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A Normal Day Off- Carlos spends a normal day off with his boyfriend's. Established OT4.

Kendall groaned as the morning sun crept past his closed lids, his body instinctively turning away from the interruption. Twisting his body underneath the covers, Kendall was suddenly met by some sort of resistance. Cracking open an eye, the blonde took in the glorious view that was Logan sleeping. The smart boy's hair was plastered across his forehead, dark chocolate eyes hidden by pale lids. Plump lips pursed as Logan rolled onto his back, arms flinging to the side, one almost hitting Kendall in the face.

Kendall took the arm aimed at his head as a signal to stop studying the slumbering boy next to him. Resting his head on the same pillow as Logan's, Kendall let last night's events play through his head. Images of a sweaty exhausted Logan lay sprawled across the floor of dance studio flashed through his mind. It had evoked something in the leader and from then on he couldn't wait to have the smart boy pinned against the door of their shared bedroom, his mouth leaving a trail of angry purple marks across his pale skin.

And that's just what he had done. As soon as they had bid James and Carlos Goodnight and shut their door, Kendall had Logan pinned against the wood, his mouth working its way down the genius' body. The rest of the night was slightly blurred, quick flashes of Logan's head bobbing between his legs, his fingers working the pale boy open, Logan bouncing in his lap, moaning louder everytime Kendall's cock hit his prostate, flickering through Kendall's mind. Even though it was a blur, Kendall could feel a contented smile spreading across his features, his eyes never leaving Logan's face.

"Stop staring at me," Logan's sleep laden voice broke Kendall out of his trance.

Letting his eyes flicker up to Logan's eyes, the blonde felt his smile grow as he looked into the warm chocolate eyes he loved. It was no secret that Kendall had a habit or as some would call it an obsession with watching the others sleep. It didn't bother Carlos, James or Logan, all three of them knowing it was just way of Kendall expressing his emotions. See whenever one of them would catch the blonde leader watching them sleep, it wouldn't bother them; his emerald green eyes would hold nothing but love and affection. It was just something Kendall couldn't help doing.

The leader's smile was sheepish as he watched Logan stretch, his eyes slipping shut for the briefest moment. When they reopened, they shot straight over to meet Kendall's, a sleepy smile tilting Logan's lips up, the dimples Kendall loved prominent against his creamy skin. Turning his body onto its side, Logan lay parallel to Kendall, nothing but warmth share between the pair.

Logan was the first to move, his head swivelling to look over at their silent alarm clock. 8:30am stood out in bright red, the light bright to Logan's still sensitive eyes. Rolling back over to face Kendall, Logan smiled softly, his way of telling Kendall that their time like this was over.

"Do we have to get up?" Kendall moaned, his eyes slipping shut as he buried his head into the pillow.

"Unfortunately yes but at least we have the day off." Logan placed a hand on Kendall's arm, causing the blonde to lift his head away from the material.

"I forgot about that," Kendall replied his smile reappearing, "What are we doing today then?"

"Well it won't be that" He replied, giggling lightly as a hand made its way over to press against his waist.

"Aww, why not?" Kendall pouted his eyes as wide as saucers.

"Because you got enough of that last night."

"Yeah sorry about that," Kendall's eyes lingered on Logan's neck where a larger than usual mark stood out in stark contrast to the boy's pale skin.

Logan just shook his head and leant forward to press his lips softly against Kendall's. When the blonde attempted to deepen the kiss, the pale boy pulled away with a smirk, ignoring the whimper of protest as he climbed out of bed. Stopping at the bedroom door, Logan turned to look over at Kendall, eyes raking over the taller teens figure as he lay under the covers.

"Go shower while I make breakfast and then we'll talk" Logan said, smiling when Kendall's head rose off the pillow.

"Chocolate chip pancakes?" The blonde questioned. Logan nodded in response, his smile growing when Kendall made a show of throwing off the covers and running to the bathroom, flashing Logan a view of his ass on the way.

Shaking his head at his lover's actions, Logan turned and headed towards the kitchen. It was only when he reached the living room did Logan remember that he was naked. Just as he was about dart back to the bedroom, he remembered that Mama Knight were gone for the week on some sort of spa trip.

Knowing that the other three were going to take advantage of Mama Knight not being there by doing things that their guardian would disapprove off, Logan decided it was okay to walk around naked as the day he was born. Stepping into the kitchen, the smart boy shivered as the cooler air hit his fully exposed skin. As he collected the necessary ingredients and equipment to make Kendall's favourite breakfast, Logan couldn't help but feel slightly uncomfortable about being naked.

Quickly pushing his insecurities to the side, Logan began the task of making breakfast, keeping one ear open to see if James and Carlos would joining them. As the pan began to heat up, Logan instinctively used one hand to cover his manhood, flushing scarlet as he heard a familiar laugh from behind him.

Spinning around with the spatula in his hand, Logan felt his blush deepen as Kendall's eyes travelled over his body. The blonde's eyes were hungry as they reached the hand covering himself and Logan knew it wasn't for what was cooking in the pan. Turning away from Kendall's gaze, Logan flipped the pancake over, keeping his back to blonde as he moved it to a plate. It stayed like this as Logan continued to cook, a somewhat awkward silence filling the room.

"Don't bother making any for James and Carlos, they're still asleep, looks like they had a busy night," Kendall's voice broke through the silence and Logan was sure if he turned to look at the taller teen he would of seen a raised eyebrow as he finished the sentence.

Once two plates were piled with the warm, gooey pancakes, Logan turned back towards Kendall. Making his way over to the other boy, Logan kept his eyes to the floor, wishing that he had something to cover his exposed length with. He knew he shouldn't be worried about what Kendall thought of it, the taller one always telling him how beautiful he was.

Placing the plate in front of Kendall, Logan didn't speak as he slid into the adjacent seat. Sinking his fork into the food before him, the smart boy waited for Kendall's reaction before starting.

"Fuck Logan, these are amazing as usual." Kendall's outburst made Logan chuckle, the fork that once hung in midair now engulfed between his lips.

Chewing the food in his mouth, the pale boy let the warm melted chocolate chips melt on his tongue. The taste was superb but would always be beaten by another or three to be honest. Those tastes were of his boyfriend's whether it be their mouths when they kissed, or their skin beneath his tongue, or their cum making its way down his throat. Logan would always love those tastes no matter what, food always coming second best.

Looking over at his boyfriend, Logan bit back his laughter as he took in the half empty plate in front of the blonde. Kendall was quick to raise his eyes from his food, one eyebrow rising as he noticed Logan staring.

"So what we doing today then?" Kendall questioned his mouth full.

"Well I'm going to the library to pick up some books and I would ask you to join me but I know how much you hate it" Logan replied, hoping that Kendall picked up the sarcasm in his voice.

The blonde obviously did because he smirked as much as he could with a rapidly filling mouth.

"I think I'll go hang at the pool while you do that, then you can come join me," The last part came out as a question and Kendall slowly swallowed his mouthful as he waited for Logan's answer.

"Of course I will." Logan replied moving to place his plate in the sink.

Stopping to give Kendall a quick peck on the lips, Logan made his way to their shared bedroom, squeaking as he felt the blonde's hand swat his bare ass. Stepping into the room, Logan quickly shut the door behind him. Looking down at himself, the pale boy wasn't surprised to find himself half hard. Ever since the four of them had gotten together, Logan found that he got aroused easily and obviously the smack to his ass was another one of those times when he couldn't control himself.

Moving slowly, Logan made his way into the adjoining bathroom. Stepping into the shower, the smart boy waited for the water to get to the temperature he preferred before he stepped under the spray. Running his hands through his now wet hair, Logan reached for the shampoo, lathering the cool liquid between his hands.

Once he had finished washing his hair, Logan moved onto his body. He managed to bite back his shriek of horror as he ran a hand down his abs, feeling a few remnants of last night dried on his abdomen. Quickly grabbing the shower gel, Logan began to scrub his stomach off, reminding himself to kill Kendall when he got out of the shower.

When he was happy with how clean he was Logan stepped under the spray once again, his hands working over his body as he washed away the suds. However when he reached his crotch, he mentally cursed himself. His cock was still half hard and rapidly growing as he continued to run his hands over his body.

Taking a breath, Logan reached down and fisted his member, pumping a few times until he was fully hard. Letting last night replay in his head made Logan tug harder on the rigid column of flesh between his fingers. As he remembered Kendall slowly opening him up last night, the smart boy felt his orgasm growing closer with every pump of his hand.

A moan tore itself from the back of his throat as he tightened his grip around the head of his length, his orgasm crashing through him. Watching as strings of white liquid covered his hand and the shower wall, Logan let himself relax, chest heaving as his release washed over him. Cupping his hands under the spray, Logan made quick work of washing away any sign of his recent release from the wall, his hand quickly following suit.

Stepping under the spray once again, Logan lets his hands move over his body quickly for a final time. Turning off the shower, the pale boy wrapped a towel tightly around his hips, his limbs lax as moved out towards the bedroom.

Stepping in front of his dresser, Logan selected a fresh pair of boxers, dropping the towel before pulling them up his legs. Moving to stand in front of his wardrobe, the smart boy tried to select an outfit that would be suitable for both the library and the pool. Wow, all that time he spent with James was turning him into the beauty obsessed boy.

Logan finally decided on a loose white t-shirt with loose light blue jeans. Slipping his feet into a pair of worn shoes, the smart boy moved back into the bathroom to work on his hair. Rubbing a miniscule amount of gel between his fingers, Logan slipped his fingers into his hair, styling into his usual faux hawk style.

Giving himself a final once over in the mirror, the genius quickly made his way out of the bedroom and into the living room. He was greeted by the sight of Kendall sprawled across the bright orange couch, his dirty blonde bangs covering his eyes. Clearing his throat, Logan suppressed the urge to laugh as Kendall jumped his legs falling off the sofa.

"Ready to go?"Logan asked as he picked up his wallet.

"Yeah but we're going different places remember." Kendall heaved his larger frame of the sofa none the less, eyes tracking every move Logan made.

"We are but it doesn't mean you can't walk me to the door," Logan smiled as Kendall rushed towards him.

The smart boy smiled as Kendall wound an arm around his waist. Out of the four of them, Kendall was the most romantic and Logan hoped that letting Kendall escort to the door would partly make up for the fact that he was going AWOL for a while. Allowing Kendall to guide him to the elevator, Logan hoped that James and Carlos would be up soon to keep the blonde company.

The ride to the lobby was silent, Logan mentally checking that he had his library ticket while Kendall planned how he was going to spend the time without Logan by his side. As soon as the doors opened, Kendall tightened his grip on the smaller teen, manoeuvring him around the clumps of teens hanging around the lobby.

Kendall was first to stop when they reached the doors, Logan pausing when he realized that Kendall had stopped. Turning to face the blonde, Logan noticed the slight pout pushing Kendall's bottom lip out. Stepping close to the taller teen, Logan wrapped his arms tightly around Kendall's waist, burying his head in his chest.

He could understand why the blonde was acting like this. It killed any of them to be apart for long period's time and was one of the main reasons that they could always be found in pairs or as a foursome. Raising his head from where it rested against Kendall's chest, Logan looked up into the bright emerald orbs he loved. However they looked different than they did earlier, gone was the mischievous spark replaced by a sadness and longing even though Logan was still wrapped securely in his embrace.

Raising himself up slightly, Logan pressed his lips softly against Kendall's. The blonde was quick to respond, his lips instantly melding to fit Logan's. A swipe of his tongue brought Kendall easy access to the inside of Logan's mouth and he wasted no time in pressing against everyone of the genius' sensitive spots.

A small moan resonated in Logan's chest and he squeaked in embarrassment, his hands moving to push Kendall back a step. Their lips disconnected with a small almost inaudible pop and Logan flushed scarlet when he realized that half the occupants of the lobby had watched their lip lock.

"I'll see you later," Kendall's voice brought him back to reality.

Looking up into those saddened eyes, Logan nodded once in confirmation. He planned on making his trip to the library quick but then again whenever he had said that before he always ended up spending more time than necessary wandering around the stacks.

"I'll be back in a bit and I'll come straight out to the pool to be with you," Logan hoped his words soothed the blonde and when he saw some of the sadness drop from the dazzling orbs he knew it had worked.

Leaning up once more he pressed his lips to Kendall's, pulling away before the taller of the two could deepen it. Squeezing his arms; which remained around Kendall's waist, Logan rested his head against Kendall's chest, his heartbeat lulling him into a sense of calm. Pulling back completely, Logan stared at the ground for a few seconds before lifting his gaze to meet the blonde's.

"I love you," Logan spoke quietly, his declaration for Kendall's ears and his alone.

"I love you too," Kendall smiled softly making Logan's heart fill with love.

Kendall leant forward and pressed a soft kiss to Logan's temple before turning and sauntering off towards the pool. He turned around quickly when he reached the entrance to the pool, his hand lifting into a wave as his lips tilted up into a smile that made Logan's stomach flutter. The smart boy slowly returned the sentiment before turning and heading off in the direction of his destination.

James stirred, his eyes slowly yet surely fluttering open. What he thought was the early morning sun was filtering through the curtains but when he turned his head to glance at the alarm clock, James realized that is was more like the mid morning sun. He attempted to lift his arm but a dead weight held it tightly against the pillow.

Glancing to his left, James couldn't stop the smile that spread across his face as he took in the sleeping form next to him. The newly identified mid morning sun highlighted Carlos' rich caramel skin, his muscles rippling beneath the surface everytime he moved. The Latino was laying flat on his stomach, James' now dead arm resting in the crook of his neck.

Carlos' face was turned away from James but the pretty boy knew that it was one of the three most glorious sights he had ever seen. Warm and mischievous brown eyes were hidden from James' view, Carlos' eyelashes lying gently against the soft skin of his cheek. The tan boy's nose would wriggle every now and again as he dreamed, his plump lips forming an 'o' of surprise everytime something happened in whatever dream he was having.

The covers lay against James' hips which meant they rested against the small of Carlos' back, the brunette wanting nothing more than to follow the curve of his lover's back with his mouth. Glancing over at the clock once more, James decided that it was time to get up, especially if he wanted to have time to spend with Carlos after his meticulous styling routine.

Jiggling his arm under Carlos' head, the tall boy slowly worked it out from under the dead weight of his sleeping boyfriend's body. Using his feet to kick the covers off his legs, James stretched his large frame out, working out the kinks he gained while asleep. Now that his body was fully functional, the pretty boy slowly made his way over to the open door of their bathroom. Turning back quickly to glance at a still sleeping Carlos, James smiled to himself before shutting the door.

Giving himself a once over in the mirror, James was surprised to see that he was wearing the boxers he had been yesterday. For some reason part of his brain kept screaming at him that he and Carlos had sex last night, but his boxers were an obvious sign that they hadn't. And that's when it all came flooding back.

After hearing Logan and Kendall's activities when they had arrived home from rehearsals had quickly made both James and Carlos hard. It was now that the tall boy remembered Carlos knelt between his spread legs that perfect mouth of his engulfing James' cock in a wet heat. Images of his hand followed by his mouth working its way over Carlos' cock flashed through his mind.

Now that he had worked out the non mystery of why he was wearing yesterday's boxers still, James turned towards the shower and turned the spray on. Gripping the waistband of his boxers, James yanked the material down and off his legs, throwing them over to the ever growing pile of his and Carlos' dirty clothes.

Running his hand under the spray and finding it to his liking, James eased himself under the water. Pushing his hair back from his face in preparation of being washed, the pretty boy was just about to reach for his Cuda shampoo when he spotted a pink bottle in the shower rack. Gripping the bottle as tightly as he could, James turned it so he could read the label. The label wasn't much more than a giant picture of some strawberries in a non descript background with the fact that the liquid held captive in the bottle was strawberry scented.

James looked over at the shower rack to find no other shampoo except his own in the shower rack. His mind kicked into overdrive; well as much as it could after only being awake for ten minutes. This must be why Carlos now always smelt faintly of strawberries, the scent engraining itself onto James' brain.

Putting the bottle back in its rightful place, James grabbed his own special brand of shampoo and began the important task of washing his precious hair. Once the liquid had become a brilliant foam that covered the top of his head, James stood under the stream of water, his fingers working away any leftover suds. Now that his hair had been cleansed, the pretty boy set to work on washing the bronzed and toned perfection that was his body.

Running his hands over the sculpted lines that divided his abs, James allowed the soap to run through his fingers. For some reason, the brunette had always loved the feel of his fingers running over his skin, moving lower and lower. It had only increased when the other's had admitted how they felt, their bond growing stronger. In the relationship James was the exhibitionist always having to make a show of removing his clothes in front of the others. He knew it always made them hard and wanting but also it sparked something in James, which always made his moves slower and somewhat more sensual.

Stepping back under the spray, James shook all his thoughts away. Gustavo had given them the day off today and James would be damned if he was going to spend it contemplating his turn ons. Shutting the shower off, the pretty boy reached blindly for the towel that always hung on the rack. Feeling the soft material against his fingers, James yanked it off the bar and around his hips. Stepping out of the shower, the tall boy reached for a smaller towel, drying the ends of his hair as he made his way back into the bedroom.

Carlos was in the same position James had left him in with only one difference. The covers which had been stretched over the tan boy's lower back when James woke were now resting against the back of his knees, his pert ass standing out in stark contrast to the white sheet below him. The rhythmic rise and fall of the Latino's back informed James that the smaller boy would remain asleep for some time. Unless James decided to do something about it.

Slinking over to Carlos' side of the bed, James leant down until he was eye level with one of those perfect tan cheeks. Lifting his hand back, James quickly brought it down against the soft skin on Carlos' ass.

"What the hell" Carlos jerked awake, his body twisting away from the source of pain.

James made a soothing sound in the back of his throat, his hand moving to press softly against the now red mark adorning the caramel skin. Newly alerted brown eyes flickered towards him, narrowing as it followed the path of James' arm.

"Really James," Carlos meant to use the same tone Logan did when he was reprimanding the taller boy but his voice came out sounding whiny and childlike.

"Sorry I couldn't help myself," James' smile was sheepish, his hazel eyes losing some of the mischief they previously held.

Carlos sighed, "It's alright but couldn't you of maybe bit me instead, probably less painful than what you did," The Latino was rambling now, the look in James' eyes sending shivers down his spine.

The pretty boy didn't say a word, just leant down until Carlos could feel his breath tickling the skin of his cheek. What would have before been a yelp of pain was one of surprise that quickly turned into a moan as James bit the soft skin, his tongue quickly lapping at the reddened skin. The pretty boy kissed Carlos' cheek one final time before pulling away, a grin rivalling that of the Cheshire Cat's etched over his face.

"Happy now?" He questioned, the smile never leaving his face.

The tan boy didn't answer just wrapped his free hand around James' neck and pulled the pretty boy closer. James didn't fight it when Carlos fit their lips together, just brought the hand that had been resting against the small of Carlos' back up to cradle the smaller boy's neck. Taking charge of the kiss James let his tongue swipe along Carlos' bottom lip, groaning in pleasure when he felt the tan boy's lips automatically part.

Their tongues clashed in a fight for dominance, Carlos taking the upper hand for the briefest of moments. That was until James flicked his tongue against the roof of Carlos, heat sparking through his veins when the Latino moaned, the sound swallowed by the kiss. Letting his tongue flick over the smaller teen's sensitive spots, James could feel his cock hardening against the soft material of his towel.

Even though every part of him screamed for him not to stop, James managed to rein in some of his self control and pulled away. Carlos whined when their lips parted, soon turning into a pout when James didn't automatically reattach their lips.

"Come on, get up. We've got the day off, what do you wanna do?" James stood, hoping that Carlos wouldn't notice the tent starting to form under his towel.

Turning his back on the Latino, James began what was usually the long and intensive search through his wardrobe for the perfect outfit. However because they had the day off James gave his large collection of clothes a quick glance over before he grabbed a black tank top. Pulling the top over his head, the brunette made his way over to the dresser, pulling out a fresh pair of boxers and a pair of sweatpants.

"Cartoons." Carlos' voice made James jump, the tall boy suddenly realizing his lover hadn't given him an answer to his previous question.

"Huh?" James turned to look over at Carlos, his eyes immediately moving to the floor when he spotted that Carlos had turned over onto his back. The tall teen could feel his cock hardening further and it took every inch of his willpower to make him turn back around.

"Let's stay in and watch cartoons all day" Carlos sounded excited at the prospect of doing nothing but watching his favourite characters all day and James didn't have the heart to change the plans.

Now fully dressed, the pretty boy turned around and flashed Carlos that award winning smile. However it was quickly replaced by a blush when Carlos announced that he thought James looked even more beautiful than he normally did. The brunette couldn't work out what was so beautiful about him today. He wore a blank tank top and sweats and his hair hadn't even been touched except for the small bit of towel drying he had done.

Smiling shyly at Carlos, the tall boy quickly left the room, taking note that Logan and Kendall were already up and out for the day. Popping two corndogs into the microwave for Carlos' breakfast, James slid two slices of bread into the toaster, his body automatically moving to fill two glasses with apple juice.

A pair of arms wrapped themselves around James' waist as he waited for the microwave to finish its countdown. Without turning his head, the brunette knew it was Carlos, the strawberry shampoo he found in the shower, emanating from the boy behind him. When the microwave beeped, James popped the door open, the smell of corndogs invading his senses. He heard what he thought was a muffled 'yum' from behind him but didn't press to find out. Placing the two corndogs on a plate, James swivelled his body in Carlos' grip, the plate remaining in his hand.

"Oooh," Carlos' eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas, hands moving towards the plate.

When he was sure the small boy wasn't about to break yet another one of Mama Knight's plates, James turned back to his toast which had just appeared at the top of the toaster once again. Spreading a thin knob of butter along the bread, James gathered his plate and the two glasses of apple juice before turning his attention back to Carlos.

The Latino sat on the couch, a corndog gripped tightly in one hand as he watched SpongeBob and Patrick run around the screen on their latest adventure. Making his way over to join the tan boy, James watched as Carlos shuffled forward from his original position. Setting the glasses on the table, James settled himself behind Carlos, smiling as the boy eased back against his chest.

The pair ate in relative silence, Carlos' occasional laugh the only sound throughout the whole apartment. It didn't take James long to finish his toast, setting the plate to the side before reaching forward and adding Carlos' plate to it. Wrapping an arm around his small lover's waist, James relaxed back against the cushions, his eyes locked on the TV but not really taking in the action that rolled across the screen.

What James thought was one episode of SpongeBob turned out to be a marathon and by the fifth episode; James was starting to get bored. Carlos on the other hand loved it, his carefree laugh echoing throughout the apartment. Keeping one arm wrapped tightly around Carlos' waist, James brought his other hand up to play with the hem of Carlos' shirt.

The smaller teen fidgeted under the touch, his attention remaining on the TV. James attached his lips to a patch of soft skin under Carlos' jaw while his fingers flitted under the thin material of Carlos' shirt. The Latino squirmed in James' grasp, his head lolling back against the pretty boy's shoulder, giving James more access to that amazingly soft skin he loved.

Letting his teeth graze over a particularly sensitive spot, James smirked against the tan skin when Carlos let a moan. Skimming his fingers over Carlos' abs, the brunette revelled in the way the small boy's back arched, a moan slipping past his now parted lips. However before he could go any further, the tan boy wriggled out of his grasp, turning on his knees to face James.

"What are you doing?" Carlos questioned

"I'm bored," James' reply was simple his eyes running up and down Carlos' body.

The small teen didn't answer, just started to turn his body back around. However James was quicker, his slender fingers wrapping themselves around Carlos' wrist.

"Make me unbored" James commanded, his eyes now holding a mischievous glint.

"How do I do that?" Carlos asked, innocence radiating from his body.

"I'm sure you can find a way Carlitos." James replied with a wink. It wasn't hard to notice the shudder that ran through the Latino's body.

The pair sat in silence for a few moments before Carlos made the first move. Bracing a hand on James' shoulder, the tan boy leant forward until his lips were an inch away from the pretty boy's. James wrapped a hand around Carlos' neck and brought their lips together. What Carlos thought would be a quick kiss to cure some of the taller boy's boredom soon turned into a battle for dominance, which James won.

Sliding a hand up and under the back of Carlos' t-shirt, James felt the muscles ripple and tense under the caramel skin. The taller teen brought his free hand up to grip Carlos' hip as his tongue swirled around the inside of Carlos' mouth. The small boy moaned, the sound swallowed by the kiss, his other hand now bracing itself against James' shoulder.

SpongeBob continued to play behind the Latino, James coming up with a plan to keep Carlos' attention away from the yellow sponge. Running his hand down from Carlos' hip, James cupped the small boy's crotch, his thumb rubbing over the rapidly growing bulge under the denim.

"J…J…James," Carlos panted his hips rocking into the taller boy's touched.

James had a smile that could rival the Cheshire Cat's when he looked up at Carlos.

Logan couldn't stop the smile that spread across his features when he stepped out of the lobby and into the pool area. Kendall sat comfortably one of the Palmwoods' many sun loungers, arms resting behind his head. On the table next to the blonde sat two smoothies. One pink which was Kendall's favourite and one blue, which just happened to be Logan's favourite. Hefting the small pile of books that rested in the crook of his elbow, Logan made his way over to his boyfriend.

"Hey," Logan spoke softly as not to startle the blonde, placing his books on the table.

Kendall cracked one of his closed eyes open, a wide smile spreading across his face when he saw who was stood in front of him. The taller boy didn't say a word, just reached out to grip Logan's wrist and dragged him down onto his lap. Logan couldn't stop the blush that spread across his face when he was seated in his lover's lap, head moving to rest against Kendall's shoulder.

Logan let his eyes slip shut as he felt Kendall's hand rubbing soothing circles into his side. Suddenly he felt Kendall nudge him and when he opened his eyes, the blue smoothie hovered in front of his face. Taking the offered drink, Logan let his eyes flit up to the blonde's face. Kendall's eyes were staring down at him, the green orbs shining in the sunlight.

"Thanks," Logan said, lifting his head up to place a soft peck to Kendall's lips.

The blonde mumbled something against Logan's lips, his hand moving to cup Logan's cheek. It was obvious that Kendall wanted more than just a quick peck on the lips, so the smart boy didn't fight it when Kendall pushed his tongue past Logan's lips. The hand that been rubbing his side slowly ran down his back, stopping when it reached the waistband of his jeans.

Logan felt his cock harden when Kendall slide a finger under the material, a shift of his hips informing the pale boy that Kendall too was growing hard. Swivelling his hips, Logan heard Kendall groan into the kiss, his teeth nipping at Logan's bottom lip. The smart boy managed to hold back his own moan, hips repeating the motion once more.

"Fuck Logie," Kendall panted as he parted from the kiss. The pale boy smiled, enjoying the fact he could reduce Kendall to a moaning wreck in minutes.

Logan changed his smile into a smirk, lips moving to run along the line of Kendall's jaw, teeth grazing against the skin every now and again.

"Apartment now," Kendall growled in Logan's ear, making the genius shiver.

Jumping off of Kendall's lap, Logan held his hand out to help the blonde off the sun lounger. Once their fingers were laced together, Kendall took charge, practically dragging Logan towards the elevator. When he reached the metal doors, the tall boy reached over and jabbed impatiently at the button. Logan heard the blonde sigh with relief when the doors opened to reveal an empty cart. Tightening his grip on Logan's hand, Kendall quickly dragged Logan into the enclosed space, jabbing the button for the second floor on the way in.

As soon as the elevator doors shut behind them, Logan found himself pinned against the wall, Kendall's lips making an insistent trail along his jaw. When the blonde finally connected their lips, Logan quickly parted his lips, moaning as Kendall's tongue invaded his mouth. Demanding hands gripped the smart boy's hips, the pressure in his jeans rapidly growing.

Logan threw his head back when Kendall rolled his hips forward, the taller teen's erection pressing against his own. Pleasure washed through the pale boy's body, a small almost girlish whimper slipping past Logan's now red and swollen lips. Kendall groaned at the sound, his lips attaching themselves to the genius' neck. Logan whimpered once again when he felt the blonde's teeth graze against his skin. His neck had always been a sensitive spot and the other's took full advantage of it. It wasn't strange for Logan's neck to be covered in at least a dozen vibrant purple marks, his lovers' unable to resist the creamy column of flesh.

A shiver ran down Logan's spine as he felt Kendall's tongue run over his neck, soothing the mark the blonde had obviously left behind in his wake. Fisting his hands in the material of Kendall's shirt, the pale boy attempted to roll his hips forward, his cock pressing tightly against the material of his jeans. Kendall however kept a tight grip on the other boy's lithe frame, pushing Logan further against the wall as his tongue left a hot trail along the shell of Logan's ear.

Rolling his hips forward, Kendall revelled in the way Logan's head lolled back against the wall, his back arching as he gained the friction he longed for. The blonde was just about to repeat the action when the ding of the elevator interrupted them, signalling that they had arrived on the second floor.

Loosening his grip on the smaller boy, Kendall waited until the doors slid open to finally let go of Logan. Pressing a chaste kiss to the smart boy's lips, Kendall used his long legs to stride off in the direction of the apartment; a now highly aroused Logan stumbling after.

When Logan reached the door to their apartment, he noticed Kendall leant cockily against the wooden frame. Making his way towards the door, the smart boy moved to reach around Kendall's body but soon found himself pinned against the wood. A pair of lips messily connected with his, Kendall's tongue poking at his bottom lip.

Hearing a scuffle of footsteps, Logan pressed his hands against Kendall's chest, applying more force when the blonde didn't budge. Finally releasing his grip on the pale boy, Kendall reached around Logan's shaking form to grasp the door knob. Twisting the metal in his hand, the tall boy let the door swing open, Logan's body turning instinctively as he entered the apartment.

The genius didn't hear the door shut behind him, Kendall appearing behind him. The apartment looked empty to Logan so when Kendall reached round and cupped the bulge in his jeans, putting pressure in the place he needed it the most, Logan didn't stop him. The pale boy thrust his hips forward as he felt Kendall's own erection press against his ass.

A flash of movement suddenly caught Logan's attention. James sat at the bottom of the swirly slide, naked as the day he was born. A caramel coloured face could just be seen as it bobbed up and down between the pretty boy's legs. The sound of the door shutting drew James' attention and he quickly looked back to see who it was.

"He...Ngh" James waved; his greeting cut off as Carlos grazed his teeth over the sensitive skin.

Raising his eyes to see who James was talking to, Carlos spotted a very turned on Logan and Kendall. Pulling off James with an audible pop, Carlos jumped up to greet Logan and Kendall, forgetting he was also naked. Yeah Kendall and Logan had seen the Latino naked before but it still didn't stop their bodies reacting like they did.

There was a slight sweat covering the his caramel skin and when the genius and the leader got to Carlos' bottom half, they couldn't help but stare, a faint blush covering their cheeks as their erections pressed against the now tight confines of their clothes. The Latino looked at them in confusion; they'd seen each other naked numerous times so why were the others blushing.

And then he realized why, due to his and James extremely hot make out session which had led to him blowing the pretty boy, his cock stood to attention, pre cum sliding down his shaft. Letting his eyes roam over the other boys' bodies, he couldn't help but let his jaw hang slack. Kendall's hips thrust forward repetitively, grinding into Logan's ass as his hand rubbed over the smart boy's obvious erection. Logan's eyes fluttered shut every now and again, his mouth forming a soft 'o' as pleasure washed over his body.

Logan was the first to move, stepping out Kendall's hold and towards Carlos. When he reached the Latino, Logan wasted no time in wrapping a hand around the back of the smaller teen's neck and smashing their lips together. Carlos squeaked at the sudden pressure on his lips but quickly let his body meld against Logan's, a hand moving to grip his hip as their lips moved against one another.

Logan quickly swept his tongue along Carlos' bottom lip, wasting no time in creating a fight for dominance when the smaller teen's lips parted. The smart boy let Carlos control the kiss for a moment before taking over, his tongue pressing against everyone of Carlos' sensitive spots. Logan felt his cock throb as Carlos moaned into his kiss, two smaller almost inaudible moans echoing from the taller two behind them.

Feeling Carlos hand slink down from his hip to palm at the bulge in his jeans, Logan quickly broke the kiss, his lips attaching themselves to Carlos' neck. Alternating between sucking and nipping at the smooth skin, the smart boy eyed bright orange couch close by. Managing to pull himself away from the Latino's neck, Logan reluctantly grasped the hand that was moving steadily over his crotch. Lacing their fingers together, the pale boy led them over to the fluorescent piece of furniture.

When they reached the couch, Carlos moved to sit down but Logan placed a hand on his shoulder stopping him. When the Latino looked at him, confusion etched across his faced, Logan smiled his crooked half smile. Stepping in front of Carlos, Logan let his body fall down onto the cushions, the material moulding to his body.

As the smart boy laid his arms across the back of the sofa , Carlos quickly straddled Logan. A gasp tore itself from Carlos' throat when he felt his bare member brush against the rough denim of Logan's jeans. Burying his head into the crook of Logan's neck, the Latino began to rock back and forth, tiny moans leaving his mouth and vibrating against the skin of Logan's neck.

The pale boy moaned, his hands moving to travel along the smooth planes of Carlos' back. Pulling back, Carlos let his hands rest on the genius' shoulders before running down the front of Logan's chest. Said boy's breath hitched as he felt Carlos' hands travelling down his covered abdomen, a finger dipping into his navel before resting at the hem of his shirt.

Looking up into Logan's eyes, Carlos searched for the answer to his unspoken question and when Logan nodded, he felt his heart soar. Curling his fingers around the hem of the smart boy's shirt, Carlos began to slowly pull it up, revealing Logan's creamy abs inch by inch. By the time he had reached Logan's nipple, Carlos had grown impatient and tugged the material the rest of the way up and over Logan's head, tossing it to some random corner of the room.

Hearing another sound which sounded suspiciously like a pair of trousers hitting the floor, Carlos turned his head to investigate. What he saw was breathtaking, Kendall had somehow managed to strip himself of both his shirt without anyone noticing. The blonde's swim trunks now sat pooled around his ankles revealing that Kendall had decided not to wear any underwear today. Carlos' eyes travelled hungrily over Kendall's body but his attention was quickly turned when he felt slender fingers wrapping themselves around his cock.

"It's my turn first" Logan's voice was low, sending a shiver down Carlos' spine.

Rocking into the fist wrapped around his length, Carlos leant forward and sealed their lips together once again. Lips parted almost immediately and tongues fought for dominance, a battle that Carlos quickly and happily lost. Feeling Logan's tongue massaging his own as well as the smart boy's hand on his cock was becoming too much for Carlos.

Pulling away from Logan, Carlos reached down and drew Logan's hand away from his length. Tightening his grip on the hand, Carlos brought it up to his lips, sucking two fingers into his mouth. Swirling his tongue around the tips, the Latino watched as Logan's eyes fluttered shut, his hips thrusting up.

Once the digits were covered in enough saliva, Carlos pulled them out of his mouth, leaving Logan to do the rest of the work. The pale boy quickly caught on though, trailing the now wet digits down along Carlos' body until they reached his entrance. Circling the tight ring of muscle, Logan watched with baited breath as Carlos tensed then relaxed.

Pushing his finger past the initial ring of muscle, Logan paused as he waited for the tan boy to relax, his free hand coming up to rub soothing circles along Carlos' thigh. When he felt Carlos' inner walls relax around his finger, Logan continued to push forward until his finger was buried to the hilt.

Moving the digit in concentric circles to open the boy above him up, Logan couldn't help but revel in the idea of preparing Carlos so that not only he but James and Kendall fucked him as well. Feeling the muscles start to relax, Logan halted his movements, pressing a second finger in next to the first.

Pushing the two in together, Logan watched as Carlos face scrunched up slightly, mouth falling open as he began a scissoring motion. Moving his fingers inside of the boy above him, Logan could feel the muscles relaxing against the intrusion, now all he had to do was find that spot. Curling his fingers, Logan began to thrust them in at a new angle, hoping to find that nub that turned Carlos into jelly.

"Fuck Logan," Carlos pushed back against the fingers as they continued to rub against his prostate, spark of pleasure licking through his body.

Smirking to himself, Logan rubbed against that spot once again, his cock throbbing as Carlos thrust his hips backwards. Deeming the smaller boy ready, Logan pulled his fingers back, enjoying the feel of Carlos' walls clenching around the digits in an attempt to keep the feeling of being filled.

Pressing a chaste kiss to Carlos' lips, Logan finished pulling back his fingers, choosing to ignore the whine of protest that Carlos let out. Placing his hands on the smaller teen's hips, Logan made a move to push Carlos off his lap.

"I have to take these off if you want more, He explained when Carlos looked at him.

The Latino seemed to be happy with the explanation, jumping off of Logan's lap, flashing the others a quick view of his pert ass. Logan stood, his hands moving to the fastening of his jeans but they were quickly slapped away, Carlos' hands taking over. The tan boy quickly popped the button of Logan's jeans, his fingers tugging insistently on the zipper. Once the fastening was free, Carlos wrapped his fingers around both the waistband of Logan's boxers and jeans, towing the material down his legs.

The smart boy shivered slightly as the cooler air hit his now fully exposed skin. However that was quickly replaced by a warm wet heat. Looking down Logan saw Carlos on his knees, lips sucking their way up Logan's leg. Knowing where Carlos was heading, Logan laced a finger through the raven locks below him and tugged, enjoying the way Carlos whimpered at the action.

Big brown eyes stared up at him, innocence shining through even with the position the Latino was in. Carlos rose slowly to his feet, deliberately placing a kiss to the head of Logan's cock when he passed it. When the tan boy was stood up fully, Logan eased his body back down among the cushions, Carlos immediately straddling his lap.

Spitting one hand, Logan reached down and fisted his cock, hips jerking off the sofa as he rubbed the moisture over his length. When he believed his length was covered enough, Logan somewhat gratefully uncurled his fingers from around the rigid column of flesh. However Carlos was quick to replace Logan's hand with his own.

Bracing one hand on the smart boy's shoulder and the other gripping the base of Logan's cock, Carlos began to slowly lower himself down. He eyes scrunched shut as his body was stretched further than it had been prepared for. But it diminished slightly when he felt Logan's hands move to grip his hips, thumbs rubbing the skin there.

A sense of warmth, security and comfort washed through Carlos as he continued to ease himself down. It was one of the things Carlos loved most about Logan, the boy always knew how to calm him, whether it be in a normal everyday situation or at times like this when his body was fighting to accept the intrusion.

Once he was fully seated in Logan's lap, the Latino let his head fall forward to rest against Logan's shoulder. A hand disappeared from Carlos' hip to card through the raven locks. The Latino knew Logan was trying to get him to relax and it was working. Carlos could feel his walls relaxing around Logan's cock, the feel of being filled sparking a heat that ran through his veins.

Quickly deciding that he was ready, Carlos rolled his hips forward, eyes falling shut as he felt Logan's cock press against his walls. Logan groaned at the feel of Carlos' walls hugging his length like a glove, the heat surrounding his cock travelling through his entire body. A soft groan slipped past Logan's lips when he felt Carlos roll his hips forward once again, the heat surrounding his cock intensifying as the Latino's walls clenched and unclenched.

The Latino began to bounce on Logan's lap, various moans and groans slipping past his parted lips as pleasure shot red hot through his body. Logan was in the same state, his hands gripping Carlos' hips tight enough to leave bruises later. Thrusting up into the tight heat, Logan smirked when he felt Carlos' body press back against his.

"Fuck Logie," Carlos moaned, his Spanish origins shining through.

Knowing that he had hit the Latino's prostate, Logan angled his hips to hit that one special spot with every thrust. Logan could feel his nails digging into the caramel skin of Carlos' hips which only stirred him on to thrust harder and faster. He could feel his orgasm slowly building as Carlos' inner walls squeezed his cock. Wrapping a hand around the smaller boy's cock, Logan took a minute to admire the contrast of their skin tones before pumping the length in time with his thrusts.

Carlos' moans escalated in volume as he felt Logan's hand wrap around his cock, the slender fingers pumping him in time with every snap of the smart boy's hips. Bouncing faster in Logan's lap, Carlos allowed the pleasure to overtake his body, his orgasm just around the corner.

It only took several more pumps before Logan felt Carlos' walls tense around his length, the Latino letting a broken moan slip past his lips as his cum covered Logan's stomach and hand. Feeling the smaller teen's walls clenching tightly around his length proved too much for Logan. Snapping his hips up for a final time, the smart boy let his orgasm overtake him.

"Carlos," Logan moaned as his body undulated, his white hot seed spilling into the tight crevice above him.

Small moans and pants was all that could be heard as the two boys came down from their highs. Carlos was the first to move, his head burying itself in the crook of Logan's neck. His tongue darted out to taste the skin of Logan's neck, a small moan slipping past his lips as sweat and something entirely Logan overwhelmed his taste buds.

"Come here," Kendall's voice broke through the silence that had filled the apartment.

Carlos couldn't help but shiver at the blonde's tone. It was low and commanding, something rarely seen from Kendall and even though it shouldn't be possible, Carlos felt his cock harden. A small groan echoed from the side of the room and Carlos let his gaze fall on James. The pretty boy was sat watching the other's, his eyes dark with lust, lips red and swollen, the bottom one caught between his teeth.

"Come here" Kendall issued the command again, sending another shiver down Carlos' spine.

Raising himself up off of Logan, Carlos let out a whine as he felt the smart boy's now softened cock slip out of his hole. Taking a moment to gain control of his shaky limbs, Carlos slowly yet surely made his way over to Kendall. The blonde had risen from his seat at the table, hands planted firmly by his side.

As he made his way over, Carlos let his eyes travel over Kendall's body, taking in his chest, his abs and the defined V that led down to his favourite thing. Kendall's cock rested against his lower stomach, the vein that run along the underside prominent and throbbing, a giveaway to how turned on Kendall really was.

Letting his eyes drift up to meet Kendall's face, Carlos came to a stop, his body only an inch from the blonde's. The Latino loved being this close to Kendall, a sense of leadership emanating from the taller boy, overwhelming Carlos' senses.

"Bend over" Kendall growled.

Looking up into Kendall's eyes, Carlos wasn't shocked to see the normally warm emerald orbs now black with lust. Feeling a hand grip his hip, Carlos turned his body so that his chest faced the table. Lowering his body onto the table, Carlos shivered as he felt the hand on his hip move down to pinch at his cheek.

He jerked forward when he felt one of Kendall's fingers slide into his hole, a small moan leaving his lips as the movement caused some of Logan's cum to slide down the back of his legs. Carlos couldn't hold back his whine of protest when Kendall pulled his finger back. A moan made Carlos turn his head around and he just caught a glimpse of Kendall sucking a cum covered finger into his mouth.

The Latino watched as Kendall's sucked the digit clean, his eyes closed as he savoured the taste of Logan on his tongue. Pulling his hand back, Kendall glanced down at Carlos, a smile appearing on his face. The blonde knew that watching him suck the cum that was inside him off his finger was a big turn on for Carlos. The small boy let out another whine when he felt a bead of pre cum roll down the side of his shaft.

Noticing how badly Carlos wanted it, Kendall spat into his hand and slicked his cock up. Bracing a hand against Carlos' hip, the blonde began to enter the small boy. He didn't have to pause and wait for Carlos to relax because he was already prepared but somehow, the tan boy still remained so tight, his walls fitting around Kendall's member like a glove.

"So tight" Kendall moaned, his forehead falling to rest between Carlos' shoulder blades.

The Latino moaned in response, the feel of Kendall's cock filling him making his heart beat faster. Gripping the edge of the table, Carlos raised his head up.

"Do it, do me hard" Carlos didn't recognise his own voice all low and husky but the other's did and Kendall wasted no time in gripping the Latino's hips in a vice grip.

Pulling back until only the head of his cock remained inside of Carlos, Kendall paused for a moment before surging back in. He couldn't stop the moan that resonated in his chest, the tight heat sporadically caressing his cock making him nearly cum right then. Carlos moaned as well, his head dropping forward to rest against the table.

The blonde repeated the action, his hips snapping forward harder and faster each time. He could feel James and Logan's eyes on him and Carlos which only spurred him on more. His grip on Carlos' hips was so tight he was sure there be even more bruises marring the caramel skin tomorrow.

Carlos let his forehead rest against the table, his body jolting with the force of Kendall's thrusts. He had felt Kendall brush over that spot a few times but the blonde hadn't hit it dead on. Yet.

It was as if Kendall had read Carlos' mind, his hips thrusting in at the right angle. Carlos practically screamed when he felt the head of Kendall's cock pound against that special nub, his back arching until he thought it would break. Kendal seemed to enjoy watching Carlos' reaction, repeating the motion. As his back arched once again, Carlos felt Kendall lean down, his lips brushing the sweaty skin of his shoulder.

Soon enough the blonde was sucking on the skin, his teeth grazing it every now and again. The tan boy knew what Kendall was doing, James and Logan always doing the same. Kendall was marking him for the rest of the world to see.

As Kendall continued to suck on his shoulder, Carlos started to clench his walls around Kendall's cock, revelling in the soft 'Fuck' that spilled past the taller boy's lips. It was Carlos' turn to curse when he felt a hand move to wrap around his leaking shaft, moving slowly at first but then falling into sync with Kendall's thrusts.

Carlos could tell he was close, the tell tale pressure in his stomach, growing and growing until he thought he would burst. One particularly hard thrust to his prostate was enough to send Carlos over the edge. Moaning something that sounded suspiciously like Kendall's name, Carlos arched his back and covered the table with spurt after spurt of white liquid.

Watching over Carlos' shoulder as he came, Kendall shuddered. As his orgasm washed over him, Carlos clenched and unclenched his walls around Kendall's cock, making it impossible for the blonde to think straight. Thrusting in a final time, Kendall kept his hips pressed tightly against Carlos, as his essence shot out and mixed with Logan's. The blonde moaned lowly as his head fell forward, his now sweaty bangs falling into his path of sight.

Loosening his grip on Carlos' hips, Kendall pressed a final kiss between Carlos' shoulder blades before pulling out. A soft moan escaped the boy below Kendall as he felt more cum slide down the back of his thighs. Hearing a small thud behind him, Carlos couldn't find the energy to turn his head to investigate it.

Shifting his head into a more comfortable position on the table, Carlos was met by one of the most glorious sights he had ever seen. James was still sat on swirly, his body tense as if the plastic was still cold against his body. The pretty boy's hair was mussed from their earlier make out session, a sheen of sweat covering his face. Normally warm hazel eyes were dark and hooded; kiss swollen lips pushed together in a straight line.

It was obvious that James was trying to control himself but the way his chest rose and fell heavily, abs tensing with each breath he took was a giveaway. As his eyes reached James' cock it was now clear that James was trying his best to keep his orgasm at bay. A large sun kissed was wrapped tightly around the base of the engorged flesh, copious amounts of pre cum gathering at the head.

Tiredly pushing himself off the table, Carlos slowly made his way over to James. He smiled softly as he reached the taller teen. Kneeling down on shaky weary limbs, Carlos cupped James' cheek, bringing their lips together into a slow kiss. Unlike the kiss he shared with Logan, this was just a simple moulding together of lips, not an urgent battle for dominance. This showed how close James and Carlos were, yes all four of them were close but there was this extra special bond; which could also be seen with Logan and Kendall, between James and Carlos.

Letting his tongue slide slowly along the length of Carlos' lips, James didn't rush forward when Carlos parted his lips. Easing his tongue into the Latino's mouth, James massaged the muscle against the inside of Carlos' mouth, the small whimpers and moans the tan boy emitted, being swallowed by the kiss.

Flicking the tip of his tongue against Carlos', James felt his cock throb with need, the fist at the base barely managing to stop his rapidly approaching orgasm. Pulling away from the smaller boy, James rested a hand against the soft line of the Latino's jaw, thumb brushing gently against his lower lip.

"C…C…Carlos, I need you now," James panted his chest heaving as he attempted to increase the amount of air in his lungs.

Carlos felt his cock twitch as the pretty boy's words sunk in. Pulling away from James, Carlos eased himself backwards, a shiver running down his spine as the cold wood floor made contact with his overheated skin. A sharp intake of breath was heard from above him and as Carlos let his eyes flicker up to James, he felt red hot pleasure race through his veins.

The pretty boy had lowered himself from his perch on the end of swirly, one hand still fisted at the base of his cock, the other slowly sliding through his less than perfect hair.

Spreading his legs, the tan boy smirked up at the taller teen as James inhaled sharply. The small boy could feel the mixture of Kendall and Logan's cum leaking from his hole and it was obvious that James had noticed this as well. Lust darkened eyes flickered between the tan boy's exposed hole and Carlos' face. It seemed that James was having an internal battle and within the minute it was obvious the pretty boy had made his mind up.

Kneeling down between Carlos' spread legs, James used the hand fisted around the base of his length to guide himself to Carlos' hole. Pressing the head of his member past the usual tight barrier of Carlos' entrance, James leant down and pressed a soft kiss to Carlos' lips.

When he was fully sheathed inside the small boy, James pressed another soft kiss to Carlos' swollen lips, not to help the boy relax but to show the Latino how much he loved him. Taking a calming breath, James pulled back slightly before rolling his hips forward. He had to fight the urge screaming at him to cum right there and then, the feel of Carlos' walls clenching around his length too much for him.

Pulling back until only the head of his cock remained inside the smaller teen; James snapped his hips forward, eyes scrunching shut as Carlos' walls clenched tightly around his member. Both James and Carlos cried out when the pretty boy hit the tan boy's prostate dead on; James' cry due to Carlos raking his nails down the skin of the brunette's back.

After having watched Logan fuck Carlos, followed quickly by Kendall, James knew that it wouldn't take him long to cum. Wrapping his hand around Carlos' once again leaking member, James pumped him in time with his thrusts, his hips snapping forward to pound against Carlos' prostate.

"James," Carlos came with a shout, his nails marking a fresh path down James' back as his seed spilled over his stomach and James' still busy fist.

Feeling Carlos' walls clench tightly around his shaft and watching the smaller teen come undone underneath him was too much for James. Snapping his hips forward one final time, James' body shook from head to toe as he pumped his seed into the already abused hole. A moan slipped past his now parted lips, a single strand of now sweaty hair slipping forward to dangle in front of his eyes.

Bracing his weight on his forearms, James slowly retracted his hips, letting his tired body fall to the side. Using one arm as leverage, the brunette propped himself up next to Carlos, his free hand moving to stroke Carlos' cheek lovingly.

"Mmm," Carlos moaned tiredly, his face pressing into the touch of James' hand.

"Tired" Logan's voice made James jump, part of the tall boy having forgotten that he was in the room still.

The Latino didn't answer, just nodded against the palm of James' hand. Raising his eyes to meet Logan's, the taller teen nodded, signalling that not only Carlos was tired. Logan smiled back softly, his eyes back to their normal chocolate brown.

A shadow appeared over James and Carlos and the pretty boy was quick to look up. Kendall stood above them, a sated and tired smile spread across his face. As the blonde nodded down at Carlos, the brunette didn't need words to work out what his boyfriend was asking. Nodding in confirmation, James watched as Kendall walked over to the couch, offering his arm to Logan. The smart boy happily took the preferred limb, his legs moving slowly as they headed towards the room James and Carlos shared.

Looking down at Carlos, James noticed that the Latino's eyes had shut, his breaths evening out. Gently easing his hand away from Carlos' cheek, James raised himself up onto somewhat unsteady legs. Leaning down, James curved one arm underneath Carlos' knees, the other moving to cradle his back.

Slowly rising to his full height, James turned and headed in the direction of their shared room. When he reached the door, James was slightly surprised to see Kendall holding it open. Logan was smoothing out the still crumpled bed covers, stopping when he heard James enter the room.

Stepping over the threshold, James continued towards the bed, pausing when he heard the door meet the wooden frame with a muffled thud. Walking over to the bed, James gently placed the slumbering Latino onto the covers, unable to hide his smile as the small boy rolled into the centre of the bed, mumbling something in his sleep.

Walking around the bed, James placed a gentle hand on Logan's shoulder; the smart boy's face immediately turning towards him. Cupping Logan's jaw, James leant down and sealed their lips together in a soft loving kiss. It didn't last that long but when James and Logan pulled apart small smiles adorned both of their faces.

A small almost inaudible yet completely deliberate cough made James turn around. Kendall stood with one hip cocked, his hand resting idly against the skin. A small pout had formed on the blonde's lips, making James smirk. Crooking one finger, James beckoned Kendall over, wrapping an arm tightly around his waist when he was within touching distance.

James wrapped a hand around the back of Kendall's neck and tugged his face forward. Their lips connected quickly, melding together like they belonged there. The kiss was short but didn't lack passion, both boy's panting slightly as they pulled back.

"I love you," Kendall spoke softly, James unable to work out whether it was because Carlos was asleep or because he was embarrassed about saying the declaration first.

"I love you too," James replied, his voice clear and strong. Kendall's smile was the brightest had ever seen it.

"And I love both of you," Logan's voice broke through the silence that settled between the three boy's, his arms wrapping around both of them.

"Love ya too Loganator." James smiled as he pressed a kiss to said boy's temple.

"I love you too Logie," Kendall's voice was clearer this time, his lips pressing softly against Logan's forehead.

Untangling themselves, the three boys' shared a smile before moving over to their respective sides of the bed. Using one hand for leverage, James shifted over until his chest was pressed against Carlos' back. His leg moved to rest between Carlos', head settling against what pillow was left.

Logan was the first to join him, sliding over the covers until he was face to face with the sleeping Latino. His legs moved to tangle with Carlos, making sure he had skin to skin contact with James at the same time. Kendall finally joined them, after making sure the covers were over their naked bodies. Sliding underneath the covers, Kendall scooted over until he was pressed against Logan's back.

The three boys' shared a final look before Kendall threw an arm over Logan's waist and James did the same with Carlos, the taller two interlacing their fingers when they met. Carlos muttered something in his sleep, his body leaning back into James' embrace, making the other's smile at their adorable sleeping boyfriend before they let their eyes flutter shut, sleep overwhelming them.

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