I was shaking. I would have to go up on stage and present myself in front of some of the most-known video game characters out there. Master Hand told me not to worry.

"All you have to do is state your name, physical abilities, and which video game you're from. "

I thought it would be that easy, until I got on stage, that is.

"H-hello, everyone. M-m-my name is. . ." I stuttered. "Is your name Mr. I like to stutter?" I saw a fat man with one of those hats that old people wore when they were flying planes. That was the only thing I saw because of the lights reflecting off of the goggles. Everyone made small giggles. I tried again. "Hello everyone." I tried my best not to stutter. "My name is Lucas, I-I have PSI abilities, and I'm from Mother 3." Well, it was better than before. Everyone started to clap. I gave a weak smile, and sat down where the other kids were.

"Hello." They all said in complete unison, which was kind of freaky. "H-hi." I said back in a shaky voice. "Are you from Earthbound, too?" a boy with raven black hair and blue and red cap on said to me. "Too? As in also?" I said, sounding like a dork. "Yeah! I'm from Earthbound!" he said with excitement and a duh expression. " I'm from Mother 3." I said with half excitement half shyness. I then noticed his face was only inches from mine. "YOU'RE FROM MOTHER 3? AWESOME! I can't believe someone from my video game series, also!" he practically shrieked in my ear. "Would you stop squealing like a fan girl and watch the people up on stage? You're such a bother." A boy with golden hair, big bangs, and a green outfit with elf ears said to the black-haired boy. He looked very tired. " Ahh, shut-up Toon Link. You're a bother." He playfully nudged the elf -Toon Link- on the arm. "Sorry Ness. I'm just kind of mad all these people are taking so long just to state their name, ability, and video game. No offense to you. . . uhh. . . Lucas, right?" Toon Link asked. "Right." I said.

"Cool name."Ness told me. I think that's his name. "T-thank you." I stuttered. Master Hand came up on stage. "Alright everyone, all of the characters have been introduced now. So you all won't be confused about where you all will be sleeping, you will be getting room keys while walking out the exit. Understood?" he boomed. "Understood!" we all nodded in agreement. "And before you ask, the people or person of who you will be sleeping with is on a paper outside the door."Everyone immediately got up and ran towards the door. Including Ness and Toon Link. There were some other kids that were twins, but they were talking to each other. So I didn't want to interrupt their conversation. I was outside the doors now, but before I go to look at the sheet of names, someone pulled me aside. It was Ness. I wanted to ask where Toon Link was, but, I didn't. Ness ran upstairs holding my hand tight while I'm almost tripping over my feet. We finally got to a room. One half was filled with sunflowers and clouds, and the other side had buildings and it was night time.

"WELCOME TO OUR ROOM ~!" Ness yelled. He started to jump on his bed. He looked kind of cute jumping on his bed. Almost like a little kid. All these things were great, but, his foreign accent made everything so much better.