Rachel dodged the knife, screaming. Anna snarled, and stabbed at her again, this time nicking her hip. Rachel cried out as blood began to flow from the wound. "Anna," she begged, "please, I'll leave, I haven't done anything!" She held her hands out, trying to sooth the girl, but Anna just jabbed at her, still growling, and sliced her pinkie. Rachel howled and clutched at her hand as blood pumped from the wound. Okay, okay, she thought, you're a nurse. You've had training. She picked up the abandoned needle full of tranquillisers, and she sensed Anna looming over her, and sure enough, there she was. Her arms were raised, and there was blood on her nightgown, and her eyes were full of hate. Rachel launched herself from crouching position at the girl's knees, knocking her down. She tried to insert the needle into her hip, but only grazed her skin as Anna struggled and squirmed. "Alex!" She cried out, and Rachel shook her head as she got up. She needed to hide, wait until Anna tired herself out. The garbage caught her eyes, and she opened it and leapt in, scrunching up her nose at the smell. She closed it carefully, praying that Anna wouldn't think to look in the garbage.

Her finger was still bleeding badly, as was her hip, but she needed to hold on until she could get her car keys off Anna and drive to a hospital. "Where are you?" Anna's savage screams worked their way through the heavy lid, which muffled her shouts, but not the sting that came behind them. Rachel held her breath. She had tried to be nice to the girl. She had lost her sister and her mother, and now this young interloper was going out with her father? She had sympathised, but not so much now. She was genuinely crazy, and Rachel was afraid she'd hurt herself. Ever since Steven had told her she was coming home, she had cooked and cleaned like crazy, dreaming of someone she could braid hair with, talk about boys and dresses, give makeup advice, comfort when she was sad. When moody teenager had came through the door she had been as friendly and polite as she could but to no avail. She was so stubborn!

The snarling and pacing had gone into the house, and after opening up the lid a little to survey the area, Rachel hopped out and sighed in relief, Fresh air! A small mercy. A door slammed inside, and Rachel decided it would be smarter to ditch her car keys and her car and run for it. There was simply no time. "I can hear you, Rachel!" Shrill, piercing, haunting, Anna's voice rang out and Rachel began to sprint. Too late, she realised, the wrong way. She was headed towards the water, and she could see Anna's skinny silhouette in the bright outdoor lights of the house. There was no going back, no escape. Something kept spurring her on, kept her running towards the still dark water, and then she saw it. A boat. A small dingy, but a vehicle none the less, and she sent a quick thanks to the higher powers.

She almost dived into the boat and started it, surprisingly calm when the motor didn't catch. Anna was now jogging, he knife glinting menacingly in the moonlight, and Rachel's prayers where answered again. The engine rumbled and a choking smell filled the air, but she turned it out to open water, leaving Anna howling and waving her knife around. She smiled, only a small one, at how good it felt when she knocked her over. Sadistic and sick, but the obnoxious young girl had it coming to her. After all, Anna was trying to murder her, not the other way around. Rachel took out her cellphone, ready to call for help. No signal. Typical.