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Be my Valentine- The boys' spend Valentine's Day together.

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Valentine's Day was fast approaching and everyone was either choosing that special person ready for the day or accepting that they were going to be spending the day alone, watching all the couples acting lovey dovey. Everyone except for one person, Logan Mitchell A.K.A the genius of boy band Big Time Rush.

Sitting at the desk in the bedroom he shared with best friend and long time crush Kendall Knight, the brunette sighed and looked down at three Valentine's Day cards that sat on the wood. Each card held a different design on the front to match each of his crushes personalities. The card to his right was plain white with a bear sat on a heart covered floor, a present within its grasp; adorned with a heart shaped bow. You're someone very very special sat in the right top had corner. The card in the centre was bright pink, a black silhouetted superhero on the left side. Running down the right side in bold letters were the words; All Superheroes have to reveal their secret identity eventually. The final card on the left was plain white. I've loved you for so long now, admired you for so long, if only you would notice how compatible we are, was embossed in bright pink letters in the middle of the card.

Each card lay spread open against the wood of his desk. Looking down the smart boy ran a hand through his hair, before pulling the card on his right closer to him. To James was written in Logan's neat hand writing along the top with the words Be My Valentine printed slightly below it. Picking up the pen that lay discarded on the desk, Logan's hand hovered over the card, hesitating slightly as he thought about what to write.

He had always had a small crush on James and who could blame him. The tall boy was the epitome of perfect from his sleek brown hair to his perfectly sculpted washboard abs; which were constantly being shown. Warm hazel eyes and a wide winning smile always greeted Logan when he entered a room, making his heart flutter, stomach doing somersaults with each accidental touch. It had all started on the first day of Kindergarten, Logan impressed by the way a four year old James demanded every ones' attention; stamping his foot when he wasn't the centre of attention, before standing in front of the rest of the class, declaring one day he would be famous. Never a truer statement had been said.

Logan's hand shook as he lowered the pen to the card, halting just as the nib was about to graze the surface. What was he to write? Letting out a sigh, the smart boy ran a hand through his hair before pressing pen to paper. Slowly yet carefully the brunette drew a giant question mark in the bottom of the card before picking up the envelope to accompany it. Quickly scrawling James across the plain white envelope, Logan closed the card and slid it into the paper confines before running his tongue along the flap of the envelope; face scrunching in disgust as the bitter taste of the adhesive burst across his taste buds. Pulling the flap down so the card was completely covered, Logan slid his hand over the paper, making sure the envelope was securely sealed.

Sliding the card to the side of his desk, Logan pulled the middle card towards him. Looking down at the cartoonish design, Logan smiled as memories of Carlos dressed as his unnamed superhero flooded through his head. This card represented the Latino and his child like personality perfectly; one of the many things Logan loved about him. The pale boy had a certain connection with the tan boy that he didn't with Kendall or James and he knew exactly why.

Logan was the one that Carlos went to when he injured himself which was the majority of the time. This had happened since they were young, the parent looking after them usually having to drag a screaming Carlos away to address his injuries but the moment he had finished being patched up, the Latino would be right back by the smart boy's side; the two small boys' inseparable. Even now after so many years, the tan boy waited until Logan was around before dealing the various injuries he managed to gain, the pale boy the only person who could touch him during this time; whenever Kendall or James offered to help, the hyper boy would shake his head, running or more than likely limping to the bathroom to wait for his personal doctor. The short boy found it flattering that the Latino put so much trust into him, but sometimes wondered if Carlos faked his injuries to make sure Logan's attention was on him and not James or Kendall.

Knowing that he didn't have a clue what to write in Carlos' card, Logan's hand still shook slightly as he drew a second question mark. It wasn't as good as the one in James' card but the pale boy didn't mind too much. It made it look less obvious that he was giving Carlos a card as well as James. CARLOS was written in block capitals across the front of the envelope; an attempt to match the writing on the card. Having learnt from James' card that licking the envelope wasn't a clever idea, the smart boy tucked the flap into the bottom, making sure it was flat and unlikely to fall out.

This just left the card to Logan's left, the one he was the most scared of giving out. It wasn't the prospect of giving it to Kendall that scared him, having come up with an ingenious way of handing the cards out; leaving them on each respective bed and making sure he was out of the apartment when the three boys found them. No, it was what was written on the card that scared Logan. Kendall had been Logan's first and strongest crush, there was just something about the blonde that Kendall couldn't get enough of. He wasn't sure if it was Kendall's bright emerald orbs, warm carefree smile; and the dimples that accompanied it or the sense of security he got from every arm that was thrown around his shoulders or every word of encouragement the blonde gave him to boost his shaky confidence.

A myriad of words flitted through Logan's brain as he lowered pen to paper, stopping before the pen actually touched the paper. He knew what he wanted to say to Kendall but putting it into words was a lot harder. The small boy lowered the pen to paper several more times before giving up. The pen fell out of his hand onto the desk with a thud, the smart boy leaning back in his chair; arms crossed across his chest. He thought about everything he wanted to say to the blonde, everything easily worded in his mind but when he thought to put it on paper, each word jumbled in his mind, each one more awkward than the last. Sighing with defeat, the brunette picked up the discarded pen and brought it to the card. He drew a final question mark, writing Kendall on the envelope in his neatest handwriting, sliding the card into its paper confines before tucking the flap in.

Logan let out a sigh of relief; he had finally done what he had been trying to do for the last week. However just as he thought he could relax, the pale boy heard the front door shut. Jumping slightly, Logan gathered the three enveloped cards off the desk and quickly hid them in his underwear drawer, making it harder for Kendall to accidentally stumble across them.

Just as the smart boy took his seat back at the desk, the bedroom door opened and Kendall's face appeared around the wood.

"Hey, watcha doing in here on your own?" The blonde asked fully entering the room but leaving the door ajar.

"H...H...Homework," Logan stuttered, mentally kicking himself. Kendall was surely going to suspect something if he stuttered. Damn his nervousness.

"Where are your books then?" The blonde asked, one bushy eyebrow rising.

"I just put them away," Logan replied quickly, a hand coming up to rub the back of his neck.

Kendall seemed to buy it and turned on his heel, exiting the room. Logan did a quick survey of the room to make sure there was nothing to give away what he was up to. Happy that Kendall wouldn't find out, Logan walked out the room, following the same path the blonde had taken to the living room.

Yelling could be heard from the orange couch and when it came into view, Logan knew who to blame. James and Carlos were sat at opposite ends, the pretty boys' lips set into a firm line while the Latino pouted. It was a funny sight, considering the two boys were usually the happiest out of the four. Logan chuckled as he sat down in the gap between the warring pair, eyes darting from James to Carlos.

"What's going on," Logan asked Kendall, knowing the blonde was the only one who would give him a straight answer.

"Well, I told James the pickup line I plan on using on the Jennifer's and he told me it was stupid," Carlos butted in before Kendall could reply.

Looking over to his left, Logan couldn't help but smile at his best friends face. The tan boys' cheeks were puffed out slightly in annoyance, his lips formed into an adorable pout, arms crossed over his chest.

"What was it?" Logan asked, immediately regretting it when he remembered it was Carlos he just asked the question too. It was a known fact the Latino wasn't good with girls.

Shifting closer to his pale friend, Carlos waited until their legs were touching before he started.

"Roses are red, pickles are green," The Latino started, Logan couldn't help but roll his eyes, the small boy always had to get food involved.

"I like your legs and what's in between." Carlos finished, his hand sliding up Logan's leg in what he believed to be a seductive manner, stopping dangerously close to the smart boys' crotch.

Logan felt his cheeks heat up, a red tint spreading across his pale skin. He squirmed slightly under the Latino's hold, frowning when he saw the smirk on Kendall's face. Turning to look at his smaller friend, Logan knew Carlos was waiting for an answer but with his hand so close to a certain part of the pale boy's anatomy, Logan found it hard to form the right words or any words at all. Luckily for him, James stepped in.

"That has to be the worst pickup line ever, mines much better." James flicking his perfect bangs out of his face.

"Yeah," Carlos challenged, his hand still lingering on Logan's leg.

"Yeah, roses are red, violets are blue, I'm going to bed, would you like to come too." James said, his voice dropping lower as he nudged Logan with his elbow.

The blush on Logan's cheeks deepened and the smart boy quickly averted his eyes when he realised Kendall was watching him. The brunette let out a quiet sigh when he felt Carlos remove his hand from his leg, watching as he and James rolled around on the floor in front of him. It was always fun to watch the pair wrestle, Carlos always going for James' hair while the pretty boy went for Carlos' sides, knowing they were a particularly sensitive spot for the Latino.

Kendall and Logan watched as the pair continued to fight until the door opened and Mama Knight came in, Katie following behind her; both with arms full of bags.

"Boys', help me with the groceries," Mama Knight was not someone to ignore so as soon as the orders left her mouth, the wrestling duo split apart; James fixing his appearance before heading over to help his second mother.

The rest of the evening went by smoothly, Carlos and James sitting as far apart as possible, a small pout never leaving the Latino's adorable face. Everything seemed normal between the four of them but every now and again Logan would look up to find Kendall staring at him, a questionable expression crossing his features. However whenever the smart boy caught Kendall's eye, the blonde would avert his gaze unable to meet the brunette's eyes.

This carried on for the next hour and a half, until Logan couldn't handle it anymore. Abruptly rising from his seat on the couch, Logan said a quick round of good nights before heading off in the direction of the room him and Kendall shared. Stripping down to his boxers, the brunette pulled his covers back before hurriedly climbing into bed; switching the light off before Kendall came in to hassle him.

The pale boy fell into fitful sleep unsure if it was nerves or something completely different, the covers constricting against his lithe body as he continuously tossed and turned. At some point the brunette heard Kendall enter their room, cursing slightly under his breath as he stubbed his toe on the bed. The rustle of sheets could be heard before silence engulfed the room, interrupted when Kendall began to snore lightly.

The smart boy spent the majority of his night, staring at the ceiling, the covers tucked tightly against his body. What if the others hated him for sending them Valentine's cards? What if they were disgusted with him for having feelings for them? What if they kicked him out of the band and send him back to Minnesota? These three questions whirled around Logan's mind, leaving the pale boy more than a little scared about handing out the cards and unable to sleep, much to his dismay.

Logan didn't know when he finally managed to fall asleep but it only felt like five minutes had passed before he was being shaken awake by Kendall, the blonde wearing his usual care free smile as the brunette wearily opened his eyes.

"Ugh, what time is it?" Logan asked, his hand coming up to wipe the sleep from his eyes.

"9:00," Kendall replied sounding more chipper than normal. Logan didn't have time to wonder why the blonde was so happy when he remembered what day it was.

"Crap," Logan shouted as he flung himself out of bed. "I'm supposed to be meeting Camille in half an hour"

The smart boy ran into the adjoining bathroom, attempting to slide his boxers down his legs as he ran but only managing to show off his pert ass to Kendall. The blonde couldn't help but swallow hard when he spotted the pale boys' creamy cheeks bouncing slightly as he ran. Luckily the bathroom door slammed shut before Logan flashed Kendall anymore of his anatomy, much to the blondes' delight. He didn't know what he would do if he saw anymore of the brunette.

When Logan emerged from the shower ten minutes later, there was no sign of Kendall or anyone else in the apartment. After pulling on a clean pair of underwear, the smart boy placed the cards on his dresser so he wouldn't forget them. Standing in front of his closet, Logan looked through his clothes finally deciding on a pair of loose light blue jeans and a light blue button up shirt. It was still slightly cold outside even though they were in LA so the small boy grabbed his newly acquired leather jacket, shrugging it on over his shoulders before gathering the cards off his dresser.

His hands shook as he placed the card addressed to Kendall against the blonde's pillow, straightening the covers as he went. Logan let out the breath he had been holding as he exited the bedroom making his way to James and Carlos'. Opening the door, the small boy wasn't surprised to find James' side all neat and tidy, his hair products lined up along his dresser like various awards. However Carlos' side was a mess, a mixture of clean and dirty clothes strewn across the floor along with various food wrappers. The Latino's helmet sat in the middle of his bed, Carlos having obviously left it behind. Logan didn't know how Mama Knight could come in the room.

Moving slowly over to Carlos' side of the room, Logan stepped over the discarded clothes; narrowly missing a stale pizza crust that lay on the floor. Once he reached the tan boys' pillow, Logan carefully placed the envelope on the rumpled material, not bothering to smooth it out; there was no point it would only get messed up later. Making his way over to James' side, Logan smiled at how spotless the pretty boy's side was. Checking his watch the smart boy realised he didn't have long until he met Camille so he placed the tall boys' card on his pillow, taking one last look at the room before heading off to meet the method actress.

Having decided to take the stairs instead of the elevator, Logan arrived in front of Camille just as the clock hit 9:30. The smart boy couldn't help but flinch as the brunette raised her hand; accustomed to her usual slap greetings. However when he didn't feel her palm connect with his cheek instead placing itself gently on his shoulder, the small boy couldn't help but feel confused.

"Did you do it?" The method actress asked, her lips curving up into a small smile. She had been the one to help Logan come up with the plan when he admitted to her that he harboured small crushes on his three best friends.

"Yeah, I did" Logan replied his voice shaking as his nerves got the better of him. All the questions from last night popped back into his head making him doubt if he was doing the right thing.

"Everything is going to be fine." Camille assured as she linked arms with the other brunette, she could see how nervous Logan was about the whole thing and that's why she had offered to take him to the cinema. Hopefully it would take his mind off of it.

Steering the smart boy out of the lobby of the Palmwoods, Camille hoped Logan got what he hoped for.

Kendall, James and Carlos sat on sun loungers watching as Camille dragged Logan away. It was obvious Logan was nervous about something and Kendall was willing to bet it had something to with yesterday. The smart boy did seem extremely jumpy when they had come home. Realising he had left his towel upstairs, the blonde raised himself off of his seat and headed back towards the apartment.

Walking into his bedroom, Kendall was shocked and slightly freaked out when he saw a card laying against the material of his pillow. He knew it couldn't be from Jo as they had broken up a month ago, plus she didn't have access to the apartment so the blonde assumed it was from his mom. Picking the card off the pillow, Kendall looked over at Logan's bed and was surprised to see that there wasn't a card on his pillow. Why would his mum leave him a card and not Logan?

Looking down it soon became clear why there was no card on Logan's pillow. Scrawled across the front of the envelope was Kendall's name in a handwriting that the tall boy immediately recognised. Logan had sent him a Valentine's card. Opening the envelope, the blonde pulled the card out, mouth dropping open in shock. It wasn't because the card had pink writing or anything stupid, no Kendall was shocked at was written on the front of the card. He had never read anything so heartfelt in his entire life. Opening the card with shaky fingers, the tall boy smiled at the giant question mark drawn inside. It was obvious that Logan had tried to remain anonymous but Kendall had guessed it was from him as soon as he saw the hand writing.

The bushy browed boy had gotten over the shock of his best friend sending him a Valentine's Day card and found that he was quite flattered. He would be an idiot if he tried to hide the fact he found Logan attractive. Who wouldn't, with his short spiky hair which looked adorable when he woke up, various strands standing on end and large chocolate brown eyes, conveying the picture of innocence, when they all knew Logan wasn't all that innocent.

Keeping hold of his card, Kendall made his way out into the living room, grabbing his phone from the counter. Sitting on the bright orange couch, Kendall looked over his card once more before he dialled James' number, the pretty boy answering on the second ring.

"You need to come back to the apartment, bring Carlos." Was all that Kendall said before he hung up, leaving the pretty boy with a million questions. However he didn't waste any time in dragging Carlos away from the Jennifer's and back to 2J.

"Okay, what's so important?" The brunette asked as soon as he walked through the door. Not saying a word, the blonde held up the card which he hadn't put down yet.

"It's from Logan," The simple statement confused James and he soon joined Kendall on the couch.

"Come again,"

"It's from Logan," Kendall repeated handing the card to James.

Realisation dawned across the taller boys' face as he looked at the card. Silently he handed it back to Kendall who rested in his lap instead of on the table. The blonde looked at his friend knowing James wanted an explanation.

"When I came back, I saw this on my pillow and thought it was from my mom as it seems like something she would do but then when I picked it up I recognised Logan's handwriting." Kendall said, taking a well needed breath once he finished.

By now Carlos had joined them on the sofa, quickly bounding off into the room he shared with James. Just as he had hoped there was a small white envelope on his pillow as well as James. Gathering the two items as quickly as he could, the Latino soon rejoined his friends in the living room.

"I got one as well, so did you James." The tan boy said as he passed James the envelope.

Taking a deep breath, James slid his finger along the top, ripping the paper to reveal the edge of his card. A small smile spread across his features as he took in the design, smile widening when he opened it to reveal a question mark.

"Looks like Logan sent me one too," The pretty boy said handing the card over for Kendall to inspect.

Not wanting to be left out, Carlos slid his finger under the flap of the envelope, confusing spreading across his features when the pink card was revealed. However he couldn't stop the wide grin that covered his face when he saw the full design of the card. Looking inside, the Latino smiled.

"Logan sent me a card as well." The tan boy turned the card around so that the other two could see it.

James chuckled when he saw the card. It was obvious Logan had been thinking of the time Carlos became an unnamed superhero when he brought this card.

"How come Logan sent all three of us cards?" James asked. Yes he was flattered at Logan's gesture, always carrying a small crush for the smart boy but didn't understand why the brunette had sent all three of them one.

"Maybe he couldn't decide who he wanted to be his Valentine," Carlos replied, his eyes still glued to card in front of him.

The Latino had always had a small crush on Logan, loving how patient the pale boy was with him when he patched up his latest injury or helped him study for an upcoming test. Plus it wasn't like Logan wasn't good on the eye and Carlos always loved when Logan was tight fitting shirts, showing off his bulging biceps.

"What do we do?" Kendall asked, usually he could come up with a plan and had already formed one in his mind before learning that James and Carlos both had cards as well.

"We confront him about it," James answered

"But we don't want to scare him," Carlos said finally dragging his eyes away from his card. Like Kendall's, the Latino's card was placed in his lap.

"You mean you're not bothered by this?" Kendall asked, he had never thought that his two best friends could have a crush on Logan as well.

"No," James answered

"You think you're the only one who noticed how hot Logan is," Carlos said in a 'duh' tone.

"No, I just thought you two were ya know straight, considering the amount of time spent chasing girls." Kendall replied mimicking Carlos' tone.

"I'm bi, I'm just way to pretty to keep my love to one gender," James replied, flicking his bangs out of his face.

"I'm gay, but manage to hide it by chasing girls. You guys really underestimate my brains sometimes," Carlos replied, arms folding over his chest as he leant back against the orange cushions.

"We won't scare him but we definitely need to talk to him about it." Kendall said, going back to the matter at hand.

"How about we treat him like we would treat any other Valentine's and then talk to him," James suggested, surprised that he could think of a plan that good.


"A romantic picnic," Carlos' voice broke through the silence that had settled around the three of them.

James and Kendall turned to look at their hyper friend.

"What just because I'm not lucky in love, you think I can't be romantic." Carlos replied,

Not wanting to argue about this any longer, Kendall placed his card on the coffee table before standing and heading towards the kitchen to see if they had everything they needed. Luckily for the three love struck teens, Mama Knight had gone out shopping yesterday to fill the kitchen after Carlos had one of his huge midnight snacks.

Pulling out everything that he thought he needed, Kendall turned towards the living area to see James and Carlos still sat on the couch; the Latino looking at his card while James ran a comb through his hair.

"Guys, a little help would be nice, unless you want me to keep Logan all to myself." Kendall teased, a smirk spreading across his face when the pair immediately jumped up.

"What do you want me to do?" Carlos asked appearing in front of the counter.

"Umm... find a blanket, preferably red or pink considering it's Valentine's Day." Kendall replied, opening the peanut butter to make Logan's favourite sandwiches.

"And me?" James asked, having finally put his lucky comb back in his pocket.

"Find some music, something soft and romantic." The blonde answered making sure there was enough sandwiches for everyone.

"How about rose petals?" James asked as he flicked through their CD collection.

"Too cheesy," Kendall's reply was instant even though he had thought of the possibility of rose petals.

"No it's not and anyway Logan likes the cheesy things." Carlos interrupted, coming out of Mama Knight's room with a pale pink blanket.

The blonde sighed, Carlos was right, the smart boy did like cheesy gestures no matter how small. Having found a blanket, the tan boy took it upon himself to go out and buy a dozen red roses, planning on spreading them over the blanket.

James continued to flick through their CDs when one important question popped into his mind.

"Where are we going to have this?" The pretty boy asked, turning to face Kendall.

"How about the roof, that way we can watch the day end and the night begin and it will be one of the most weirdly romantic in a seriously cheesy way things Logan will have ever seen." Kendall replied, placing the prepared sandwiches into the basket which had appeared from nowhere.

Thinking it over the brunette had to admit that Kendall was right, tonight was going to be a night Logan never forgot. Looking over to the window, James let out a small sigh. At some point while the three of them had been talking, the dark grey clouds that had been hanging around all day; making the day even more dull and depressing for the boys, had erupted, torrents of rain hitting the window pane.

"Damn it," Turning to face Kendall, the pretty boy saw the blonde staring out the window, bushy brows furrowed together as he watched the rain fall.

"What we gonna do?" James asked, jumping slightly as the door opened.

Carlos walked into the apartment, soaked to the bone. His raven locks were flattened against his head, the tan boys' shirt clinging to his developing body. James was sure that the Latino had gone out in a hoodie but it had seemed to have miraculously disappeared. But that's when the pretty boy spotted it, instead of covering Carlos body like it should of been, it was wrapped around a oddly shaped bundle which happened to be a dozen red roses when the small boy unwrapped the wet material from around them.

"Do you think these will be enough?" The Latino asked, shivers racking his small body.

"Yes," Kendall answered taking the cellophane wrapped flowers from him, "Now go get in the shower before you catch pneumonia"

Not one to go against what Kendall told him, Carlos held onto his hoodie as he made his way towards the bathroom, a series of wet footprints trailing behind him. Hearing the bathroom door shut, the blonde soon got to work, mopping up the wet streaks on the floor. He was just about to grab the blanket and move the coffee table out of the way when he noticed James stood staring at him.

"Come on, we may not be able to have the picnic outside but we can still have it in here." Kendall said, grabbing one end of the coffee table while staring back at James.

The pretty boy got the hint and moved to grab the other end before the two boys successfully moved it over by swirly. Obviously they would have to put it back before Mama Knight got home but she wasn't due back until tomorrow.

Spreading the blanket out on the floor, Kendall moved back towards the kitchen, grabbing the roses off the counter. The blonde looked at the roses for a minute, admiring their beauty and suddenly didn't feel like spreading them over the floor. Grabbing a vase and filling halfway full with water, Kendall unwrapped the flowers from their plastic confines and carefully placed each bloom into the glass vase. He would need to put it somewhere where Carlos wouldn't be able to knock it over, choosing to place it by the television.

Smoothing the blanket out, Kendall took a step back to survey the scene. It looked okay at the moment but there were a couple of things missing before it could be perfect. Walking over to the light switch, the blonde lowered the lights until the glow from the pool reflected gently on the ceiling.

"Found any music yet?" Kendall asked James, watching the brunette flick through the CDs.

"Yep, lucky for us your mum's a romantic." The pretty said as he straightened, a cheesy Valentine's CD clutched in his hand. The blonde couldn't help but smile, he would have to remember to thank his mum for believing in all that mush.

Sliding the disc into the player, James adjusted the volume until the music gently filled the empty apartment. By now Carlos had finished his shower, emerging from the room he shared with James dressed in a fresh pair of jeans and a dry long sleeved shirt.

Logan was due home soon, so James grabbed glasses and plates for them while Kendall grabbed the picnic basket from the counter and placed it on the corner of the blanket. Carlos had thoughtfully placed some of the cushions on the floor, making sitting on the floor a more comfortable experience. Everything was ready and now all they had to do was wait for the main man.

It wasn't a long wait and ten minutes later Logan walked through the front door, running a hand through his hair to remove any rain drops that had managed to sneak under Camille's umbrella.

After hanging his jacket on the peg, Logan looked up to see why the lights were so low and the sight that greeted him was more than a shock for him. Kendall, James and Carlos each sat on a cushion around a pale pink blanket, a spare cushion in place for him to join them. A picnic blanket sat on one corner of the blanket, while plates and glasses sat in front of each boy. Soft music played gently in the background and the glow from the pool below glittered across the ceiling. The smart boys' eyes moved back to his friends when he spotted a vase of deep red roses next to the television.

"Come join us Logan," Kendall's voice cut through the buzzing noise which had appeared in his head and without thinking the small boy began to walk over to the group.

When he came to the edge of the blanket, the brunette slowly lowered himself down onto his designated cushion, noticing how he was between James and Kendall while Carlos sat opposite him; a cheery smile never leaving the Latino's face. Logan couldn't stop the blush that spread across his cheeks when both Kendall and James placed a gentle pat to his shoulders.

No words were spoken as Kendall leant forward and began to take a variety of things out of the basket next to him. The smart boys' eye lit up when he spotted the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the blonde placed on the blanket. Logan smiled when he realised that Kendall had only made sandwiches for the group. The tall boy smiled at him as he handed the pale boy four, knowing that Logan would manage to get through them.

The group ate in silence, Kendall, James and Carlos taking it in turns to glance at Logan, looking away as soon as the pale boy raised his head. The silence was too much for James and he dropped his half eaten sandwich on the plate before turning his body slightly towards Logan.

"Thank you for the card Logan," The pretty boy said, quickly patting Logan on the back when he began to cough.

"I don't know what you mean." Logan replied when he could breath properly again. The others knew he was lying, the tell tale blush spreading over his cheeks to the tips of his ears.

"It's okay Logie," Kendall soothed, placing a hand on the smart boys' shoulder, "We feel the same way"

Logan was shocked, was Kendall telling him what he thought he was telling him. Looking over at James and Carlos, the smart boy was surprised to see their faces held the same expressions as Kendall's. Thoughts flowed thick and fast through the small boys' head finally settling on the one that kept repeating itself. This was some horrid prank that the others' were pulling, disgusted that Logan felt more than friendship for them.

Placing his plate back on the blanket, Logan began to stand up, pausing when he felt a slender hand wrap itself around his wrist. Looking down, the smart boy was greeted by the sight of Kendall's bright green eyes staring back at him, brows knitted together with confusion.

"Let me go Kendall, if this is some sort of sick joke you guys thought of then you can go screw yourselves." Logan spat, tugging against the hand restraining his wrist.

"This isn't a joke Logan, we really do feel the same way," Carlos pleaded, his big brown eyes shining with hurt.

Before he knew what was happening the pale boy was being dragged back down into his seat where a soft hand cupped his cheek.

The smart boy was just about to protest when he felt a pair of slightly chapped lips press gently against his own. Opening his eyes, Logan was greeted by Kendall's intense stare, the blonde slowly pulling away. The brunette didn't know what made him do it but he soon found himself wrapping a hand around the back of the blonde's neck and pulling him forward for another kiss. Logan's eyes fluttered close as he felt the tall boys' lips press against his own once again.

Not having much experience with kissing, Logan let Kendall take charge of the kiss and didn't fight him when the blonde began to slide their lips together. Fireworks exploded in Logan's head kissing Kendall was exactly no better than he had ever imagined. The tall boy ran his tongue along the smaller boys' bottom lip begging for entrance. The pale boy didn't hesitate and parted his lips, moaning wantonly into the kiss when he felt the blonde's tongue run over the roof of his mouth. It was easier to let Kendall take control of the kiss, the taller boy mapping out each of Logan's sensitive spots; the smart boy moaning into the kiss.

Logan whined in disappointment when he felt Kendall being pulled away from the kiss, but the tall boys' lips were suddenly replaced by another pair. The brunette easily guessed they belonged to Carlos, the taste of peanut butter and jelly lingering on the plump lips. The Latino was just as inexperienced as Logan at kissing settling on sliding their lips together, occasionally lovingly nipping on Logan's bottom lip. Both boys didn't pressure the other into doing something they didn't want to do and each kiss was fuelled by unspoken feelings until the smart boy felt a pair of hands tugging on his shoulders.

Breaking away from the embrace with Carlos, Logan turned around knowing exactly what was going to happen next. Placing a hand on James' shoulder, the smart boy leaned forward and pressed their lips together. The pretty boys' lips were different to the other two he had just experience, softer from the chapstick the tall boy applied repeatedly every day.

James didn't want to waste any time so he licked along Logan's bottom lip, tongue swooping forward as soon as the pale boy parted his lips. There was just something about the shorter brunette that made James lose control, the pretty boy's tongue running repeatedly over every one of the smart boys' sensitive spots, Logan moaning loudly into the kiss.

When the pair broke apart, all four boys were breathing heavily, the room suddenly packed with sexual tension. Seeing as he was closest to Logan, James took it upon himself to take the next step. Licking a line along the smart boys' collarbone, James gently teased the skin with his teeth, before biting down and marking Logan. The small boy gasped when he felt the tall boys' teeth graze his skin but it soon changed to a moan when James' tongue lapped out the purplish mark now decorating Logan's creamy skin.

Not wanting to miss out on any of the action, Kendall and Carlos placed themselves on either side of Logan's neck, leaning forward simultaneously to lick and suck at the sensitive skin. The pale boy didn't know how to react, his three incredibly hot friends were attacking his skin with their mouths, tongues and teeth, something the smart boy had only dreamed of.

Kendall and Carlos continued to suck on Logan's neck; the blonde biting against the smart boys' rapidly beating pulse point while James played with the buttons of the brunette's shirt.

Pressing a chaste kiss to Logan's lips, James began to slowly unbutton his blue shirt, eyes raking over every inch of Logan's exposed skin. Once he reached the top button, the tall boy slowly slid his hands under the material, slipping it from Logan's shoulders, down his arms until it hit the blanket below him. Sure James had seen Logan topless various times at the pool and in the locker room but he had never really taken time to appreciate the small boys' body.

James' eyes travelled down Logan's smooth ivory coloured chest, taking in the smart boys' small pink buds, slowly reaching the pale boys' stomach. The pretty boy soon found he had trouble swallowing as he took in every inch of Logan's abdomen. Even though he didn't look like it, Logan was ripped and slightly pronounced muscles littered the smart boys' stomach, rippling with every breath he took. A fine trail of hair weaved its way into Logan's jeans, making it hard for the tall brunette to breathe when he thought about what lay beneath the material.

Looking over at Kendall and Carlos, James gave a small nod and the three of them began to lower Logan back onto the floor, the tall boy hovering over him. Once his back hit the floor, Logan squirmed around slightly, the cold floor seeping through the blanket onto his skin. This didn't go unnoticed by Kendall who stroked a hand through the boys' short raven locks before returning to his previous task. Trailing his tongue along Logan's neck, Kendall brought the small boys' lobe into his mouth, tugging on it slightly, his body growing hotter with each shallow breath the smart boy took.

Carlos was in the exact same state as Kendall, Logan short breaths brushing past his ear, sending spikes of pleasure through his body. James pressed a kiss to the mark he left on Logan's collarbone before licking his way over the smaller boys' defined chest, sucking one pink nub into his mouth, while his hand came up to work the neglected one. The short brunette couldn't hold back the whimper that pushed past his parted lips as a wet heat engulfed his nipple. Teeth grazed the sensitive skin; the pale boy arching his back as his hands moved to thread through James' silky hair.

When Kendall and Carlos paused to watch James pleasure their smart friend, they were shocked to see the pretty boy not protesting about the dishevelment of his perfect hair. The pair heard a moan leave the tall boy's mouth as Logan tugged on the strands, arching his body into James' mouth. Obviously the tall boy found his hair being pulled a turn on.

Switching nipples, James lavished the sensitive skin until both buds were erect and rosy red against Logan's pale skin. Before he continued, James reached for the hem of his shirt, ripping the material up and over his head; sighing as the cool air embraced his exposed skin. A small tap on his arm broke the pretty boy out of his thoughts and he looked over to where Kendall sat, one eyebrow raised. The tall boy smiled and shrugged apologetically, he hadn't meant to keep Logan all to himself.

Switching places with the blonde, James watched as Kendall traced each defined line in Logan's stomach with his tongue, the smart boys' breath hitching when the tall boy nipped at his navel. The blonde nipped and licked his way along each of Logan's defined hip bone, taking the creamy skin between his teeth and pulling, smirking as he watched it spring back into place.

Logan couldn't help but moan as Kendall peppered kisses along the waistband of his jeans, one hand resting lightly on his thigh; dangerously close to the one place he really wanted it. Shifting his hips slightly, the smart boy whimpered when he felt his erection rub against Kendall's chest. When the blonde felt Logan's cloth covered erection brush against his chest, he had trouble breathing. Pulling back slightly, the tall boy gripped the edge of his shirt and yanked it over his head, tossing it to some corner of the room. Kendall ran his hands over Logan's thigh, thumbs brushing gently against the bulge in the smart boys' jeans, before tracing each of Logan's abs.

"Ngh, Kendall more please," Logan begged, thrusting his hips up off the ground. The blonde smirked down at him before moving over so Carlos could have a turn.

It was only when the Latino was in front of him did Logan realise that he had taken his top off as well. The smart boy gulped as he watched the caramel skin rippled with every move Carlos made. The smart boy was too caught up in watching Carlos' skin that he didn't notice what the Latino was doing. He let out a gasp when he felt a hand cup his crotch.

"Mmm, Carlos," Logan moaned thrusting his hips up into the smaller boys' warm hand.

The smart boy whined when Carlos removed his hand. The small boy popped the button of Logan's jeans open and quickly yanked the zipper down, wanting to see Logan exposed below him as soon as possible. Curling his fingers around the waistband of both the smart boys' jeans and boxers, Carlos yanked them down the pale boys' legs and tossing them behind him when they were free Logan's legs.

All three boys took a sharp intake of breath when they saw Logan spread out below them. The small boys' hair was matted to his forehead, eyes hooded and dark with lust, lips red and kiss swollen. His chest rose harshly with every breath he took, stomach tensing slightly. A shiver ran down Logan's spine as the cool air hit his member, which rested against his lower stomach, copious amounts of pre cum collecting in the slit.

Carlos made the first move, wrapping a hand around the base of the pale boys' member, heart beating rapidly as the engorged flesh twitched in his hand. Pumping slowly to begin with, the small boy listened to every sound, memorising every spot that turned Logan into a moaning mess. Swiping his thumb over the slit, Carlos collected the pre cum that had gathered there before bringing the digit into his mouth, moaning as the taste of Logan burst across his taste buds.

Wanting to pleasure Logan like no one had ever done before; the Latino leant down sucking the tip of the brunette's cock into his mouth. A low mewl escaped the pale boys' lips as he fought the urge to thrust up into the warm wet heat of Carlos' mouth. Luckily for the tan boy he had no gag reflex which meant he could take most of Logan into his mouth before he began to bob up and down between the smart boys' legs.

Pleasure ran through Kendall and James' bodies, landing hot and hard on their groins; cocks pressing painfully against the material of their jeans. The pair palmed themselves through their jeans as they watched Carlos' raven locks brush against Logan's inner thighs as he continuously bobbed his head.

Logan could feel the tell tale sign in the bottom of his stomach, growing more intense when the Latino moaned around his length, palming himself as he continued to suck the smart boy off.

"I'm...m...m close," The pale boy stuttered. Carlos pulled off of Logan's cock with a pop, licking his lips; savouring the taste of Logan on his lips.

The Latino was just about to place two fingers against the brunette's lower lip when he noticed Kendall raise an eyebrow at him. Pouting slightly, Carlos switched positions with Kendall, who eagerly knelt between Logan's spread legs. Pressing his stomach against the soft material of the blanket, Kendall parted Logan's legs even more, revealing the pale boys' twitching entrance. The blonde's cock twitched as he looked at the pink bud just waiting to be covered in saliva.

Running his tongue over Logan's balls, Kendall made his way down to the smart boys' hole before circling the perimeter with his tongue. Logan screamed when he felt a wetness at his entrance, the feeling strange but in an extremely pleasurable way. Kendall took this as a sign to continue, stiffening the wet muscle before pushing it into the tight confines of Logan's body.

Pausing for a moment, Kendall waited until Logan's breathing had calmed down before bathing the small boys' insides with his saliva. Moving his tongue in concentric circles, the blonde felt the small boys' inner walls slowly relaxing around his tongue. It was obvious Logan was enjoying himself, the moans pouring endlessly from his mouth, turning all three boys on even more.

Pulling away, Kendall sucked two of his fingers into his mouth before bringing them down to Logan's entrance. Slowly sliding one in, the blonde circled the hole, loosening it more than his tongue allowed. When he thought Logan was ready, Kendall pulled his finger back, sliding two in; creating an effective scissoring motion as he prepared the pale boy. Before long Logan was thrusting down, fucking himself on the blondes' fingers.

Deciding that Logan was prepared enough, Kendall pulled his fingers out of the smart boys' hole, kissing away the whine of protest before making way for James. The pretty boy ran his hand up the pale boys' thigh, fingers stopping inches from his aching member. Noticing a shiver run down Logan's spine, James carefully picked his friend up, gently placing him on the bright orange material of the couch.

Lying between the smart boys' spread legs, James moaned as their leaking cocks rubbed together, tongues clashing in a passionate kiss as they rocked against one another.

"James, please, I need it," Logan pleaded, thrusting his hips up against the taller brunette's.

Gripping his member by the base, James positioned his cock against Logan's entrance. Pushing in, the pretty boy kept his eyes on Logan, making sure he wasn't hurting the smaller boy at all. The short boy scrunched his eyes up as he felt himself being stretched further than before. Pain jolted through his body, tears forming in the corners of his eyes but the pain soon changed into pleasure when Carlos tilted his head towards him and smashed their lips together.

James moaned as he continued to bury himself, watching as his two best friend kissed in front of him. When he was buried to the hilt, the tall boy paused allowing Logan to get used to penetration when all he wanted to was thrust hard and fast into the smart boy. Logan's insides felt like velvet wrapped around his length, the pale boys' inner walls sporadically hugging James' cock.

"Move," Logan breathed, breaking the kiss with Carlos.

The pretty boy experimentally rolled his hips forward, moaning as Logan's walls clenched around his cock. Nothing but pleasure coursed through Logan's veins, his body succumbing to the pleasure. James continued his slow pace, speeding up slightly as the smart boy thrust his hips up, eyes widening as the most intense pleasure he had ever felt pulsed through his small frame.

"Harder," Logan moaned, his hips snapping up to meet with James' every thrust.

Always one to please his friends, James pulled out until only the head remained inside, then slammed forward, Logan's body jolting forward with the force. The pace continued fast and hard, James gripping the pale boys' hips tightly; nails leaving red crescents in the ivory skin.

Angling his hips slightly, James slammed back in, smirking when Logan lurched up ward, his hands gripping the couch cushions tightly. It was obvious he had found the small boys' prostate and began a relentless assault against the sensitive bundle of nerves. The shorter brunette's moans escalated in volume as he found himself nearing his peak. Reaching between the pair, James grasped Logan's cock, pumping him in time with his thrusts.

"Ugh, James," Logan cried, spurt after spurt of white hot seed, spilling over Logan's stomach and James' fist.

The sensation of Logan's walls clenching around his length was too much for James and with a final thrust he bathed the smart boys' insides with his essence, Logan moaning as he felt himself being filled up. The pretty boy collapsed on top of the pale boy, breathing heavily as both boys came down from their highs. A hand swatted playfully against James' ass, and the pretty boy slowly removed his softening cock from inside Logan, slumping against the cushions.

Logan smiled tiredly at Carlos as the Latino gripped his hips, pulling him onto his knees.

"Turn over," The tan boy smirked, his cock throbbing when Logan revealed his creamy cheeks. The small boy could see some of James' cum trickling down from Logan's hole.

Unable to control himself, Carlos leant forward and lapped at the white liquid. Feeling his cock press against the material of his jeans, the Latino made quick work of the button and zipper, glad that he had foregone underwear after his shower. Kicking his jeans to the side, Carlos gently squeezed Logan's cheeks, revelling in the softness of the skin beneath his fingers.

Spreading the smart boys' cheeks, Carlos pressed the head of his erection against Logan's hole. The pale boy thrust back slightly when he felt the head of Carlos' cock press against his hole, moaning as the tip slide in, James' cum the perfect lubricant.

"Do me hard," Logan whispered, once the Latino was fully buried in his body.

That was enough for Carlos and he pulled back before slamming back in with all his might, the sound of his balls slapping against Logan's cheeks. The pale boy moaned wantonly as he thrust back against the tan boys' dick, each thrust pushing him deeper and deeper.

"Mmm, Logie your so tight," Carlos moaned, pressing his chest against the brunette's back.

The feel of Carlos' breath in his ear turned Logan on even more and he could soon feel his pre cum sliding down his shaft. The smart boys' breathing grew shallow as the Latino thrust hard and fast into his willing body. Looking over at Kendall and James, the smart boy moaned loudly as he watched the two tall boys' fist the blanket beneath them as they refrained from touching themselves.

James' cock was fully erect once again, resting against the pretty boys' stomach, pre cum smearing across the tan skin. Kendall seemed to have trouble breathing and Logan' felt his breath hitch in his throat when he spotted the bulge threatening to rip through the material of the blonde's jeans. He couldn't tear his eyes away from the boys next to him but soon found he didn't have a choice. One particularly hard thrust caused Logan to cry out, his back arching as Carlos' cock hit his sweet spot dead on.

"Hit there again," The short boy moaned, his head dropping as the tan boy pound into him hard and fast.

Gripping tightly to Logan's hips, Carlos continued his hard and fast pace, hitting the small boys' prostate with each thrust. He knew it wouldn't be long until he reached his peak so he reached round and wrapped his fingers around Logan's leaking member, moaning as he felt the smart boys' pre cum slicking his fingers.

The heavy feeling had returned in the pit of Logan's stomach, the pale boy knowing that he wouldn't last much longer. One final hit to his prostate was enough to push Logan over the edge for a second time. The brunette arched his back and let out a low moan as he released himself all over the orange couch and Carlos' hand.

The feel of Logan's cum cooling over his hand and his inner walls clenching sporadically around his length was too much for Carlos and with one final thrust, the Latino released, moaning as he spilled into the boy beneath him, his and James' cum mixing together.

Placing his head against Logan's shoulder, Carlos waited until he got his breath back before pulling out of the smart boy, missing the feel of the brunette's walls hugging his length.

The tan boy moved off the couch to slump next to James, watching as Logan slowly made his way over to Kendall. Even though he was weary from his two previous releases, Logan still had enough strength to pop the button of Kendall's jeans, not bothering with the zipper before yanking both jeans and boxers down the blondes' long legs.

A small gasp left the brunette's mouth when he saw the tall boys' cock. Having watched the smaller boy being fucked by James and Carlos had driven Kendall into a state of ardent arousal. Kendall's cock pulsed slightly, a moan leaving the blonde's mouth when he felt a small hand wrap around the base of his member.

Instinctively his hands moved to Logan's hips as the smart boy began to lower himself down onto the blonde. Even though he had been stretched by James and Carlos, Logan's walls clenched tightly around the tall boys' cock. The brunette's head fell forward to rest against Kendall's shoulder as the blonde's length twitched inside his small body.

Taking a deep breath, Logan slowly raised his hips up before bringing them back down to meet Kendall's. Both boys moaned simultaneously as pleasure racked through their bodies, Kendall taking this as a chance to smash their lips together. Tongues clashed as Logan continued to roll his hips forward, cock smashing between their bodies, pre cum smearing along skin.

The brunette broke away from the kiss, breathing heavily as he quickened his pace on Kendall's cock. His hands moved to grip the blonde's shoulders for leverage as he bounced up and down on the taller boys' cock, moaning as it brushed against that one spot. Wanting to please Logan as best as he could, Kendall gripped the smaller boys' hips, thrusting up as the smart boy thrust down, both boys moaning loudly at the pleasure that racked through their bodies.

Hearing a small moan from behind him, Logan craned his head back to watch Carlos and James mindlessly thrusting against each other, the pretty boy hovering over the tan boy.

However his attention was quickly brought back to the blonde beneath him, when the tall boy thrust up; hitting Logan's prostate.

"K...K...Kendall," Logan panted, burying his head into the tall boys' neck, tongue coming out to lick the sweat covered skin.

The friction created between their bodies was enough for Logan and he arched his back, teeth sinking into Kendall's neck as he released over both of their abdomens. The feel of Logan's cum sliding down his stomach as well as the view of Carlos and James over his shoulder was enough to bring the blonde over the edge.

"Logan" The tall boy came with a shout, hips stuttering against Logan's as ribbon after ribbon of cum shot from his length into the boy above him, mixing with James and Carlos' seed.

Hearing their friends' releases, was enough to bring James and Carlos over the edge for a second time. Thrusting their hips up, the pair moaned as globs of cum splattered across their abdomens; both boys unsure of what belonged to who. Logan couldn't help but whimper as he listened to his friends release behind him; sighing contentedly as a hand moved to play with the hairs at the nape of his neck.

Slowly raising himself off of Kendall's cock, Logan shivered as he felt a mixture of all three boys' cum trickle out of his hole. Noticing the plates and glasses had been pushed to one side, the smart boy slumped against the blanket, watching as the three boys followed his lead.

Carlos was the first to join Logan, wrapping his arms around the small boys' waist, breath tickling Logan's hairline. James' face appeared behind Carlos and soon a pair of tan arms wrapped around the Latino's body, snuggling close. Wondering where Kendall came into the equation, Logan smiled when he felt the blondes' chest pressing against his back, arms tangling with Carlos' to hug the brunette's waist tightly.

Silence engulfed the four of them, each boy revelling in the softness of the embrace until Carlos couldn't take it any longer.

"Roses are blue, violet's are red, I'm crap with colours, but wicked in bed," Carlos said, smirking as Kendall and James let out small groans, the pretty boy tightening his grip on the tan boys' waist.

"You sure are," Logan replied, smiling when Carlos pressed a kiss to his forehead.

Snuggling back into Kendall's arms, Logan allowed the warmth radiating from the blonde as well as Carlos and James to lull him to sleep.

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