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Love So Totally Awesome;
Chapter six/ 'Grounded'
Rated; M/ L, S (masturbation, Adam all wet, underage, kinda voyeuristic)
Set-up; Jay's grounded and bored when a familiar sound catches his attention. His favorite blonde's putting on slutty little shows again..

Jay sighed as he sat bored on his bed. Today he had a case of the droops. Grounded on a summer day with nothing better to do than droop. He tossed another dart at the dart board and it landed slightly- okay, way off- from the bulls-eye. Jay started to sigh again when a sound caught his ear. It was a spritzing sound, followed by a spraying sound. It sounded like someone had turned on a shower.

Jay quickly scrambled off the bed and used his fingers to peek out the window shade. He was at it again. That scorching hott blonde next door. He was tall, slender- but toned- had the longest legs Jay was sure he'd ever saw and waves of thick long golden hair that were highlighted and bouncing around his shoulders. He had the most gorgeous green eyes Jay had ever saw, full pouty lips that had caused one too many a boners in school whenever Jay did get to catch a glimpse of the striking beauty, and the cutest nose that would wrinkle whenever he'd read. And he was Jay's current crush. He hadn't even the nerve to talk to him yet. Had no chance. But watching him became Jay's obsession. And thinking about him produced many a masturbatory fantasy fodder.

His name was Adam and right now Adam was doing one of the things Jay loved to watch him do; Washing his car. And he was doing it, of course, in short cut-off jean shorts that set low and loose on his hips and a white tank top. Jay groaned as he studied him. He had the water hose in both hands as he used it to wet the car before bending down to get the sponge out of the large bucket filled with suds and water. The blonde squeezed it out before reaching over and leaning over the hood of the car. His hips swaying as he moved the sponge over the sleek hood, the definition in his long lean body showing so beautifully.

Jay continued to watch him as Adam bent down to wash the rims and the side, his cock twitched and he wet his lips. He hated when Adam disappeared for a moment to get the other side. Jay took this time to creep over to his door and stick a chair under the knob to barricade it before creeping back over to his position in front of the window. Adam was still on the other side and Jay focused on that gorgeous face, loving how Adam bit his lip as he concentrated. How he looked to be flushed and panting, the sweat running down into his eyes since Adam stopped to drag the back of his wrist across his forehead before pushing his hair back.

Jay swallowed as Adam worked his fingers in the top part of his hair before shaking it out. Jay let his own hand slip down into the front part of his jogging pants to seek out his cock, making it stiffen so nicely under his touch and imagining Adam's luscious lips wrapped around it as he studied how he pouted and puckered them. Adam was so cute to watch in concentration and the blonde's shoulders slumped and he sighed under the little breather he was obviously taking.

Adam got the hose again, stepping away from it as it tried to coil around his legs. Those long legs spreading and his ass wiggling as Adam put on a private show to the music inside his own head. Such a tease. Jay bit his lip, one hand holding the blinders open and the other stroking his cock as hard and fast as he could. He had no time to play around. He wanted to get off before Adam was done and he knew Adam wouldn't be at this forever. Jay watched as Adam stretched, rinsing the top of the car and some more of the water dripping down on Adam's white tank top and making it cling to his skin and become all the more transparent and more soaked.

Jay bit his tongue, fisting himself furiously and suppressing anything above a low groan and resisting the strong urge to curse and cry out Adam's sweet name. How good it'd feel to have that graceful body writhing underneath him, moaning and those long fingers digging into Jay's back. Jay shuddered. Then the water from the hose stalled in an occurrence that seemed to be deliberate and Jay smirked. Adam stopped and shook the hose in his hand, jerking it around in a way that looked so dirty before bringing it close to his face. The wet blonde shook it again, peering into the hole. This always happened and Adam never "learned" from his precious mistakes, which made Jay think either he was that much of a typical dumb blonde or Adam did this on purpose or out of sheer habit.

The water spurted out suddenly, spraying Adam in the face and making him jerk it away and double over to his side, shaking his head and wiping at his eyes as he let the water drip off him. He was more drenched, his hair wet and Jay was sure he was gagging and coughing and that was it for Jay. He lost it, cumming hard in his underwear and knowing he'd have to change and toss another pair away for ruining them. Jay had resorted mostly to doing his own laundry. He hated trying to explain to his mother that with teenage boys there were bound to be various "unexplainable" messes and stains.

Right as orgasm was coursing through him, Jay was vaguely aware of a pounding on his door. He swallowed, letting his breathing remain calm and shallow as he regained his senses. Also for a hormonal teenage boy, jerking off had to be gotten down to an art to avoid embarrassment. Jay stole one last look at Adam, nearly groaning as he saw Adam pull his shirt over his head, his arms raised above his head as he got off the shirt, his back was turned to Jay and arched. How perfect that ass looked in those jeans, the muscles in that back accented so wonderfully as Adam bent back over and wrung out his wet tank top. The blonde raised back up, running hands over his wet skin before dragging them through his dripping hair.

"William Jason Reso.." The door knob jiggled and his mother sounded impatient.

Jay turned his attention to the door. "Yeah, Ma?" His voice did not crack and that was good.

"Why is this door jammed? Why won't you answer?" Yeah. Like she'd understand. Hu'uh.

Jay shook his head and released the shade. His Adam-watching temporarily delayed for the moment. "Uhh.. just needed some privacy." Well, that came out wrong.

"Uh-huh.." His mom said unimpressed.

"Ye'yeah.. working out, y'know." Good save?

"I bet." He could imagine her folding her arms and frowning. "Well, when you're done ogling.."

Jay flushed.

"Come down. Your services are needed. And clean yourself up first."

Jay got up and rolled his eyes.


"You know I don't like you going out like that." His mother Judy said as Adam drudged in the house. Adam slouched and looked over at her with a glance that was only defined by teenage angst and longing. "Adam. I know whose attention you're trying to get.. but it might not be his you get." She said comfortingly, running a hand through her son's hair. "I just don't wanna see you hurt."

Adam sighed. "It's fine. I can take care of myself." He muttered, forgetting that to her, her little boy was still.. well, that little boy that ran around in a powder blue KISS shirt, trying to perform death defying Spiderman moves in the living room. "It'll be okay."

"Have you tried approaching him? Talking to him?" She suggested, like it was so obvious and easy.

Adam flushed. "Mom!"

She shrugged. "What? It's not so hard. Maybe go up and say 'hi, my name's Adam and every weekend I put on secret shows for you by washing my car'."

"Oh, god, Mom.." Adam rolled his eyes and darted up the stairs to his room.

"Just a suggestion. Might work, y'know." Judy laughed to herself and shook her head. Her son was a sweet nice boy, but sometimes she wondered. Teenage years were not kind.

Adam went into the bathroom and grabbed a towel to dry his hair off. He had dry clothes with him and peeled off the wet tank top and squeezed out of the soaked and heavy jean shorts. He had been wearing underwear, though he might of opted for white lacy panties. Maybe those would have gotten his attention. He'd have to try harder.. but then. Maybe his mother was right. Maybe he should just go talk to the guy. What did he expect from his coy little shows anyway? Jay to come out and push him up against the hood of the car and ravish him right there?

Adam shook his head and tried to rid himself of the picture... Not that he hadn't thought of that.. oh.. a million times!

Adam sighed and continued to dry himself off before slipping on his dry clothes. He wrung the wet ones out in the bath tub and then hung them from the curtain rack with some clothes pins on hangers so they could dry. Adam then descended the stairs for the other things teenage boys thought about. "Mom, when's dinner?"

This may have a sequel sometime in the future (shifty eyes) As always w/ teenage/underage fics, I am aware of their real ages & it's just fanfiction. But who the fuck hasn't thought about young Adam & Jay? (fucking... etc) & yeah, I just like Jay watching Adam. I can imagine Jay just watching him. It doesn't always have to be sexual (it's totally sexual) but, yeah.