Slipping on Sea Salt Ice-cream

Chapter 1

Roxas lay on his bed, hands under his head, his legs hanging off the end. He thought about Sora, he thought about him a lot lately he realised.

It all started one day, Roxas was walking along Twilight Town when this noisy duck ran past him screaming. Roxas remembered thinking "What the hell?" as he watched the duck run down the street and out of sight, and then he bumped into someone. He said sorry and offered help and then he saw the boy's face.

"Hey, I'm Sora" the had boy said with a smile

"Uh.. um, OH.I-I'm Roxas" Roxas was speechless but managed to stutter those few words.

After that Roxas and Sora became good friends, Roxas didn't see Sora much. Because Sora always ran off on another adventure to other worlds. All the time Roxas stayed home thinking about him.

Roxas decided he should get up, so he did. He put pants on and chucked a shirt on and headed out to get some ice cream. He always got Sea Salt ice cream, his favourite. He bumped into Leon, a local. They exchanged greetings and chatted briefly but then Leon hurried along.

"Probably lookin' for Cloud" muttered Roxas with a smirk, it was no shock to see Leon TRY to sneak past up to Clouds house. But Cloud lived next to Roxas so Roxas knew their little secret.

After getting his ice cream Roxas got a text.

Hey ;) wats up? its axel, thought we could hang out later or somthin. 'n' i heard that Sora is back, should be up at the train station soon, better go see him first. Right Roxy! XD

Roxas turned red when he read "Roxy" he hated that, and Axel knew it. But Sora was back, or so Axel said. Axel had played many a prank on Roxas when Sora was gone. Roxas didn't want to risk it, if Sora might be at the station, then thats where Roxas would be. He dropped his ice cream and ran.

Sora sighed as he stood in the train. He was exhuasted, and missing home. And missing all his friends.

The doors to the train opened, and there stood Sora. Dirty, sweaty, torn clothes and a whole lot of cuts and scratches. Roxas just stood there, gaping at his friend for a few seconds before he rushed to grab the collapsing Sora.

"Wh-where am... am I?" Sora managed to say, blinking his eyes open slowly, trying to fight the pain.

"OH! Your awake" Roxas said as he rushed to the side of the bed "Do you need anything?"

"Where.. a-am I?" Sora said again

"Oh! My place, you passed out at the train, Riku helped carry you here, you're on my bed. Namine dropped by and helped me bandage your wounds... But, umm... So she wouldn't get embarassed... umm. Me and Riku changed you out of your clothes... I hope you don' mind... We just thought that you wouldn't want to Namine to see you... um, naked. Coz we had to get rid of the clothes anyway, you could've gotten infected by them, or something. They were really dirty" Roxas explained

"I.. I d-don't min... mind.. Roxas"

"Oh, great" Roxas said with a smile

Sora thought "You're a little TOO happy about that Roxas" as he realised that he was wearing nothing under the blanket then only covered him from his toes to just under his belly button.

"Do you remember what happened? You're really messed up, more than usual?" Roxas inquired

"Just, Heartless... And Nobodies... The usual s-stuff... Um, Roxas?"


"Why are you only wearing a towel around you're waist?"

"Huh? OH! I just got out of the shower, i was coming in to get some new clothes, when we were carrying you i slipped on some icecream and you fell on me, so i got ice cream and mud all over me.. Hehe" Roxas explained with a smile

"Oh, I think i should.. um... get some rest, would you mind letting me sleep in your bed for a while? I don't think i could move yet, sorry"

"OF COURSE! Why would i not let you stay, I'll go and come back in an hour or two to see what you want to eat for dinner. Is and hour enough?" Roxas asked, concerned

"An hour... iss fin.. fine" Sora mumbled as he rolled over, facing the away from Roxas

"oh, ok.. um just call if you want something" Roxas said as he grabbed some clothes and walked off thinking "Why'd he role over, did i do something wrong?"

As Roxas closed the door Sora rolled onto his back again, and his boner that he had been trying to hide from Roxas created a huge tent with the sheet. "Me and Roxas? all dirty and sticky? YES! If only i had woken up when he fell on that ice cream!" Sora thought as he began to pump his shaft up and down

"OOOWWWWWWW!" Sora cried out as the sudden movement spasmed his body with shots of pain

"SORA! WHAT IS IT? WHAT'S WRONG?" Roxas yelled as he burst through the door. Sora's naked, exposed, injured body laid out before him on the bed, the shhet at his knee's and his dick hard and pointing at the ceiling.

Sora blushed so red as if he were going to explode, Roxas did the same and turned around to face the other way.

"So.. umm.. I take you're fine... And.. umm don't need any help... from... um.. me" Roxas said, trying to block fantasies and images that popped into his mind, making his own cock grow "Thank god I'm not facing him" he thought

" no, ah... thankyou... Roxas" Sora said as he managed to bring the sheet back up over him and kept a hand at his croth to hide his boner

"Okay... Sora, i can get you some pain killers.. to ummm... help with the pain, i kinda looks like you need to take care of yourself there" Roxas said, more images coming to mind

"Oh, ummm... Yeah, that would actually be, awesome... Thanks, you're a great friend Roxas." Sora said "If it were Riku, he'd just rape me, the pervert" He thought with a smile

"Really? uummmm... er, okay. I'll be right back"

"Oh GOD!" sora moaned as he covered his face with his hands "He just caught me jerking off!" he exclaimed, then remembering where his hand had just been and took it off his face, then thought "That isn't gross, its MY dick. And its not like I'm rubbing my own face with it, or whatever, if it were Roxas's hand I'd lick it clean" he thought, then thought about licking his hand clean whilst imagining it was roxas's hand.

"Okay, I'm ba-" Roxas stopped in the doorway as Sora, blushing furiously, took his wet hand away from his mouth

".." Sora gave no explantion, but Roxas knew he had just been jacking off with that hand. He became hard instantly

"errrr... The painkillers?" Sora asked

"OH, yeah, um here" Roxas said giving Sora a water bottle and a pcket of pain killers

"ummmm... Roxas, it seems i'm not alone with needing to take care of myself..." Sora said blushing harder

"..." Now Roxas was speechless, and bright red, there was no hiding the fact that he got hard watching Sora, and Sora knew it.

"Is that because of me Roxas?" Sora knew the answer but wanted to hear it

"ummmm... i, ah gotta g-"

"Roxas, please answer me" Sora said, with those big blue pleading eyes

"uummmmmmmmmmmmm... yes." Roxas said, looking at his feet to hide his burning face

"Roxas, do you love me?" Sora said, his hopes and dreams coming true

"yes" Roxas said, though it was barely audible

"Roxas, i love you too" Sora said, surprised that he had mustered enough balls to say it to Roxas's face, or at least to the top of his head

Roxas's head snapped up and he started into Sora's deep blue eyes with his own, until Sora grabbed him by the chin and led him into a long and passionate kiss, their tounges probing eachothers mouths.

They finnally broke for air.

"Oh my god, i can't believe this is really happening" Sora said, fully hard again

"Me neither" Roxas said "Umm. Sora, how do we, ya know.. If you can't move?"

"OH, damn" Sora said, dread and sadness creeping up into his mind

"Wait, would you... ummm... nevermind"

"Say it Roxas" Sora said smiling at the lushing blonde

"Give me a little room... between you're legs... so i could... um, take care of you?"

"Who in the world could say no to that, when it comes from you Roxas?" Sora exclaimed "YES"

Roxas jumped onto the bed, between Sora's legs as the brunette lay down

"Ready. I'm ready" Roxas muttered to himself, before he swallowed all of Sora's dick into his wet mouth

Sora screamed in ecstasy and gripped Roxas's spiky hair with one hand, and grabbed the bed beneath him with the other, as if he were afraid of floating away with pleasure.

Roxas never stopped his assualt on Sora's cock, he licked it's head, licked the sides, spun around it, deep throated it. He gagged a few times but he didn't stop, because it filled him with pleasure to be making Sora make such screams and moans.

Roxas swallowed one of Sora's balls into his mouth and that was it.


Roxas darted to Sora's dick, not wanting to miss his prize.

Sora, cunvulsed and screamed with each and every burst.

Roxas swallowed every single spurt of Sora's jizz, whilst cumming himself, it soaked through his boxer briefs and pants leaving a large damp spot.

When Sora stopped, Roxas came up and kissed him and they lay there embracing eachother, panting for air.