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WARNING!: This story contains Yaoi, Swearing, MPREG! More to come.

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Summary: 20 Years later Sasuke is back and Naruto is Hokage they have kids join Naruto and Sasuke's kids on there ninja adventure.

Chapter One


"Konoha get ready for Taichi Uzumaki-Uchiha".

A blackish blue haired boy of about 12 stood in front of a mirror he adjusted his lead headband on his forehead.

The young Uchiha heir wore blue ninja sandals light grey shorts with the Uchiha fan on the leg an also a weapons pouch on the other knee, he had a purple top on.

There was footsteps leading up to the door then there was knock on the door "teme breakfast is ready down stairs now" "don't call me teme….dobe" the footsteps receded "hurry little brother".

"Were twins".

Minato Uzumaki-Uchiha walked down the stairs he wore a leaf headband round his right arm a teal jumpsuit with the Uchiha fan etched on the knee a bandage round his legs and elbow guard also on his right arm.

His blonde hair was longish bangs at the front and short at the back.

Minato walked into the kitchen a blonde haired male with the Hokage robes on, Minato sat down at the kitchen table.

"Is your brother coming" he turned round his whiskered cheeks bunching as Naruto Uchiha (nee Uzumaki) smiled.

"Hn" he ate Naruto rolled his eyes "just like your father" he said and turned back round to what he was doing.


"Welcome Genins" A tall brunette haired male stood in front of a class of children.

"I am Shikamaru Nara or as most of you know me Shikamaru-sensei today we will be the last day with me after today you are all officially ninjas".

"I will call the names of your three man squads Team 1".

Taichi crossed his fingers.

A black haired girl sat next to him she had hair just pass her shoulders, green eyes quite large eyebrows, short black leggings with a green dress just above her knees.

"Team 7, Yuki Lee" the black haired girl smiled.

"Taichi Uzumkai-Uchiha" "yes score" he turned to Yuki "did you hear that Yuki-Chan" he said "I can barely contain my excitement" she turned her nose up at him.

"Minato Uzumaki-Uchiha".

Minato grunted.

"Ohhhh n…..not with the dobe" Taichi covered his head with his arms "don't get in my way little brother" Minato told him "were twins".

"Ah hum could you leave the sibling rivalry at home… team 8 will consist of Shuichi Ohta, Koji Nara and Sally Akimichi and finally Team 9" he paused and then carried on.

"Chintaro Izuzuka, Subuku No Kin and Wufei Abrame".

Taichi folded his arms "settle down class" Shikamaru stated "okay after lunch you will meet your jounin sensei….and good luck".


Taichi slurped up some noodles from his bowl of ramen "I wonder who our sensei is going to be" Yuki looked up from her dango "eat before you speak".


He finished the bowl Yuki looked at him with the roll of the eyes.

"Yummy, yummy" "can you stop being so loud" she said.

"Do as the lady says teme" Minato talked for the second time that day "she's no lady".

Yuki punched his head "yer well your no gentleman that's for sure".


Sally Akimichi sat with her legs crossed she had a bag of potatoes chips in her lap she had pale blonde hair a long bang in front of one of her eyes and her hair in a bun on the back of her head.

She also wore her headband with the leaf symbol and she wore green clothes.

"Why did I have to get stuck with you"! she directed her question to her Blonde team-mate Koji Nara".

Koji was lying with his hands behind his head watching the sky "don't ask me Sally" he stated.

Koji wore ninja pants and a fishnet shirt with an unbuttoned top over that, he also wore a leaf headband and he had short blonde hair.

There other team mate Shuichi Ohta was leaning against the wall arms folded he wore ninja pants the head band hanging round his neck he had a teal coloured shirt with black fingerless gloves.

"You don't hear him complaining".


The dark purple haired kid with two red triangles on his cheeks and large winter jacket with short trousers and a brown puppy sat next to him on the bench.

"Hey Haruchichi who do you think we have" Chintaro Inuzuka asked "arf".

Sabuku No Kin shook his head "you and that dog".

Kin wore ninja trousers purple t-shirt brown hair with bangs and his head band round his forehead "Haruchichi and me are partners" the dog nin told him.

"Arf" Haruchichi yipped.

With a high coloured jacket that was dark red, black pants and orange hair, Wufei Abrame stood with his team mates.


Taichi watched the door he sat in the almost empty classroom.

Yuki was sat on the step and Minato at another part of the room at a table.

"Come on" Taichi had his hands behind his head still chanting the words 'come on' the door then opened.

Naruto stepped in the room.


Naruto poofed away and Sai stood in his place "Sai" said Minato "hello kids".


Rock Lee stood in his nice guy pose green spandex (20 years and still wears the same thing) he had a flak jacket on.

"Welcome my youthful students".

Shuichi's eyes widened "oh snap" stated Koji.


"Dad" Chintaro smiled Kiba Inuzuka smiled too "I guess this is our team ay Akamaru".

The big white dog barked his agreement.


Sai sat on the top step and the others were sitting opposite him they were also standing next to each other "okay allow me to introduce myself" Sai thumped his own chest "and once I do you can introduce yourselves".

"But we already know about you Sai-sensei" Sai waved his hand "lets act as if we have never met".

"Ok so your not our god father".

Sai shook his head.

Taichi tapped his chin "ok so act as if you never changed our nappies".


"Um okay so you don't know where we live or our" Minato covered his twins mouth with his hand.

"No…..okay my name is Sai, I live Konoha I am an ex anbu a single father of one and I now I have my own genin team" he explained.

"Now your turns".

Taichi stood up "my name is Taichi Uzumaki-Uchiha I live in Konoha at the Uchiha district I am the son of the 6th hokage and the current ANBU captain".

Sai nodded.

"My twin brother is the dobe over there I have a younger sister, I love ramen, tomatoes and I hate the dobe and I am lactose intolerant ".

Taichi sat back down.


"My names Yuki Lee I like a certain some one" she said "my mum is Sakura Haruno now Lee a medical koinichi and jounin ninja Rock Lee I want to be a med nin just like my mother" she finished.

Sai looked at Minato "wait" Sai looked up at Taichi "yes Taichi" he asked "I want to become hokage".

"You're an Uzumaki I wouldn't be surprised….now Minato" he said.

"My name is Minato Uzumaki-Uchiha I hate loud mouths, annoying brats" Taichi narrowed his eyes at him at him.

"I want to surpass my parents and little brother" he said.

"Okay ge…..were twins".

"Right that will be it for today we will start bright and early tomorrow be at the training grounds at 7".

"7" Taichi shrieked "I'm never up that early" "well your going to have to be huh teme" Minato told him.



"Fire style fire ball jutsu" Sasuke blew fire from his mouth, Toshiko Uzumaki-Uchiha watched with wide eyes.

Toshiko had black hair in pigtails with blue tints she was wearing dungarees with a yellow shirt underneath and the Uchiha fan was on the front of her clothes.

"Now can I try" "yes" she faced the water and did the hand signs "fire style fire ball jutsu" the fire came from her mouth.

Sasuke watched.

"I did it I did it" she jumped up and down "I see little one and I am proud" she hugged him "I'm going to be just like you papa".

Taichi dragged his feet "7am" he shook his head "big brother".

Toshiko glomped him and he caught her "hey Tosh" "how was your day aniki" "it was good we met our jounin sensei" "really" he nodded at her.

Sasuke walked up to them "who is in your team" he asked "Yuki Lee and the dobe" he told him Toshiko giggled "aniki".

Minato stopped walking "hi".


Naruto took of his robe he stretched a pair of arms suddenly slid round his waist.

"Evening dobe" Sasuke whispered in his ear "hmmmmm….evening Sasuike-teme" "how's my little one" he placed his hands on Naruto's stomach.

"Fine, Fine" Narutop closed his eyes.

"When are we going to tell the other kids" Sasuke asked "not yet ok" he said.

"Okay dobe".


'Kit I need to tell you something' came Kyubi's voice.

Naruto sat up in bed and rubbed at his eyes "Kyubi" he turned, Sasuke slept on his side.

'What is it Kitsune' he sat in front of the cage legs crossed and arms folded 'there is something I need to tell you kit'.

Naruto nodded his head.

'Okay well you know I told you that when you are pregnant I protect the kits extra for you' Kyubi said.

'Yes' 'well I am protecting more than one kit' it said.

'What…..another set of twins' Naruto asked 'no kit, its' Kyubi paused 'spit it out you damn fox' he demanded 'okay, you are going to have 4 kits'.

There was silence.


Narto blinked 'could you repeat that'.

'Okay your going to have four kits'.

Naruto sat up in bed he blinked again he turned his had Sasuke was still fast asleep 'okay' Naruto laid back down.


"Sasuke" Narutp put his robe on "yes dobe" he looked at him "there is something Kyubi told me last night" "been talking to the stupid fox again huh".

'Uchiha bastard'

'Shut up Kyu' Naruto swallowed "Sasuke you might want to sit down for this" "no I'm fine".

Naruto licked his lips "okay I won't be having just one baby" "twins….again" Sasuke asked.

Naruto shook his head Sasuke rushed up "the b-baby's okay…..right" he started checking Naruto over.

"No the baby is fine" "then what".

Naruto licked his lips for the 100th time "Kyubi said I am pregnant with 4 children".

And then at that very moment the only survivor of the Uchiha clan massacre fainted.

To be continued…..

Next Chapter;

The Village hidden in the sand.


"Our first mission will be watering and tending to peoples gardens" Sai stated "what".

Taichi screeched.

Yuki's eyes closed the reopened "its to early for you to be this loud".

"This is such a losers job hokage-sama" Taichi pouted.

The new revamped To Become Hokage I don't know if it is any better than the previous but I needed to make some changed because after I wrote it the first time around I was disappointed so I hope enjoy and the next chapter should be up soon.

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