Hey eveyone, this is my new story for Harry Potter, and at the same time my first Harry Potter story to write! there is some important things you NEED to know. first: i've only read 2 of the harry potter books, the first and third. i've watched all the movies so i will mostly be going by that and my own imaganation!

I had this idea to write this story last month, and i just wrote it down in my old art sketch book and now i have 5 chapters written down.

and if there are lots of mistakes, i know there might be some, but at the moment as i write this its 3:30 IN THE MORNING! i had to babysit, thats why i'm up...

and i do hope you enjoy this!


There are things that people don't know about me; Muggles and Wizards alike.

Since the day I was born I was cursed. It's a curse that affects me and only one other in the World. Do I know this boy? I have no idea. My whole life I have been putting boys down not wanting to be close. My whole life! I'm not even that old, 19 in fact.

Ever since I first came to Hogwarts I made a friend or friends if you count Ronald Weasley. The sucky part was: they were both boys. These friends I don't want to lose. That means one thing: I can't get too close, but at the same time be their best friend.

For years I have been their best friend. Harry Potter is the closest friend I have ever had. I would never abandon him and I know he would never abandon me. We study together and just talk about trivial and personal things in life. Altogether we talk about nothing really. Then there is Ronald Weasley who happens to be my other friend. He's really why Harry and I had become so close. If he wasn't off doing weird and bazaar things the git would be as close as Harry and I are now.

If you haven't guessed already, I'm Hermione Jean Granger, Mud-blood, as the Slytherins like to call me, and the brightest witch of the age.

well, i know it was short, but please review! i beg you! i'll get down on my knees!