Author's Note

Hey guys. It's Hidden here. I'm really sorry about doing this, but I'm going to be deleting/discontinuing this story, the former within the next few days.

This is because, firstly, I have lost the muse that drove this story (in the case of Tsumetai'me: stories) forward. Another reason why I'm discontinuing this is because of the amount of pressure I am getting from school (as well as the amount of plot bunnies that keep sprouting up, distracting me from one story to the next); and lastly, I've sort of misplaced my notebook, where I keep all of my plot ideas. While I can remember the mere basics for each story, I'm somewhat worried that if I continue to write it, it would just end up as messy, and disgusting to read.

Again, I apologize for this, and I hope that you'll be able to forgive me for doing this...