"I Think; therefore I am." Rene Descartes

When Naruto came to, he'd expected the dark, cracked ceiling above him. He knew the lines perfectly, spending countless, sleepless nights tracing over them again and again. So when he found himself looking into the smoldering eyes of one Sasuke Uchiha, he thought he reacted quite accordingly. If it meant snorting and uppercutting him out of reflex-and maybe, just maybe, some payback-, then yes, he acted well.

There was a loud thump and a disgruntled groan from the floor that Sasuke had probably landed. Naruto had to stifle a chuckle at the thought of the teme sprawled out on his floor, nose bleeding and groaning. Wait. His floor?

With a squeak, Naruto jerked up- and threw up. Luckily, he turned his head just in time to not get it over himself, and it his slight disappoint, Sasuke rolled out of the way. The blonde moaned, covering his swollen eyes with his hands. Everything was hurting. What the hell was wrong with him? His throat was swollen, his chest was aching and burning, and his eyes were stinging. Sure, he usually felt like crap, but not this bad.

"Naruto?" He slowly moved his fingers to peek over at Sasuke. He was crouched low, hands out and palms showing. He looked as if he was trying to coax a wild animal.

"The 'ell you doin' 'ere?" Why couldn't he talk right? Naruto tried to speak clearer, but his tongue kept reacting too slowly and getting in the way. He cleared his throat, wincing as the action hurt him even more.

"Are you alright?" Sasuke was right there. Like right there. Naruto could feel his breath on his cheek. Hadn't this guy ever heard of a personal bubble? Oh, of course he hadn't. Because when it came to him, everyone wanted him pressed up against them. Naruto fought back a gag at the thought of Sasuke pressed up against him.

"'m 'right. Wha' are you doin?" At least he go two words out that sounded slightly coherent.

"You... you weren't breathing," Sasuke spoke quietly, eyes averted.

Naruto stared at him confused. Not breathing? What, he had just been sleeping? Right? And then it all came back to him, the pills, the loneliness, the horrible thoughts, the sweet, accepting darkness. His heart picked up, racing in his chest weakly. He'd died. Died! He had stopped breathing, thinking, feeling, seeing, tasting, hurting. And of course, Sasuke, the damn bastard, had to ruin everything!

With a growl, Naruto lunged at Sasuke, the effort weak, but it surprised Sasuke nonetheless. They both ended up on the ground, narrowly missing the vomit on the floor. The blonde slammed his fist against Sasuke's chest, tears welling up in his blue eyes.

"You ruin everything! Everything!" He was trying the best to yell with his hoarse voice. His body hurt horribly from the movement, but he couldn't let that show.

"What? Last time I checked, I saved you! You weren't breathing!"

"Yeah! And it was great. I was dead. And I was happy!" And then the tears were coming and they weren't stopping. He sobbed, broken and drained. Sasuke looked taken back, shocked. Surely he had known that this day would come. Everyone knew that this day would come. One day the blue-eyed boy would break and there would be no one there to fix him.

"Why?" It was so soft and quiet that Naruto almost thought Sasuke hadn't spoken. He met the dark eyes angrily.

"Why not? No one likes me, no one wants, I'm just a loser, a fag, an idiot, I'm ugly, I'm stupid, I'm nothing."

"You aren't..." What was Sasuke supposed to say? You aren't any of those things? How could say those things without knowing about the dobe first. But then again, with a sense of guilt, he had made a judgement about Naruto without even speaking to him first. He was the reason Naruto was a living hell. Dammit, why did Sasuke always somehow screw everything up?

"Why did you save me?" Naruto stared down at his hands knotted in Sasuke's shirt.

"Why not?" There it was again, that cocky smirk on the raven's face. But this time, it didn't seem as threatening or promising pain and hurt. It was something different and strange. Naruto couldn't tell if he liked it or wanted to punch it off of the perfect face.

"How did you even find me?" Naruto croaked, lessening his grip a little. Sasuke looked comfortable enough with a skinny blonde sitting on his chest.

"Intuition? I'm joking, Jesus, calm down. My big brother. Itachi. He, uh, looked up your address." Naruto noticed the slight grimace at the work brother.

"Oh really?"

"Yeah. Don't believe me?"


Sasuke stared at him taken aback. The answer was so genuine and straight forward his heart hesitated in his chest. He deserved it. He knew it. But being the asshole he was, he wouldn't admit it. Sometimes, Sasuke really hated himself.

"Your house.. It's trashed. Your parents-"

"They aren't my parents," Naruto snapped, blue eyes flashing. Sasuke never really noticed this before, but he had really beautiful eyes. "They're my foster registered guardians."

Slowly Sasuke nodded. He understood. For once, maybe, they had something in common.

"Look, I'm really tired and I just want to sleep. Could you just leave or something?"



Sasuke sighed. "I said no. I'm not leaving because you could just go back to trying to kill yourself or something." Wow, he was a huge dick. Like, not in the flattering kind of way. Like a really, rude dick.

Naruto growled-wowthatwaskindofcute- and huffed. "Since when do you care if I live or die?"

Sasuke stopped. When did he start caring whether the dobe wanted to put a bullet in his brain or swallow a handful of pills? Why did he suddenly involve himself in something that he had no reason to? What was he even going to gain of saving the dobe? Naruto was a nobody, everyone knew that, hell, even the blonde himself knew. So why did he care?

I don't. He wanted to say that. Say that and hurt the blonde all over again and destroy everything. But he didn't mean it. He tried to say it, open his mouth, but he couldn't. Not with those cobalt eyes staring at him. 90% of the time Sasuke spewed lies and promises and words he never meant or would ever mean, but why couldn't he do it now? Damn this dobe. Damn him for his blue eyes and whiskered cheeks and broken personality.

Naruto was still waiting for an answer. His hands had gone slack on Sasuke's shirt. The raven became very aware of how the blonde was positioned on him, sitting on his stomach-closetohiscrotch- and hands pressed against his chest.

This idiot was going to be the death of him someday.

If he could convince him to live that is.