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Rogue, no, Marie was facing the house she couldn't call her own. The one she grew up in, surrounded by the care and love of her two mommas. She never had the usual childhood, between Irene and Raven. Irene was almost the regular stay-at-home mother, and her being blind rendered her almost unable to have a regular job. Therefore Raven was the 'father', working for the government on some secret project. Until the day Rogue knocked Cody unconscious by merely kissing him.

But those days were over; the young lady scolded herself, before she stepped forward to the house that, maybe, would welcome her.

Chapter one

Marie was at the front door of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngster. She was welcoming the mutants who were either coming back for a new school year or coming in for the very first time.

Almost two years had passed since she first came through those doors, and one year since the whole Phoenix debacle. She was starting to feel out of place. She'd been 'cured' one year ago and had no longer an affair with Bobby. As teenagers, they'd explored their relationship. Once Marie's ability was negated, they had even explored it physically. But high school sweethearts are not always meant to last, and their relationship had shifted, changed to become friendship. Of course, they cared about each other more than mere friends, but not as lovers.

Marie had become Storm's assistant. She didn't need the danger room training sessions anymore or the lessons focused on mutants. Ororo had been disappointed at first by her decision to negate her powers, of course. She considered the cure as a heresy and thought there was nothing to cure in the young woman.

But truth to be told, Marie was glad she had taken it. She could experience a regular relationship, and could do everything she wanted with the boys, the men she would learn to love.

Smiling, she went inside. It was time for her to make peace with her past. Go see Cody, stop by her parents', see her good ol' Mississippi town and say goodbye to it. Not as a runaway, but as a woman taking sensible decisions.

She knocked on Ororo's office - previously Professor X's office, and entered at the prompt of the woman she learned to love as an older sister. Ororo smiled as her former pupil came in and she embraced the young woman in a tight embrace. Marie sighed, "It feels so good, a hug, not fearing what could happen..."

"Marie..." Ororo started.

"I know, 'Roro. But it was my decision to take. I didn't come to talk about that. I'd like to leave, temporarily."

"Is something the matter?" Ororo asked, sitting with the young Rogue on the couch.

"Nay, 'Roro. No problem." she said, before exposing her project to head to her birthplace. This was something Ororo could relate to and soon the leader of the X-Men agreed, offering to the young woman everything she needed for her journey.

"You should wait until Logan is back. He'd hate to come back to find you gone again."

"I will, thank you."

At the same moment, Logan, otherwise known as the Wolverine, was heading back to the Mansion with the most uncanny of companion. He was accompanied by a mutant he had met eighteen years earlier, but who barely seemed a couple of years older. Just as the Wolverine, his companion's mutant abilities allowed him to mature at a slower rate.

The Wolverine glanced at his companion's red eyes when he started to speak. "You're taking Remy to a school, right?"

Logan nodded. He barely trusted the youngling he was bringing to the X-men but with the death of the Professor, Jean and Scott, they were running low on good and adult X-men material. Kitty, Bobby, Jubilee and those of their age were mostly ready but Logan's instincts were telling him to gather mutants and so he was.

"There are kids in this school. You must understand that none is to be seduced. I know you're quite the womanizer, but I have the feeling you'll be useful in a pretty damn near future."

"Remy is a man of, ah, action. And the Professor you told me about is the one who took the kids you asked me to lead to safety."

At those words, Wolverine looked at his companion with a puzzled look.

"But that was before you lost your memories."

"We'll need to talk more about this, Remy. You knew me before my memory loss..."

"'kay, mon ami. Show me in." The newcomer said when they stepped out of the car.

Wolverine motioned him to follow. They stepped into the hallway and walked to Ororo's office, in which the young and powerless Marie still was.

As Wolverine was about to knock - two years with the X-men actually taught him manners - Marie opened the door, ready to resume her activities. Her surprise subsided to sheer pleasure as she flung herself to the one she called her Protector within her mind. Logan, smiling, caught her and hugged her. "Ya missed me, kiddo?"

Marie mockingly punched him in the biceps, her smile bright and delighted. "I ain't no kiddo anymore, Logan! I told'ya, I'm a woman!"

"Mon Dieu! Now I'm convinced, Wolverine. I'd work with the X-men to have Chérie welcome me in such manner when I return from a mission."

Marie turned her gaze toward the stranger and felt herself caught in the red on black eyes. She eyed Gambit warily as he bowed and planted a kiss on her knuckles. "Remy is the name, ma chère, and it's Remy's pleasure to meet such a beauty."

Marie blushed a deep red shade and snatched her hand back. "Logan?" she asked, panic in her voice. Both men were able to pick the panic. Remy straightened, frowning. Most girls would be swooning after receiving a gentleman kiss from Gambit, and still this one was resisting his charms. He felt intrigued and mysteriously drawn to her.

Logan wrapped the girl in his embrace, pulling her away from Remy. "You okay, Rogue? Your ability?" Logan knew the girl's fear that her ability would come back eventually, as everyone who got away from Leech gained their abilities back.

Marie looked down at her hand. She definitely had felt something, some energy, some exchange of power. Though, as she flexed her fingers, the feeling faded. "No, Logan. I dunno what happened but it doesn't feel like it used to feel before the cure."

Remy then eyed her warily. "You took the cure?"

Logan smirked. "If she hadn't, kissing her bare hand would've knocked you unconscious, lad. And she would have had a nice insight of your mind, not mentioning that she would use your own ability, probably against you."

"Even though Remy disapproves of the cure, I'm glad you took it, as I very well intend to court you, Miss Rogue." He bowed again as he spoke.

Wolverine pushed Marie behind him and showed Gambit his claws. "I made myself clear, lad. No courting the kids."

Marie soothingly pressed her hand on Logan's shoulder. "Thank you, but I can handle him."

She turned toward the Cajun. "I am no kid, but I can tell you, you ain't gonna court me. I don't like Casanovas."

Remy smirked. "I love a challenge, ma chère. I will enjoy my stay with the X-men very, very much."

Marie shook her head. She could tell it was useless to try and knock some sense in the new guy's head. She turned to Logan. "I'll need to talk to you when you're done with Ororo."

Logan frowned. "Okay, I'll talk to you in a few."

The two men got into Ororo's office, leaving a slightly distraught Marie in the hallway. She looked down at her hands. The surge of energy had felt alien but also familiar. The Cajun also drew her in like a moth to the flame. She still had issues with romance and bonding, and she definitely knew the guy could endanger her heart were she to risk it. Yet, he attracted her.

She pushed the thoughts aside. She would explore it when she would come back from her trip home.

Home. The word seemed misplaced. The X-mansion had become her home.

She was still standing there, deep in her thoughts, when the two men stepped out of the office, following Ororo.

"Waiting for Remy, chérie?"

"Nay, waiting for Logan, Cheri," she said with sarcasm.

Remy smirked. "Hmm, witty. I like it."

Marie eyerolled and braced herself for an answer when Ororo countered her. "Logan, have your talk with Marie. I'll show Gambit where he can say and tell him about the mansion's rules."

"Good luck, 'Roro. Come, kiddo."

He motioned to Marie to follow him, which she did. Once out of sight, Logan smiled to Marie. "You should ignore the lad. He won't give up until he's tainted you..."

"My, thanks for the advice, 'Dad', but I can handle him," said Marie while smiling back. They had a code; she was sarcastically calling him dad when he crossed a limit between friendly and overprotective.

Logan nodded. "What is it you want to tell me?"

They stopped in the X-mansion's rec room, empty at that time. They sat on the couch.

"I'll temporarily leave the mansion. I need to go where it all started for me. I feel that I need to see the boy I drained, and the house where I grew up. I need to tell mom Irene that I'm all right."

"I'll miss you, Marie, but I understand." he said smiling. "You need to do things for yourself."

Marie, teary-eyed, smiled and launched herself in Logan's comforting embrace. "Thank you. You're the best friend I've ever had..."

After talking a little more, they parted so Marie could prepare a bag. She'd fly to the Mississippi airport and drive herself to her hometown. She'd stay in the town's only hotel. Ororo and Marie had planned it all already.

Near her room, the person she expected the less was leaning against the wall. "It's a shame you're leaving, chérie."

"Will you stop calling me that?" Snapped Marie.

Remy shook his head and made his way to the young woman. She was captured by his eyes, like a mouse caught in the snake's gaze. "But you don't want me to stop, chérie" he said, while his hand slowly cupped her face as he bent down to kiss her.

Helpless, she leaned into his touch until their lips touched. It was intoxicating. She could feel his arms snaking around her, pulling her closer. Her own hands pressed against his strong chest, she was pulling at his shirt to take him closer as she lost herself in his kiss. Goodness, was he skilled! Breathless, their tongues danced together while their hands explored each other.

She came to her senses when she felt her back pressed against the wall, her legs wrapped around Remy's waist, his stiff cock pressed against her through the fabric of their clothes. She broke the kiss and gasped. Unable to let her go, he bent his head down and buried it in her bosom, trying to find his own breath and to calm down. She was still holding onto him, her head pressed against the wall, looking at the ceiling. She was trying to understand what happened there, in the hallway, where everyone could see them.

Still breathing hard, Remy let her down while taking a step back. She unsteadily leaned against the wall. What had happened? Remy seemed as shaken as she was. Their eyes locked together, he sighed, caressed her chin and whispered, "I hope you will be back soon..." before turning his back on her and walking down the hallway.

Her hands shaking, she got into her room and locked it behind herself. She touched her lips. They were slightly sore after being ravished by the young man. She felt herself humming with energy. She wanted nothing but find the Cajun's room and... And...

She remembered how strong he had felt in her arms, how hard he had felt against her core. Desire was taking her over. One of her hand trailed down and unfastened her pants. She threw herself on her bed and closed her eyes.

His head in her bosom, he didn't let her go. She could feel him grin before his finger pulled on her blouse, widening the opening. His tongue found her skin and she gasped, the sensation overwhelming her. He sucked on her nipples through the fabric of her bra and she rocked her hips against his.

She dug her fingers in his reddish hair, pulling him closer. He raised his head, his tongue leaving a wet trail on her skin. His hand cupped her ass and grinded her against his arousal. The friction sent delicious tingles in her belly, spreading to her whole body.

He carried her to her room, closing the door. He moaned in her neck when he pressed her against the door, once inside. Breathing heavily, her hands tugged on his clothes until her eager fingers found his abs. They explored his upper body. He rocked hard against her a couple of times, groaning. "The bed," she moaned.

He eagerly agreed and laid her down on the bed. There, they fumbled through all the clothes, all the fabric, until she was able to press his naked body against hers. Torturingly slow, he entered her. He was wide and she needed to adjust. Once all the way inside, he started to thrust slowly at first. He picked up the pace as their moans and groans echoed each other's.

His strong and slightly hairy chest was grazing against her breasts, eliciting sparks of pleasure from her nipples to her belly. She felt her orgasm building as his pace became frantic.

When she climaxed she felt him come hard in her.

Marie opened her eyes, her breathing calming. The new X-man had quite an effect on her. She got up and headed to her bathroom. Just thinking about him made her all tingly again. She needed a shower. She shivered under the cold water.

She swiftly dried and dressed herself. Then she threw some clothing and first use products in a bag. She headed to Ororo's office where the head of the school was waiting for her. Rogue's bag was hanging from her shoulder as she took the car key.

She gave her mentor a sad smile. "I'll come back, 'Roro. I just feel that I need it. But my life is here now and I'll be back to live it."

Ororo hugged and kissed the young woman. "I know, child. And we'll wait for you."

As she walked away, Rogue wiped a tear from her cheek. A chapter of her life was closing so another one could start. Exit childhood, welcome adulthood.

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