At any rate I have to warn you that you may not really like this jumpy chapter since there would be a lot of time skip but it's needed so we can start on 02 adventure by the next chapter.

Please Note that my story did not follow the game, so Ryo's story is completely different too.

One note that the ancient language is taken from Ar tonelico called Hymmnos, it cross my mind to make my own language but it's too much work so I just borrow it~ Not to mention it's conveniently a language for song and magic so it's a bonus. If any of you completely understand hymmnos, help me :)

[[bla bla bla]] hymmnos

Now the story!

(¯ˆ·.¸Reaching to Hope¸.·ˆ¯)
A Brief Reunion and Distancing Hope

Angemon flexed his fingers, dusting his slightly dusty hand in regal manner worthy of an angel digimon. Wisemon sighed as he looked at the battered Dinohyumon and Grizzlymon in the corner. They looked worse to wear, with so many bump in their head. Wisemon sighed again as he went through gross calculation of how many brain cell was killed in their muscled head. If there was any to begin with, he added thoughtfully. Then again it was mostly their fault Takeru was involved in this mess. Angemon was not happy when the two of all digimon encouraging all islanders to hail his partner as their new lord. Dinohyumon was a close friend of Angemon, he should know how protective Angemon was to Takeru. The angel digimon didn't hold back at all when the two warrior digimon bravely submitted to his fury. Wisemon couldn't choose between dumb or chivalrous, he was leaning toward the former to describe them. Angemon even didn't use his staff at all, something about it was more satisfying to use your own fist.

The demon man digimon crouched down beside the battered warriors, "You know this is going to happen right?" No answer but pained groan as response, it would be a while until these two would be coherent, but they would live. He turned to Angemon, "You know my dear friend, they already have so little brain cell to begin with if they dare to pull this kind of stunt on Takeru under your nose." Wisemon drawled wryly, "Do you have to decrease that already miniscule number?"

"There's no way they could become stupider than they already are." Angemon replied calmly.

Wisemon shook his head, "I don't think so, the reason why there's nothing in this world that 'idiot proof' is because someone will just make a better idiot." He pointed with a wave of his hand, "There's a limit of how knowledgeable someone could be, but there's no limit in idiocy."

"..." Angemon sweat-dropped at that, "Sounds like speaking from personal experience to me."

Wisemon shrugged, "Like you would ever believe what I have seen..." He was once come across of a dimension where a racoon could survive in space because it was too stupid to remember that breathing need oxygen. There's that one incident with primitive era squirrel and chestnut.

Angemon shrugged at that, "How is Takeru doing?"

"Fine... he is doing quite well considering he was thrown to a pack of enthusiastic Seamstressmon." Wisemon listed on, "Giving speech to a bunch of battle maniac digimon, going through a feast in his honor, etc." He finished the list. "It's not even the last of it, tomorrow is the day he announced 'that' so he should be resting now. I think you better go to accompany him. A gigantic room like that prone to make one lonely when not used to it."

"..." He sighed a lot today, then again too many things happened in the last few days but it turned out well even though not the best. "I will, and please bring these two to medical ward."

Wisemon chuckled at that, "Of course."

Angemon had been looking for Takeru since the child of hope was not in his bedroom. He wondered where his partner could have been. After looking for almost one hour Angemon found his partner sitting in his throne room, the same dome shaped room that located on top of the tower. It seemed Takeru was speaking with Valdurmon again, the angel digimon concluded. It must be about 'that' Takeru would announce tomorrow.

Takeru beamed when he saw Angemon entered the room but quickly turned his attention back to the orb. "Takeru, there you are..."

The child of hope grinned sheepishly as Angemon stood beside the throne, "Hi Angemon, I still couldn't decide a good one."

"That's no reason to stay awake so late, a human child your age need all rest they could get." The angel digimon said as he playfully gave his partner a flick on the forehead.

Takeru pouted, "But it's important! Everyone is anticipating a new 'name' for this island." Angemon groaned at that, since the land now had a new master Valdurmon requested Takeru to give it a new name. The name 'Byte' was not an actual name of the island, the true name given by the previous lord had long lost in history and Valdurmon deemed it prudent to be kept that way.

Valdurmon let out a short trill in response, "This one couldn't suppress her joy milord, tomorrow would be the day you gave us a name to mark your reign in this land..."

"Actually..." Takeru trailed off, "I don't really have a flair in naming things."

Angemon coughed as slightly blurry memory before he could digivolve to adult level crossed his mind, he was really peeved about the pig and hippopotamus shaped digimon Takeru imagined would be his next level. What was their name again? Tabunkonnamon (It's probably like this Mon)? Or was it Porkymon? There was also KittokonnaMon (It must be like this mon) something. He didn't really want to remember it. Considering Takeru's naming sense it's possible this island is going to be named 'Pata Pata Torijima' or other overly descriptive name.

Pata: sound of flapping wing, Tori:bird, Jima: Island (Flapping Bird Island)

"I am bad at naming things." Takeru intoned. His aesthetic sense was a bit... dull too, Angemon added mentally. Not that he was insulting Takeru, in fact Takeru himself admitted he had next to nothing aesthetic sense. Angemon mentally took note on that, according to Wisemon, art was also important in human education.

"I am sure you can come up with an appropriate name, it is a very important thing in digital world."Valdurmon said as she broke to another beautiful trill. "In a name, there's hope."

"Hope?" Takeru echoed.

Angemon smiled at that, "Giving a name is not just to define individuality but also an awakening, a ceremony, a rite to one's worth." He titled his head to the side as he crouched a little so he was face to face with his partner, "Giving a name is like breathing life Takeru." The angel digimon said as he give a gentle pat to his partner's shoulder.

Takeru titled his head to the side, he remembered that he ever asked his father why they were named Yamato and Takeru. Hiroaki said they were named after a hero and left it at that, something about story of historical figure was not for kid. "Hum... then Angemon, if a name is so important... why all digimon from same species called with the same name?"


"... Oh that's because all digimon was born with one 'true' name."Valdurmon explained, "Usually one of the same species know each other true name, rarely disclosed to outsider of one's species but if they have close enough bond it's possible."

"So Angemon have another name?" Takeru's eyes widened at that.

Angemon looked uncomfortable for a moment before he schooled his face, "I don't really know... after all I and other digimon partner were raised together, since we were born we were waiting for you and have next to no contact with our kin. We're a bit different..."

"This Valdurmon think that make sense..."Valdurmon chirped.

Takeru titled his head to the side, recalling Yokomon that lived in one village. "Hm... " What kind of village Angel digimon would live in? On second though angel and village didn't go well together. Angemon himself looked pretty out of place in Dinohyumon's village. Takeru looked at his partner who was saying something to Valdurmon. His partner however looked fit to live in the tower/ palace, no matter how reluctant Angemon was to live in this place. The warriors insisted they live here, since he was now their lord.

"Angemon... may I ask you something?" Takeru asked casually.

The angel digimon laughed softly, "You can ask anything..."

"You're pretty good in ancient language right?" His partner raised an eyebrow but nodded at the question. Takeru sometimes wondered when his partner learned the language and how to read, he recalled other digimon and even Tentomon couldn't read digicode. Back when they visited Primary village for the first time Patamon also could read Japanese. Takeru didn't remember other digimon showed they could read or write (whether they could hold a pen or not aside) like Angemon did. Then again it might be just Angel Digimon's thing. "Uhm... what's 'Song of Hope' in Digital world ancient language?"

Angemon smiled at that, "You want to give a name that means Song of Hope to this land? Why?" He asked curiously.

Takeru beamed, "Because we could always hear Valdurmon singing in this island, it's a beautiful voice islanders loves... full of her hope and joy..."

"I am flattered milord..." Valdurmon let out another joyful trill.

The child of hope looked sheepish as he rubbed the back of his head, "I think those who heard her song would be filled with hope... a place where hope will be always carried by wind and song!" Takeru finished then flushed a deep red, "That's too corny even for me."

Angemon shook his head and without a warning lifted Takeru up, the child of hope yelped as his partner smiled at him as they came face to face. "It's a wonderful hope Takeru... I am so proud of you."

Takeru blushed deeper red, "You think so?"

Angemon nodded, then leaned in to whisper near the child of hope so no one but him could hear it. "It is... and Takeru in ancient language of digital world song of hope is..."

The next day...

Takeru looked at his people with serene eyes, from now on he would work hard and they would be there for him. He was nervous for his new duty but he was willing to give them a new hope of their future. He might be their lord in name but they would be always be precious comrades who had pledge their loyalty to accompany him in his journey. And the first step for that was giving their land a new name, a new hope.

"Metafalica, the land of hopeful song."
"This is the name and hope I bestow upon this land of chivalrous warriors."

March 10th, 2000. Metafalica, Library

Takeru frowned as he tried to get the digicode on the paper made sense. He swore one of these days the letters were going to come alive and get him. There was no problem learning digital world ancient language, one step at a time and he would be fine. At least he hoped so. Being a leader is a tough job, and one for digital entities with enormous power was an even tougher job. Tough couldn't even describe the job when the digimon was hundreds of capable chivalrous soldier that too willing to please. It was not mountain of paperwork or increasing subjects Angemon and Wisemon piled up for him to learn, none of that tedious things. It was the attention he was showered with by the islanders.

For one he couldn't walk outside of the tower without at least one third of population bowing or fell on their knees for him. They won't stop calling him their lord and liege, save for his closest friends no one called him just Takeru without honorifics. That was just a few things on top of his list that he had to deal with because of his new position. The worse thing was he couldn't ask them to stop, or rather he didn't have the heart to order them to stop. For the longest time the warrior tribe had not fought in war but they were born and live as one for the rest of their life. Serving a lord was the call they had been waiting for, it was their purpose in life. The attention and position might be not something Takeru was comfortable with, but what's done was done and he didn't want to break their heart.

"Milord!" A Yasyamon stormed to the library with thinly veiled panic, but even in panic the warrior still kneeled before Takeru.

Takeru sweatdropped at the panting warrior, in spite of long absence of lord in the land they had that servitude begavior drilled in their flesh.

"Your presence is required in your office! Valdurmon-sama and Angemon-sama are waiting for you!"

Takeru stood up, alarmed that his partner and somewhat pseudo second partner digimon was the one who called. "What happened?" He asked, the scroll fell and forgotten on the floor.

Yasyamon looked hesitate for a moment, but quickly regained his bearing the moment Takeru stormed out of the library. "Valdurmon-sama sensed a disturbance in Network Space." He said as he followed the young child to the top of the tower."A digimon was found there and wrecking havoc!"

"Network Space?" Takeru raised an eyebrow, in ancient time according to Wisemon there was a number of digimon that reached certain level of divinity venturing there. Royal Knights especially, the exalted group had built their HQ there because only a handful of digimon could reach it. "How that digimon could get there?" Actually the thought of an evil digimon was strong enough to get there and wrecking havoc was terrible enough, regardless of how. With dread following his every step Takeru started to run, regal manner of a lord be damned.

Metafalica, Control Tower

The child of hope opened the metal door that connected to his office, anxiety was written all over his face. "Valdurmon! Angemon!" His partner was there, standing beside Dinohyumon, Wisemon and Grizzlymon.

"Milord! A virus digimon was born in the Network Space! Your world is in a state of disarray now!"The holy bird digimon informed him in lofty tone.

Takeru climbed to his seat, "What's that digimon doing there?"

"I was going fix the communication system of ours that broke long ago..."Valdurmon began her explanation, "I try to connect to Network Space but this digimon is wrecking havoc there!The holy bird digimon sounded, "It's consuming fractal code of the network, and if this digimon is left alone it would destroy Network Space and throw both world to chaos!"

Angemon gritted his teeth, this was Vamdemon all over again. This digimon was definitely not going to stop with just Network Space, but building its power like Vamdemon did. "Takeru." Angemon called, "What should we do?"

Takeru frowned, "Did you notice any contact made from this world to mine?" He asked Valdurmon.

The ancient digimon took a while before she answered,"There's one from File Island... "

"Gennai huh?" Angemon pointed out the obvious, "He must have contacted Koushiro or Taichi." He paused, "And maybe Yamato too." After all Yamato was one of the strongest fighter in the group, if Taichi was called he should be too."This is no good."

Takeru paled at that, "Nii-chan and the others would have noticed I lost contact with Gennai!" He groaned, "Nii-chan will freak out!" He shook his head, "I... can worried about that later!" Takeru didn't know who he was trying to convince about that, but probably himself. "Valdurmon! What is the situation now?"

The child of hope waited patiently as Valdurmon took her time to check, "I can feel one... two powers in similar nature to yours flowing to Network Space."

Real World

Taichi was trying and failing to contact his friend with an exception of Koushiro who was with him, Agumon and Tentomon was battling the spider looking digimon. And so far they were not having much luck as the digimon hopped like a hyper grasshopper. It was not like the little menace was strong, but it was so agile to a point their experienced digimon had difficulties of catching it. Then again their enemy most of the time was freaking giant save a few like Pinochimon. Playing cat and mouse with the Keramon was not a pleasant experience in Taichi's book.

Taichi prayed Hikari would be home soon, his little sister usually wouldn't leave a birthday party abruptly like she was doing now. It was rude, but manner was the farthest in Hikari's mind the moment Taichi mentioned about the emergency situation. Taichi knew Hikari was secretly hoping she could see Takeru in this battle. He didn't have a heart to tell her that Gennai had informed them about Takeru's whereabouts. Or the nonexistent knowledge of Takeru's current whereabouts to be exact. Takeru had been missing contact with Gennai and other digimon for almost half a year and Gennai was still looking for the child of hope.

Taichi could only hope that the moment he could get in contact with Yamato, the child of friendship won't freak out over his missing brother. They had the fate of both worlds in their shoulder, there's no time to waste.

Metafalica, Control Tower

"Our friends are fighting there with that digimon! We have to help them!" Takeru said in panic, "Valdurmon! Could you bring us there?"

Takeru received a mental image of Valdurmon opening her beak, closed it, opened it then closed it again. The holy digimon hesitated before she gave her master an answer. "About that milord... there's a little... I mean..." She corrected hastily, "Vital technical problem I have with my system... I 'was' trying to establish an automatic connection with Network Space to restore our system to its fullest potential but..."

Dinohyumon groaned, "Get to the point milady..."

"Don't interrupt her!" Grizzlymon hissed.

"He is right, pardon me." Valdurmon agreed, "In short, automatic connection program is down... and we have to establish connection manually."

Dinohyumon blinked owlishly, "Then what's the problem?"

"Is there anyone in this room familiar with programming to issue an order to our system to establish a connection with Network Space?" Valdurmon asked hesitantly, "And before anyone asked, I can't... while I can access the system, I don't understand the manual way... everything was set in automatic mode for me."

Takeru didn't really understand the logic, "Easier explanation?"

Valdurmon sighed, "Basically I have the luxury of everything can be done with one button and now that button broke and I have to connect the wire myself."

Grizzlymon and Dinohyumon looked at each other, "There's no way we know how to operate computer right?" They grumbled to each other, but addressed to everyone in the room.

"I know a little." Wisemon admitted and in instant a hologram looking control panel with digicode button appeared before him. "Eh?!"

"We are counting on you!" Valdurmon and Takeru chorused.

Wisemon looked scandalized, "Don't decide that yourselves!" In spite of his protest Wisemon began to work, translucent blue windows appeared out of the thin air. Wisemon started sweating bullets as he pulled out another window and then another. "Uhm Valdurmon... how old is this system actually?"

"It was built the day I was born." The holy bird digimon chirped.

Wisemon roared as he threw the imaginary table to the air, "I am NOT ancient enough to operate this fossil!"

All of them sweat-dropped, looking at Wisemon who was ready to pull his hair if he had any. "How old is she?" Dinohyumon whispered to Grizzlymon.

"Ancient you mean?" The bear digimon muttered back, "At least twenty times older than us, if she was from era before the second great war."

Wisemon was about to try his luck again but Angemon pulled the control panel from him, "Give it to me!" The angel digimon seemed to lost his patience with all the bantering, while his comrades were out there, battling with their life in line. Wisemon stepped back as he watched Angemon began typing furiously. What the angel digimon was doing, he had no idea.

Angemon gritted his teeth, "This going to take a while." He informed them curtly, not stopping even for a moment from his task..

There was a short spell of silence before Valdurmon chirped again, "I didn't know you're as ancient as me!"

Dinohyumon piped in, "You're that old?!"

The angel digimon promptly ignored them.

Back to Real World

Hikari was running as if her life depended on it, not exactly true but not far from it. She could see Tailmon, and Takeru too! She fidgeted on her feet as another bus passed, her bus would be there in five minutes. Never in her life a five minutes felt like an eternity, it as if time ticking too slowly to her liking. Hikari hugged her bag to her chest, it had been few months after the spirit brought her to Takeru, and she had no idea if he was alright or not. At that time he looked so weak and pale, that for a moment she thought she had lost him.

She didn't want to lose Takeru, she though as her eyes closed shut.

And since then she had wonder what if she followed him that time, when Takeru jumped off of the train. She would be with him and Tailmon. For a fleeting moment Hikari forgot that she had a loving family that would have been devastated to lost her, she had quickly erase the though because digidestined couldn't afford to have two overprotective brothers fret over their siblings in another world. Yamato was already bad enough, Hikari almost felt guilty that she almost couldn't tell him a thing when Yamato asked about his little brother.

"Hey, I heard there's an accident near Hashiyama street."

"For real?"

Hikari's eyes snapped open at the news. "Eh?"

There was two high school student conversing about an accident near her house, "It's really bad I heard, the traffic jam to reach there is really bad now."

"Too bad, Takahiro lives there right? He is still in school for club, maybe it would be fine when he went back."

Another boy shrugged, "Who knows, my girlfriend who live around there said it would be faster to walk there than by bus."

Hikari tensed at that, then she approached the two older boys. "Excuse me, but do you know which road around that accident that really jam?"

The older student eyed the pink dressed girl, "If from here, I heard it's jam all the way to Kamo junction."

Hikari paled at that, "Oh..." That's just ten minutes by bus from her current location, but thirty minutes walk to her house. "Thank you Nii-chan." She turned around and ran through rows of show, "Internet cafe... internet..." She murmured as clutching her bag. "Ah!" Hikari stopped and eyed the internet cafe she found only to frown at the poster, it was a gaming cafe. Would they allow an eight years old girl in?

It was surprisingly easy to convince them to let her using their computer, and they even let her for free. It seemed teary eyes of a little girl works not only on her older brother, but male general population. Now... she just have to email Koushiro-san so he can tell her to contact Tailmon.


"Such a lovely and touching story!" The postman sobbed as they watched Yamato turned on the computer and tried to connect to the network.

The barber nodded, "If my old com can reunite two brothers, I would gladly lend them to you boy!"

Yamato wiped his tears as he opened the messenger window, he even didn't lie to get the barber to lend him the com. "Thank you!"

Digital World

"Why Mimi didn't come? Won't Mimi see me again?" Palmon was close to tears.

Tailmon shook her head. "I don't think that's why... human in real world have a lot of things to do such as school and work. Sometimes they even travel very far..."

Gabumon nodded, "It's not like Mimi know she has to stay at home today to meet you."

Palmon wiped her tears, "You're right..."

Gomamon sighed, "If human in real world is that busy I wonder what they are doing now in digital world."



Biyomon glared at Gomamon who quickly covered his mouth with his fin. "Goooomaaamooon..." The pink bird hollered, "You're so insensitive!"

"I didn't mean to!" Gomamon cried.

Gabumon rolled on the ground, "How can I face Yamato now... Takeru... Patamon..." The beast digimon muttered with waterfall tears running down his face.

Tailmon looked down, "Maybe he don't care about me anymore... " She grumbled under her breath.

Palmon and Biyomon shot flinching Gomamon a glare then went to comfort the two depressed digimon, "I am sure Takeru is fine now, Patamon is taking care of him for sure!" Palmon tried to assure Gabumon who didn't even look up at her and kept rolling back and forth on the ground.

Biyomon patted Tailmon, "I am sure he care about you! It's him we're talking about! Beside... absence make heart grow fonder!"

"It's breaking my heart." Tailmon replied dryly.

"Ooh..." Biyomon cooed, "Don't say that Tailmon, I am sure he has his reason!"

Tailmon sighed sadly, "Then what reason it could be that good enough to ignore me for months?"


Gennai interupted their little pep talk, "Tailmon! Gabumon! Your turn is up! Yamato and Hikari are waiting for you!"

"Coming!" Tailmon answered as she dragged Gabumon to the portal, leaving dumbfounded Palmon and Biyomon.

Takeru wondered why his chair was floating but not made to shakeable back and forth, because he really wanted it to do so. It was much more comfortable shaking your chair than pacing back and forth. Angemon was still working on connecting the system to the network, he did make progress but it was too slow in this kind of emergency. No one in the room dared to ask when Angemon would finish, because 'as soon as he could' was the only answer.

It was a dead silence in the room save the beeping sound the device made from Angemon's typing.

Then the angel digimon broke the spell of silence with one line that made they jumped. Angemon turned to look at them and if he didn't have a mask on they would have seen his devastated expression, a window with one sentence of digicode and an empty password slot. "We... need a password." He said gravely as if it was the end of the world.

Everyone looked up and Valdurmon somehow got the clue they were silently asking her. "I have no knowledge of it."


"... My apologies." Valdurmon muttered sadly.

Angemon frowned at that then pulled a window, "There's..." A foreign voice whispered on the back of his mind, urging him with alarm. "Another way to reset the password, we can try this."

"What are you trying to do?" Wisemon asked worriedly when he saw Angemon took a deep breath. "This system is very delicate, don't do." Something foolish, he wanted to say.

[[Wee ki ga bansh rre NETWORK]]
I shall concentrate to open the door to Network

[[METAFALICA ADDR:0x121:3461:3270 :: jYEwA NETWORK]]
From Metafalica, to entrust it to the Address 0x121:3461:3270: in Network!

[[Presia aulla yor ciel tes mea]]
Please open your world to me.

Suddenly a circular portal tore through the fabric of space on the ceiling of the room, their mouth opened in disbelief at it. Takeru looked at his partner, "Is that the gate to Network Space?" He asked.

Angemon nodded hesitantly, "Ugh... I think so?" He was not so sure himself, heck he even had no idea what he did just now.

Suddenly a screen popped in the air, displaying Agumon and Gabumon in the middle of warp evolution to Mega. "We're connected to the network now so I can stream this live! Good job Angemon!"

"Oh." Wisemon clapped his hands followed by Dinohyumon and Grizzlymon who were more confused than ever. "Now what?"

Angemon turned to Takeru, who grinned as he raised his digivice. "Are you ready?"

"Of course." Angemon grinned back.

"Angemon digivolve to... Holy... Angemon!"

The perfect level angel shifted his stance and nodded to his partner before he flew off to the portal that quickly closed as he passed through.

Network Space

Wargreymon and MetalGarurumon surrounded the Perfect level digimon, and the moment they had it cornered, Wargreymon released his Gaia Force on the virus. The Virus digimon managed to survive the attack, albeit sighed all over its white body. It tried to escape only to run to Cocytus Breath of

"Good work Wargreymon!" Taichi cheered his ultimate level digimon. "Keep going!"

Yamato encouraged his robotic beast digimon. "You too MetalGarurumon!"

Infermon howled in pain, staggering as it landed on a data plane. The virus eyed Tentomon and Tailmon, two screen of their respective digidestined hovered near them. It could see the digidestined was planning to overpower him even more, stacking more odds against him. That was not favorable, it thought as it drew its limbs to its shell like a turle. Tentomon and Tailmon was in mid of evolution when the bullet like body of Infermon flew towards them. The virus however didn't reach its target and had to stop abruptly when a laser broadsword barely missed its head.

Kabuterimon and Angewomon gasped when they realized Infermon almost caught them off guard, but their worries dissipated when they saw their savior. "HolyAngemon!" Angewomon gasped, he came!

The silver winged angel smiled at them, "My apologies for being late, we have a bit of trouble to connect here."

"Everyone!" Takeru's screen popped up near HolyAngemon. "Did we make it in time?" He asked sheepishly.

"Takeru!" Yamato cried, "You're here!"

"Takeru-kun! You're alright!" Hikari muttered in relieve.

The child of hope blinked at them, "Eh?" When he was not alright?

Taichi took a deep breath, "Sorry for the interruption! But the big bad virus is coming this way!" True to his word Infermon was spinning like a bullet towards them.

"HolyAngemon!" Takeru called, "Stop him!"

HolyAngemon moved sword in circular motion, a circle of light appeared then morphed to a golden gate. "Heaven's Gate!" The gate however was not turned to a vortex they all knew of, instead the white pool of the gate fired a pillar of light that hit Infermon and blasting the virus digimon to the nearest data plane.

Infermon let out a pained shriek but quickly back to its quickly dodged a barrage of light arrows Angewomon unleashed upon him. "Holy Arrow!" Angewomon fired another arrow that barely missed Infermon's head.

"Cocytus Breath!" MetalGarurumon roared as he unleashed freezing attack towards the elusive virus. Infermon ran with its long limbs, leaving a trail of icicles behind him.

Wargreymon took his chance to block Infermon's path, greeting the perfect level digimon with his sphere or fire. "Gaia Force!"

Much to their frustration Infermon managed to dodge Gaia force, and once again jumped away from AtlurKabuterimon's Horn Buster and the insect digimon had to struggle to pry his horn off of the data wall he crashed. "This is frustrating." AtlurKabuterimon said.

HolyAngemon hovered above him and Angemon, "What an astounding agility... it managed to evade all of our attacks."

Angewomon flew beside him, "Never mind our attack he dodged but you manage to hit it, this digimon is a virus digimon."

"And I am a vaccine Angel digimon." He continued, "It's strange indeed."

WarGreymon growled, "So true, why this guy didn't keel over after that attack?"

MetalGarurumon nodded in agreement, "Before we still can inflict significant damage that enough to make it pause but now..."

AtlurKabuterimon added his two cents, "I think he is also getting faster, or it's just me?"

Takeru who was listening the conversation gasped, "It can't be..."

The other digidestined turned to Takeru, wondering what made the younger boy looked so anxious. "Takeru? What's wrong?" Yamato asked.

"Oi Takeru!" Taichi called him out.

Takeru turned to them with a face that tell them he had a bad news, "This is bad." He muttered then turned to their digimon. "Take him out NOW! Don't let him digivolve to ultimate!" He shouted in desperate voice.

Their digimon gasped at that, and HolyAngemon growled under his breath. "This digimon...Everyone! Don't attack him anymore! Capture him! He is gaining experience from this battle!"

Angewomon gasped at that, "But that... it's using us to evolve?!"

Truth quickly dawned to the rest of them, and none of them was happy to be used by the virus. Wargreymon roared angrily. "Now that did it! HolyAngemon! I am going to kick this bastard goodbye to your gate!"

"It would be my pleasure." HolyAngemon replied smoothly.

Taichi grinned then turned to Takeru, "Good job figuring out his plan!"

Takeru grinned sheepishly at the praise, "It's thanks to our digimon to notice its growing power." He turned his attention back to the battlefield, where their digimon was in hot pursuit of Infermon. "Speaking of which, it's not going smoothly in our side."

Hikari glanced at Takeru, wondering since when he started become so observant of battle instead of just cheering for their digimon. She had to agree he was right, Infermon was leading their digimon to a merry chase. "True... at this rate they're going be so tired."

"It's just not what they used to do." Takeru muttered.

Koushiro blinked at that, "Oh right, we're used to being chased not the other way around."

Taichi and Yamato rolled their eyes to Koushiro, "You don't have to point out that sad fact."

"It's true." Koushiro pointed out again. "Gah!" The genius suddenly hunched over, and holding his stomach painfully. "Excuse me... I need... toilet." He wheezed.

AtlurKabuterimon stopped and turned to his partner, "At the time like this Koushiro-han?!"

Koushiro's screen was empty, and Taichi sighed at the insect digimon. "Sorry, he is busy now. He drank too many Oolong tea."

"You must be kidding me!" The insect digimon wailed.

"AtlurKabuterimon!" HolyAngemon hissed, "Duck!" He barked.

The insect digimon did as the angel digimon told him in panic, barely missed Infermon bullet by an inch pass his horn. "Sorry! And thanks!"

MetalGarurumon growled as he hovered beside HolyAngemon, "This is not good! How we're going to catch him while he was bolting around like that? Even if we attacked he will shrug it off."

Wargreymon beside him nodded, "What to do now?"

HolyAngemon readied his sword, "Excaliburst!" The laser sword came to life. "There's no time to waste, we have to pin it down with direct physical attack." The angel digimon said as he blocked Infermon's path, but instead of running to the sword the virus digimon managed to shifted its body and survive the clash with a thin scratch running through its white body.

"Spider Cannon!" His mouth opened to reveal a barrel-like cannon, shooting small flares at the angel digimon that barely had time to use his beam shield to protect himself.

WarGreymon and Garurumon moved and caught Infermon when his attention focused on HolyAngemon. "Got you!" WarGreymon growled as he and MetalGreymon pinned the virus by its long limbs. Infemon didn't give in, he trashed around and tried to pull his limbs back to his body. "Woi! Woi!"

"Uwaa!" Metalgreymon who was using his front leg had more difficulties in holsing the virus down. "Stay still!"

HolyAngemon had no idea what to do since there's no way he could squeeze himself in in between the three massive digimons, and he might accidentally harm his friends too. "Get a hold of him! I will ready my gate!"

"We are working on that!" WarGreymon said, "He is a tough one!"

In spite of being one level lower Infermon possessed massive strength that enough to match ultimate level digimon and after one full minute the three digimon were still struggling and trashing around the network space. HolyAngemon, Angewomon and AtlurKabuterimon flew to follow the three that still locked in the struggle. "This is getting nowhere." Angewomon muttered in annoyed tone.

"And we can't help either."

"This if frustrating!" Taichi at last lost his patience, "Come on!"

Takeru turned to Taichi, "But Taichi-san, calm..." Taichi's screen went black then disappeared, "Eh?"

Wargreymon suddenly stopped moving, MetalGarurumon noticed and about to call him out when a barrage of red flares attacked him and defenseless Wargreymon.



And all hell broke loose.