Smile: Buttons

Fuji Syuusuke & Yukimura Seiichi

When a boy gives you a button…

Now that she thought about it, Fuji Syuusuke had somewhat of an obsession with buttons. Buttons on cameras, buttons on clothes, buttons on items; buttons on virtually anything. It was because of that obsession, she wasn't very surprised that when she first saw Yukimura Seiichi, she thought he had a very cute nose… a very cute button nose, to be exact. Maybe that was why every time she saw him; she just had to poke his nose, at least once.

Syuusuke smiled widely. There he was, just standing there with his jacket on properly – she hadn't seen him with his jacket on like that for a long time –, with his arms wrapped snugly by his sleeves. She could see his (very cute) nose scrunch up slightly as he laughed softly. How she'd love to poke it…

"Yukimura-kun!" She greeted, waving. He smiled back, nodding in her direction. As she walked towards him, she noticed that he wasn't alone. "Kirihara-kun," she smiled at the younger raven-head, who had been following him, talking animatedly to his captain.

"Fuji-san." Kirihara greeted somewhat hostilely, shouldering his tennis bag. The raven-head still hadn't forgotten his humiliating defeat to this girl, and on front of his senpai-tachi! He gave his captain a glance, before excusing himself, walking towards where the backs of the other Rikkaidai players were seen, walking off. Yukimura watched his protégé walk off with a fond look in his eyes, before turning to her.

"What brought you out here, Fuji-chan?" He asked, his smile serene and content.

Syuusuke couldn't help but quirk her eyebrow at his question. Asking just to seem polite did not necessarily make you polite. Just courteous in the eyes of the world… "You know fully well why… Saa, Yuuta wasn't very pleased with the outcome of his match. Six-two, to Niou-kun; an almost complete humiliation." The silver-haired petenshi had probably toyed with her brother, leading Yuuta to believe that he would be able to cinch a third, then a fourth, then a fifth, and then a sixth game from him.

Yukimura laughed softly. "I told him to be gentle." Her eyes followed the movement of his lips, before fixing her focus onto his enigmatically dark eyes again.

"Nevertheless, it was a point that I felt obliged to say for my little brother… Though I must offer congratulations on your win, Yukimura-kun." She bowed her head, gracefully and swiftly.

He waved his hand dismissively, before smiling once more. "Isn't it your birthday soon?" He suddenly asked, as if he'd just remembered. It was the very last day of February, right?

"Birthday?" Syuusuke looked momentarily confused, before her face brightened. "Ah. But it's not a leap year this year… Isn't it in two years time?" She was only fourteen – though technically, she was only three – after all.

So he was right…! "Yes, but you are still going to celebrate it, right? On March the first." Yukimura didn't wait for her answer. "Since I won't be able to be there on your 'birthday', I got you a present."

She tilted her head to one side. "Present." Syuusuke stated with a curious look on her face.

"Mmhm," his smile widened, and he suddenly zipped his jacket open, his fingers going to the second button on his tennis shirt. He pulled it off – to her surprise – and held it out for her. "I can't give this to you on graduation day in April, so it's a birthday present – I'm leaving Japan early with my family… Remember me. We might not be able to see each other when we move up to high school."

Isn't this… Something you'd give a lover?

Syuusuke looked at the little accessory on her palm, before looking up to smile softly. "… Thank you, Yukimura-kun." She leaned forward to give him a quick hug, before putting the button into her pocket. "I'm sorry, but I can't really give you anything back; this was so sudden!"

The blue-haired 'bishounen' just shook his head. "It's alright-"

He was cut off by a series of yells on the other side of the tennis courts, and he gave her an apologetic smile.

"Looks like my team's getting impatient. I'll see you later, Fuji-chan!" He waved, before running off, not seeming to notice her eyes opening to follow his route away from her. She didn't notice that she hadn't poked his nose until he'd disappeared, and she let out an amused laugh. It didn't matter, anyway. She still got a button from him…

But how ironic! A button-nosed boy gives a button to a button-obsessed girl.


A/N: This series of drabbles will (hopefully) go to fifty chapters. :D

These two are so cute together.