Naruto: Revenge

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any other animes used in my story.

A/N: Sadly I've come to lose interest in this story and I'm not sure how to continue, I have several Ideas on how I want it to go But I just can't seem to find the will to write it. Fortunately the main story line is already finished and the rest of this is basically filler. I may finish it at some point but I don't think I will.

What was supposed to happen:

Basically Naruto would continue having adventures in a few more of his subverses before landing in one with all humans dead and only the Biju remaining. Said Biju would then sense him and attack him in an effort to destroy him, there would be an epic fight with tons of attacks, shape shifting, and summons before Naruto absorbs the soul and power of each Biju. This would lead to a huge increase in power that would make him evolve into a full god and the story would end with him joining his fellow gods.

Hope you all enjoyed the story so far and thanks for all the great reviews.