Slipping on Sea Salt Ice cream Chapter 3

Roxas changed and then said goodbye to Axel before he went to his room where Sora was sleeping, wrapped in new bandages.

Roxas stood at the door staring at Sora. Should i lock it? Roxas thought as he held the door handle, ready to close it. Or tie him down or something?

Roxas decided against it, hoping to keep some trust between the two of them.

"What am i supposed to do?" Roxas muttered, entering the kitchen and sitting down.

"How do i fix this?"

"Moping about it isn't going to help Roxas" Namine said, putting a hand on his shoulder when he jumped

"How did you get here?" Roxas asked

"Axel told me everything" Namine said, walking around to face Roxas "I'm here to help"

"Theres nothing i can do Namine, nothing" Roxas said, his face falling into his hands as he began to cry "He won't listen to a thing a say"

"Maybe attacking him wasn't the best thing then" Namine said with a smile

"He would've left! He'd be off forever! I'd never see him again" Roxas cried out

"Don't yell at me Roxas... I have done nothing wrong" Namine said "Now when Sora wakes up he will be fine, i will talk to him and explain"

"Can't you just make him forget, you control his memories, just make him forget" Roxas begged "Then everything can go back to the way things were" Roxas said, holding his head in his hands again

"You know you don't want to do that, the guilt would eat at you till you snap. My way is best Roxas, and you know it"

Roxas sighed then nodded.

The next few hours was spent by sitting and waiting. Eventually Namine got up and went towards Roxas's room where Sora was sleeping.

"How long have you been awake?" Namine asked as she walked into the room and sat on the side of the bed, that Sora was lying on, eyes open and staring at the roof.

"A while" Sora said

"Do you remember anything?"

"Everything" Sora said sharply

"Will you let me explain?"

"You can say what you want Namine"

"Okay then, lets get you in the loop then" Namine spent the next few minutes explaining the whole misunderstanding to Sora, who despite himself felt guilty.

"Roxas didn't cheat on you you see, do you see that now?" Namine asked, impatience growing

"Yeah. I guess" Sora said, now sitting next to Namine, staring at the ground

"You guess? Roxas has been just as much a victim in this as you"


"I'm going to go get Roxas" Namine said as she left the room

"How could i be so blind, i'm so stupid. And i attacked him, what am i gonna do. Wait, he attacked me as well, and he lied. He should be saying sorry just as much as i should. But it did all happen because of my over reaction" Sora thought during the brief time it took for Namine to lead Roxas up the stairs and into his room.

"Sora?" Roxas asked nervously

"Hey, Roxas" Sora said, nervously glancing at Roxas then Namine

"He knows it all, call me later if you need anything. I'm off to tell Axel it's all okay" Namine said, pulling Roxas into a hug, then hugging Sora before she left the house. Leaving the two boys stand in Roxas's bedroom, looking at the floor in front of their feet.

"I'm... Sorry, Sora. I should've told you, and i shouldn't have attacked you either, i'm so sorry" Roxas said, trying to make eye contact

"Me too... I shoudlve asked, what was going on... And running away wasnt the answer... I'm really sorry..." Sora said, returning eye contact

Roxas smiled happily, Sora returned the smile. "Friends?" Sora asked

"Forever" Roxas replied, walking up to Sora and embracing his lover

"And ever" Sora said, kissing Roxas gently on the lips, gliding his toungue inside the blondes mouth.

Roxas moaned and pushed Sora onto the bed then falling onto him. "Soraaa" He moaned into his mouth as they kissed.

The two boys roamed their hands over eachothers bodies, caressing and groping eachother.

"Sorr-rrraaaaaa" Roxas moaned as Sora grabbed his crotch, rubbing and pushing and groping it. "Sora!" Roxas cried as he began to take off Sora's shirt. Sora stopped what he was doing, releasing Roxas's cock and began to undress him.

All clothes were discarded and thrown about the room as they made love.

Roxas grabbed Sora's member and lead him to the bed, Sora fell on top of Roxas. Between his legs. Roxas moaned and writhed against Sora as they kissed.



They moaned eachothers names, there hardened dicks rubbing against eachother.

"So-s-s-s-SoRAA" Roxas moaned "Fuck me Sora! FUCK ME!" he cried

Sora was only aroused more by his lovers lustful plea. Sora lifted Roxas's legs up onto his shoulders, positioned his cock at Roxas's entrance and looked at the blonde, deep into his eyes. "Ready?" Sora asked

"No matter what, don't stop!" Roxas demanded, pushing down as Sora pushed forward

"AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!" Roxas screamed out in pure pleasure and ecstasy as Sora pounded into him furiously, not bothering to stop.

Sora slowed down and after a few seconds, seeing the pain on Roxas's face. He waited for Roxas to get used with being filled.

"MOORE!" Roxas cried "MORE!"

Sora happily obliged to his demands, shoving himself into him all the way. Roxas screamed out again.

Sora pounded into him, his balls smacking against Roxas. Whilst Sora was pounded Roxas Roxas had been jacking himself off, writhing and jerking into Sora's dick.

The boys started to sweat, Sora's sweat began to drip onto Roxas, increasing his pleasure to the point of making him reach his climax.

"I'M GONNA CUUUUUUUMMMMMMM!" Roxas screamed out whilst writhing even more violently back onto Sora's dick.

Because of Roxas's cumming he tightened on Sora, that and his writhing and pulsing sent Sora over the edge and he screamed Roxas's name as he jizzed inside him, filling him with his teen spunk.

Sora puled out of Roxas, who was laying limp on the bed, breathing heavily. Sora licked up all of Roxas's jizz that remained on his stomach then lick his way up Roxas's chest and towards his mouth where he locked lips with his lover, sharing all of the cum left in his mouth. Toungues darted in and out of eachothers mouths, fighting for dominance and for the jizz that was now mingled with each others spit and swirling around their toungues as they kissed.

Sora lifted his head away from Roxas as they broke their kiss for air, a trail of spit still conecting them.

"I love you, lets never fight again" Sora said through his panting

"I love you too Sora"

They kissed once again and lay in eachothers arms.


Came the shrill sound of Roxas's home phone.

"What the fuck is that?" asked Sora, hearing the strange tune

"Original ringtone, i'll get it" Roxas said jumping out of bed, then shivering in the cold bare air "Jesus! its cold!"

"Well, without MY hotness to snuggle up to of COURSE you're cold, silly Roxas" Sora said smirking

"Be right back"

Roxas ran down stairs, the cold air bombarding his naked body. "I will never forget last night" he thought. He picked up the phone.

"Hello?" Roxas asked

"Hey Roxy!" came Axel's voice


"Spoil sport! Whatever, just called to see if you were okay"

"I'm great!"


"What? what is it?"

"I think someone just woke up from a pretty hot fuck session!"


"Hey! calm down Roxy... I have no problem with imaganing you naked and fuckin-"

"SHUTUP! okay? Just don't be pervy today please?"

"Fine, spoil sport"

"I know it's hard for you, but TRY" Roxas said smirking


"Hahahahahahaha" Roxas laughed after his friend playfuly swore at him

"So, am i coming over later? or will you be busy... Having sexy times?"


"I was just askin! So am i comin round later or what?"

"I'll ask Sora, he might not be up to visitor so soon after everything he's gone through lately"

"Like what? you fucking his brains ou-"


"Fine, i can tell when i'm not wanted. Send me a text when mister uke Sora gives his answer, he was the uke right?"

"AXEL! You said you would try at least!"

"I said no such thing"

"You sly fucker"

"You know it Roxy"

"Okay, cya. Oh, by the way... I was the uke, BYE" And Roxas hung up, knowing that Axel would be picturing Sora and him screwing. "He wants to play i'll just torture him" Roxas thought smugly as he walked back to bed

"Who was it" asked Sora, lying on his side to watch Roxas enter

"Axel, he wanted to come over later"

"Oh i'm sure he would love to COME over here anytime" Sora remarked with a devious smile

"Why are all my friends horny as hell?" Roxas asked himself as he shook his head

"And in my case, sexy as hell!"

"How wonderfuly self loving you are Sora" replied Roxas as he snuggled into to Sora after getting in the bed

"You know it, narcissist, thats me!" Sora said, pointing to himself

"Hehehe" Roxas said, nuzzling his ead into Sora's chest "Don't ever change Sora"

Sora smiled and spooned the blonde.

"Ungh" Roxas groaned as he woke up, someone shaking him violently sent him in shock "WHAT THE FUCK" he cried

"Wakey wakey Roxy Roxy" Axel demanded as he smirked at his friend

"How the fuck did you get in here? Sora!"

"He's in the kitchen, already making an apology meal for you for letting me in. He has it BAD for you!" Axel grinned as he walked out the door "And hey, he said you were a great uke!"

"AXEL!" Roxas yelled but Axel was gone. "Apology meal, for telling Axel and letting him in? Wow. I wonder what time it is" Roxas thought as he got dressed and ready to head down stairs. He wouldve gone naked but Axel was here, so he put on all his clothes, did his hair, then walked out of his room.

"Hey Roxas" Sora greeted him from across the kitchen as he cooked some kind of meal.

"Hey Sora, what ARE you wearing?" Roxas saw the pink and black striped apron Sora was wearing as he cooked

"I found it in the drawer" Sora smiled nervously "Do you mind me using it?"

"No, not at all... It's pink" Roxas remarked

"Yeeaah?" Sora inquired "Is that bad?"

"It's you. Hero, adventurer, world saver. In pink"

"Fine! I'll take it off" Sora said, a grin creeping onto his face

Sora untied the apron and threw it at Roxas playfully, revealing his naked torso.

"Aren't you wearing ANYTHING?" Roxas exclaimed leaning forward, blushing

"I am wearing something, your boxers" Sora said leaning forward to Roxas's face "The ones your wearing are mine"

Roxas was speechless, not in a bad way. He thought it was hot, he was getting a hard on just thinking about it.

"OH STOP HAVING MIND SEX OR WHATEVER!" Axel yelled "Lets eat!"

"Righty oh!" Sora said as he hopped back to save the nearly burning food

Roxas sat down at the circle table opposite Axel "So whats on the menu?" he asked nervously, Roxas could remember the last time Sora cooked. It ended up with a pile of burnt mush that you could nearly drink, to this day Roxas does not know what it was meant to be or how Sora had burnt liquid. He giggled at the memory.

"Well, since you can't exactly fry Sea Salt Ice-Cream. I decided on eggs with bacon!" Sora said proudly

"Sounds nice... If we ever get to eat it, before we die" Axel piped in

Sora pouted, knowing his past failure was about to come up

"I just hope tha-OW!" Axel held onto his shin where Roxas had kicked it "I just hope that we get to eat soon" Axel said grumpily

Sora beamed as he served his friends their food and sat down with them.

"Bon appetite!" He said and waited till everyone else had tasted it and agreed it was a success before eating it.

"Thank you Sora" Roxas said, resting his free hand on Sora's in a sign of affection

Sora smiled at Roxas

"Yeah, it's really good for onc-" Roxas stabbed through Axels very being with his glare, Axel was sure he had a hole in him and cringed

"Thanks guys" Sora said, looking around at his friends "That means a lot"

After breakfast they talked, played a game. Then axel left.

"Why did you keep on stopping Axel Roxas?"

"It was that obvious?" Roxas asked

"I felt that last glare Roxas" Sora said with a chuckle

"He was gonna make fun of you" Roxas explained

"It's Axel, he makes fun of everyone. He'd make fun of an old lady on her death bed!"

"Hehehehehe. I guess so" Roxas said with a grin

"Don't worry Roxas. I can take care of myself. Besides, I'm meant to take care of you here"

"Huh?" Roxas asked confused

"I'm the seme. Your the uke!" Sora said pointing at Roxas and hugging him tightly "I'll love you no matter what you are, no matter what you do"

Roxas returned the hug smiling. Then the two boys went to bed, two hours early so they could have some time together...