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Life, According to Sam

Part I

When Sam sees Quinn the first time, the thing he notices is her laugh. It's melodic and sweet, and she doesn't hold back or tries to make it attractive. His first thought is 'wow!' followed closely by 'who is this girl?', but he doesn't get anywhere close to expressing either of those sentiments.

He makes a complete fool of himself, so focused on watching her that he runs into a door and her friends all notice. Their laugh and jeers bother him- he could seriously be hurt and no one bothers to ask?- but when he finally gathers the courage to look towards her group again, his eyes meet Quinn's and he realizes she's the only one not laughing.

The first time he gets to talk to Quinn is two weeks into the new semester. Her lab partner is out sick and he pays his twenty bucks to skip class. When they get paired, she's all business- turn on the flame, mix these chemical, watch that beaker. She doesn't say anything unrelated to their project until class lets out, "You take directions really well."

By the time he manages to form the response, "Well, thanks. When you're being lead by someone who knows what they're doing, it's easy.", she's all ready at the other end of the hallway, on the starting quarterbacks' arm. She does however throw him a smile over her shoulder.

Sam's never been a sap. Sure he's good looking, but he went to an all-boys school and okay, that summer in Florida at his grandparents, he felt up the neighbor's daughter, but he'd never felt like this before. So, when he starts drawing hearts with arrows through them with slogans like, 'Sam + Quinn 4ever' and 'Quinn Evans' or the ever embarrassing 'Samuel Patrick Fabray' monogram, he knew he was head over heels for a girl he barely knew.

He could list on all his digits what he knew about her- favorite color, birthday, kirks, habits- but he didn't know the important stuff, like how many kids she wanted or the color scheme for her dream kitchen, and what would she name their kids?

The first time Sam and Quinn had a real conversation was at the Halloween dance. He's come as a vampire, because if anyone could get the girl, it was Edward Cullen. She came as the Queen of Hearts, a crown on her head and a scepter in her hand- highly appropriate if you asked Sam. Finn, her boyfriend, at ditched her to chat up someone else and a wide receiver was currently hitting on her. He watched her roll her eyes at his come-ons and polite excuse herself. After a bit of stalking on his part, they ended up at the football stadium; her on the bleachers, him trying to hide at the entrance ramp.

"I would be easier if you stopped following me?"

Her voice startled him; he hadn't even realized she knew he was there. Or alive in general.

"Sorry, I'll just go."

He got as far as one step off the ramp before he heard sigh and yell out.

"Stay. Please? I could use the company."

He didn't need to be told twice. As calmly as he could, Sam walked over and sat beside her.

"What are you doing out here?"

She was silent for a minute, seemingly wondering how to answer him.

"Trying to get away from everybody in there." She bit her bottom lip and he watched her shift in her seat. "Do you ever feel weird? Not like a freak per say, but more in a, 'What am I doing here, with these people?' kind of way?"

Sam wasn't sure how to respond.

"I feel different from people here, sometime, like they're Decepticons and I'm an Autobot. Like I can't understand them and they won't accept me."

Quinn nodded, like she was actually paying attention, but Sam knew she probably didn't understand his reference.

"Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who wants to leave this place, has a aspiration to see the world. Except for maybe like Rachel Berry. I mean," She sighed deeply and then turned around to face him. "What's the point of it all? Why am I here? I'm a junior, I graduate next year- where am I going? What am I doing? I can't get stuck in Lima, Ohio. I have dreams, and hopes and I want to live."

This was a side of Quinn Sam had never seen before. She was ranting and he was pretty sure if she didn't take a breath soon she was going to pass out.

"Puck, Finn, Santana and Brittany act like being popular is the be all and end all. Like nothing can ever measure up after this- the right now. But that can't be me! I can't be happy like this. Barefoot and pregnant, white picket fences and no career or aspirations of my own. I can't have my life revolve around someone else's needs."

"Okay, okay." Sam soothed when she started to hyperventilate. "Put you head between your legs and breathe deeply."

She bent over as well as she could and sucked in deep, long breaths while Sam rubbed her back. When she'd finally calmed down, Quinn stared at Sam, like she expected him to make fun of her or something. When no quip came, Quinn half smiled.

"Sorry about that. I freak out sometimes, all that meaning of life stuff."

Sam nodded. Then placed his over hers, where they were folded on her lap.

"I think you'll be fine." Then he leaned in close and whispered. "Don't tell anyone I ever said this, but you're Quinn Fabray; you're strong and determined, considerate and your smile lights up a room, you'll be okay. You'll figure it out and be amazing at whatever you want to be. Because if you can't figure it out, that no one else can either."

Quinn smiled shyly. "Except, maybe, Rachel."

"Yeah, except Rachel." Sam agreed, laughing. "That girl is scary. She corned me one day to ask me to join Glee. She has this psycho eye, nervous twitch thing going on there."

Quinn split a stitch laughing. Sam, feeling the moment was over and wanting to get away before he said something dorky to humiliate himself stood up and headed down the bleachers.


He turned around and suddenly she was right in front of him, her lips on his. It was nothing more than her lips pressed to his, thirty seconds- forty-five, tops- but it was the best thing that had ever happened to him that lasted under a minute. He sees fireworks, really pretty ones.

Then she was walking away, smirking at him over her shoulder.

"Goodnight Sam."

After that, for the rest of the semester, Sam noticed that his gaze connected with Quinn's a lot.

When he was switching out his book at his locker, she was flirting with Finn, but her eyes were in his direction and her smile would widen when he'd notice. When he dropped all pens in English, Quinn's hands brushed his when she returned a pen that had rolled under her chair and he'd spend all class looking at her instead of the teacher. When she passed him the halls, she would whisper his name, which sent chills down his spine, and he would stare until she left the hallway.

When the last day of school before Christmas break ended, Sam was grateful. A few days away from the torture Quinn was putting him through. He waited until most of the school had cleared out before he when to his locker. The note fell out when he opened the door. It was written with a pink glitter pen, it had no signature, and it was only an address, date and time, but he instinctively knew who it was from. He could almost hear the words aloud in his ear.

2375 E. Mayfield Circle

12/26 7 p.m.

He debated with himself for days whether to go or not. One hand, it was Quinn- he'd find a way to get there, even if he was in jail. Other hand, he had no idea why Quinn wanted to meet with him- And he wasn't getting his hopes up that it meant something, in case it wasn't.

He found himself out the address debating whether to ring the doorbell or leave. The decision was taken out of his hands when Quinn opened the door, wearing a yellow sundress and white knee highs. She beckoned him in, and once he was in arm distance she grabbed his hand and ushered him into the dining room.

The dining room table was set for a dinner for two, candles lit and glasses are filled.

"What do you think?"

Sam raised an eyebrow. "About what? Crashing your romantic dinner date with Finn?"

When Quinn laughed, he was even more confused. What was going on? But Quinn was patient and instead pulled him to the table and into a seat.

"This," she motioned to the table, "Is for us. It's our first date. You can pay for the next one."

For a second Sam thought he was dreaming- maybe he was asleep over his computer, drooling on the keyboard- but he couldn't be. Because in his dream Quinn never wore yellow sundress, she wore Catwomen's catsuit to tutoring sessions (which he needed) or Supergirl's costume while she while she kissed him beachside (which he'd like to do one day).

"What about Finn?"

"I like you. Finn's not in the picture."

"You like me?"

"Of course I do. Idiot." She smiled the entire time.

He knows it's an insult, but he could pretend it was a pet name.

"Okay," Sam cracked his first smile since he'd arrived. "What's on the menu Sweet Cheeks?"

"Don't call me that again."

"Fine." Kicked puppy dog eyes and lip pouts didn't work on Quinn.

Dating Quinn Fabray was like being continually high, Sam thinks. Everything seems different- newer, better, enhanced. He spends most of Christmas break out of the house- taking Quinn to sappy Romantic Comedies, taking walks through the park, running over puddles and kissing in the rain- that his parents have started complaining and interrogating him when he gets him. And when he's home, he has the dopiest grin on his face that he guess his parents have already started collecting pamphlets on "knowing the signs" and what the rehab options are. His parents have yet to meet Quinn, mostly because he wants Quinn to stay his girlfriend. He has nightmares of introducing them and Quinn bolting after one of his dad's lame jokes.

But Quinn's looking at him like he can do no wrong- even when he makes references she doesn't get or when he whispers Na'vi to her and especially when he shows her the comic book collection he keeps in a vacuum sealed container under his bed. He doesn't even stop to think what it's going to be like when the semester starts until he's in front of his locker putting in his combination. The he pauses and wonder, 'Will Quinn ignore me?', 'Will Finn beat me up?', and 'Why is that Puckerman kid suddenly glaring at me like I'm the antichrist?'.

When he finally clocks back into reality Quinn snuggled into his chest and pulling him towards her homeroom. He doesn't care about anything else.

He walks her to two classes, they split a sandwich at lunch, and he almost makes it the whole day without running into Finn. Until Finn, Puck and a couple of his other football teams corner him after football practice. They push him around a little, punch him a couple of time in the gut before emptying his locker and walking away laughing.

He ends up grabbing what they left- his wallet and car keys-, covering himself with his hands as best he can, and bolting to his car as fast as he can. Unfortunately he runs into the Cherrios halfway to his car.

They stare. He can't move.

"Quinn, totally see it now." Santana smirks.

That jump starts him and he dashes to his car, and he doesn't even bother to glance in Quinn's direction.

'She's breaking up with me.'

'She's breaking up with me.'

'Oh, crap. She's breaking up with me.'

'I was naked in front of Quinn and she wasn't naked too.'

He sulks in his room watching Attack of the Clones on loop until his mom yells for dinner. He passes the living room on the way to the dining room and doubles back in shock. Quinn's squished between his siblings, chatting with his mom. His father is listening intently and nodding.

"Sam, there you are!"

"Sammy, my boy!"

His father jumps off the recliner and claps him on the back.

"Why didn't you tell us you invited Quinny over for dinner?" His mother chastised with a smile. "Your father and I were so shocked when your girlfriend showed up at the door."

Sam sits on the arm of the recliner, next to his father, and watches Quinn charm his family. She's gracious; compliments the pot roast, laughs at the bad jokes, puts up with his siblings, and brushes off the fact that he knocks over her drink. Twice. Afterwards, when he drives her home, he asks her why she showed up for dinner.

"Once I stopped laughing, figured you might be embarrassed. So I came to show you that it's okay."

Sam nodded.

"But just to let you know, Sarah took pictures." He felt his face get pink. "Don't worry, I confiscated the camera…"

"And erased the pictures. Good." When Quinn doesn't confirm, he looks over at her. "You erased the picture right?"

Her response was a smirk.

Valentine's Day have never been fun for Sam; they generally suck because he's never had anyone. It's a big day, their first couple holiday. He makes plan, then remakes them. Then Quinn tells him they're going to the McKinney High Valentine's Day Fair- she's working the kissing booth for an hour and they can hold hand and ride the Ferris Wheel afterwards.

The first part of their date sucks. He glares at every guy that pays a dollar to kiss Quinn and declines Santana's repeated invitations to join her line. When Quinn's hour is almost up, Puck and Finn show up. He thinks about objecting, but keeps quiet. She kisses each with hesitance and wipes her mouth when it's over.

Sam searches for any sign that she felt anything by kissing Finn. He finds none. He's her last customer- he gets more than his dollar's worth. When they break apart, Sam notices they've attracted a crowd.

What starts at the fair, ends in his bedroom. She's unafraid of being naked in front of him and he's so busy memorizing every curve and slope that he's unashamed of being naked in front of her. They cuddle afterwards.

Sam loves Valentine's Day. Everything is perfect.

Sam's become the son the Fabray always wanted and he knows his mom's already picking out china patterns. Then suddenly, Quinn withdraws. She stops taking his phone calls and he starts stalking her- like when he spends an entire Saturday out her favorite ice cream store, hoping she'll show up. They finally speak when scales into her bedroom- a la Spiderman. She was sitting on the bed, waiting for him when he threw himself through the window.

"Why are you ignoring me?" He refrains from yelling because if he gets too loud, Quinn's parents will burst in.

She pats the place next to her on the bed and waits until they're facing each to speak.

"I'm late." When Sam doesn't have a reaction, she scowls. "I'm late. Ten days, to be exact. I'm never been late."

"Have you taken a test yet?"

She crosses her arms and her frown deepens. "No, I don't want to know what it'll say."

He buys the test before school and they skip their last class to take it in the privacy of the Evans house. He holds her hand the entire three minutes and breathes a sigh of relief when she comes out of the bathroom happier than she went in.

They don't talk for a week afterwards, but when they do they decide to stock up on condom and never mention the pregnancy scare again.

They end their high school career different then they started it. Sam the Ohio State Championship Quarterback and Quinn a National Cheerleading Champion. They both get accepted to Ohio State University and Sam buys a ring to propose at Graduation Party at the Evans house. He gets as far as 'will you…' before Quinn's pulling him away from their family and friends outside.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

It's the first time since the incident they don't talk about that she's been truly sour with him.

"I mean, what were you doing in there? Doing…" she waves her hands around angrily. "Doing that in front of everyone! For God sake, we're only eighteen."

He sighs and runs his hand through his hair in frustration. "I know. I just thought, since we're going to be together at Ohio State anyway, why not? I figured we could married in a couple of years, have kids once I've settled into my career and buy a house with a reed door, white picket fence and tree swing in the front yard."

He keeps babbling on about their lives together like it's already written and Quinn can't hear what he's saying, but she can sure feel the panic.

She cuts him off mid-sentence.

"I'm not going to Ohio State, I'm going to NYU."


"I said," she repeats through clenched teeth. "You can go to any university you like, but I'm going to NYU."

"What? You never mentioned NYU or any other place for that matter. The plan was always Ohio State together."

He's staring at her like he has no idea where any of this is coming from. That pisses Quinn off.

Suddenly they're each other's faces screaming and gesturing wildly. Their loved ones watch in morbid fascination from the windows.

"Why don't you get it?" She screams before pushing against his chest. "I'm not ready and all this 'our future' crap is freaking me out. I need time, and space. Maybe in a few years Sam. Sorry."

"I'm sorry," he says sarcastically. "for loving you and thinking we can have a future together. Excuse me for being so in love with a selfish bitch that I want to make her my wife! If you can't accept my proposal now, than it's going to be never."

They're at a stalemate and Sam know what she's going to say before she says it.

"Then it's never." She's barely audible and holding back tears. "Goodbye Sam."

She runs off before he can change his mind and take it back.