Chapter 3 (million)- Epic Battle Skillage Over 9000!


"Did you sleep well, Cloudo?" asked Ventus.

"AIIIIEEEEEEEEE!" Cloud screamed in a feminine like fashion as he fell off the roof into Sephiroth's arms.

"Get off me. This ain't no yaoi, Cloud." Sephiroth said.

Sekmet just stood there, then looked towards the angry figure walking toward them. It was Vincent, death glaring them.

"Hey, wanna buy a Prius?" asked Sephiroth.

Vincent answered by shooting Sephiroth through the forehead, but the wound healed instantly.

Vincent walked over to Ventus and grabbed her by her collar. "Ventus, I have to know...are you...still a VIRGIN"?

Ventus blushed, "Of ofcourse I am"!

Sekmet chuckled and Vincent turned to her, his eyes glowing bright crimson. "You sekmet should not be here". Sekmets eyes blinked. "You are a BAD influence".

"Me? I don't run around with guns all the time"!

Vincent growled at her and sekmet hissed back.

"Father!" Ventus ran into Vincent's arms. "Its ok..."

"Its–...not ok," Vincent growled through his teeth. "Rrrr..."


"Vincent... is Chaos..?" asked Cloud.

"Chaos? Whats-" began Sekmet.