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Author's Note: This story takes place before the events in Mending Walls. It will be told in two parts in Milla's and Juice's POV's. This first part is Milla's.

My Bloody Valentine

"Ms. Morrow, your article was due by noon, it's now one thirty." James came into my cubicle and I sighed. I placed the article on his desk at eleven and sent him the digital copy at eleven-fifteen.

"Did you check your desk sir? I left the article there earlier today and I sent you the digital copy." I kept my temper in check. I didn't need to lose my job over a temporary lapse in judgment.

"I haven't seen it." He sounded so smug that I wanted to bash his face in but I simply opened my email instead and found the sent file and receipt attached which said it had been delivered.

"I have the receipt here which says that you received the digital copy. It's time stamped at eleven fifteen." He moved next to me and I almost shuddered at the feel of his breath on my shoulder, I really wished that I had kept my cardigan on.

"Well I'll be. I suppose you're right Ms. Morrow. I'll be sure to send this to the copy editor right away. What's that scent you're wearing? It smells sweet." He sniffed my hair and I cringed inwardly.

"Vanilla citrus bodywash. My man likes the way it smells." I put emphasis on "my man" hoping he would back off and it had the desired effect. He straightened up, probably realizing that stepping too far out of bounds would probably result in a curb stomping.

"Right, well continue working on that film review and have it on my desk tomorrow morning. Oh and have a lovely Valentine's Day." He said before he walked out and I groaned. Fucking Valentine's Day. I hated everything about it. There was the obvious commercialism bullshit but that wasn't the root of my hatred. Oh no, that was a minor irritant. What pissed me off was the fact that society was trying to tell people to save their love for one day a year. No one had the right to tell me when it was acceptable to love my man. I loved him twenty four-seven, three sixty five. You're supposed to do something special one day a year, why not spread it out and show that love in little ways throughout the year. It all annoyed me to no end.

By the end of the day I was in one of the worst moods I'd been in ever. After the accusation by James I had lunch, alone at my desk, and discovered that they put coconut in the cookies I'd brought. So after a very minor, un-epi required reaction I had a headache and itchy throat for the rest of the day and all my anti-histamines were in my medicine cabinet at home. Then we had a staff meeting where my colleague proposed doing an issue dedicated to the criminal element of Charming, after a "discussion" in the breakroom my hand was throbbing. Too bad I didn't have a chance to tape my knuckles. All of that was manageable, but what really set me off was the fact that Juice was home. I know it sounds stupid since the man is the love of my life and all but I knew him, knew him well and as such I just knew he had something planned since this was our first official Valentine's Day together in our own place. Last year they had a charity run and I was ecstatic. It meant I could continue my anti-Valentine's Day traditions of watching horror movies and mocking the trappings of the holiday. Not this year, oh no, Dad promised Mom that there would be nothing in the way of celebrating the day. Damn it all. I got in my Jeep, fully intending to drive to the foothills and camp out for the night when I found a heart shaped box on the seat next to me. I rolled my eyes and opened it, what I found instead changed my mind. I wasn't going to the foothills, I was going home. Inside there was a picture of Juice and I on my parent's couch during the Christmas party, his arm was around me and my head was on his shoulder with his head resting on top. We were in deep conversation. I didn't know when the picture was taken but it instantly became my favorite. I lifted it out and there was a message underneath it in Juice's blocky, dark handwriting.

Look in the back.

Back of what? I was confused for a second before I realized he meant the back seat. I turned around and saw something that any other day would have warmed my heart. In the back seat was a bouquet of tiger lillies held in the arms of a stuffed bear. I took a deep breath and turned around I just knew there was more waiting for me at home and I really didn't want to deal with it. With a sigh I pulled out of my parking space and drove home.

When I walked into the apartment I was struck by how dark it was, there were candles sparsely decorating the apartment. There were noises coming from the bedroom and I stretched. I'd be up for sex, I was always up for sex, but I didn't think I could handle any special V-Day thing. I decided to suck it up and set my bag on the table by the door.

"Baby?" I called out and I could hear him coming down the hall.

"Good, your home. Come into the living room." I took a deep breath and went into the living room. What I saw made me smile despite myself. Juice had set up a low table in the center of the room with a fondue set in the middle. There were flowers and other things around the room, including a rather large box with a bow. Fuck, I didn't think he'd do anything so I had nothing for him.

"This is…nice baby." I said as he motioned for me to kneel by him next to the table. I did before I leaned over and kissed him. The gesture meant a lot to me even though I hated Valentine's Day I loved him.

"How was your day?" He asked as he turned up the heat on the fondue set and started to prepare the cheese. I looked over the table and saw that he had this well planned out, a cheese course, a meat course followed by fruit and chocolate. I had to smile, the only times he ever cooked was for me and I could appreciate it. He looked at me, honestly wondering about my day and the good vibes were gone.

"Awful, seriously, just look at my hand." I brought my hand from my lap and he examined it.

"Fuck baby, what did you do? You split the skin over the knuckle." He traced his finger over the knuckle of my index finger before he brought it to his lips and kissed it gently.

"Mallory brought up doing a crime report thing and mentioned the Sons. I had to be persuasive." I put emphasis on it and he chuckled before he kissed it again.

"So fierce, baby. So sexy." He looked up from my hand and kissed me gently. "Happy Valentine's Day."

"Yeah, Happy whatever." I said as I looked away. It wasn't his fault I had a bad day and hated this sorry excuse for a holiday. I looked over and saw that he looked confused.

"What's wrong? Did I do something wrong? Shit are you allergic to something in the candles?" He started to get up when I put my hand on his arm and shook my head.

"It's not you baby, I just hate Valentine's Day." I sighed and looked at him. The look on his face was one of confusion.

"You hate Valentine's Day? You're a chick this is supposed to be bigger than Christmas for you." He looked so confused that I had to kiss him, he kissed me back but when I pulled away he was still confused.

"No baby, not bigger than Christmas and don't get me started on Christmas. I just hate it, I hate the fact that we're being told when it's ok to do something special. It's like it's not ok to show your love for your partner the other three hundred and sixty four days a year and that ticks me off. I love you all day every day and there shouldn't be one special day to show it." I shook my head and he started to laugh. "What?"

"I was freaked the fuck out about doing this right baby. I thought I had to up my game since I missed last year. This here, isn't even half of what I planned. Shit, Bobby told me you weren't a romance girl and I didn't listen." I laughed at the assessment and moved over toward him. I was about to climb into his lap when my hand brushed the fondue pot.

"Fuck!" I hissed and moved away as Juice let go of my hand and helped me inspect the damage.

"How bad?" He took my hand in his and saw that it wasn't bad, in fact it wouldn't even blister it was just an irritation.

"Not bad, maybe we should eat and not let this set up go to waste." I smiled and he nodded before he dipped some bread in the cheese and held it out to me. I moved closer and took the bread in my mouth, fully aware that his eyes were trained on my lips. We both knew no matter what he had planned he'd be getting laid.

We ate a little of everything he had on the table and my mood started to turn. I loved him and appreciated everything he was doing. As he fed me a strawberry I scooted closer, being sure that my hand avoided the fondue pot and crawled into his lap. He grinned that damn grin of his and grabbed my ass in his hands as he moved us farther from the table. Suddenly we toppled over and I giggled as he moved over me before he gave me a kiss and moved his hands up my sides, bunching my skirt up as they went. My bare leg brushed the carpet and I realized that sex here would only lead to rug burns and an embarrassing stain we'd have to shampoo out so as soon as his lips left mine I stopped him.

"Maybe we should move this somewhere where I won't get rugburn on my ass and shoulders." I said and he chuckled a bit before he pushed himself off me and rose. He held out his hand and I took it. He pulled me up and as soon as I was on my feet he lifted me so that I had no choice but to wrap my legs around him and walked us to the couch. I was suddenly glad that he'd turned off the heat of the fondue pots. I had a feeling we wouldn't be paying much attention for a while.

When we got to the couch he sat down and I maneuvered so that I was straddling him and took off my cardigan, he took it from my hands and threw it across the room before his hand s moved to the front of my dress and started unbuttoning the front. I grinned as I moved in and kissed him, my tongue tracing his lips as he responded and moved my straps from my shoulders. Soon I was naked from the waist up and he took advantage of it, his hand kneading one breast while his mouth moved from mine to suck on my neck. My hands moved to the collar of his cut and I traced the edges of it. I loved him naked but if he wanted to do me while keeping his cut on I was all for it. I had an unnatural attachment to cuts in general but his cut in particular. He suddenly moved his hands and mouth off me and I started to pout before he smirked and moved us so that he was propped against the arm of the couch and I was forced to press myself closer or I was going to fall off. I smirked too and moved in to kiss him. What happened next was an act of god I swear.

As I moved to kiss him there was a sharp sound outside, it was either a car backfiring or a gunshot. My blood was rushing through my ears so I couldn't distinguish. Suddenly Juice rose up to either get off the couch or protect me and I lost my balance, not realizing I was still gripping his cut, and pulled him down on the floor on top of me. As I was landing my head hit the floor hard before I snapped it up and my nose hit the top of his head, there was a sickening, wet crunch. Suddenly, I was in blinding pain and could taste blood. There were tears in my eyes as Juice got off me and ran to the door. I tried to touch my nose and started crying in earnest. Nothing had ever hurt as much as my nose did in that moment.

"It's ok baby, the neighbor's car backfired." He said as he came back in the room then made a noise as he rushed to me and knelt on the floor. He took my chin in his hand and looked at the damage. Suddenly I felt dizzy and moved my head as the meal Juice took so much time to put together came out on the floor. "Fuck baby, shit I think you have a concussion. Ok baby, I'm taking you to St. Thomas."

I didn't say anything as he pulled me to my feet and helped me pull my dress on and straighten up before he picked me up and carried me out to my jeep. He placed me into the passenger's seat where I zoned and before I could register time had passed he was taking me out of the car and carrying me into the ER. We waited for a little while before I was brought in and it was concluded that I had a broken nose and a concussion. After they set my nose and gave me some meds I was told I'd be kept overnight for the head trauma and the doctor agreed to let Juice stay. Since this was my first concussion I was told I'd be more susceptible in the future. Oh happy day. Once I was settled Juice came in and I patted the bed next to me.

"How do I look baby?" I gave him as much of a smile as I could and he shook his head before he looked at me.

"Good baby, you've got this sexy raccoon thing going on." He gave me a small smile and I rested my head on his shoulder.

"What else did you have planned? I'm sorry for ruining this." He moved so that his arm was around my shoulders and I snuggled closer.

"I put red silk sheets and shit on the bed, I also bought this thing online for you to wear, it was more for me but damn you woulda looked sexy. There were candles everywhere. It was just going to lead to banging. I thought we'd get the romantic stuff out of the way. I also bought you something else but you can open that when I bring you home. If I would've known that you hated it I just would've ordered us a pizza and downloaded some movies. It looks like tonight was a disaster anyway." He sighed as he kissed the top of my head.

"I would've made it a disaster anyway baby. I'm sorry." He shhok his head before he rested it on top of mine.

"Don't be sorry, none of this is on you. What do you wanna do next year?" He asked and I felt my mouth tug in what would have to pass for a smile.

"You, me, pizza and sex. I think that would work for us." He chuckled and pulled me tighter.

"It's never steered us wrong before." He said as I ran my hand over his chest and rested it over his heart. Then, I moved around until I was comfortable and melted in his arms. Tonight may have been a disaster and I still hated Valentine's Day but I loved this man and as long as he held me nothing else in the world mattered.