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Olivia stopped at the security pad that opened the entrance to her drive way and punched in her code. So much had changed since that fateful night ten years ago. The biggest for her was leaving the department. She had decided that there was no way she could raise Alexis and still be a detective. Cragen had asked her to take the sergeants exam which would have gave her set hours and less time on the street but she had refused. She knew she would have hated less time on the street and there was still a chance of long hours. Instead she started a foundation that assisted rape victims with the money she had received from Alex. Now days, with the exception of tonight, she was home no later than five thirty.

Olivia quietly shut her car door behind her and headed in to the house or mansion as she most commonly called it. It had eight rooms and three bathrooms. There was a kitchen, den, two living rooms and two dining rooms, two rooms down stairs had been converted into office space before she had moved in. There was a full basement which she claimed as hers. The back patio made the guys drool with envy when they came over. It contained a full stocked bar that was built into the deck. The eight burner grill was the same way as well. There was a small freezer and drawer built on so that there was no need to run in and out of the house when grilling. It was completely enclosed and air-conditioned but with a touch of a button the sky light would open up. A few feet from the porch was a indoor swimming pool that everyone used on a daily basis.

If you asked Olivia it was too much room for them but worth the $750,000.00 she had shelled out. She knew without a doubt that Alexis would be safe at all times and could go out and play with out having an armed escort. Especially since Olivia had up graded the alarm and security system when they moved in. There was electric wiring that jolted out 5,000 volts if touched along the top of the brick walls. There were cameras at every corner of the house and a few mounted to the trees so Olivia could see what was happening with Alexis at all times. The flip of a button and the cameras filtered through the TVs as if it was a show.

"Hey mom" A voice that reminded her of Alex's at times it was scary "How was the guys?"

"Hey you what are you doing up?" Olivia asked as she looked her daughter up and down. It took her breath away every time she looked at her. Every day she was becoming more and more like Alex. She had the same long blonde hair, blue eyes, and build as her mother did.

"Waiting up for you? I had to make sure you got home ok."

Olivia hugged her daughter close and kissed the top of her head. "Thank you sweetie. Go on up to bed you have school tomorrow."

"I will now that your home." Alexis replied as she headed for the stairs "Love you." she called back over her shoulder.

"Love you to sweetie."

Olivia grabbed a beer from the fridge and headed to the room with a glow coming from it. She leaned against the door way and stared at the life size portrait of Alex that hung above the fireplace.

"God Alex she is so much like you it is scary sometimes." Olivia whispered, as she felt her throat tighten and tears sprang to her eyes as it always did when she stared at the painting.

"You know I could say the same thing about Robert." Alex said as she turned around and in the chair and looked at her wife before glancing down at the sleeping boy in her arms.

"Not wanting to sleep again unless he was in your arms?" Olivia asked as she gently removed the miniature male version of herself from Alex's arms. "That's what you get for having me carry the child."

"Not exactly like I could give you anymore after my blood clot and emergency hysteromcty now was it." Alex called after her wife's retreating form.

"We could have adopted" Olivia whispered as she returned and slid in behind her wife holding her close.

"And miss having another you that I have to chase after. Not on your life." Alex said as she twisted in Olivia's arms to kiss her "Besides if I'm as good with him as I was with you I will have him trained in no time."

"I am not trained" Olivia said defensively knowing it was a lie. She would do anything Alex asked no questions asked.

"You keep telling your self that." Alex said as she stood and made her way over to the fire "How was the guys?"

"Good. I invited them up for next Saturday."

When Alex heard the distance in Olivia's force it tugged at her heart. She knew Olivia missed it more than anything but would never own up to it. "You could go back if you want?"

"No my place is here home with you and our children every night. I still help victims which you knew was most important to me."

"I also know the old saying once a cop always a cop. Hence all the security measures we have."

Olivia stood and wrapped her arms around Alex's waist and pulled her to her "You're right. Once a cop always a cop but what I have had the pleasure of doing these last ten years was well worth me leaving the force. As for all the security measures I almost lost you once I'll be damned if it will happen again."

Alex leaned her head against Olivia's shoulder and closed her eyes. She stood there basking in the heat of the fire and the love that radiated off Olivia. It was her love for Olivia that had her fight so hard to stay alive on the operating table. Even the doctor said he was amazed when she survived, most patients don't. Any one who knew Alex knew she fought hard for what she wanted. That night she wanted fifty more years with Olivia. Not the five that she had.

It was also that same love and determination that she used to push herself through six months of grueling physical therapy. Thanks to a prolonged lack of oxygen from the blood clot she had to relearn how to walk, talk, and even feed herself. Every doctor she saw would say the same thing. If she returned to normal it would be only at about eighty percent. She would more than likely be wheel chaired bound for the rest of her life if not then she would have to walk with a walker or cane. Her speech would always be slurred and sometime difficult to understand. As for her coordination skills you could forget that. She was told Olivia would be feeding her for the rest of her life. Those were odds that Alex refused to accept.

Now ten years later Alex walked with a slight limp. The only restriction that held was the size of the heels she could wear. Within three months she was forming complete sentences and thoughts without sounding drunk. Most importantly there have been few times that Olivia has had to assist her in eating since she regained most of her coordination back. When it came to cutting up meats Olivia still had to do that but that was mainly it.

Through it all Olivia stayed by Alex's side never once missing an appointment. She had to give it to her though. She didn't know most women who would have stuck around and basically raise two kids. She remember times she begged Olivia for a divorce or to at least go out and find someone who could be there for her the way she deserved. Olivia would always smile and remind her she had everything she ever needed in her and when she took her vows it was for better or for worse.

Alex repaid her dedication and love the best way she knew how to. They renewed their vows once she was able to walk and talk again. Their honeymoon was a two week long trip to Europe instead of a weekend in the city Hotel like before and when they returned Alex had the biggest surprise of all. A full restored 1969 convertible mustang like Olivia had always dreamed off.

She helped Olivia form what is now called the Joyful Heart foundation and they bought this house about two hours outside of the city. When she felt the time was right she asked Olivia about having another kid.

Olivia was overjoyed on the thought of having another child and never once considered adoption. Instead she immediately went to the clinic they had used before. After six months of trying Olivia was finally pregnant and five years ago Robert was born. This time without any of the complications that Alex had endured. They had wanted a third child and had tried but was unsuccessful in the attempts.

Life had a funny way of working out. Now fifteen years later Alex stood in front of the fire being held by a wife that loved her more than life itself and two beautiful children who was sound asleep up stairs. All of this because she climbed into a twin size bed to try and calm Olivia. God how she loved the crib at the 1-6.

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