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Chapter Forty-Five

The Sun Also Rises

Chapter Song: Be Still (The Fray) / Radioactive by Imagine Dragons


I'd been shot down at least ten times now. Alek was ruthless, and basically unstoppable. I went ghost as quick as I could, shooting ecto-energy balls right back at him. I could feel my suit rip down the arm as he tackled me to the ground, punching me in the face multiple times. I sent an ecto ray straight into his stomach, blowing him back ten feet. He landed on his back with a thump and a loud groan. I flew over to him, tackling him and punching him in the chest.

"They trusted you!" I yelled.

"They're mistake." A smirk graced his lips. And there we were, fighting till one of us died. Seconds went by, Alexa still underwater unable to come up for air. Every time I tried to go for her, just to put her on the surface, he got me to the ground. He was preventing me so she purposely died. Another minute went by, and we continued our fight. Punch after punch was thrown, ecto ray after ecto ray was thrown, and finally, just as I thought I'd never win against him, I caught him off guard. My anger got the best of me and before I knew it, I watched Alek Westburn fall to the floor, dead. I didn't give myself a second to care or observe, I flung myself off the bridge and dove into the ice-cold river below at the same time I had lost my ghost powers from how weak of a state I was in. My vision was blurry so all I could see was shadows. But I could see her figure, all the way at the bottom. I pushed myself farther down and finally reached her. Her eyes were closed, her hair floating above her. I couldn't tell if the water was moving her or if she was actually moving. I grabbed her by the waist and kicked to the surface as fast as humanly possible. We reached the surface and I began swimming over to the bank, dragging her up and lying her on her back. I straddled over her and couldn't help but wonder why she wasn't coughing out water or why her body wasn't even shaking since it was at least forty degrees. I was completely in denial. Though I didn't know how to give CPR, I gave it a shot anyways. Pressing my mouth to hers, I began breathing in and over and over. I put an ear to her chest, searching for a heartbeat. But there was none. Then I searched for a pulse on her neck. I found none there and immediately went for her wrists. None there either.

"Wake up!" I yelled. I tried for a heartbeat again. Nothing.

"Get up! Breath!" I was screaming but it's not like anyone would hear me. There wasn't civilization for miles.

"Oh my God. Oh my God." I repeated. There were things, certain things that took a lot to make me cry. And it was rare. But this was one of them.

"Help." I screamed, dragging it on as long as possible. "Help." I sobbed, toppling onto her in tears, crying for her to wake up.

My best friend died. And it was my fault.

Savannah may seem small, quiet, and if a passer-by didn't know any better, boring. Nestled between beautiful forestry, the town is know to history fanatics, campers, adventures, and about every supernatural dead being in the world. Savannah is, and always has, been the heart of all supernatural. Behind the beautiful southern façade and the small-town-charm lies danger and darkness. Don't let it fool you, because it easily could.

A faint beeping noise entered my mind every few seconds, sounding as if it was miles away. My body felt numb, tingly, but mostly limp. Something scratchy was set against the skin on my left hand. Above my stomach, my skin felt taught. There was something putting pressure around my abdomen and foot. The strong smell of an anti-bacterial cleaner mixed with soap filled my nose. It made me want to gag, but I couldn't—because I wasn't breathing. I wasn't breathing, gagging, or moving. I must be dead; this is what I imagined it to be. Dark, calm…yet torturing. Everything felt so still, like the world and everyone in it wasn't moving. I tried moving my hands but I couldn't feel or shift them. The world would be silent, except for that beeping noise that sounded like it was coming closer and closer. That was the only thing I heard. There was no heartbeat, there was no evidence of life coming from my body. Ever so often it would stop, but it might have been my mind limbo in and out of consciousness. Under my anesthetized body, I felt something soft and cool. Before I could even ask myself where I was or what was going on, or more importantly why couldn't I think clearly, some memories began to come back. I kept imagining hazy visions in the dark hole of nothingness I was seeing. I heard once that after you die, wherever you end up, you can't remember how it happened because the brain reacts in some weird psychological way and stops you from remembering the trauma. I finally had a surge of memories wash through me, and I relived my death. I was underwater, not being able to breath or rise myself to the surface. I was stuck on the bottom and I was drowning. My body had felt heavy and my throat and lungs burned from ingesting water. I watched myself drown. Everything had gone from panic to calm in a matter of sixty seconds. And as I watched myself die under the water, I began to come out of my calm state that I was in and I started to panic. I needed to breath! I needed air! There I was, I took my last gulp of water and my eyes closed and the hallucination me watching dead me in the water panicked. Everything turned white. My eyes quickly opened along with my body shooting up, loudly gasping for air like a fish out of water. Digging my nails into what I found were to be sheets, the pain from everything hit me full force. I continued to breathe to relieve my lungs; it was like I had just run a ten-mile marathon. I let out a cough before I began hyperventilating again. I was breathing in real air, not water! Before I could connect to reality, I felt hands on my back and my upper leg, which was covered by a blanket. Danny was kneeling at my side. Everything was so white I made the realization that I was in heaven.

"Alexa, Alexa, look at me. Are you okay? Can you speak?" He sat on the bed I was in. I wasn't in heavan. I was in a hospital room. Light from the windows reflecting off the obnoxiously white walls made me want to close my eyes and never open them again. I looked down to my left hand, there was an IV needle penetrating through my skin and pressed down with clear medical tape. I looked to my right wrist, it was raw and cut up from rope. Trying to cease my hyperventilating, I took a big gulp, making my dry mouth feel even more disgusting than before. My heart was racing a mile per minute. My heart was now beating. It hadn't been before.

"I died." I said as I took a long breath out. As terrified as I was I looked at Danny, who looked troubled. He comforted me by squeezing my right hand. That's all I wanted when I drowned, to be held. "I'm dreaming, I-I'm dreaming. I drowned, I died." I shook my head, tears welling up and stinging my eyes. I was 100% sure I was dead, not even 99%. I had felt myself, watched myself die. Why was Danny here? This was heaven. After all, Danny was half ghost so maybe this was the part of him who died. He shook his head.

"You're not dead." My breathing calmed down as I relished in the fact I wasn't inhaling water.

"How? I-I felt it. I felt myself die, there's no way I could be alive right now, unless, unless I'm a ghost." What if I had turned into a ghost? I didn't feel like a ghost. I felt…I didn't know how I felt. A heft nurse with pale skin and stringy dirty blonde hair tied up into a messy bun stepped into the room wearing starchy pink scrubs. She was looking down at a clipboard but her eyes widened once she saw me. "You're awake!" She exclaimed. Danny rose from my bed and lingered out into the hallway, leaning against the doorway. My brows furrowed at her.

"I'm sorry," she collected herself, "I'm sorry. Good morning Miss Pennington."

"Hi?" I was more than confused. What the hell was going on?

"How are you feeling?"

"Bad." I pursed my lips, not bothering to lie.

"Well, you have a good excuse to be." She chuckled.

"What?" I cocked my head, furrowing my brows more, "what do you mean?"

"By taking a look at your chart, you've been through the ringer. But don't worry, we'll get you healed up soon enough."

"Been through the ringer?" I repeated, "I'm sorry but what exactly are you talking about?"

"Well you got into a car accident sweetheart." She flipped to a certain page. "One broken rib, two crabbed ribs, 3 inch wound to the abdomen, slightly deep cut on your forehead, cuts, bruises, scratches on your wrists, ankles, arms, a sprained ankle, several blows to the head resulting in a sever concussion, tiny fracture of the front of your skull, and water in your lungs." The list seemed to go on forever.

"I was in an accident?"

"Car accident. Rolled off a bridge."
"A bridge." I repeated.

"Yes. You weren't…" She paused and looked like she zoned out.

"Okay I think that's enough." Danny walked in. The nurse zoned back in the room.

"You'll be okay, just give it some time. We've got you on some pain meds, binding tape for your ribs, your wounds stitched up. But hey, at least you're awake!"

"Awake? What are you talking about?"

"You've been unresponsive for two days."

"What? No, that's got to be wrong." I shook my head. I tried to have a calm expression on my face, but it wasn't fooling anyone.

"Nope, ever since the Phantom boy brought you in, you've been out cold."

"Unresponsive, as in dead?" I figured.

"Technically you were, but don't tell anyone, some of the patients and doctors might get freaked out. Only I'm supposed to know." Something was definitely up with this woman.

"I could imagine why." I mumbled.

"If you need anything just press the button. The names Maggie." She smiled and finally exited the room. Maggie had given me a hospital room all to myself, there was only one bed and it was the one I occupied. There was a chair all the way on the other side of the room; Danny's jacket hung over the side. A white and flower printed hospital grown covered my frail body. It looked like a dress on me, but to my advantage, unlike some hospital gowns it wasn't open in the back. Shifted and crossing my stiff legs, I silently groaned as it hurt to tuck my ankle under of one my legs. The soft, light set of sheets and blanket pooled around my waist. I buried my face in my hands and I felt Danny sit on the bed, placing a hand on my covered knee.

"I'm such an idiot." I sighed.

"No you're not." He comforted.

"I never should have trusted him. You had bad feelings about him and I was being to ignorant to notice."

"He had everyone fooled, it wasn't just you."

"I believed him." I sadly laughed, mocking my naïve personality.

"We all did." We fell into a unison silence.

"What did she mean I was technically dead?" Danny was silent. "Danny I know I died. You don't just drown and wake up like this. Tell me."

"You did." I thought so. So now I had to ask the question I was dreading.

"Am I a ghost?"

"I don't think so."

"It's either a yes or no, Danny."

"No. Not yet at least and I don't think you will be."

"When I was waking up I didn't even feel my heart beating. Please tell me the truth. If I died, and I did, people don't just wake up. They're supposed to stay dead." Danny reached down and grabbed my hand, sliding my ring off and holding it up so the both of us could look.

"You found this in the journal, right?"

"Yes." I shyly answered.

"How much did you read?"

"I didn't. I mean, I don't remember much of it but I found it and put it on. It fit."

"You died with this on. There's a symbol on the bottom of this, engraved that I've seen in the ghost zone before. So I went to your house, found the journal and read about it."

"I know it was Anna's. I know that much."

"And I also went to clockwork. He helped me out."

"Clockwork? That time ghost you talked about once?"

"Yeah. Anna used this," he showed off the ring, "to fake her own death when someone tried to kill her. She made a deal with clockwork though he wasn't to happy about it. So basically if you're a ghost, or you die, it'll bring you back. Most likely, at least.

"A ghost or me? Why me?"

"I thought I was gonna have to convince clockwork to turn back a few minutes before you die, or revive you—which defiantely isn't easy to convince him on because that's chaning how everything in life's supposd to play out. But he said to not bother wasting my breath that you were coming back anyways, without his help, because it still had power in it from when Anna used it. And it'll only work on you because you're her twin. It won't work on someone like Elliot or Jenna."

"So anyone normal."


"I guess having a twin has its advantages." I sadly smiled. We fell into another silence and I wrapped a few fingers around Danny's.

"I can't believe I died." I said, trying not to have a breakdown.

"I can't believe you came back."

"Where is he?" I couldn't help but wonder where Alek was. Danny stiffened and finally relaxed.

"With his parents." He admitted. So he was dead. Alek had died at the hands of Danny, his fate ending up like his parents. It was revenge for killing me. I took in a sharp breath. That was hard to believe, my ex boyfriend was dead. I squeezed my eyes shut and leaned forward, resting myself on Danny's shoulder. He wrapped his arms around me. I chocked back my tears. I had died, drowned in a river by my ex boyfriend. The tears came freely now, the pain in my heart strong and painful. I stayed silent, salty tears soaking into Danny's shirt. My arms reached around his stomach and I continued to burry my head in his shoulder.