Harry, once again, woke up to the roars of rage coming from his uncle.


This wasn't the first time Harry had woken up to Uncle Vernon's screams. Over the summer Hedwig, his owl, had mysteriously mated with a male owl and now was a proud mother of two. Of course, to raise owlets you have to have food. And the only way Hedwig could get food was from the fridge. She couldn't hunt because the food supply of rats and other little rodents had strangely vanished into thin air with out a trace to be found anywhere.

"Oh shut-up!" he hissed at his uncle. He was very annoyed of his uncle's screams. They wake him up almost every day!

"WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME?!" his uncle yelled, pounding up the stairs.

"I said shut-up," Harry repeated in Parseltongue.

"GET OUT OF THAT ROOM NOW!" Harry's uncle was now beating on the door with all his might. Then he decided against it and receded down the stairs.

"Coming, coming!" He quickly dressed in Dudley's oversized, killer whale, hand-me-downs and prepared to be blasted in the face with the breath of his uncle. "Sheesh Hedwig, what did you take now?" he muttered with a hint of amusement under his breath. Before leaving the room, he gave a gentle pat to each of the snowy owlets who returned their affections by screeching excitedly.

"Don't worry. I won't let anyone hurt you two." One of the owlets screeched in delight. The other stuck its head under its wing and decided to take a morning nap. Harry chuckled.

"Ok, I'm not going to bore you any more, Starlight."

Then Harry opened his multi-locked door and bounded down the stairs.

What he saw then and there almost made him die of laughter. Dudley was cowering under the table, or trying to, shaking with fear. Aunt Petunia was running around in circles, like a maniac, around the kitchen screaming for Uncle Vernon to kill the owl. His uncle, who looked ridiculously like a clown with a piggish face, chased after Hedwig with a broom trying to whack her. Hedwig was calmly flying around the house, with a piece of pork in her mouth. Harry, who was finally able to wipe tears from his eyes, stuck two fingers in his mouth and gave a sharp deafening whistle. Harry started to rub his ear.

Hedwig seeing this as an opportunity to escape flew straight into Harry's room and shut the door (yes very strange for an owl). Harry not able to contain his laughter any more, burst out in mirth.

"You little brat!" his uncle screamed. "How dare you let that, that owl," there he shuddered at that word. "How dare you let her scavenge though my refrigerator?!"

"She needs food," Harry said, as if explaining it to a two-year old, even though explaining wouldn't make any difference. "She has owlets to feed and that's why she needs food."

"Well how about telling her to hunt for it!" His uncle snarled.

"Haven't you heard? All the rats and other rodents have gone missing," Harry replied, clearly exasperated.

Meanwhile, in the background, skinny horse-faced Aunt Petunia was trying to pull Dudley out from under the table with no luck. He was the size of a fully-grown African Elephant and had to squint through his eyes to see. Every time he walked, the house would give a little shake or tremble.

When things had calmed down and Harry had gotten his punishment (which was no food or water for the entire day, cleaning the roof of mud, pulling the weeds out of the garden, cleaning out the cellar, washing the car, vacuuming the house from top to bottom, washing the laundry, throwing away the garbage, separating the recycling cans, scrubbing the driveway floor, watering the garden, cleaning the bathroom, replanting the garden, dusting the bookshelves, and letting Dudley play punch bag with him) Uncle Vernon made an announcement.

"I have invited Mr. Woldim, Mrs. Woldim, and their 25-going-on-to-26 year old daughter, our newest neighbors, as dinner guests for tonight to welcome them into the neighborhood. I'll be out in town buying some suits for Dudley and me," then he turned to Harry. "You boy will be staying out of the way for the entire night."

"Now when Mr. Woldim and family come tonight Dudley will greet them at the door. Dudley what do you say?"

"May I take your coats Mr. and Mrs. Woldim?" He reached out his enormous, fat, stubby hands and pretended to offer it to an invisible person.

"They're going to love him!" cried Aunt Petunia.

Meanwhile Harry was blocking out the entire conversation. Why had the name Woldim sound so familiar? Harry was searching through his brain trying to remember. What he didn't realize was that Uncle Vernon had spoken to him.

"WAKE UP BOY!" He roared from across the table. "I asked a question and I expect it to be answered!"

"Um," What was the question? Oh yeah! "Do my chores and stay out of the way for the entire night without making a sound." Whew! That was a close call! he thought.

"Now that we've gotten that settled, Petunia prepare dinner while I go shopping for suits. You," he snarled at Harry. "will stay out of the way or else."

Before he left, Harry's uncle had one last thing to say.

"If you do anything abnormal tonight you'll be sure that I'll kick you and that stupid owl out."

Throughout the day, Harry worked laboriously never being able to rest, not even for a second. He did at least get some exercise. Whenever Dudley would pounce out of his hiding place (that's funny, a fat boy could pounce?) and try to punch Harry, he would run away with Dudley chasing after him; the floors vibrating. Sometimes, if he were lucky, he would sneak up behind Dudley and yell "BOO!" which would send the fatter boy into terror.

While dusting the bookshelf in the basement, Harry found something peculiar. He was sending clouds of dust into the air when suddenly his hand brush past a book and it flew into his palm. This caused him to drop the duster onto the floor with a tiny thump! A wind picked up and the pages of the book started flipping rapidly. Harry too mesmerized to do anything just stood there, while a bright greenish-white light started to form a dome around Harry and the hovering book. Papers started flying around the room and the bookshelf began to rock. Just when he was about to call for help the wind stopped and the hovering book flew in front of Harry's face on a page labeled "Legnacra". Curious Harry began to read:

"There is a legend that if a person dies to protect a love one in danger, willingly without any force, once in the Dark Forest they will become a legendary Legnacra. Legnacras are mysterious and very powerful Dark Forest Protectors other wise known as 'angels'. Unlike the normal Dark Forest Protectors, they have gigantic majestic wings used for fighting the Hellgate Satans when attacked. Never will Legnacras age and they will stay young for all eternity. They are also granted the ability to visit their home world every fifteen to twenty-five years.

Once on their home planet, they will be able to stay for exactly two hundred fifty days, no more and no less, to look after a loved one. They will be granted the power in those two hundred fifty days to become one of the species inhabiting their world and stay conspicuous without being figured out. They are only allowed to guard one and only one person during those two hundred fifty days.

If the individual they are protecting deciphers their secret, they will, within twenty-four hours, transform into their original Legnacra forms and be transported back to the Dark Forest where in another fifteen to twenty- five years they will be allowed to visit their home world again.

Legnacras are hard to find but usually have very bright almond shaped eyes. They have the ability to be telepathic and are—"

Suddenly, the book slammed shut and flew back to the bookcase. The bright greenish-white dome surrounding Harry abruptly vanished. Harry surprised at the book's sudden action sprung a few feet into the air. When he regained his composure he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Recognizing the familiar thumping as his uncle's, he quickly picked up the duster and resumed dusting the bookshelves, a far-away look in his eyes. What else did the book say?' he wondered. He really wanted to pull the book off the shelf and start reading it again but didn't dare to do that when his uncle was watching him with an eagle's eye. Hold on! How in Merlin's beard did a magical book get in the Dursley's household?! Harry's mind did a double take. How did the Dursley's manage to get a hold on that magical book? Didn't they hate magic and anything else associated with magic? Confused thoughts like these raced through Harry's mind through out the entire day.

Before the day was over, Harry had managed to finish all of his punishments. Tired and weary he trudged into the house and up the stairs to his bedroom. Then, the doorbell rang. A strange nagging feeling kept on telling Harry to turn around, but the other half of his brain kept on saying no. After a five-minute battle between the two halves of his brain, the nagging half won. So Harry decided to see how the new family was like. Maybe they're worst then the Dursley's he thought.

The strange nagging feeling was intense now. It was like if it was a sign that something strange was going to happen once that door was opened. And strange did happen. Harry's scar had a tingly sensation once the door was ajar. It wasn't painful just a little annoying like a bee buzzing around you. But then he looked at the Woldim's daughter, and almost toppled down the stairs.

Her bright, almond shaped, emerald-green eyes looked straight at him like if she already knew him. She had long fiery, curly, red hair that went past her shoulder a few inches and her body had a glowing appearance, surrounding her. She was the last person in the entire universe Harry thought to see. No…..! It can't be…' Using the rest of the courage still inside him he muttered a word that he would have never been able to say until now.


*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+ *+*+*+*+*+*+*

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