Title: Vocalise

Author: pantheradraconis

Rating: T for now

Pairing: Bella/Rosalie

Summary: Alice had a vision that involved Rosalie and Bella, the new kid at school. What did Alice see? And how will it effect every member of the Cullen clan?

A/N: [edit: First official rewrite chapter! I give the commentators what the commentators want, that means YOU should be a commenter! Enjoy!] So this is my first Twilight fanfic. I'm writing it quickly and easily, with very short chapters, but fast updates. Each chapter is from a different character's point of view, but the story is focused around Bella and Rosalie. Let me know what you think! Any and all comments are welcome.


by pantheradraconis

Chapter 1: Bella

As the cold, cloudy day stretched its legs out, the teenagers moved from their cars to their classes. The shift from morning gossipers to relaxed students filling classrooms seemed too routine to every student, save for one. A medium built brunette stood in the hallway with her nose pointed into a short piece of paper. Just as she thought she found the right classroom, the bell rang signaling her lateness. Sighing at the prospect of not only being late, but of being completely lost, Bella stood stalk still hoping to get just enough attention from a passerby, so she could ask where she needed to be.

It didn't take long before satisfaction appeared in the form of a short stature, Asian-descent boy.
"You're Isabella Swan, right? The new girl from Arizona." It seemed like a question at first, and the brunette was about to respond to the new face in front of her, but instead the male continued on, "I'm Eric; the eyes and ears of Forks High School and you are front page news." Marking his words with spirit fingers, Eric started sharing his title ideas for a featurette based on Bella's life in Phoenix.

When the teen got to 'Rain Dancing Hits Forks', Bella interrupted him, "Oh, wow, no. Let's not do that. How about we don't make me front page news, I just blend in like a real Washingtonite, or whatever it is you're called, and you show me where my classroom is."

Stunted by Bella's words and straight-forward refusal to an interview, Eric laughed. Taking Bella's schedule and beginning to walk along the hallway, Bella following at near pace, Eric responded with, "Washingtonians."

The two continued with a slow paced, non-aggressive argument over news and the student paper while Eric walked Isabella to her homeroom, apparently at the other end of the building. The teenager's soft lined companion finally agreed to no article and opened the door for the two to walk in. Leaving Bella to fend for herself, Eric quickly snuck into his seat hoping the teacher hadn't noticed his late arrival.

Pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, Mr. Adams gave Eric a stern look over. Eric quickly pointed at Bella with a look of disbelief and excused himself with, "I'm merely a helpful Boy Scout navigating a lost girl through the jungle that is Forks High School." He ended his quip by gesticulating the Boy Scout sign and salute.

Mr. Adams smiled at Eric's self-justification and moved his attention to Bella. The new student was then brought to the front of the class for a short introduction. She looked as if passing out would be a more comfortable option compared to public speaking.

"Don't be nervous dear, public speaking is said to be the number one fear among people across the world." Mr. Adams said knowingly.

Clearing her throat, all that Bella managed to say in response was, "And that's a bit of useful information, is it?"

The teacher gave his new student a wink before leaning onto his desk, waiting for Bella's arrival speech.

Not knowing what to say, the brunette kept with the most basic statements knowing full well the whole student body already knew what she was about to say.

"Hi, I'm Bella. I'm from Phoenix, Arizona and my father is Chief Swan." A couple of boys in the back of the classroom cheered playfully at the Chief of police's daughter and Mr. Adams finally allowed the newest member of Forks High School to take her seat.

The teenager had quite the eventful day thereafter. It seemed in Forks, Washington, Bella was a bit of a star. In fact, she was getting far too much attention for her comfort zone. All she wanted to do was blend into the background and make it through her day, just like she did in Arizona. No one paid her any mind there because she wasn't beautiful, tan or blonde. And no one picked on her because she wasn't ugly either. She was just plain ol' Bella, and she liked it that way.

Here, in this small town, in this crowded high school, she was the shiny new toy that every boy wanted. Not knowing what to do with the attention, Bella would accidentally respond with the first thing that came to her mind, which was usually thick with sarcasm. First there was the lopsided smile of Mike's that crowded her gym period. It wasn't her fault she hit him in the head with a volleyball, or that she blamed him for standing in the way. It was the whole situation. Bella had specifically told the gym teacher that she shouldn't play; she explained, in detail, just how many stitches she had in her leg from the time her mother held Bella's fifth birthday at a bowling alley, but no. The teacher wouldn't listen, and now Mike probably has amnesia because he couldn't remember Bella declining dinner and a movie (to make up for the incident Mike explained, four times).

By lunch time, Bella's name was on every one's lips. Eric and the jock Tyler fought over who would get to sit next to the brunette, Mike protectively glued to Bella's other side. Luckily, the teen was able to find a little bit of solace in the quiet girl Angela and some distraction in the gossip Jessica. The Arizonian wasn't much for close friends, she tended to keep her head down and do her school work, but having a group of classmates to eat lunch with always helped relax the school atmosphere. Just as Bella started to relax herself into an idea of Forks High School being her new norm, and the hectic cluster of schoolmates around her being her new friends, the Cullens walked into the lunch room.

Five absolutely stunning students, no models, no gods, made their entrance. It seemed every eye was on this group, while no one paid them any mind. Bella understood immediately that this was the group every one wanted to be a part of, but no one wanted to admit it. Before she could even turn with the question, Bella got the whole information on the group from Jessica.

"Those are the Cullen children, Dr. and Mrs. Cullen's foster kids. They all moved down here from Alaska two years ago."

"They mostly keep to themselves." Angela threw in shyly.

" The little dark haired girl is Alice, she's really weird." A pixie-like, really thin girl with black hair pointing in all directions seemed to dance across the floor. Her hand effortlessly stayed clasped with a blond haired boy who looked stiff, but tall and agile. "She's with Jasper, the blond who looks like he's in pain. Dr. Cullen must be some sort of foster dad slash match maker. It's weird."

"I wish he'd adopt me."

Jessica gave Angela an uncomfortable look like she couldn't decide between agreeing and being disgusted. Unable to make any comment, she continued with her description, "The next one is Edward, he kind of looks like a tortured soul, write poetry under a tree while weeping over dolphins type."

"Jessica is madly in love with him." Angela joked.

"Don't waste your time on him, he doesn't date. Apparently no one at this school is good enough for him."

"I'm sure he'll come around in another year or two, don't give up yet Jessica." Bella joked with Angela.

Trying to get the focus off of herself and back on her topic of gossip, Jessica attempted to make it sound more interesting. "The big dark haired guy is Emmett and he's with Rosalie, the drop dead gorgeous blond."

"They're not together like Jasper and Alice, though."

"I thought they were."

"No, apparently Emmett told Tyler who told Lauren who told, well, everyone it would seem, that they were just really close as siblings. How did you not know that?"

"No, I knew that, I just figured it wasn't true because Lauren had a crush on Emmett and..." The two sunk into a great debate over who was dating whom and who was telling the truth about what. But Bella hardly noticed. In fact, Bella hadn't heard a word past Rosalie for the rest of the day.

By the end of the day, to say things went smoothly would be a bit of an overstatement, but to say things went bad would be a down right lie. In fact, Bella felt like she had the best day of her life... So far...