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Summary: Sam and Dean travel to a small town in Ohio after learning about a brutal murder of a local girl. It seems like the tiny suburb holds a secret that the boys never expected to find out about.

"C'mon, Jadell," Brittany Robinson scoffed as she tossed her long, blonde hair behind her skinny shoulder and rolled her eyes, which were caked with layers of pink eyeshadow and mascara. "I, like, don't have all night!" She was talking to a younger girl who trudged in through the back door of an old, dark warehouse after her. She was holding herself, as if she was cold, despite the fact that it was a warm, spring night. But the darkness and eeriness of the nearly century old warehouse made it seem like the temperature had mysteriously dropped a few degrees.

Jadell Lang glared at the preppy older girl with her narrow, dark eyes. It had only been two weeks since her father had moved her and her older brother, Ethan, to the tiny, quaint town of Canal Fulton, Ohio. She already hated it. The place was too quiet and boring. And the school she went to was full of nothing but snobby tramps in skirts and shorts that were way too small and spineless jocks who only had one thing on their mind; to get in the pants of those tramps. And Brittany happened to be one of those brainless tramps. The reason why Jadell was even with someone like her was because during lunch, Brittany and her Paris Hilton-wannabe posse had dared her in front of the entire cafeteria to enter the most creepiest and mysterious buildings of the tiny town, which happened to be the one that they were in now. And because Jadell didn't want to prove her self as a 'lesser being' to the air-headed girls, she accepted the dare. Little did she know was that she was going to soon regret this decision.

"What's the matter, Brittany? Afraid that you won't make it back in time to screw the star quarterback, Justin Grey? " Jadell smirked as she looked up at the taller girl. What she lacked in brainpower, she made up in height. Being six feet tall, Brittany was the star of the school's volleyball team and had already won five competitions. Brittany was also the head cheerleader. But Jadell didn't care. She hated sports. Her school had made team spirit a HUGE deal and she swore that she was gonna kill herself if she heard the annoying victory theme song one more time.

Brittany glared knives at Jadell with her cold, blue eyes.

"You think you're funny, Miss Goth? Just remember that if you back out of this deal, I will make sure that the entire school knows," she held up her sparkly pink phone that Jadell wanted to throw up at the site of, "one way, or another."

"Hey, I'm here," Jadell shrugged, forgetting about the cold she felt earlier upon entering the warehouse. "But if you wanna leave, the door's right there." Jadell stood aside, holding out her arm to indicate the exit.

"Ha! Like, as if! C'mon, let's go down to the basement!"

Brittany laughed as she ran off, heading for the stairs that led to the floor below. Jadell sighed and rolled her eyes. She was a goth, yes, and she was all for creepy and spooky, but this warehouse just gave her a bad vibe. She felt as if she and Brittany shouldn't be there. Well, they shouldn't be there anyways since they had basically snuck into a closed tourist attraction through the back way after Brittany had used her bobby pin to pick the lock. It wouldn't take long for the local police to get to them if they had set off any silent alarms. But everything seemed okay. For now.

Jadell followed the sound of Brittany's lame ghost impressions down to the basement, where she was waiting, grinning like a hyena, which seemed to suit her just fine. Brittany moved over to a dusty old mirror.

"They say that, like, you can see your dead loved ones through this thing," she informed Jadell.

"Riiiight," Jadell yawned, unimpressed, "to me it looks like a good mirror to apply make-up with. You should take it back home with you."

"Like, no way! This thing is ugly! Besides, I already have, like, three of them already."

"Of course."

As Brittany walked back to the stairs, Jadell gave the mirror one last look. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped as she saw a fuzzy shape form in the glassy surface of the mirror. She gasped loudly as the shape morphed into a human form that she immediately recognized as it cleared.

She screamed.

Brittany rushed over to her, completely startled by her sudden outcry.

"Whatwhatwhat?" she exclaimed, grabbing Jadell roughly by the shoulders, turning her to face her. "Jadell! What is it? What did you see?"

By this time, Jadell was crying. She shoved past Brittany and ran for the stairs. She only made up two steps before Brittany grabbed her wrist to stop her.

"Calm down, you big baby! Tell me what you saw!" Brittany ordered.

"I-I can't!" Jadell sobbed, collapsing onto the steps.

"What the heck do you mean," Brittany sighed, "Like, whatever...I knew you'd chicken out."

She whipped out her cell phone and accessed the web.

"What are you doing?" Jadell sniffed, wiping away her tears. She was blinded by a sudden flash of white light.

"Oh, just sending the entire school a message, telling how much of a wuss Jadell Lang really is." Brittany grinned haughtily. "And your sobbing face will prove it!"

By the time Jadell could see again, she gasped in horror as she saw a horrible site other than Brittany. Behind the bratty teen, Jade saw a gruesome, ghostly figure looming up behind her.

She opened her mouth to yell out a warning, but nothing but a dry wheeze came out.

Brittany looked up at her with a puzzled expression.

"Like, what's your problem, now, freak?"

But Jadell didn't have time to answer before the figure grabbed Brittany by the shoulders, digging it's long, ugly yellow fingernails into her flesh, drawing blood. Brittany dropped her phone, which clattered to the floor, breaking. She screamed so loud that Jadell was sure that anyone passing by outside would've heard her. Jadell began crying again as she watched Brittany be thrown against the wall. A sickening crack sounded and she fell to the dirty floor, dead. The figure walked up to her, looking down at her motionless body, grinning. It then turned its decaying head towards Jadell who, by now, was breathing hard, her face stained with tears. The figure slowly progressed towards her.

The last thing Jadell remembered was screaming. Then, blackness.

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