Rogue looked at the clear blue sky on the other side of the window. So much had happened, though her happiness never withered. She had been off active X-Men duty for a few months, simply teaching the kids how to control their powers. She had been the one struggling the most with hers when she was a teen like them. Now she was almost twenty-eight, she could offer them another insight and tell them how it was for her, she could tell them of the cure, of the struggle when the powers were coming back still out of control. When they lacked perseverance, she could cheer them up and show them no situation was hopeless. She was living proof of that.

Her hand caressed her swollen belly. It was the very reason why she was off X-Men duty. She was pregnant with her second child. A girl, Hank had said. Remy was elated. She had given him a son, and now a daughter was on her way. Her smile softened when she thought about her three years old son. Olivier was in New Orleans with his father. They were visiting the Lebeau family. She wished for them to come back. With the X-Jet, they could be home any time if need be.

BellaDonna had died a couple of months ago, a consequence of her reckless line of work. She left behind a daughter, about the same age as Oliver. She was the second reason why Remy had to go to New Orleans. The now unified Guilds wanted them to take care of the baby girl. Rogue was wary of the idea, she couldn't imagine herself raising the child of another woman, especially not one who hurt her.

She shook the thoughts. The child was in no way responsible for her mother's action. She had no known father and showed obvious signs of mutations. If anyone could take good care of the girl, it would be them. She had given Remy her full opinion on the matter. He was to make clear that if they were to take her, the Guild had to promise that the girl would become their rightful daughter and that she would not be taken away from them to be trained as an Assassin. They had driven the mother mad, not the daughter.

Her baby girl kicked and she chuckled. With two girls, their household was about to become livelier. They had an apartment inside the grounds of the Xavier's Institute. They were now partnered with Frost Massachusetts Institute. Emma was married to Scott. Scott who didn't die like they all thought but was kept in a coma induced by Jean when she came back as the Phoenix. They had all been surprised when a disheveled, malnourished and weak Scott had reached the Mansion on a stormy night. Phoenix had given him absolute control on his optic blasts before putting him in some sort of coma. He had woken up in an Alaskan hospital and had run away. With Emma's help, he was now over Jean's death and living happily after all. Irony was, both had met in Stryker's prison as teens, had been rescued by Wolverine and Kayla, dated while in Xavier's care. Life brought them back together when it was the right time for them.

Wolverine was married with Ororo and both had a little girl named Kendra. The girl was five now. She had been conceived six years ago, right after the Hellfire events. At first, Rogue had freaked out to have such a young sister, but she slowly grew used to the idea. Ororo was a great person and really good to her father. Rogue had to temporarily charge of the Headmistress's duties during Ororo's maternity leave and she had given the responsibilities back to Ororo gladly. Keep the hormonal teens in line wasn't an easy task, even with dozens of useful powers to call forth whenever the need arises.

"Schwester, are you alright?" Asked a concerned Nightcrawler. She turned away from the window, sighing. What a big family she had now! After Olivier's birth, Mystique had visited with Nightcrawler in tow. Circumstances were still a mystery, but Kurt was Mystique's son and in need of a safe haven. They had all recognized the mutant Stryker had used to attack the president.

Mystique and her weren't as close as they used to when Rogue was a child, but they were civil with each other. That was a great improvement. Even though Rogue couldn't condone her foster mother's actions, she understood how she was driven by Destiny's diaries. She had the misfortune to glimpse at it someday and it still haunted her. Mystique had shown Rogue the pages about Kurt Wagner to convince her he needed the protection. It was about the time Irene passed away. Rogue attended the funerals. She discovered that day that she was Irene's only heir. She had inherited houses all over the world and a wealth that could now compete with Remy's.

Mystique had had it hard. Rogue suspected Irene's death was the event that triggered Mystique's need to protect her son. Kurt had been a great asset for the X-Men since his arrival. "Vhen vill you marry Gambit?" he asked out of the blue as they were heading together toward the Mansion's dining hall. Kurt, despite his demonic features, was Catholic and a true believer. He disapproved that his sister lived in sin with her lover.

"Kurt..." she started. She sighed. "We talked about it before. Neither Remy or I want to get married. It's fine. He is the one and I don't need a ring on my finger to remind it to me."


"Enough, Kurt. We had this discussion many times before. I'm not changing my mind."

Recognizing his sister's tone and her mood, he softly apologized and left her alone. Wolverine saw her and reached her in a few long strides. "Anna! Could you rest?"

She had excused herself in the afternoon for a nap. She smiled. "I'm better, thanks."

"Blue elf is right, ya know. The bub should marry you already." Logan said with a scowl on his face.

Rogue replied to him with a scowl of her own. "I won't discuss or argue about my choices anymore. Get lost, dad." Her mood was worsening by the second. Ever since her first pregnancy, from time to time, her family questioned her marital status. Damned hormones but she was moody and couldn't take it. Her dark look told her father to shut up.

She ignored Remy had old-fashionably asked her hand to her father. Logan was concerned as he was certain she would turn down the proposal. Ororo and him had agreed to look after Olivier and the Boudreaux kid when they would be back. Remy planned to take Anna on a date and propose her.

After the meal, Rogue said goodbye and went back to her apartments She felt so exhausted, so tired to her very core. Her previous pregnancy hadn't been so hard on her. Emma, who had given birth to four children in a very short time with Scott, said girls were harder on their moms. She laid down and dozed off.

She was awaken in the middle of the night by Olivier's excited voice and Remy's hushing tone. She opened her eyes and found her son's face close to hers. A motherly smile appeared on her sleepy features. She spotted Remy standing behind the boy, holding a sleeping little girl in his arms. Golden shoulder-length hair and peaceful slumbering face were all Rogue could see. She slowly sat up and hugged her son. Once out of his mom's embrace, he put his hands on her stomach and greeted his sister-to-be with simple words. Remy smiled at his beloved. " We wanted to get back here as soon as the matter was settled. My aunt Mattie probably taught him some Cajun. I'm... How are you feeling?"

"Fine," she smiled. "I've seen Hank this morning. He says everything is normal. Emma also felt more tired when she had Megan than when she had Alex."

He smiled. "Remy can't help it, he worries."

She scowled at him. She hated when he distanced himself from his feelings. She had realized something since she met him, the deepest the emotion ran, the fastest he switched to calling himself Remy. He had the grace to look contrite when she scowled. He mumbled something under his breath that her sensitive ears couldn't catch. Rogue decided to change the conversation, her son half-sitting, half lying down on what was left of her lap. She looked at the girl. "They agreed to our conditions?"

Remy nodded. "As soon as the adoption papers are signed, she'll officially be our daughter. We'll see to it tomorrow. Now we all need to rest."

She noticed the tactful way he avoided to say she needed to rest. "Momma, I want to sleep with you and my sisters..." Olivier softly said. Rogue's eyes snapped up and found Remy's. He looked as taken aback as she was. She softly caressed his dark hair.

"Of course, love. We will all sleep here tonight."

Remy delicately put the girl down on the king-size bed and undid her shoes. Olivier and Remy joined Rogue on the bed. She looked at the blonde and the brown heads, close together, between Remy and her. She looked at Remy and, overcome with emotion, asked in a hoarse voice what she never asked. "What is her name?"

"Isabella. Bella is part of all the women's names in her family..." Remy started to explain.

"It's fine, love. As long as no one calls her Bella." Anna's smile turned sleepy as she looked at the fast-asleep children. "She's ours now. We will raise her and help her along the way."

Anna tried to talk some more but sleep claimed her. Remy's hand reached her belly and softly touched it. Two girls and a boy. Olivier, Isabella and Becca. He was so blessed he had met her. She was his match. With a strong confidence, he knew she would accept his proposal.

Future was smiling at them. Their lives could be what they wanted it to be.

Sage looked at her ringing phone. She was part of a government agency with her lover, Bishop. This agency policed mutants. It was part of the project seeing that criminal mutants were judged and punished by their peers, as stated by the American law. She couldn't see her best friend as much as she wanted to, since she never agreed to become an X-Woman but she could help many of their kind.

She raised the phone to her ear. "Sage speaking," she curtly said.

"Tessa! It's Anna! I couldn't wait! Will you be my maid of honor?"

"Anna, dear... Of course!"

She removed the phone from her ear a second before Rogue's squeal of delight could reach her sensitive ear. Hormonal pregnant women, Sage thought, shaking her head with a wide smile.

When she hung up, Bishop was tracing circles on her naked back with his deft fingers. She was laying on her stomach on their bed, bedsheets bundled around her waist. She hummed with pleasure, half-closing her eyes. She rolled on her side, her eyes drinking in his strong built. Remy and Anna had introduced them. Remy had tried to recruit Bishop for the X-Men. One week later, both were gone and part for the Mutant police, the XSE.

Before she could open her mouth to share the news, Bishop's phone rang. "Bishop," he answered much like Sage had. Bishop's laughter soon echoed through the room. He had a deep baritone voice. "Told'ya the woman would agree. Congrats. See ya then."

When he hung up, Sage was glaring at him. "You knew," she accused.

"I knew," he confirmed with a good-natured tone. "And you never guessed it, love. Not easy to trick you."

She decided to wipe the proud smile off his face and pounced on him. "Tickle war!" she screamed.

It felt good to be careless. It felt good to trust someone enough to show this side of herself she had never had the chance to show before. A while later, when both her and Bishop laid down exhausted by their tryst, she found the courage to say words she never said before. "I love you."

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