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One can change a man's destiny, but two can change the fate of an entire galaxy


I don't know where I am or how I got here but I found myself in somekind of cave surrounded by crystals. I looked around to find my master but couldn't find him. I was alone in the cave and I don't even know how I arrived there. I looked over and saw a light at the end of the cave. I decided if I was going to get my answers I would head towards the light and hope it leads me out of the cave.

As I walk down the cold cave a lot of questions were going through my mind. I wondered how I got here and why I was here when I heard some noises nearby. I looked around and saw nothing.

I was going to continue walking when I heard the sound again. I went to grab my lightsaber when I saw it wasn't there. I could hear the noises getting closer so I kept my guard up and waited for whoever it was making the noises to appear. Then all of a sudden the noises stopped and everything became quiet. I sighed and thought it was nothing but then I heard a deep mechanical breath behind me so I quickly turn around I was confronted by a dark figure who stabbed me with a red lightsaber.

I woke up panting and sweating quickly looking around and saw I was in my room on board the Twilight. I sighed in relief when I realize where I was and tried to calm myself. This was the third time I have had that dream. Ever since my last mission I have had this weird dream for two months now. First time it was just at the part where I was in the cave, the second time where I heard the noises, but this third time was the worst of it. I didn't know who it was that stabbed me but I could hope it wasn't real. When I finally calmed down I heard my wrist com going off.

"Ahsoka you awake yet?" asked ahsoka's master Anakin Skywalker.

"Yeah I'm awake" I said responding to my master.

"Good get up here we're almost to the planet" said Anakin.

"I'll be there in a minute master" I said as I turned off my communicator and got off my bed getting ready for our mission.

The jedi council received a tip that a sith lord was spotted on he planet of Kiros. With most of the jedi masters spread across the galaxy the jedi council decided to send my master, Obi wan, and me to investigate. I was glad we were send on a mission but was also unsure that there was a sith lord on the planet. From what I heard about the planet of Kiros there hasn't been any signs of life there since the blue shadow virus first appeared and was destroyed.

The jedi council knew that but informed us that the tip also described someone fitting the description of a sith lord so they are sending us to check and make sure it was true or not. I only hope that this mission would help keep my mind off the dream and keep me focus. If we're going to find a sith lord I would need to be at my best in order to help both my masters take this sith lord down.


The ship known as the Twilight had just come out of hyper space and was heading towards the planet of Kiros. Anakin was flying the ship while Obi wan was going over the information about the planet on his holopad.

"There it is the planet Kiros and it doesn't look like there is any signs of a separatist ship or anykind of ship nearby" said Anakin noticing there weren't any ships nearby.

"Well that's good then, that means we won't have to deal with any droids today" said Obi wan as he set down the holo journal.

"Are you sure the council's tip is good. How do we know this isn't a separatist trap?" asked Anakin.

Obi wan understood why Anakin would think that the information about the sith lord would be false. But the council informed him that there was at least something on the planet that fit the description of someone using the force and want to be sure if the tip is good or not. "I thought about that as well but the council is sure that there is a something on the planet that fits the description of a force user."

"So what happens when we do encounter this force user?" asked Anakin.

"Well once we find this force user we will need to see who he or she is and bring them back to the jedi temple" said Obi wan. "Also Anakin while we're on this mission can we try to avoid fighting if we encounter the force user?"

"I'll try master but if this force user attacks us first I will have no choice but to defend myself. But don't worry we'll bring him back alive" said Anakin reassuring Obi wan that he knows what their mission is. Obi wan sighted mentally and hopes this mission turns out better than his lasts one with Anakin. One can only hope in his mind it turns out good.

Abandoned city

The Twilight entered the planet's surface and into the city. There was not much to see many of the buildings were already crumbling, destroyed, or have been abandoned. The jedi found an old landing platform and set the ship down. The jedi exited the ship and looked around the once beautiful city of Kiros.

"Well here we are the city of Kiros" said Obi wan as he looked around the once beautiful city.

I looked around and saw the abandon city in ruins. Half of the buildings were all destroyed while the rest looked like they would fall anyday now. I also saw some of the old vehicles that the people here used to use were all rusted or were in pieces. I doubted that there was anybody on this planet let alone a sith lord but knew we had to check to make sure. "So where should we get started?" I asked wondering where to start looking for the sith lord.

"We'll start looking at the area where our informant told us he saw the force user. Hopefully they may have left something behind that would lead us to the force user" said Obi wan as he led us down the once road towards the location of where the sith lord was located. All I know is the faster we get there the faster we can get out of here.

We walked for an hour now and we haven't found any signs of a sith or a force user. Both Anakin and I were starting to doubt that there was anybody on this planet let alone a sith lord. But we both knew we had to make sure before leaving if there is anybody in the city before leaving. They sooned arrived to a tunnel that led to the other side of the city. We entered the tunnel and saw that most of it was filled with the vehicles its citizens once used all abandoned after they all left the planet.

We passed some of the vehicles where Anakin noticed something odd about one of the vehicles. "Hold on I think I found something" said Anakin as we stopped wondering what Anakin found. Anakin examined the vehicle and noticed that on the side of it looked like burn marking...a lightsaber marking and it felt warm.

"What did you find Anakin?" asked Obi wan as he saw what Anakin found and guessed what it meant.

"It feels warm which means whoever did this is close by" said Anakin. Master Kenobi and I pulled our lightsabers out and kept our guards up. We looked down the dark tunnel and guessed whoever did this was somewhere down the tunnel.

"Let's keep moving then but be on your guard we don't know who did this or how strong they are" said Obi wan. Anakin and I nodded and activated our lightsabers so we could see in the dark as we walked down the tunnel.

As we continued down the tunnel I noticed that there were more vehicles around us that also looked like they were cut by a lightsaber. I noticed my master and Obi wan saw this as well but didn't say anything. I wouldn't say anything either if we were too focus on finding who did this. As we continued walking I noticed something nearby. "Masters hold on a second" I said as I walked towards one of the vehicles and found something stuck in underneath it. Master Skywalker and Obi wan waited a little farther away from me but close enough to keep their lightsaber's light near me. I grabbed whatever it was and pulled it out.

I was surprise to see what it was as I held up and showed it to everyone what I found. It was a lightsaber, a gray lightsaber. I examined it and saw that it was the same size as mine but the way it look was the same as master skywalker's except for bottom of it which was the same as mine. Before master skywalker or kenobi would say anything we heard a loud crumbling around us. I look up and saw that the ceiling was breaking apart and headed towards me. Master skywalker used the force to push me out of the way as he and Obi wan ducked out of the way.

I looked up and saw that the more was coming down so I jumped up and ran out of the tunnel as fast as I could. I jumped over some of the vehicles since some of them were blocking me from running a direct path towards the exist. I saw the end of the tunnel and jumped out of the tunnel as the cloud of debri and smoke came out of the tunnel. As the dust cleared I opened my eyes and saw that the tunnel was closed off. I coughed a little and wiped the dirt off me as I inspect the closed off tunnel. I then remembered about master skywalker and kenobi. I took out my communicator and tried to contaxt them.

"Master Skywalker, Master Kenobi you there?" I asked waiting for them to respond. I was worried when I hear some static. I kept repeating for a responds a minute after the first one till I hear some noises. "Master you there?"

"Yeah we're here snips and we're okay. How are you?" asked Anakin as he wiped the dirt off his clothes.

"I'm fine thanks for keep that debri from falling on me master" I thanked Anakin for saving me.

"No problem snips where are you?" asked Anakin as he went to check on Obi wan who was also wiping some of the dirt of his clothes and was checking if his communicator wasn't damage.

"Back where we came in and from the looks of things I won't be able to go over the tunnel" I said as I saw why the tunnel was destroyed. I saw one of the buildings that was near the tunnel fell onto where the tunnel is which explained why the tunnel caved in. "So what now? Should I try finding a way to get back to you guys?"

"That would take too long we'll go on ahead and find the sith lord. While you go and get the ship once we have the sith lord we will contact you to bring the ship in understand?" ordered Obi wan.

"I understand just be careful you two and good luck" I said. I didn't want to leave and wait for them to come back but I knew I had no choice. I looked around and saw that it would take me hours to find another way around the tunnel since the surrounding areas were blocked by the buildings that were also in ruins. If I tried to make my way around them chances are they could collapse on me.

"All right then be on your guard as well Ahsoka and be careful. We'll see you as soon as we get the sith lord" said Obi wan as he cut off the transmission and turned to Anakin who seemed to have something on his mind. "Something wrong?"

"Well it's just a bit weird that the buildings around us didn't fall the same as the one that fell on the tunnel. It's also a weird coincidence that we happen to find burn marks on the vehicles and a lightsaber inside the tunnel when the tunnel caved in" said Anakin.

"Think who ever did this wanted to separate us?" asked Obi wan who agreed with Anakin about what happened.

"Maybe, I don't think Ahsoka should head back to the ship alone. We should try and find another way to get to her" said Anakin showing concern for his padawan.

"I know your worried Anakin but Ahsoka can take care of herself. The only thing we can do now is find this sith lord and bring him in alive" said Obi wan who understands why his friend is worried about Ahsoka but knows she is capable of taking care of herself.

Anakin sighed and knew Obi wan was right. The faster they find the sith lord the faster they can get back to Ahsoka and leave. "All right then let's get going."

I was walking back to the ship when I realized that I had the lightsaber I found. I stopped to look at it, I was impress with the way it was made and how it looks. I activated it and saw that the saber was green like mine. I was a bit surprise by the way the lightsaber's color was. I was expecting it to be red like Ventress's but instead it was green. I wondered who made this lightsaber and if this person was even a sith. I then heard a noise nearby and kept my guard up. I turned to where the noise came from and saw nothing there. I heard some noises behind me and I turned to see there was nothing there either. But I knew there was something there, even though I couldn't see it I could feel it. There was a few of them, whoever or whatever they were they had me surrounded.

When I heard the noise again I activated my lightsaber and soon enough I was ambushed by a bunch of small blue color tailed monkeys that were throwing rocks at me. I did my best to destroy some of the rocks but there were hundreds of them it made it hard for me to block them all. A few even hit me in the lekku which hurt alot. While I flinched from the pain two got on my shoulders and bit me. I threw them off and tried to run. But I soon saw they were following me I decided that I needed to stop them without actually killing them so I stopped and used the force hoping it would drive them away. I used the force to lift some boulders and threw it at them. They scattered and I saw that they seemed afraid but weren't retreating. So I used the force again this time I threw it nearly hitting them this time causing them to run away. I sighed in relief that they were gone but then I felt something hitting me on the head and soon I fell to the floor until I was out.

(few minutes earlier)

Another fine day here on Kiros. The sun is out, there isn't a cloud in the sky, and the city is as was in ruins. Not complaining have been here since I was four and I never mind the way the city was. Guess after living here for so long you can get used to some things. One of the things I didn't like was having my friend, my brother Zach hide my lightsaber for the third time somewhere in this city. I was jumping from building to building looking for any areas where Zach may have hid my lightsaber. I knew he was doing this all because I was no longer any fun with his little pranks. Not my fault he ran out of things to pull on me and I wasn't laughing at his gags anymore. After spending eleven years with the guy he should try and act his age.

I looked around and saw something shiny nearby. I thought it was my lightsaber so I jumped from building to building till I arrived to see it wasn't a lightsaber but somekind of ship. I jumped down the building and landed near the ship. It look like a transport ship my master used to tell me about when I was younger. Though the ones she described were better looking than this junk. Before I could go inside I felt something nearby. It was someone strong and it wasn't far from where I was. I knew it couldn't be those blue skin monkeys they weren't that strong or were anything to worry about. So I ran up a nearby building and began to run towards where this source was coming from. I would assume whoever it was, was the owner of this ship. As I arrived to the area I saw what appeared to be a orange skin girl being chased by the monkeys. Before I could help she did something that really caught my attention. She lifted some boulders nearby and threw them at the monkeys. I hid behind a building and watched as she did it again this time causing those darn apes to run.

I knew what she did was used the force which meant she was two things. One she could be a sith my master told me about which meant she was the enemy or two she was one of those jedis which my master also warned me about so she isn't the bad guy. Before I could decided I saw one of the monkeys sneak up behind her and clubed her from behind knocking her out. I didn't care if she was friend or foe I wasn't going to let some dumb ape kill her. So I ran towards the monkey as he had his back turn and I kicked him off the girl as he was about to bite her. The monkey got up and growled at me, I used the force to lift the monkey and threw him but not hard enough to hurt him. The monkey got back up and ran away.

I got down and checked on her to make sure she was all right. I saw she had two bite wounds on her shoulders and a bruise on what look like somekind of headress. Which meant she was one of those Togruta species his parents told him about. As he turned her over to check on her he saw that she had white markins on her cheeks, forehead, and ones over her eyebrows, she also seemed to be around my age which amazes me that someone this young could also be somone this pretty. I looked over her outfit as well seeing what she was wearing. It was indeed an outfit I don't think my master ever told me a jedi would wear so I would assume she was a sith. But I didn't sense any evil from her so I didn't know what to make of her. I then remembered that she was injured I also noticed she was wearing two lightsabers. One I assumed was hers and the other was mine. I took my saber and was glad to see someone found it. I ripped my sleeves and wrapped them around where the wounds were trying to keep her from losing blood. Although the bite wasn't deep I needed to make sure she didn't lose blood.

I hear some noises from a distance and assumed it was t he monkeys coming back for round two. As much as I wanted to take on those little creeps I couldn't fight them and protect her at the same time. I could but she might end up getting hurt or worse. So I lifted her up carrying her bridal style and jumped up towards the buildings nearby and began to head back to my home. I knew Zach wasn't going to like me bringing in someone univited but I'm sure as long as he gets a good nap wherever he is I'm sure it will be all right.

Other side of the city

Anakin and Obi wan arrived to where the sith lord was suppose to be and found nothing. They looked around and saw that they were in the middle of what they assumed was a park. They looked around and sensed nothing either which made Anakin a little frustrated.

"Great I guess our this trip was a wast of time huh?" said Anakin sounding a bit mad.

"Indeed it does seem like our time was wasted, but I don't think we should give up yet Anakin. Whoever that lightsaber belonged to must be still here looking for it, let's head back to the ship and see if we can find out who it belongs to so we can be prepare for..." Obi wan was cut off when he hear some noise nearby.

Anakin and him got out their lightsabers and got ready for whoever it was. They heard the noise again and this time it got louder. Anakin saw a small rock near him so he picked it up and threw it at where the noise was coming from. When he threw the rock they heard a loud ow meaning there was someone there. Soon the person who was hit by the rock came out rubbing his head. "Who threw this stupid rock at my head?" asked the young man. He appeared to be six foot two inches, he was wearing a black outfit from his boots, pants, gloves, sleeveless shirt, and belt. He had long black hair that reached his shoulders, blue eyes, and looked to be around eighteen.

Anakin and Obi wan looked at each other wondering who this kid was. The kid looked at the two jedi and narrowed his eyes staring at the jedi with a angry glare. "Who threw this rock?" asked the young man in a demanding tone.

"I guess that would be me who are you?" asked Anakin as he raised his hand as the one who threw the rock.

The young man now focus his stare at Anakin as he seemed more angry now than before. "You woke me up from a good nap. I was having a good dream and now your going to pay for it punk" said the young man.

"Look sorry about that but not my fault I didn't know you were asleep. Now then tell me your name now kid" said Anakin.

The young man flinched and soon he lowered his head. Anakin and Obi wan wondered what was wrong till he lifted his head again this time he had an annoyed look on his face and his left eye was twitching. "What did you call me?" asked the young man in a calm tone.

"I said tell me your name now ki-" before Anakin could finish the young man appeared infront of him and elbowed him in the gut. He then delievered a uppercut and then delievered a swift kick to the head sending anakin towards one of the trees breaking it and knocking him out.

Obi wan activated his lightsaber and had aimed it at the young man. The young man turned to Obi wan and saw the lightsaber and sighed. "A lightsaber huh? That must mean two things your either a sith which I doubt since you don't look like a sith and I don't sense any evil in you. Which means your a jedi right?" asked the young man in his calm tone.

"That's right and the one you hit is a jedi as well. And also my friend, there was no need for what you did to him" said Obi wan who seemed serious at the moment looking back at Anakin and at the young man as well.

"His fault for calling me a kid. I'm clearly not a kid, I'm eighteen, and second it's his fault for letting his guard down. Unlike you who seemed to now be on your guard which is a good thing but an unnecessary one. I didn't come here to fight jedi I was just having a good nap till your friend woke me up from it" said the young man as he went towards one of the trees and sat down.

Obi wan didn't let his guard down but approached the young man slowly. "Who are you?" asked Obi wan.

"Names Zachary or Zach for short. And may I ask now who are you?" asked Zach who seemed calmer now.

Obi wan sensed no evil in the boy and could sense he was calmer than before. So he deactivated his lightsaber and stop near the young man. "I am Obi wan Kenobi, the jedi you hit his name is Anakin Skywalker. We're both jedi of the republic and were sent here to investiagte the location of a sith lord or from what we assumed a force user that was located here on this planet."

"Well then you wasted your time then Obi wan. There isn't a sith lord here but your informant is right that there is someone here who is a force user...rather two actually. Me and my friend, my brother Michael" said Zach who had both his hands resting behind his head onto the tree.

"No sith lord huh? Well that's a shame but you said your a force user?" asked Obi wan who seemed surprise to find someone who could use the force.

"That's right, my friend and I have been living here since we were kids. We were taught on how to use the force by our master who came here a week after our parents died" said Zach.

"Who is this master may I ask?" Before Zach could respond the two heard some noises nearby and Zach knew what it was.

"I'll tell you when we get back to my place. Go pick up your friend and follow me" said Zach as he got up and dusted off his clothes. Obi wan went to Anakin and saw that he was unconscious. He lifted Anakin and put Anakin's arm over his shoulder and started to follow Zach back to their home. "Try and keep up Kenobi it's going to be a long walk. And trust me if you want to know more about me you better keep up then" said Zach as he turned back to Obi wan who nodded and soon followed Zach back to his home to explain further of his past.

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