Naruto: Revenge

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"Hello" - Normal speech.

"Hello" - Thoughts.

"Hello" - Tailed beast.

A/N: The beginning of this story is a bit of a cliche 'Everyone hates Naruto and the villagers are all evil', feel free to skip past it if you'd like.

A/N 2: Right, I recently reread this chapter and couldn't help but notice that it was utter shit.

Hence my rewrite of this old story.

A major thing I'm implementing is a translation of all techniques, while the original names might be cool and interesting, most people (myself included) find it annoying having to scroll down and read translations all the time. I also hate when the translation is right next to the technique, it makes in a bit redundant to have the original name and the translation right beside each other.

So, all techniques will be in english.

Rewritten Chapter 1: Departure

Naruto ran as fast as he could, tears streaming down his face, sobs escaping him every few seconds. All he'd ever wanted was to be respected, to become Hokage and to be acknowledged by the villagers, but it seems that it just wasn't meant to be.

'Stupid Konoha, stupid villagers. After everything I went through to get that bastard back, this is how they repay me?" He raged as he jumped from tree to tree, going deeper into the forest, away from Konoha. "Stupid Sakura, she didn't even care that I almost dies keeping my stupid promise.'


A tired and injured Uzumaki Naruto could be seen approaching the village of Konohagakure, the unconscious form of Uchiha Sasuke slung over his shoulder. While Naruto was completely covered in many scrapes and cuts, not to mention the giant hole in his chest, the traitor Uchiha was only a little bit banged up from their fight. Despite his state, Naruto was grinning proudly, he'd done it, he'd beaten the 'great Uchiha Sasuke', now everyone would rejoice and cheer his name.

Even as he approached the gates he could see many of the villagers and his beloved Sakura-chan waiting for them, they would have to respect him now, after see that he, the dead-last, defeated the mighty Uchiha. He couldn't wait.

"Hey Sakura-chan, I kept my prom-" Naruto began in a cheerful tone, but he was interrupted by one of his oldest acquaintances, someone he met often as a child while walking through the village, good ol' Mr. Rock to the head.

"Damn you Demon, look what you've to the last of the Uchiha!" screamed the villager who'd thrown.

In his dazed state, Naruto could only watch as Sakura ran right up to him, grabbed the Uchiha off his shoulder and then proceeded to punch him in the face, hard.

"Stupid Naruto-baka, I asked you to bring him back to me, not try to kill him. I guess you really are a demon, why cant you just die and leave us all in peace?" she screeched, holding Sasuke tightly and rushing towards the hospital.

Naruto could feel the tears welling up in his eyes as he surveyed the angry mob before him, he could clearly notice the faces of many he knew, like Kakashi and the other Jonin sensei's that had returned from their missions while the retrieval team was gone, Ino, Tenten and even Hinata. All of them were among the mob that was shouting for his blood, drawing their weapons now that Sakura and Sasuke were no longer in the line of fire, this was the scene that greeted an angry Tsunade and Jiraiya.

"What the hell is going on here!" screamed the enraged Hokage, her fist clenching in anger.

Kakashi appeared to be the only one brave enough to answer her. "Hokage-sama, that De.." seeing the look in her eyes he chose to play it safe "..Naruto has grievously injured Sasuke, his teammate, clearly this is proof that the Kyuubi is in control, he needs to be punished for his actions"

Hearing this from his own sensei, Naruto felt like he'd just taken another Chidori through the heart. 'First Sakura-chan and now Kakashi-sensei. I thought we were a team, a family, but it looks like even they think I'm a demon'

"Ya, he needs to learn his place, how dare he hurt Sasuke-kun like that!" Ino screeched, regaining her mettle after hearing Kakashi.

This served to incense the rest of the mob and they all began shouting once more.

"Yeah, kill the demon!"

"Let's teach him a lesson!"

"He needs to learn his place!"

With each uttered line, Naruto felt more and more pain pierce through his chest, like his heart was being ripped apart, he just couldn't take it anymore.

"Enough!" screamed Tsunade, flaring her chakra and silencing the mob "The Uchiha was a traitor, he betrayed us to join Orochimaru. Naruto was well within his rights to use force, if I was in his place, I would have just saved everyone the trouble and killed the prick then and there"

Turning to Naruto she smiled and continued on. "Come on Naruto lets get you to the hospital and have that wound looked at"

"No" the smaller blond replies, eyes burning with defiance.

"What?" Tsunade asked in surprise, completely caught off guard by his reply.

"I said no, I'm done, I quit. After everything I've done for this village, after thirteen years to get over their losses, they still see me as the Kyuubi. I don't care anymore, I Quit!" Naruto shouted.

Throwing a final glare at the mob, a glare with enough hate and anger to cause a few to stumble back, even the ninja in the crowd, he turned around and ran off.

Turning to the mob, Tsunade gave them a death glare of her own and whispered just loud enough for them to hear "I hope you're all happy now"

The mob quailed under her glare and she could only snort in disgust before turning to Jiraiya. "Follow after him pervert, make sure he's okay and bring him back when he's calmed down"

"Sure thing Tsunade-hime," Jiraiya replied, grinning confidently.

With that they both jumped away, one towards the village and the other into the forest. There was a moment of silence before the mob broke out in cheers, a few dancing excitedly while the rest jumped for joy.

"Hooray! The demons finally gone, we're finally safe again!" they cheered, smiling happily.


Immediately the cheering stopped as they all looked at who spoke, it was Kakashi.

"What do you mean Kakashi-senpai? The demon's finally gone." asked one of the Chunin.

"Didn't you hear the Hokage? Jiraiya is just going to bring the demon spawn back, unless we do something about it." Kakashi growled, turning and stalking towards the hospital, one of his students was injured after all.

In the wake of the Copy-nin's comment, four of the elite Jonin shared a glace and nodded, taking off into the forest in search of Naruto.

XXFlashback endXX

Landing on a thin branch several few miles from the village, Naruto sat down to take a break and wait for his wounds to heal, after all it's quite difficult run with a fist sized hole in your chest. The second he relaxed, there was a tug at the back of his mind and the blond found himself slipping into unconsciousness.

-Within the Seal, a few minutes ago-

The Kyuubi no Kitsune sensing his host's emotions, was extremely curious, not because he could sense the emotions but because he could sense high levels of anger and hate; considering just who his host is, this was a bit of a shock. His curiosity getting the better of him, Kyuubi allowed a tendril of his chakra to leak out of the seal, allowed him to tap into and view his hosts memories of the last thirty minutes.

As he finished viewing the memories, Kyuubi couldn't help but smirk in satisfaction.

"How very interesting, perhaps I can use this to my advantage. Oh, yes, the time of my ascension approaches, maybe the gaki(brat) will be willing to make a deal now that he is no longer bound to that pathetic hovel." The demon chuckled, devious plans flashing through his mind one at a time.

With a plan in mind, one that he knew his host just wouldn't refuse, Kyuubi sent out a second tendril to connect with Naruto's senses, allowing him to view the world through his host's eyes. As he noticed his host taking a break, the demon wrapped his chakra around Naruto's mind and tugged, forcefully pulling his host into the seal.

-With Naruto-

As he opened his eyes, Naruto could only sigh as he was met with the sight of the rundown sewer that he'd come to as his mindscape. "Great, just fucking great, I so do not need this right now. Ugh, let's go see what the 'almighty' fox in a box wants now"

With that he stomped down the familiar path to his left, angrily making his way through the sewer until he entered the large spacious room that housed the Kyuubi.

"Alright bastard fox, what do you want, I'm not in the mood for any of your shit right now." Naruto snarled, stomping right up to the large cage that kept the demon at bay.

"Hahahahaha, I see that you still refuse to treat me with the respect I deserve gaki." Kyuubi chuckled, an odd occurrence as the demon was usually pissed each time they met.

"Your damn right I do, now hurry up and tell me what you want, if you haven't noticed yet I'm kind of on the run and I don't have time to waste." Naruto replied, ignoring the Demon's odd mood.

"Straight to business eh? Fine then, I called you here to make a deal" Kyuubi replied, causing the blonde to blink in surprise.

"A deal huh? I'm guessing my part of the deal is that I set you free?" Naruto asked, eyes narrowing shrewdly.

"Correct" Kyuubi replied, grinning widely and displaying his rows of razor sharp teeth.

''Why the hell would I do that? I'll die!" Naruto shouted in reply, fuming angrily.

Kyuubi simply chuckled and shifted in his cell before replying. "Because gaki, if you accept my deal, you will be able to live through the unsealing"

"Oh? Is that so?" Naruto muttered in disbelief. "Well, what are you waiting for? Lets hear this deal of yours."

''I'll get to the deal soon enough, first I should explain somethings to you in order to save questions later, now be quiet and listen until I'm finished okay?" Kyuubi replied, glaring down at the small form of his host. After receiving an affirmative nod, the demon continued. "You see, we Biju are not complete demons, we're actually all parts of a greater creature known as the Yami. Yami was a god of great power, brother to Kami and Shinigami, yet it had little control over its great powers and nearly zero sentience. It was nothing more than a crazed beast, hellbent on destruction, and as the lord of the underworld, it had more than enough power to destroy all creation."

Naruto could only listen to the tale with wide eyes, learning a piece of history that few mortals have ever learned.

"Eventually Yami was defeated by the combined efforts of Kami and Shinigami, who managed to break it into ten individual beings, those beings came to be known as the Biju. At the beginning of our birth, we each had no tails to speak of but each one of us had more or less power than the others. We were also considerably smaller than we are today, with myself as second strongest and only as tall as a young child, whereas Shukaku was was the weakest and the smallest.

We spent a good millennium together, the ten of us wandering the world and just plain surviving. Eventually my older brother, Juubi as he was later called, grew his first tail, while the rest of us remained tailless. With his first tail, Juubi grew in power, knowledge, and size, establishing his role as leader of our small family. A millennium later, Juubi grew his second tail and I grew my first, gaining the same growth in ability as my brother before me.

So it went, for over eight millenniums we would each grow a new tail, growing in size and power, as we did so with Shukaku being the last to gain a tail. Once he grew his tenth tail, Juubi felt the need to go on a killing spree to celebrate, a stupid idea now that I consider it in hindsight. It was at this time that one of you humans discovered chakra and began studying and experimenting with it, hoping to grow strong enough to end the Juubi's killing spree. In order to stop Juubi, this human devised a powerful seal and became the first Jinchuriki, he was later known as the Rikudou Sennin.

Naruto could only gape in shock.

First he learned that the very creature sealed within him, the fox that everyone called a demon, was actually part of a god at one point. Then he learned that Kyuubi used to be a chibi fox at one point, which he found positively hilarious, but refrained from laughing out of fear and interest in the story. Finally, he learned that the most famous ninja in existence, the creator of all things ninja, was in fact a Jinchuriki just like him.

It was a lot to take in, but he continued to listen as Kyuubi's continued his story.

"On his death bed, knowing that the Juubi would be freed after his death, the Rikudou Sennin used the last of his power to split the Juubi into ten equal parts. Nine of Juubi's parts were scattered around the world, to be absorbed by each of the remaining Biju, while the last stayed with the Sennin as he died, taking the mind of the Juubi with him.

Originally, each Biju was only meant to reach a set level of power and stop growing, but thanks to the energy from Juubi we will all gain one tail more than we were meant to. That's right, I will eventually gain a tenth tail and ascend to the realm of the gods as the new Juubi and take Yami's place as Lord of Hell, the only thing that could possibly stop me is this damnable seal.

When I claim the throne of Juubi, I will be strong enough to break this seal, but in doing so I would anger the Shinigami, causing a battle that would likely lead to the destruction of your world which would in turn draw the wrath of Kami; that would not end well for me, hence the deal I want to make.

"Well that was an exciting story," Naruto commented after a few minutes of shocked silence. "So what's this deal then, it had better be good one."

Kyuubi released an amused chuckle at that. "Well, It's only as good as you want it to be"

"Huh?" the blonde asked in confusion.

"When I become the Juubi, I will have the power to grant you a wish at the cost of one tails worth of power, as it would only take me a handful of centuries to regain my power, I think its a fine trade. This is my deal, I will grant you nine wishes, be they abilities, fame, or fortune, anything you desire, I will grant you in exchange for my freedom"

"Wow..." that was all he could say, seriously what more can you say after basically being offered anything you want by a soon to be God. "Okay that's a good deal, a really, really good question though."

"Ask away"

"How will I survive the unsealing and when do you get the last tail?" Naruto asked, wanting a sure answer before agreeing to this deal.

"I will reach my ten thousandth year of creation in a little over a year from now, and you cant die from the sealing if you wish for immortality"

Hearing this, Naruto couldn't stop the wide grin that stretched across his face. "Oh yes, I suppose you're right. Well, it seems like we have ourselves a deal Kyuubi-sama."

"Hahahahahah! Finally showing me some respect eh?" The demon laughed, it's booming laughter echoing through the sewer around them.

"I figure since we're no longer enemies, we may as well get along." Naruto replied with his trademark grin. "Now I think it's time I got out of here, I have a lot to think about and only a year to decide on my nine wishes"

"Yes, I suppose its time you get going. I can sense five chakra signatures approaching your position, I'll lend you some chakra so you can fight or flee if you need to" Kyuubi replied, sending a wisp of crimson chakra towards the blond.

"Thank you, I'm running a bit low after that fight with Sasuke-teme and then the long run here, I'm sure Konoha already sent Hunter-nin after me."

With that Naruto vanished from his mindscape, awakening in the real world.

-Forest, real world-

Getting up from his spot, Naruto was just about to leap away when he heard the sound of someone landing on the branch behind him, a familiar wave of chakra tingling at his senses. Glancing over his shoulder, Naruto couldn't help but frown as four more figures came to a stop behind the first one.

"Hello Jiraiya-sensei, so they sent you to kill me."