ….XEHANORT!

The mysterious person stood up and grabbed the sword from the ground and started attacking the gang. Toph tried to contain him with her earthbending but the person was too fast for her and was knocked out cold by the person's blade attack. Katara used her water bending skills to disarm the person and its sword. But the sword transformed into cannon and fires a huge blast that knock her out cold and Aang almost severely injured. As the mysterious figure was about to finish Aang off, Aang's eyes began to have a blue glow and was entering the Avater state. Aang then cast some earthbending and damages the mysterious person. When the armord person got up, both it and Aang charged at each other and caused a massive explosion by the simulations clash. When the smoked cleared, both the armored person and Aang could no longer continue the fight. As both Katara and Toph returning consciences, Sokka joined them to make sure that they were okay.

Voice: Maybe you can save yourself from the darkness…..Maybe you can avoid my mistake….

The armored person struck the sword down to the ground and began kneeling in front of the sword. Then the sand storm covered the armored person and disappeared.

Aang: Come on you guys. Let's get out of here.

As the gang saw the walls of Ba Sing Se from the distance, Aang heard that mysterious voice again.

Voice: …Aqua…..Ven….One day…I will set things right….