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Chronicle of Hope

Takeru was gazing at the blue sky, he had cried his eyes out with Patamon till it hurt. He was sure only him crying like this when saying goodbye to their digimon partner. He went through so much in digital world and he loved every second of it at least since he knew purpose they had as Digidestined in this world. He loved the nature which always magical and mysterious, he loved the feeling of soaring the sky with Angemon.

He looked down at his tiny hands and Patamon who was sleeping on his lap, wondering if his hands had grew bigger since he came to Digital world. His eyes went to Patamon's tiny paw, amazed such a cute paw could become Angemon's big and strong hands. A cute digimon like Patamon could evolve to gallant Angemon, the best digimon he could ever hope.

"TK…" Patamon mumbled on his sleep, tears pooled on the corner of his eyes. "Please don't go…"

He didn't want to either; Takeru loved Patamon and digital world he had fought for with his life. But he had his own life in real world, his brother, mother, father… a family…


Even if he come back to real world all he would have with him was his mother, no Yamato, no father. They lived apart from him, how he wanted them together again so badly. Tears began to pool on his eyes again, startling him that he still had some tears left. The tears fell on Patamon's eyelid awaken him in the process.

"Takeru?" Patamon called as looked up, "You are crying again?" He asked. "Don't cry… stay strong Takeru…" He muttered softly.

Takeru nodded, "I will…"

He wanted to be strong, if only he was as strong as his brother of Taichi… Maybe Patamon could digivolve faster, and maybe… Angemon wouldn't sacrifice himself to defeat Devimon, and maybe… there was so many possibilities he thought of if only he was strong.

Takeru was not arrogant but he was well aware of his power, his digimon was strong… especially against dark digimon they fought in the past. Only his and Hikari's digimon had advantage in battling dark digimon, but unlike him… Hikari was strong, even without her digimon, even when she was sick Hikari could help them with her power. And him? Takeru had to rely on Patamon again and again, he was childish and unreliable compared to Hikari.

Even though he had grew so much since he arrived in Digital world… His eyes widened in realization, if only he… digital world… maybe…

"Takeru?" Patamon called worriedly.

Time of Departure

"Let's hop on everyone!" Taichi cheered even though he sounded nowhere as energetic as usual.

Mimi was still crying because she couldn't find Palmon anywhere, they had not said their goodbye to each other. Takeru felt his legs heavier than ever as he stepped on the electric train. They opened the window, hoping to see their digimon till the last moment they had in digital world. Mimi didn't dare to look outside since her digimon was nowhere insight; there was no point so she kept crying.

Takeru looked at her sympathetically, he wondered what he would do if Patamon decided to do what Palmon did. He was sure Tailmon would scan the forest in search of her counterpart and dragged Patamon by his ear. Takeru was sure Patamon would be alright as long as Tailmon and Gabumon was around him. Tailmon was his closest friend and Gabumon was like his older brother, Patamon would be fine without him.

But… did he really ready to part with Patamon? With Digital world?

He didn't know where it came from but he kept imagining things on the trip back to the lake, he kept imagining what if Digital world was invaded by power of darkness again, and this twisted feeling of his kept bothering him. Takeru looked at Taichi, hoping he was as brave as him, then at his brother with hope for being as caring as Yamato was for his friends, Patamon… Then to the youngest of his group, if only he had special power like Hikari… maybe he could do more in their battle against evil…


"Mimi look!" Sora called.


He snapped out of his thought when he heard Palmon's yelling, and Mimi quickly looked outside. She was delighted to see Palmon running as waving her hands, "I am sorry Mimi! Mimi!" She yelled as loud as she could.

Mimi nodded, "It's okay!" She yelled back.

Takeru sighed in relief, in the end Palmon managed to gather her courage to face Mimi. He wondered if he could do the same… to take…

"Mimi! Goodbye!" She yelled.

Palmon suddenly tripped and Mimi yelped, Takeru was startled when Mimi's hat suddenly flew away to the sky. He looked at the hat which spinning quite fast before their very eyes then flew away by violent wind. Takeru suddenly overcame by envy, looking at blue sky it was gone to.

Yamato looked away when he spotted Takeru walking to another corner of the train. "Takeru? Where are you going? It's the last time we could…" He trailed off.

Hikari looked at his friend, "Takeru-kun?"

Takeru smiled at his friends as he opened one of the windows, "I am sorry Nii-chan! Hikari-chan! But I want to be strong to protect everyone and digital world! So…" He grinned, "Niichan! Tell mother and father that I love them so much!"He paused, "I will see you again someday Nii-chan, everyone!" He said softly before jumped out of the window.

Yamato's eyes widened as he ran as fast as he could, his hands stretched out to reach his brother. "Takeru!"

Patamon and other digimon was startled when they saw Takeru fell from the flying train, and Patamon as if he could do something with his tiny body flew to where Takeru would fall. "Takeru!"


Takeru surfaced few moments later with a big grin painted on his face, then waved to the flying train. "Good bye everyone! I promise will see you guys again someday and I will be stronger!" He yelled as loud as he could.

Yamato looked around in panic before one of his legs stepped on the window frame, but Taichi held him back firmly. "Are you crazy Yamato?" He asked incredulously, "We already too high to jump!" He warned Yamato.

But Yamato kept struggling against Taichi's hold, yelling at Taichi to let him go. "Even if you fell to the lake, your bone will shatter like a cheap wine decanter at this height!" Koushiro reasoned. "Do you want to show your corpse floating to Takeru down there?" He asked incredulously.

"But my brother!" Yamato cried helplessly. "TAKERU!"

Taichi was torn from saving Yamato from a suicide and his feeling as fellow older brother, he was sure he would try to jump too if he was in Yamato's position. "Yamato… please calm down!"

"Calm down?" he asked incredulously, "HOW to be calm if you are in my position?" Yamato roared angrily.

"And I am sure you will say the same thing to me! Please calm down!" Taichi yelled back. "And will you let me kill myself if you are in my position?"

Yamato was taken back and could not answer Taichi, because he knew the answer.

Hikari looked down; even from afar she could see Takeru was smiling at them. She wondered why Takeru did this; it must be not just because he didn't want to be separated from Patamon. Takeru cared for Yamato so much, he won't hurt his brother just for his own selfishness. "Takeru…" She muttered softly then looked at Yamato, "Yamato-san… I think Takeru stay because he care about you… and all of us, please understand… Takeru won't be happy to see you like this." She muttered, "This is his decision…"

Yamato looked down, deep in his heart he was still thought of Takeru as little brother he couldn't leave on his own and it pained him a little when he saw Takeru became so independent. He was well aware Takeru was strong enough to take a decision, and as a brother… "Yes…" He muttered in strangled voice, "I am understand…" Then he looked down at his brother, smiling at him with Patamon on his head. "Takeru… I will see you again brother, till then… farewell…" And with that the train disappeared in the dark side of the sun.

Gennai was shaking his head, "What are you thinking bearer of hope?" He asked incredulously, "Why you want to stay here, you are human and not mean to be here!"

Takeru huffed, "Gennai… but I am one of humans you called to save this world! I have right to be here! I know it's selfish for deciding this on my own but… I did this to be stronger to protect everyone!"

"From what?" Gennai asked curiously, wondering what Takeru was talking about.

The bearer of hope became silent, "I don't know… but I just feel… there would be something." He muttered absentmindedly, "I just feel… everything is not ended yet…"

All digimons stared at him, and Genai looked down tiredly. "It seems you have a good intuition, as expected from bearer of hope… really." He muttered, "I won't lie you Takeru, it's true… one day evil power will raise once again in digital world."

Agumon growled, "And why you didn't say anything?"

"I want your partner to enjoy this temporary period of peace in their world!" Gennai said sadly, "That's is the least I could do for everything they have done for us! I want them to at least…"

"Genai…" Takeru called, "I am understand, but I want to stay! I need to be here because I want to be prepared for that day! So I can protect my friends!" He exclaimed with determined face. "I will be stronger and I promise that to all of my friends!"

Genai smiled sadly, wondering why it have to be the youngest who shoulder such a heavy burden. "Well… you have no idea how much that mean to me and digital world, oh bearer of hope…"

"Takeru…" PAtamon muttered, "You know? I am so proud of you!"

Takeru grinned as all digimons and Genai smiled at him, "Thank you everyone!"

Few months later

Takeru groaned as he fell on his butt for the umpteenth time this morning and his staff fell with clanking sound to the wooden floor. Takeru looked up with sweaty face at Angemon who was pointing his golden staff at Takeru, "Takeru… stand up." He ordered sternly.

The bearer of hope stood up shakily then picked up his staff, he had asked Angemon to teach him martial arts, which all Angemon knew was how to use staff and sword. Other digimons at first thought it was not a good idea because Patamon was too gentle to Takeru most of the time, but much to their amazement Angemon was nothing like Patamon, he was a very strict instructor for Takeru. And since then they had spend hours everyday in Gennai's house who happened to have a big hall, and they were using it everyday as training place.

"Yes Angemon!" Takeru saluted as he formed basic battle stance he learned from Angemon.

Angemon nodded, "Now… try to hit me again Takeru."

Takeru was not hesitate to attack because so far he couldn't to touch Angemon at all, and he knew even if he could hit ANgemon. It would feel nothing much for his digimon. And to be honest he was glad to see this strict side of Angemon because it won't do him any good if Angemon was being soft to him. He wanted to be stronger to protect his friends and then one day he could return to them proudly as a new Takaishi Takeru.

Gennai smiled as he was watching their spar, and he was sure Azulongmon would be happy to see bearer of hope wanted to be stronger to protect what he held dear. And this meant their hope for new tomorrow; a better one would be stronger than ever…

Other digimon partners who were watching them sparing except Tailmon flinched when Takeru once again fell and this time face first. "Well, that must be hurt." Tailmon commented dryly.

Gabumon had weird feeling on his stomach when he saw Takeru was trained harshly by Angemon. But much to his shock when he tried to convince ANgemon to tune it down, Angemon shot his argument down with mentioning that as much as they wanted it, digimon can't be with their partner all the time and their enemy was never the merciful one toward digidestined. He hated it but Angemon was right, "Takeru…" He whimpered.

"Takeru…" Angemon called, "Stand up."

Agumon groaned, "Oh well… how many times he said that today?"

Gomamon rolled his eyes, "Since this morning? I gave up counting how many times Takeru fell and Angemon ordered him to stand up again and again… since three days ago." He pointed out tiredly, "But I am sure… more than twenty…"

Tailmon shrugged, "It's nothing… Takeru is tougher than that, and Angemon know Takeru's limit so there is nothing to worry about." She pointed out loftily.

"Are you sure?" Gabumon asked worriedly.

Tailmon nodded, "I am Angemon's partner… I know how he is in battle, he is very careful and rely on his skill more than power, which is why he can fight in even ground with digimon above his level." Tailmon pointed out with a smile, "You don't have to worry too much, don't be such a worrywart Gabumon… it's Takeru we are talking about, bearer of hope and Yamato's brother remember?"

Gabumon and other digimons smiled at that, "Well… I know, and I am glad to hear that Tailmon. Thanks!"

"You are welcome…" Tailmon replied with a smile.

"AWW!" Takeru yelped in pain because once again landed on the floor painfully on his butt.

"Takeru…"Angemon began. "One more time! Stand up!"

Gomamon rolled his eyes, "Here we go again…"

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