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"Big sister?" Sarah asked as she slowly looked at the girl trying to find any similaries. None, so what was she trying to pull… she had to know. "Just who are you?"

"Oh, so it is true," the girl said approaching as if she was at a cautious stance before and now relaxed, or at least slightly more relaxed. "You've forgotten."

"Forgot what?" Sarah demanded now a little intimidated as she saw the girl look almost amused. Who was she? More importantly, what had she forgotten that would make people be in such a tense state? As she took a look around, it was almost as if they were now confident where before they were measuring her.

"No point in telling you really but we used to know each other from a long time ago. I'm Faye, your cousin I guess but you always acted so protective. Then you disappeared and now you're with that Thor guy's clan. Don't worry though, we'll be rid of them soon enough. They've defiled the area," Faye explained coldly and a matter-of-factly. Sarah couldn't believe that Thor and his people had defiled the land at all.

"What makes you think they've defiled it?" Sarah asked defensively as she made herself stand straighter, more confident.

"They kill for what they want. I was surprised to see you with them but don't worry about the person who wished to kill you. The person's been punished and it won't happen again. You're safe so long as you stay away from them, after all you are the 'princess'," Faye added with a small laugh, not in amusement but annoyance. "Well, it's been good talking with you but I have things to do and you have a people to save." Just then a scream echoed through the muses and Sarah turned her head to the noise. When she was turning her head back to say something, they were all gone again.

Not wasting time, she ran as fast as she could back to the fortress. What was going on and what did she mean by 'you are the princess' with that tone? Sarah couldn't think on it, not now for all the women and children were in danger. Never would she be able to forgive herself if anything were to happen to them.


Thor cursed when plants started to come up to the walls. Everyone was ordered inside when an alarm was sounded that was usually meant for the growing of the muses but this was different. Vines had already slaughtered most of the guards outside by the time only a handful had returned scared out of their mind. Armed and ready, the men ran up to where they could overlook the muses without being on the ground. Grenades and machine guns wouldn't do much but irritate the plants, however, it was all they had.

Chen had been lead inside even though she needed to tell Thor about Sarah and what had happened. However, that was when the plants started their attack and she was rushed down with the women to the middle of the fortress. She found Rada walking steadily towards her and limped over to meet him, holding onto his shoulder so he would have to listen. "It's about Sarah, she's… she's been taken by the plants."

"Then you know what that means. She's probably dead," Rada said coldly but truthfully as he looked away from Chen's annoyed eyes.

"They took her into the forest. If they wanted to kill her, they would have done so immediately. Plants don't know mercy or need to take captives."

"So you say but plants also don't follow our logic. Probably wanted to make a quiet kill, who knows? Now I've got to join them, we've already lost over fifteen and probably lose more by the end of this," Rada said pushing her hand away and running down the hallway up to where the men were.

Chen just sat down next to the panicking women and churned the annoyed thought in her head. Sarah wasn't normal but how much was she? Something about her just didn't sit right and it wouldn't until everything was laid out in the open. However, now it seemed that wouldn't come, after all anyone taken by the plants met the end of their lives so why would Sarah be any different…

Rada made it up to Thor's group and grabbed the weapon he was handed and made his way to Thor as Thor reloaded quickly and efficiently.

"Sarah's been taken by the plants," he said aiming his gun at a vine that was rising up and shooting.

"What?" He had been so concerned about his people since the attack that he had almost forgotten about her. Putting himself at a distance the last few days had been for their benefit, so he wouldn't force her into making a decision too soon but now… it was all for nothing. Not able to make his anger go away, he yelled as he shot the vine, ripping it apart.

"I'm sorry…" Rada said to deaf ears until he saw something, a woman that looked just like her running along the ground as vines moved away from her body. "Hey, it's a woman," Rada yelled and pointed down to the small person running. A small person with brown hair and maroon tunic.


Sarah had run as fast as she could and made it to the walls quicker than planned. Her adrenaline was pumping as she saw her new home being taken over by plants slowly but surely. The plants stayed away from her though… throwing a half made plan together she kept running to the main clump of vines near the men. Her legs were numb, her breath was heavy but she felt this power, an indescribable power rushing through her blood. Flashes of memories went through her as she pieced together what Faye had said to what she saw. There was something inhuman about her.

As this rush continued to make its way through her body, she called the plants to a halt in the mind, her arm extending with an open hand. All movements ceased by the plants and then men as well it seemed for she no longer heard their weapons firing off. Her eyes narrowed as she told the plants to go away and they obeyed. But she wasn't surprised, she wasn't even nervous that they would betray her. Talking to them like a trained pet, they obeyed without hesitation. They retreated quickly and she didn't know how long she just stood there but her legs gave out and she fell to her knees, feeling the burn of everything rushing through her.

Thor couldn't believe what he saw. One minute the plants were attacking, then halting and miraculously retreated. But something about Sarah seemed off. It was like she told them to do so. Her eyes seemed to glow and with just extending her arm out, they seemed to obey her. Thor ran to her, ran as fast as he could once his shock wore off. By the time he arrived, she was on her knees out of breath, almost as much as he was.

"Sarah," Thor started questioningly as he kneeled down in front of her, "What just happened?"

There was no point in lying so she told the truth. "I told them to leave."

Her eyes showed so much confusion but Thor didn't care. She could control the plants. He didn't know to be furious or elated. Who had brought the plants here? Obviously if she was taken, she couldn't have controlled that… right?

"I thought you were dead when they told me you were taken," he said as he pulled her into an embrace. That was the Thor who had no problem showing his love like he had done for Karim. Sarah's eyes widened when she came back to her senses and actually felt him around her. He cared… he didn't ignore her because he hated her or her body… he cared.

"I was scared I was going to be," she admitted quietly.

"Let's get you back to rest," Thor said as he helped her to her feet.

Everyone was just now starting to roam around and no women or children were present either. Sarah presumed the men were going to go tell them it was safe to come out because of course they'd want to protect the rare part of the species. But somehow when Thor held her close as he was doing, she didn't care about the rest of the world, just the fact that he was in it and holding her was safety enough.

"I hope everyone is alright out there," Thor said once he closed the door to his room and bolted it shut.

"They'll be fine," Sarah said not noticing that he bolted the door as she walked to the bed and sat down to take off her boots. "They're all very tough."

"I know but they are under my care now," Thor said as he sat beside her and took off his own boots. They both sat there for a few moments in silence, the only sound being their boots hitting the ground with a solid 'thud'.

Sarah moved to the top of the bed where she sat looking at Thor who seemed lost in a daze. A daze full of worry and sadness. One she didn't want to see on him anymore. Without thinking, or letting her have time to think, she placed a hand on his shoulder and moved so that her lips lightly kissed his neck by his jaw line.

Thor almost jumped out of his skin when he felt her lips on his neck but relished the feeling of her wanting him in some way. Otherwise, she wouldn't have bothered, he thought satisfied with that. But he had made that promise to her and was brought back down from his high when her lips left his neck and her forehead rested on his shoulder.

"In the month of joining you will be mine," Thor said possessively as his hand softly touched hers.

"It's a promise then," Sarah said calmly and almost happily. That scared her, but only because she was so comfortable with the idea.

Thor was about to say something when he felt her head fall slack and looked back worried, only to find her asleep. Smiling as he shook his head, he quietly tucked her in under the covers along with himself. He would find time to question her tomorrow about that gift of hers… but for now, she was his woman in his bed.

Looking through the window, Faye toyed with her short black hair as she watched the couple unseen.

"Soon, you will see what we have planned for you, princess."

Bounding off to get back to her hide out, Faye smiled at their fortunate visit and couldn't wait to report her findings.