Okay, didn't know what I wanted to do w/ this. So Imma just give my E&Cest one shots their own place too just like the Jedam & the Redge ones since that's the top three peeps I really like w/ Adam anyway & b/c I wanted to write more Jay/Adam, Christian/Edge, whatever. I'm kindly obsessive over E&C, but I'm also extremely picky when reading them cuz I don't like Adam topping. I don't really like Christian as the whiny bottom, I prefer Jay taking care of Adam, and b/c of this Adam bottoms in these. Strange, yes, but I'm allowing myself to be picky w/ this pairing. Eh there's lots of this couple where Adam's the top & the protector, so mine won't hurt. I've saw ppl before who were specific whether or not they're Adam & Jay or Edge & Christian. It doesn't really matter. The first one they're just Adam & Jay, not brothers. As w/ the other two, some will contain sex, some won't, some might be fluff, others angsty, I dunno yet. First one doesn't have sex, I've rated it T b/c it's actually calm, but the whole fic gets an M. Christian muse is huffy, I'm working on it! Other than, I own nothing, I make nothing. If I owned them, they'd have an awesome-licious reunion so I could mark the fuck out... also they'd oil wrestle at least just once (or 37 times) for my amusement :P

Love So Totally Awesome;
Chapter one/ 'Wrinkle'
Rated; T/ L (dramatic Adam, casual drinking)
Set-up; All it took was one little snort from Jay to worry Adam about his "wrinkles".

Commercial: "Are you a woman between the ages of 35 and 60 with noticeable wrinkles or fine lines..?"

Jay turned his eyes over to Adam, his beer bottle tipped to his lips and not bothering to repress a snort.

"Has your skin lost its radiant and youthful appearance?"

Adam looked over at Jay and narrowed his eyes. "Oh, don't even start. I'm not a woman and I don't have wrinkles." He proclaimed, folding his arms and snuggling himself back down into the couch cushions.

Jay shrugged and gulped down the rest of his beer, his eyes going back to the screen.

Adam rolled his eyes over to Jay and back to the screen. "Stupid commercials.. Jay.. think I have wrinkles.." He muttered under his breath. Jay heard him and suppressed a smirk. Really, Adam was beautiful, but how could he resist?

Jay cleared his throat. "What's that, Addy?" Jay glanced over to see Adam touching his fingertips self-consciously to his face, tracing them over the skin near his eyes before going to his cheeks. "Did you say something?" Jay asked.

"Huh..?" Adam blinked, resting his hand back on his knee. "No. Nothing, Jay.. I, uh.. bathroom break.."

Jay shook his head as Adam got off the couch and slunk down the hallway to the bathroom.

Adam turned on the light and closed the door, blinking and allowing his eyes to adjust before taking a quick peek in the mirror over the sink. "There. No wrinkles. Jay's an idiot." He sighed.

Adam glanced around, nibbling on his lip. His eyes timidly went back to the mirror and he studied his features for a minute, reaching his hand up to touch his face and examine the lines on his face carefully. He looked more worn down and tired than he remembered. That youthful glow was no longer there. And sure, he chalked it up to years on the road without proper sleep and rest, time in the ring and all that hard work. Tired lines were to be expected. He was 37 now after all. And all he had heard from Jay or the other guys was that he was old and a grandpa now. Adam knew they were just joking. Shit, Adam knew he wasn't old enough to have grandchildren yet. He was in great shape, took care of himself... pretty well.. Adam wasn't old. And hell, Jay was the same age as he was! Being a month younger didn't make Jay a baby!

He had no wrinkles. Jay was crazy..

Adam scrunched up his nose and bared his teeth. Seeing the lines around his eyes. Those had always been there, right? Adam squinted and then relaxed his face. No. They had always been there. He was sure of it. Then Adam's eyes widened in horror as his vision caught something he had missed before.

Jay was flipping through channels, he jumped in alarm as he heard Adam yell.

"Oh, my god! I do have wrinkles! No! Jay!"

Jay sighed and slapped a hand to his forehead. Great. He knew he shouldn't have said anything. One little snort and he had Adam all worried over nothing.

"Jay! C'mere!"

Jay grumbled and got off the couch, sitting his empty beer bottle on the coffee table before making his way to the bathroom. He poked his head in the door to find Adam still going over his face in the mirror. One hand held his hair back out of his face while the other touched and prodded at his face. The blonde's nose was wrinkled up and his top teeth bared as he squinted at his reflection. Jay held back a laugh. Adam was too adorable.

Jay cleared his throat and straightened up. "What is it, Blondie? The game's about to start."

Adam turned toward Jay, his hair falling back down to each side of his face. The addled blonde gave a stressed whimper and grabbed Jay's shirt before jerking him on into the bathroom. "You were right! I have wrinkles! I'm old, Jay!"

Jay sighed and gave a light-hearted grin. "Phew.. I thought you were going to tell me you were really a woman. Oww." Jay rubbed his shoulder where Adam had punched him. "That's not very nice."

Adam glared heatedly at his lover before turning back to the mirror. "I'm not a woman, you idiot... What..?" Adam turned back to Jason. "You wouldn't love me if I was a woman? Well, this is worse! I have wrinkles." Adam complained, pointing them out.

Jay looked closely, squishing his eyes. He shook his head. "Where? I don't see them."

"What're you blind?" Adam stopped in horror. "Oh, god! You're losing your eyesight! We're getting old, Jay! When did this happen?"

Jay shrugged. "We're not old, Adam."

"We're getting there." Adam pouted as he crumbled down to the toilet seat.

Jay sighed and moved toward Adam, running his fingers through his hair and holding it back as he tilted his head back. "Adam.. everyone has to get old sometime.. and, hell, if we're lucky, we will too. But it's not so bad. We'll get to grow old together."

Adam pouted. "You'll.. leave me.."

"Now why would I do that..?" Jay pondered, his fingers caressing the blonde's cheek. "You're beautiful. You'll always be beautiful to me."

"That's all I am. When I get old I won't be."

"Awe, Addy. Did it ever occur to you that I'm with you for more than your beauty? You're funny and kind, you make me smile and laugh. You're perfect, inside and out. I couldn't ask for anyone better, ever. Besides, I was just kidding about the wrinkles part. We're not old yet, Adam. We're only as old as we feel."

Adam gave a small little smile. "So I don't have wrinkles?"

"No. And I'd be more worried about those gray hairs."

Adam's eyes widened and he started to touch worriedly to his hair. "What? I can't have gray hair!"

Jay laughed and brought his hands down. "You're too easy." Jay kissed him quickly. "Besides, even if you did, we could just get Jeff to dye it for you. That's the easy part." Jay winked before straightening up and retreating out of the bathroom and back to his game, Adam on his heels.

"No! Jeff'll turn it purple or green! Jeff's not allowed in two feet of my hair!" Adam whined, holding to his hair with both hands.

"You're never going to forgive him for that, are you?"

"He dyed my hair green!" Adam reminded.

Jay flopped down on the couch and stretched out. "He grabbed the wrong bottle."

"He did it deliberately! I know he did!" Adam proclaimed as Jay jerked him down beside him on the couch.

"Whatever you say, Adam.."

A couple of minutes passed. Adam had been quiet and Jay's eyes were on both the game and his dramatic blonde as Adam was lounging back on the couch, his feet in Jay's lap.

"What about the woman thing?" Adam finally mumbled.

Jay let out a snort. "Oh, you are a woman, Adam. Thanks to the little fit tonight, I am sure of that."

Adam huffed and folded his arms. "You're an ass. Why do I put up with you?"

Jay leaned over towards him as it went to a commercial. "Because you love me."

Adam mumbled and rolled his eyes before his lips curled into a content smile. Nah, maybe Jay was right about that last part.


No, I don't think Adam's old & calling him grandpa irks the shit outta me. That man is still the most beautiful thing on two legs. The lines from the commercial, actually came from a skin care commercial.. I can't remember which.. but it inspired it.. I find inspiration in the oddest of things..