Olivia groaned as the sunlight came through the windows. She threw her right arm over her eyes trying to shield them from the intruding light. Her whole body stiffened when she felt someone put an arm possessively around her waist and lay a gentle kiss on her neck before snuggling in closer against her body.

She laid their trying to rack her brain as to where she was. The last thing she remembered was telling Elliot to give her thirty up in the crib. She started to replay everything in her head from that moment on. She walked up the stairs and took the cot toward the back of the room. The one she always slept on when she stayed at the station. That was it. She couldn't recall Elliot waking her much less her leaving the station.

She slowly removed her arm and opened her eyes. Looking above her she could see another bed. That meant she was still in the station. If she was still in the station who the hell was squeezing into a twin size bed with her. She took a deep breathing praying she hadn't made the same mistake she had with Cassidy all those years ago.

She turned her head slowly and was sure when her eyes fell upon her bed mate she had quit breathing. It was Alex Cabot. The ADA assigned to the special victims unit division at the 1-6.

"What the hell?" Olivia whispered not meaning to speak out loud.

"Hmm" Alex hummed out as she snuggled even closer to Olivia.

Olivia laid extremely still and waited until she was sure Alex was not waking up before trying to move. She slid her arm out from under Alex's neck as she skillfully removed herself from the bed. A few times she stopped because she heard Alex saying something or moving.

"Please let me get out of the bed and out of the crib before she wakes up" Olivia kept repeating to herself in her head.

Once she was sure Alex was still sleeping Olivia stood completely up and stretched. Every vertebrae in her back and neck popping as she did. Olivia quickly turned her head to make sure the noise didn't wake Alex. It seemed as if everything was echoing in the room today.

Once Olivia was satisfied that Alex was not waking up she leaned down to grab her shoes so she could tip toe out of the room. That was until her eyes fell upon the blonde beauty.

Alex hair was slightly covering her face and Olivia couldn't resist the urge to move it out of the way. She gently brushed the hair back and was truly taken by what she saw.

Alex looked so peaceful. There was what appeared to be a slight smile on her face. She looked as if she was happy and content. Something no one had ever seen on her face since she started working with them.

Not that any of them ever had that look considering what they saw and heard on a daily basis. She couldn't speak for the guys but her sleep was always tormented with the demons she dealt with. Both in her professional and personal life. That's when it hit her. She had a peaceful night sleep last night. Not once did she wake up crying, screaming, or trying to fight an imaginary person in her sleep. She actually felt refreshed and relaxed herself.

Olivia took the blanket at the end of the bed and covered the sleeping beauty when she saw her shiver. She gently tucked her in and laid a kiss on her head. She knew that was the last thing she should do but at that moment Alex looked absolutely angelic like.

Olivia grabbed her shoes and began to tip toe to the door. She had her hand on the knob when she heard a sleepy voice ask

"Do you always try to leave when the sun comes up?"

Olivia looked over her shoulder and released the breath she had been holding. Alex was talking in her sleep. She turned the knob and started to open the door when she heard the voice again.

"I asked you a question detective. Do you always try to leave when the sun comes up?"

Olivia looked back again and saw that Alex was awake and those piercing blue eyes was trained on her.

"I umm" Olivia said trying to find her voice "I was trying to let you sleep more."

Alex pushed the blanket off her and stretched. When she did her top rose slightly revealing a perfectly toned stomach.

Olivia swallowed hard at the sight before her. Her eyes trained on the patch of skin that was showing. Many nights she had dreamed of waking up in Alex's arms but never in the crib.

"Like what you see Olivia Benson?" Alex asked pulling Olivia's gaze from her stomach to her face.


"I asked do you like what you see since you're staring quiet intently at my stomach."

"No…I mean yes" Olivia groaned and shook her head. "Is there an appropriate answer to this question. One that won't get me in trouble."

Alex laughed "Yes there is."

"Then please counselor please tell me."

"The truth."

The truth Olivia thought to herself. The truth was she loved what she saw. The truth was she wanted to see more. She wanted to see Alex completely naked and in her bed screaming her name as she did some pretty unmentionable things to her.

"I just never realized how in shape you were. It took me by surprise." Olivia said with a husky voice. A little more husky then she wanted it to sound.

"For some reason I am inclined to believe that is a lie." Alex told her in her best court room voice.

The very voice that was the cause of Olivia's "wet dreams" as the men in the world had so nicely coined the phrase. Olivia struggled to keep her composure. She gave herself a silent mental shake trying to get the images that were running through her head out of it.

"Not a lie Alex" Olivia answered her as if she was on the stand "just an omission of facts" she added silently.

"Just an omission of certain facts."

Olivia felt the color drain from her face. Oh god did she say that out loud. She was sure she kept it to herself.

Alex saw the internal battle Olivia began to wage with her last statement. She was inclined to let her keep waging it until she saw the look of horror cross her face. As much as she would love to torment the woman who had become the focus of her dreams she took pity on her.

"You talk in your sleep Olivia."

Olivia could feel every part of her body turn red. It suddenly felt as if someone had cranked the heat up to ninety degrees in the room.

"I talk in my sleep." Olivia croaked out "Oh god what did I say. You know what never mind. Don't share with me. I would like to apologize now for what ever I may have said or did in my sleep."

Alex raised her eyebrow at Olivia. This was not what she wanted to hear.

"Why is that?"

Will she ever stop questioning me. I feel like a suspect on the stand. Olivia told herself. At least this is a question I can answer truthfully.

"I have night mares from time to time. There are times I become physical and start fighting during them."

"I know that. You were having one when I came up here last night."

That's how she wound up in bed with me. Then a light clicked on in Olivia's head. If I was fighting in my sleep I may have hurt her.

"Alex I didn't hurt you did I?"

"You never touched me but you did say some interesting things I might add."

Olivia groaned and sat on the nearest bed. She forced herself to look at Alex. "What did I say?"

"Oh nothing much" Alex said as she came and sat by Olivia "Just that once I was able to calm you down that you didn't want to be alone."

"That's when you crawled in the bed with me?"


"Why didn't you leave when I was back asleep?"

"I tried but every time I tried to move you would grab me and say I finally have you in my bed I'm not letting you go."

Olivia stared at the floor she could feel the heat rising in her cheeks. Hell she was pretty sure her face matched her red shirt she was wearing. "Alex I'm sorry."

Alex reached over and guided Olivia's face around so that she was looking at her.

"You have nothing to be sorry about."

"I wouldn't let you leave."

"Olivia I could have easily removed myself from your grasp and left if I really wanted to. I didn't"

Olivia eyes widened at the statement. Could it be. Did the luxurious Alexandra Cabot feel the same way? There was no way. How could she? Olivia was from the provably wrong side of the tracks when it came to Alex. She was the product of rape and worked hard for what little she had. She had nothing to offer Alex. Nothing but her heart that was. Question was would just her heart be enough for Alex.

Alex was the type of person who was accustomed to the finer things in life. She was born into money. She had her eyes set on becoming DA. Not only that becoming DA was expected of her. Being with Olivia. A woman. A detective. A blue collar work. That would be a sure fire way to ruin any chances she may ever had.

"Olivia" Alex said pulling Olivia from her internal battle


"Will you stop analyzing everything?"

"I uh what?" Olivia asked with confusion written all over her face.

"I can see the battle you are waging with yourself in your eyes." Alex whispered as she gently caressed Olivia's cheek. "Stop fighting. Let's see where it goes."

"Your career? You have plans." Olivia said as she looked away "I have nothing to offer you."

"My career means nothing unless I have someone to share it with. I want that someone to be you." Alex told her matter of fact. "You have everything to offer me. You can give me honesty, devotion, commitment and most importantly your heart. That is all I have ever wanted from or needed from you."

"But the finer things you like."

Alex laughed "Are material things. Do you want to know what matters the most?"

Olivia nodded unable to trust her voice.

"Is having someone to share the small moments in your life. Have someone there with you at your lowest points in life and knowing they will be there to help you back up. To know that no matter what that person loves you for you. Not what they can and can't give you."

"I have demons. I am damaged goods."

"As for the demons we all do. Some are just worse than others. Olivia you are a lot of things but damaged is certainly not one of them."

Olivia felt herself beginning to believe the words that were coming from Alex's mouth. Maybe just maybe she could be good enough for her. If Olivia could let herself dream maybe this could work. Did she dare risk it? Yes, she decided.

"Would you like to go out for dinner on Saturday?" Olivia asked with renowned confidence building in her.

"There is nothing I would love more." Alex told her as she gently placed a kiss on her lips.