Chapter 7: Flutter, Lucas ( Pt. 1 - So Many Questions )

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"Are you having fun, Lucas?"

The blond nodded happily.

"That's good."

Lucas smiled as the multicolored, glossy balloons were taken on a careless adventure to the Earth's atmosphere and an endless rainbow of confetti fell from the azure sky. Excited screams and joyful laughter ringed in the boy's ears and he couldn't help but giggle in merriment. Even though the place gave him certain memories, New Pork City Amusement Park was the place to go when you were in desperate need of some fun.

He and Ness had been there all day, riding rides and playing games all while eating corndogs and funnel cake. They had seen some of their friends during the day, friends like Kumatora or Tony and Jeff. The two boys rode go-karts around curvy tracks and got drenched in water while riding aqua-themed roller coasters.

While walking along a pinkish-beige sidewalk, Lucas licked at his orange sherbet ice cream. Ness had pointed out that the orange striped on his shirt matched the orange of the icy treat, so that's why he had picked it out. It was supposed to be midnight, but the park had a sky that never turned dark, a sky that never let you know what time it was besides the default time: four in the afternoon. And Lucas had no problem with that. He honestly wouldn't care as long as he was with Ness.

He turned this way and that, searching for a ride to get on. He felt as if the park was getting bigger and bigger, seemingly widening and growing more paths down its salmon sidewalks. This park was seriously asking for you to stay and play. Most likely forever. Spotting a new game to engage in, Lucas eyed the rules and how-to's. They seemed pretty easy, and everyone that was playing was having little to no trouble, though some arguments broke out. The blond smiled and turned towards Ness, who was watching him as well, also with a smile on his face.

"Hey, Ness, do you think that we could go and play that game?" He pointed to the colorful booth.

The raven-haired boy's eyes became half-lidded and he glanced down at his red sneakers. Lucas tilted his head slightly and tried to see under his dark bangs. A shy Ness wasn't a normal Ness. The aforementioned boy scratched his cheek and looked up slightly. He tittered quietly and said, "Actually, I have something to tell you. We should go sit down."

Lucas' eyes scarcely widened, but that was because he was trying to keep himself under control. If Ness was acting this flustered while admitting that he had something to say to him? WHILE SITTING DOWN? Just breathe man.

Lucas swallowed and nodded. Ness's eyes gleamed and the blue-violet of his eyes went well with the deep, murky violet of the sky. He took the blond's hand and led him away from the crowds of people, led him away from the variegated pieces of entertainment, led him away from the screams and cheers of excited characters. They were in a part of the funfair that Lucas had never seen before. There were a lot of stairs and the higher sides of buildings were becoming visible. They probably weren't even in New Pork City anymore.

But that thought was dispelled once Ness opened a door and the same depressing sky was visible. So they hadn't exited the park. The ground that they stood on was the same color as the one on the sidewalks and the balloons were all still there. There was little confetti though. Ah, now I know where we are, Lucas thought to himself after seeing a gleaming crimson balloon float pass them. They were on a roof, a roof that looked over practically the whole park. Every person had turned into an ant, every booth became a miniscule house, every piece of celebratory plastic looking like sprinkles on a frosted ice cream cake. The jocundity of the area Ness and Lucas was in was little, but below them kids and adults alike were having fun.

Ness stopped at the railing of the roof and motioned for Lucas to come over earning a look of caution. But Lucas soon walked out onto the rooftop and stood beside his friend, gripping the handrail as if his life depended on it.

"Um, how should I say this…" Ness timidly took his cap off and messed around with his hair and bangs, eventually putting it back on his head. "I've said this in my head so many times and I've even imagined you there in front of me, though now you're here and…"

Lucas tilted his head. That little shota.

"See, what I'm tryin'ta say is…" Ness took a deep breath. On the inside, Lucas was scared. Why had they come all the way up here? Was Ness doing what Lucas thought was doing? Was he going to jump? Or confess love? Or confess love and then jump and leave Lucas on the roof speechless, without a goodbye? Or would Lucas grab a hold of him in the air like he did with Pokemon Trainer in the Subspace Emissary and then Meta Knight would show up and save them from falling to their death? Or was Ness just being a dork and trying to explain that he had brought Lucas up here because he thought that "the view was beautiful and it reminded me of you" and then Lucas would blush and then they would kiss and then someone would give a blowjob and then sex and then the repetitive "I love you let's stay together for the rest of our lives"?

Oh the possibilities.

Ness was still having trouble trying to say what he was going to say. So Lucas encouraged him.

"You know, whatever you say I won't laugh at your for." Lucas pulled at a seam on his jean shorts and could practically feel Ness smiling. It was the right move, it was also the truth. Lucas wouldn't laugh, even if Ness confessed that corny pick-up lines made him horny.

Lucas would never. Lucas could never.

The raven-haired boy swept his bangs out of his face and chuckled, putting on one of his best smiles. "Lucas, thank you Lucas. Lucas?"

"Yes, Ness?"


Lucas's eyebrows drew together. "Ness? Yes, Ness?"

"Lucas, wake up!" Ness put his hands on the blond's shoulders and started shaking him somewhat violently. Lucas could only be shaken. What was going on? Was Ness trying to tell him to wake up because love would never happen to them and that it was just a dream?

"Maybe we should pour water on him!"

Wait, wait, wait… "Toon Link?" Lucas looked into the gloomy sky, stepping away from Ness.

Toon Link gasped. "He's dreaming about me!"


The violet sky began to swirl into something like watercolor on a canvas. The balloons were floating towards the hole of oblivion, the cyclone sucking everything up. Confetti was falling like upside down rain, stuffed animals were losing their stuffing and green leaves were escaping their trees. People were becoming sucked up, their cheers of joy turning into wails of fear, sadness. Too many things were coming up. So many things were clogging the gyre. It was all turning into a spiral galaxy of despair. Ness backed up and jumped. He jumped so high that he became caught into the huge monster of a tourbillion.

And then he woke up.

Music that sounded like it was being played on an ancient record filled two slightly pink ears. Shadows passed over his face before the room became completely dark again. The curtains were opened and Lucas felt someone at his side. Impatiently opening his cerulean eyes, the boy who he had just dreamed about was standing over him was a small and exhausted smile. Toon Link was in Ness's computer swinging his legs idly. He was clad in green footie pajamas, his brown boots on his feet. His hair was sticking up in odd places and he was munching on a cookie. He walked over when he saw that Lucas was awake.

Ness looked slightly the same as Toon Link, though instead of footie pajamas, he only wore a white t-shit and navy blue boxers. He couldn't see how his hair was because Ness had pulled on a blue and red knit cap. "Good, you're awake." Ness pulled at Lucas's limbs. "C'mon Lucas! We gotta go!"

Toon Link tugged on Lucas's bed sheets. "Ha, rise and shine Lucas!"

Lucas groaned. It wasn't morning, so how come he had to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? What was going on? The blond felt his feet touch the carpet. He blinked and tried to rub his eyes before Toon Link took his wrists and pulled him up. Feeling at his golden locks, Lucas felt as his trademark ice cream curve was no longer there. "What's going on?"

Toon Link opened the room's door and Lucas felt a sense of emergency as Peach, Zelda and Samus ran pass in an urgent hurry, Pikachu and Pokemon Trainer following at the same speed.

"Why is everyone in such a rush?"

"Because something bad is happening." Toon Link stated. He sat at the edge of the bed. Lucas's shoulders slumped.

"Is there a fire?"

Ness took one of his robes from his closet and pulled it on. He moved towards the door and tied the garment murmuring, "No something worse."

Oh yeah, that's really helpful, Lucas thought to himself. He didn't mean to be sarcastic, but everyone was being so confusing. Lucas was annoyed for a moment but when the Brawlers continued to rush pass looking scared and panicked, alarm filled Lucas and soon he was in the hallway. Voices were in the corridors and rushed talking filled his now pale ears.

He heard the door close behind him and Toon Link grabbed his hand. "Master Hand isn't okay. And if Master Hand isn't okay, then you'd probably know how Crazy Hand feels right now."

"Master Hand is sick," Nana popped up beside Toon Link.

"And no one knows what's wrong with him," Popo came to Nana's side.

Ness said nothing.

Pit and Meta Knight flew pass the kids, Kirby following on his warp star and Wario keeping up on his motorcycle. Lucas blinked. He remembered Master Hand looking slightly ill, but he had no idea that he was weakening to quickly. At the Newcomer's Ceremony he seemed so well, filled with great ardor. He actually seemed alive, as did his personality. Master Hand was a nice… hand. He was confident and a true leader. He was wealthy and gallant, someone that you could have fun talking to without feeling uncomfortable. He was the hardworking hand. He was the discerning hand.

He was Master Hand.

Yelling was becoming louder and Lucas could make it out as Crazy Hand's voice. Though the tone was so… foreign. Usually Crazy Hand's demented cackling and playful taunts and remarks (and, on occasion, a few questionable sentences that one does not simply repeat without being confused themselves) filled the mansion, making some laugh and others pout. He was never the one to sit still. Definitely not one to plant himself at a desk and work. He was the fun hand. He was the entertaining hand.

He was Crazy Hand.

And knowing that both of these beyond astounding beings that took Lucas in because they felt as if he was different - someone worth keeping because he was strong and showed little weakness - these men weren't feeling their best. And that made Lucas's stomach churn.

And at that moment, the churning in his stomach moved up to his head and became anxiety. As bare feet padded against the carpeted floors, he became afraid. Very afraid. What was he going to see? What would Crazy Hand do? Would he live up to his name and become psychotic if his brother disappeared? Would he not listen to the calming words of the Brawlers and instead go on rampages while his sibling either lay in bed sick as a dog or, if fate is possibly telling us something, in the ground? Or will he completely silence himself, becoming too nervous to speak to anyone?


What if.

An age-old conjunction and an ugly question filled with a fainthearted presence. These were the words that blocked paths and made new ones. A new path was not made, though Lucas still treaded the same one with his friends. Getting to Master Hand and Crazy Hand and helping them as much as he could was his one and only priority. They were to two that welcomed him with open hands to hold. The least he could do was assist to the best of his ability.

When they said that Master Hand wasn't okay, they weren't lying.

His glove was wrinkled, deflated, almost as if whatever was on the inside was slowly turning into dust. He shook, he shivered, making it slightly difficult for Dr. Mario to do his job. Master Hand sounded as if he was silently sobbing, though since there were no tears, the soft whimpers emitting from the hand left the Brawlers in question.

Not to mention melancholy.

All thirty-five characters were silent; no one dared to make a noise. The exception of people who were making little sound were the princesses. They cried into their hands and handkerchiefs, all the while shaking in the arms of their saviors.

Bowser, Ganondorf and Wario were on the balcony with Snake. The night was clear and the stars were out. The goopy madness of an aquamarine nebula as well as crimson red constellations and rosy pink shooting stars all against something like a royal purple sky were beautifully visibly, though the moon hid shyly behind a few orange clouds. Skies like these were normal in this world, but to Snake it was like going into the depths of the universe and bringing it back with him. He looked down at his hands and began rummaging around in his pockets. He pulled out a cigar. He stared at it for some time before putting it back where it was before. Later, he thought to himself.

Lucario and Meta Knight, who of which were also sitting with Pokemon Trainer and all his Pokemon, and Kirby and King Dedede sat in corner of the room, eyes downcast in sadness. Kirby had long ago stopped crying, though he still sniffled. He was a veteran of the Smash Bros. Tournament. He didn't know what was going on, because this had never happened before. In all his years of fighting, leaving and being accepted into the tournament again, Master Hand had always been well. He never got sick. So, what was going on now?

It seemed that everyone's attitude was weak. Even Wolf, who always had something to say about anything, had his mouth shut. Fox shifted from foot to foot and Falco picked at his azure feathers.

It was like a silent, monochrome movie.

But the silence was broken when Dr. Mario cleared his throat causing some heads to shoot up and some to slowly turn, careful that if they make any quick movements then something would shatter. Dr. Mario scratched the back of his head. "Master Hand is-"

"Is he okay?! Will he be okay? He's okay right?" Pit asked frantically. His wings moved quickly and his zipped into the doctor's face, his movements resembling that of a hummingbird.

Dr. Mario nodded, his face glad but simultaneously confused and sullen. "Yes, Master Hand will be fine."

Frowns were replaced with smiles.

"But," some frowns returned, "something's wrong."

Ike impatiently blew air from his nose. "No shit," he mumbled under his breath. Marth elbowed him and gave a disapproving glance before turning back to the Italian.

"The thing is," an exhausted chuckle, "I don't know what's wrong."

Pit's wings stopped working and he landed on his feet. His shoulders dropped and his happiness was leaving. Fast. His eyebrows drew together and he looked dumbfounded. "What do you mean you don't know what's wrong? You're a doctor for Palutena's sake! You're supposed to know what's wrong!"

Dr. Mario's lips formed a thin line. He began to put his things away. "You're right; I am a doctor. But I'm not a psychic."

Luigi perked up some. "Aren't Ness and Lucas psychics?"

All eyes were now on the two boys. Ness looked up and Lucas avoided the uncomfortable gazes of expectancy. He shifted awkwardly. He didn't like being the center of attention. He never liked being the center of attention.

Ness's eyebrows drew together and licked his lips. "Well," he swept his dark bangs from his eyes, "I mean, I am a psychic, yeah, but I can only do certain things. I can restore health and heal others but something's different with Master Hand, something that I can sense but not understand. I can signal his heartbeat which is, fortunately, beating at a steady pace, but I don't think I can find out exactly what's wrong with him."

Eyes flicked over to Lucas and the blond could feel body heating from the sudden consideration. They wanted him to say something, they expected him to say something. He willed himself to calm down, but his heart wouldn't stop trying to escape from his ribcage. He was blushing and his eyes were wide, he knew. But he'd have to put up with the embarrassment later. The blond shyly tugged at a loose seam. "Um… well, I, um, I only…um-"

"He can do the same things that I can do, except he's more proficient with animals and insects." Ness said. The Brawlers nodded solemnly and turned back to Master Hand. Lucas blushed. Why didn't I just say that? I was too busy stuttering…

He was broken from his thoughts when he felt Ness tap his knee. The blond turned to his friend.

Ness smiled. "You're welcome."

Lucas widened his eyes and he could feel his shirt sticking to his back. "T-thank you, Ness."

Ness turned back to Master Hand and Lucas did as well, except he noticed something. He caught Peach staring at him. Lucas tried not to squirm under the gaze but failed. He tried to look anywhere but at the princess, and it was hard because she just kept staring. Lucas looked back at Peach. She wasn't gawking at him anymore but was instead giggling into her handkerchief.

She's probably laughing at me because I stutter so much. That's it. My life is partially over. It will be fully over if I do something embarrassing in front of Ness. Lucas looked down at his lap and kept his eyes there.

Familiar silence filled the room. It was suffocating, depressing and no one was used to it. The mansion was usually filled with a cacophony of noise. Even the quietest rooms had a nearly inaudible ticking of a fancy, golden clock. Snake stepped into the room and looked over everyone. Either everyone was frowning or giving a shitty attempt at smiling. He shook his head. "Well," he caught everyone's attention, "we can't just give up."

Captain Falcon grinned. "I bet if you were typing that, you would've spelled 'just' wrong."

There were quiet chuckles and small smiles were brought to expressionless faces. Snake crossed his arms and smirked. He knew it was true. He had a habit of typing things quickly and accidentally making a typo. For that one word, he didn't know why. But even if Captain Falcon was poking fun at him, he didn't care. As long as the mood was lifted then that was okay.

The room seemed to have gotten lighter and Sonic wanted to keep it that way, even make it brighter if he could. He stood from the chair he was tired of sitting still in. "Guys, both Snake and Captain Falcon are right, about both the incessant misspellings," Nana giggled and Toon Link smiled, "and never giving up. We all know that if any of us became sick, Master Hand wouldn't dare give up on us. I know that I've only been here for a few days, as well as the fact that I'm a newcomer from a completely different world, but I already know through his words and actions that Master Hand is someone who really does care about us.

"He'd hover over us constantly without leaving, making sure that we're okay. He'd give us food and water, doing his best to help us get back on our feet. Even if our knees buckle and our legs are weak, he'd be there for us to fall on, with either a finger or the palm of his hand. It's honestly amazing at how hospitable this man is. It's kind of the same thing with Crazy Hand.

"Crazy Hand is the same as his brother, just a little odder than he is. Sure he yells at us and occasionally beats us up for yelling back. Sure he makes fun of us when we make mistakes and punches us into the nearest wall for throwing back a witty comment. And his laugh… oh God his laugh. When he laughs, it's kind of annoying, right?" Entertained nods. "Right. So we all agree that we never like hearing his laugh. But right now, hearing his laugh is the one thing our ears need to be comforted with. So, let's face it, if any of us got sick, we'd be Master and Crazy Hand's top priority, if not the tournament. So… let's not give up okay?"

Samus smiled as Snake raised his eyebrows. The brunette walked over to Sonic.

"I would give you an award, but, sadly, I don't have one at the moment." He chortled quietly and turned towards the Brawlers. "For once the blue rodent has something intelligent to say. Something besides 'Gotta go fast!' or 'Sonic's the name' and however you finish that stupid sentence-"

"Speed's my game."

"Whatever," he glared at the hedgehog, but it soon softened, "Something besides that and all your other taunts were music to my ears boy. And, I would pat you on the back but I'm afraid my hand might be pierced through with your huge, er, spikes so I'll just do this."

The soldier harshly slapped the Sonic on the top of his head, the sharp sound of the hit echoing throughout the room. Sonic was about to complain about the pain but was stopped when he realized that instead of just that single slap, he was being pet instead. Snake's rough hand rubbed the hedgehog's beryl head. Everyone widened their eyes at the nonviolent contact, but soon began a symphony of "aww" and sarcastic "how cute". Sonic shook his head and slapped Snake's hand away.

Snake simply smiled. "Those were some encouraging words, rodent. I'd like to hear more of that coming from you."

"My, my. Aren't we being friendly."

Sonic flushed. "It's not like that Marth."

Marth's blue eyebrows raised. "I didn't say that."

Wolf scoffed. "Don't deny it Marth. You're the only one here besides Peach and Zelda who say 'My, my'. You know, because you're gay."

Marth rolled his eyes. "Yeah, and you're not for Fox?"

Fox blushed. "What?! That's not-"

Wolf smirked. "Oh, and you're not for Ike?"

Ike coughed into his night shirt. "Um, I'm sitting right here."

The prince sputtered. "I-I am gay for no one but Rrrerrrr-"

"HE SAID 'BUT'." Bowser roared.

"HE WAS ABOUT TO SAY ROY." Mario yelled.

The room was suddenly filled with hoots and whistles.

"That is not true!" Marth hollered over the noise. His blush was spreading like a wildfire.

"Wait, wait, wait," all eyes turned to Ike who was now standing, "Who's Roy?"




R.O.B. tilted his head and tried to read the atmosphere. Ness laughed, Link rubbed the back of his head and Zelda and Meta Knight both shook their heads. Jigglypuff and Kirby looked at each other before giggling to themselves.

"Ah, the mood isn't very friendly anymore."

Everyone paused. Like before, everything was silent. The voice.

The voice, it boomed. And it was near. It sounded sick, but it also sounded amused. The Brawlers turned to the bed.

Master Hand?

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